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: It's not going to happen, but you can use hextech boxes, or mystery icons if they return, to potentially get some of the other Poro icons from the past, such as the ones they released with Legend of the Poro King
Yeah very unlikely, She's already got all of the poro Icons from the past, I'll just try and get it from mystery boxes I guess. Thanks for the comment :)
: The best way to ask is through [support]( The boards are more for talking to the community. Support will be able to help you further.
I have submitted a thing for that not too long ago and I've done it in the past however no luck was hoping to get a Shimmer of light on the situation now ready for Anniversary (Xmas Time long way away yet :) Thanks for helping though my friend! May {{champion:53}} Guide you!
: Because Riot celebrates a decade of being a company they are giving every player that poro icon and Riot Kayle. Maybe she'll like this one.
Yeah, I've done her picks and stuff without her knowing and she's seen the icon and loves it but she doesn't know how to do the picks :) (Not going to tell her because I've done em for her) But it's the last years one she absolutely adores it and I'm seriously willing to pay riot money just to give her the icon ;-; Hope I can get s0me info from em :D!!!
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