jacktjong (EUW)
: Zoe is Fine [CHANGE MY MIND]
Zoe isnt fine at all she is pathetic she should get deleted form the game finally like the commentators said "Can we do whats only fair and delete her from the game". I understand her q is hard to hit and all that but free summoners spells from minions wtf? Also the most patehtic part about her is her bubble you cant and i repeat you cant dodge every single bubble even a lcs player cant its impossble and the bubble isnt really hard to hit and if it hits you one out off 4 times you are just death without any counter play possible this is stupid in my opinion the bubble should get removed completely from this champ or make the bubble nearly impossible to hit so she actually needs skill cause she needs to hit her bubble then you can go afk and watch how you die in 1 sec or even 3 cause she has years time to hit her q if you sleep for 5 secs so pls just delete her or nerf her so she is unusable cause this champ doesnt even deserve to be usable at all since the day she came out!!
Cagniant (EUW)
: Delete Vayne from the game
I am defenitly with you i dont care what everybody says but vayne is just a faceroll stupid retarted adc with no balance at all. what is the biggest counter to adcs? Thats right tanks! But not Vayne she doesnt need armor pen or somethink cause this whore needs to be sooo spezial. You cant counter pick or counter build her cause whos stupid idea was to mak %true damage? Were they drunk or somethink? I mean srsly? I dont care if somebody replays to this i wont listen i played enough games against her is just retarted and dont tell me like yeah one CC spell and shes dead. Pff srsly you need a point an click stun or a aoe stun with unlimitated range cause of her ult q stealth bullshit and she needs only one champ to peel her. This is just %%%%ing retarted.


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