: Mystery skin instead of mystery champion
Probably because there's a minimum amount of champions left required in order to receive a mystery champ.
: PC crashes when logging in
I had that issue recently also. It happened after i updated my graphics driver. I know you said you haven't had any updates in the past while, but still might be worth a try. Try either reinstalling or rolling back your drivers if possible, or even updating if there's a newer version out. That fixed the issue for me!
: My pc has more than enough to run lol but it still has fps drops.
Bit of a longshot, in task manager try setting the priority to above normal or high of the actual league application during a match? Also experimenting with the affinity settings might help too, turning some cores on and others off, as it sounds like it's not overly a GPU issue, can't really be a memory issue, so could be a processing issue with the CPU bottlenecking the frames. By turning off some cores that may be used for background processes it might allow the frames to net be bottlenecked behind any other processes, but really this is all just a whole big longshot. Ram usage doesn't get too high during the game, does it? Are you also monitoring your vram during the game? If you're not, try downloading GPU-Z and seeing what it shows during some more flashy moments. Maybe spectating a game might be easier for these experiments, should more or less have the same performance impacts.
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: @Eambo or another tech-god, can you help me?
Well.... One sort of solution would be to move the files over to your second drive, then create a Symbolic Link with that folder to it's original location. This is a little bit complicated, but if you're willing to do it i'll help you along. It basically creates a type of "shortcut" that instead of showing up as a shortcut file, mimics the actual folder, despite it being on another drive. This will allow you to keep using your C:/Program Files as usual, except its actual location will be on another drive. You might take a few performance hits, but if the drive is of the same or higher RPM, then it shouldn't be noticeable.
: Double click the LoL launcher, logo pops up and then disappears - nothing happens after.
Have you also tried windows firewall? If it worked in safe mode, then it surely means that it's a software problem and nothing else. Take a quick look over your installed programs also to see if any bloatware might be able to block it also.
: My pc has more than enough to run lol but it still has fps drops.
Try lowering shadows/particle effects, in a teamfight situation there's many more of those than usual so that could be an issue - they're also a little more difficult to process. Aside from that, perhaps updating drivers might lead to a miraculous improvement, or if you saw better performance previously, perhaps downgrading your drivers might be better.
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: Brand New Gaming Desktop Runs LoL at 30fps Lowest Settings?..
Basically what you bought isn't overly a "Gaming PC" as such, as it doesn't have a dedicated graphics card. This is your main issue here, along with the fact that your integrated graphics in your machine aren't exactly high performers, which is another issue. As previously suggested by someone, an option could be to purchase a dedicated GPU, which would certainly give you a great FPS boost. However if you don't have the funds for that, i'd suggest messing around with turning league on Full screen or Borderless, as these options especially in windows 8 (i'm assuming that's what you have) seem to have a large effect on the FPS, seemingly different for everyone too. Update drivers, make sure you aren't running any videos or streams in the background (or at least on the current tab of your browser), and get back to us on how you're going with the fps.


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