: Does Riot care about LoL?
"Does Riot care about LoL?" Well, yes, it's their money income. You can put a bunch of handicapped monkey in the balance team (like it is currently), and the game would still go on.
: shut up College Failed, people are not offended they just know how the system works
They are offended by everything nowadays. Sweet PC world.
: League of Salt
You can just.. grow a pair of balls and not get irritated by a bunch of random peoplke you'll probably never even speak/meet...
: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=5Gh6HM9l,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-18T20:08:50.134+0000) > > You're never chat restricted based on a single game Thats a big lie i was banned after 8 years of not chatting for saying once
But it's a huge offense! You are free to ruin and grief hundreds of games before MAYBE the amazing justice system league has catches you, but how dare you using those ugly words? That's OBVIOUSLY way worse than tilting the hell out of the playerbase intentionally! Boooo!
Febos (EUW)
: Title: "**literally** the worst amongst all MOBA games" [X] Doubt I'm guessing you haven't played many MOBAs.
Henkel (EUW)
: State of Balance/League
I mean, the balance team is a bunch of dogsh*t people, what can you expect?
Gjovani (EUW)
: %%%% you riot rly %%%% you, you %%%%ing rotten greedy ass company that doesn't give a shit about the players. it doesn't matter how good you play all that matters is that who has the most inters, I tried everything from being harsh to being nice with them nothing %%%%ing works. there are games I'm begging them to just stop feeding and let 2 other lanes carry them, still doesn't matter, I %%%%ed my lane trying to help these inters, kill their laner give them XP and cs even get tower but they still just keep running it down, it's fun for them because you fuuucking %%%%%%s allow it, reporting is shit too. I've had some of these creatures being racist even and when I point it out to you I get chat restricted, just FUUUUCK YOU and your racist %%%%%% employes. to keep people from reaching their goal in game you do your best to keep players below 60% win rate, but FFS this is too much. the second I get 5 win streak the next game it's certain I'm going to have someone int like there is no tomorrow. If this is how you keep players coming back ... BRAVO and %%%% YOU I love this game but god damn do I hate 20% of the players and the ones who allow them to destroy this game I don't mind the ones who are just bad because they at least try and can be carried. I hate so much losing game at first min, and the worst is we all know the game is lost and everyone is just wondering around but 2 and sometimes 3 inters in one game keep us hostage
I guess this comment adds more to the community like the one where I blamed CertainlyT. Sick. 🙂
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PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Newly bought account, most likely. And a troll, for sure, on all those nunu matches. Problem is, you should report this through support (even though it will acomplish nothing, except wasting your time, nothing will happen to him), and by reporting this in the boards you're name-shaming and making Riot look bad so you're the one likely to get banned from the boards. Sad.
"making Riot look bad" They're already looking really bad, given by the past season's performance.
: What defines dogshit apes? And how come these people do not drop into Iron 4? If they are that bad, they will surely keep decaying.
The worst thing about you overdefending Riot and their trashy matchmaking is that iit just shows you that you'll say whatever it takes to make sure you'll defend Riot - no matter what. If even pro players are complaining about the state of the game and the lack of effort to make solo queue better, how could us (not pro players) say that they are wrong? Example (since you seem to like those ones): Gosu: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/537288794 1:49:00 - 1:50:30 (hope you'll have 1.5 minutes to watch and listen to that).
: Buddy, here's an idea. Look up a Sett introduction video, look at what the abilities do. From that you can notice that Sett has more weaknesses then compared to someone like Darius. He needs to be in pure melee range to deal most of his damage, his "ranged" abilities have a 1 second to 2 second wind up and they are very easy to notice and both abilities need to be maxed if you want a 7 second cooldown on them, so early he has 2 abilities that have over 10 second cooldowns. His ultimate has a short casting range while the jump is longer and at the very end of the jump slam, he slides a little bit forward. His passive punches are easy to avoid, after taking a hit, get some distance and keep it for a second and it has been wasted. His passive can be easily dealt with either lots of damage or griveous wounds. He can be stopped with stuns and roots, slows will make it hard for Sett to chase, dashes are a problem for him, silencing him from his abilities is a huge blow against him and building the right items let you deal with him easier. He is SIMPLE to use, but requires both skill and brain power to use.When using your head, Sett can be a force to be reckoned with. But if you play with only damage in mind like a Darius, then you're just begging to be insta killed with ease. You want an overpowered champion? Look at Darius, Nasus, Renekton, Garen, Cho gath and Teemo. Those guys are overpowered. And compared to them, Sett is the hardest character any of those mains will ever play.
Here's an idea: Don't say that a champion's weak or strong if you main them. Your opinion is extremely biased. That's point number one. Number 2 is that you're silver 4 with 36 games. So I mean.. yeah.
Febos (EUW)
: "Sett" and "overpowered" shouldn't go in the same sentence together.
You're playing against bots, aram games and poro king. I'm not sure if you could have a single idea about what's broken and not, considering these gamemodes are not serious the slightest.
: How do they force it though? I will believe the conspiracy theory when there's a reason to. I don't just make up things because they conveniently fit my agenda, or spread hate when I have absolutely no basis for my statements.
You know how easy it is to just make it so the further you get away from that amazing 50% wr, the more chances you'll have to meet more and more dogsh*t apes in your team. Like, the amount of garbage players I've met in my solo queue games, I even questioned them if they can breathe on their own.
: >So my question is why before PROMO I didn't have baboons but when I have to rank up I match with the worst possible apes? Pure chance. You got unlucky. Or do you suspect it might have another reason?
Forced 50% winrate, you mods are still trying to make sure that the Riot crap about not rigged and badly design matchmaking is still fine, right?
Hexa XV (EUW)
: Simple solution for winning games with early feeders
Nice idea, except that it doesn't work. The matchmaking is rigged on purpose to keep you on a 50% winrate, so eventually you'll have a chimpanzee in your team. At the very least you should be able to tell him that it's a mistake that he's in the same match as you are.
: How to avoid Tilt
Riot intentionally made this game so it's addictive and upsetting at the same time. Their previous champion releases are also for this one and only purpose - to tilt and encourage people to flame/rage. Like.. one of the most broken designs are coming out on the line..
Ethereuma (EUW)
: Season 1 Account Perma-Banned
You are so-so stupid, that you wasted money on a company that never-ever deserved to get a single penny for their work. All your fault, dude.
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: Riot's new philosophy: Create disgustingly overpowered champions (Senna, Aphelios)
Oh my god, moderators, can you STOP BANNING for the stupidest, dumbest reasons? You are CLEARLY banning the person because of your hatred towards them and not for their content. Stop being so pretentious for once.
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: Could you go into more detail? Because - *to be honest* - I think the game is in the most balanced state I've ever seen it in. I literally go into games and I don't even know what to ban because there is nothing that is just super stand out op. This has never happened to me in the past 4 years. I think the problem lies in the subjective perception of the players. Since there is nothing that is SUPER OP, people just start complaining about all champions who are slightly stronger than the rest and this leads to the perception of "omg there are so many op champions in the game!!!" when the reality is rather the opposite; the lack of REALLY op champions. (I'm talking about casual play here. Not high elo or proplay)
"Because - to be honest - I think the game is in the most balanced state I've ever seen it in" Started in season 9?
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: It has been the most Riot Games start of the season ever
Why would you expect anything to change when the matchmaking system has been garbage since years? It's just a soft reset.
Rinart73 (EUW)
: Riot please hire more moderators for Boards (and a bit about overall toxicity in the comminity)
Can you stop being such a snowflake? People are unhappy because the matchmaking, the balance, and the report system is trash since ages. Also trolls, intentional feeders and leavers go unpunished. Can't handle the internet? Cover your eyes and don't visit Boards.
Sefi (EUNE)
: Oh so the season that everyone considered a bad joke just a few months ago is suddenly the best one? When did this happen...
We didn't have a proper season since like.. season 4 or 5.
Scott1sh (EUW)
: Has League lost its touch?
The only thing that keeps people playing this game is their addiction, not them actually enjoying the game. As for streamers and pro players - purely money.
Aquanarga (EUW)
: Only punish the one leaving the game
Because whiteknights say that it'd encourage players to say people that they should go AFK.
Lord Mio (EUW)
: League of Toxicity
Oh please, who cares, mute and move on. The true problems are the int feeders and AFK players. Can't handle the internet? Don't play online games.
: Greetings. Placements are never intended to put you at the same point on the ladder where you left off. It is supposed to put you quite a bit lower than your previous rank. After all, ranked is where you're supposed to fight your way up the ladder. And you have to prove your worth in every season. Everything is working as intended, it has always worked this way. --- You have an entire season to go back and beyond your last rank. With your MMR, you'll quickly find yourself back at a rank you deserve. No need to worry ^^
At that point, you might as well just int and ruin games even more. You won't get banned anyways, int feeder detection system doesn't work at all. :)
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You know what is actually extremely funny and ironic? When I started a topic where I said that CertainlyT single-handed ruined the balance because of his abominations he released (extremely problematic champions, stupidly complex kits that will never be balanced or fun to play against), my topic got closed, because it doesn't add anything to the community. Now, here's this guy, caps lock enabled, went full ree mode, gave no reasoning why he thinks that the matchmaking is bad, yet not only his topic is open, but he actually got upvoted as well. After this, dear playerbase and moderator team, tell me exactly the logic behind your Boards ban/topic closure system, and the reasoning behind upvoted and downvotes.
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: Sett Calling Card
Disgusting that Poro King mode is excluded.
: Racists Unscathed
Mute them, stop being so whiny. Trolling is a way bigger problem.
: Yeah all those SJW's that treat women like garbage and fart in each other's faces, forgot about them.
Women tend to overreact nowadays anyways. If you expect the same quality and quantity work from women, you're already an erhmahgerd male pig. SJW and PC garbage everywhere.
DenBettes (EUW)
: How does that confirm anything? It just confirms that i didn't play good myself or that we failed to win as a team, 5 times in a row? I fed my ass off myself, why would i be blaming something/someone else for that? I suggest you take your critisim without facts somewhere else
I suggest you not creating a post if you can't take criticism without facts. Noone cares about your buttcleaning post anyways, there are plenty of whiteknights here.
DenBettes (EUW)
: Unpopular Boards Opinion: Matchmaking & winrates
Downvoting your post simply due to the fact that you're just another person adding a lot to the already huge ego of Riot team. The matchmaking IS busted, and the forced winrate IS there, but I hope your last 5 losses in a row confirms that.
: People just downvote without commenting simply because your post lacks anything that comes even close to being constructive You complain but don't explain anything at all as to why, you shittalk some people's favorite reworks without explaining anything If your post is neither constructive nor funny or creative, don't expect any replies
I would never care about people, nor their feelings in this game. This community gets 0 respect from me, the exact amount they truly deserve. If 90% of the playerbase would lose their account and everything they earnt in the past 10 years, I'd probably laugh out loud instead of actually feel bad for them.
: Do people like the ones that reworked Akali and Katarina actually gets paid for their work?
Oh, the whiteknight downvote begins! Edit: I am also expecting mods to delete this post anytime soon. As mentioned previously, if you dare to say anything to the belowed team of this "amazing" game, your topic will be removed. Just like when I suggested that the game would be better without CertainlyT. :) Could you please at least give a comment before you press the topic delete + ban button? Would be highly appreciated next to the made-up reason.
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Hansiman (EUW)
: You also get a 20% discount for a champion if you upgrade shards instead of purchasing them in the store. That's a permanent discount always available, with the downside of it being kinda random what champion you unlock next.
What do you mean "kinda" random? You might have to play buttloads of games and disenchant champion shards for absurdly low amount of BE until you might get lucky and get a champion shard you actually care about.
Shamose (EUW)
: And SR isn't?
In SR, you have a billion times more control in the outcome of the games. In TFT, if you get lucky rolls or items, you have more than enough chance to finish in the first 4.
: TFT Which set do you think is stronger?
Doesn't matter, this is an RNG trash gamemode.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Just want to give credit to Riot Support
Are we talking about the same trash team that does nothing at first just use that Blitz bot garbage and reply with a letter that usually has nothing to do with your request? Yeah, no. The only purpose for the support team for me is to create a new tempmail and request a letter forward to the balance team, including all the possible bad wishes for them.
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