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House x33 (EUW)
: My cousins laptop is pretty shitty as well he has to disable all sounds in order to raise his FPS from 20 to 60 No Idea what's up with league but I do as well drop in FPS patch by patch i started at 320 FPS now im at 144 capped
hmm, i'll try disabling sounds, i've noticed a small improvement today in fps but it really varies on a game to game basis
: Hmm this is a massive decrease. Are u playing on battery or when charging? Cause when it is not plugged in, the laptop goes on a energy preserving state. Your video card and CPU will not work on 100%. Also, have u installed new programs recently? If u have a new antivirus software or sth else it may be causing the issues. Stop everything while u play, even the browser.
Ok, I will give that a shot. I'll shut down antivirus and such, i also play music on windows media player while playing a match, does this affect my framerate at all?
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DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: It got delayed.
Why?, Did they want to make some improvements or something?
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This is actually a really legit idea
: Np at all buddy. Well than I think a combo of streamers who play your champs and time invested into league will eventually make you climb tha ladder.
Any reccomendations for streamers? I watch arkadata for yasuo and scarra for general midlane. any other reccomendations?
: If you can improve your chances then it is no longer 100%luck. People who say that are just too full of themselves to admit mistakes and improve.
I think i need to get better at learning from my mistakes, Most of the time i can tell i screwed up but cant really tell how
: Based on the information you gave I have no idea what to answer you. xD But i can tell you 1 thing. The sorcery mastery with 2% more "ability damage" is probably better for Zed.
I thought about that, but i recently started to build bortk on zed again with stormraiders keystone. So i like the synergy with fury because i tend to auto attack alot when i ult. But you're probably right, i'll give it a shot thanks man!
Zephyr77 (EUW)
: My thoughts for Assasin reworks
As a player who almost exclusively plays assassins i agree on certain aspects but heavily disagree with others. Mainly zed. He isn't in a particularly fantastic spot right now, and any nerfs will probably leave him gutted. With leblanc She is designed to have a godlike early game to snowball her team and either end it early or get her team fed so they can carry her lategame that's what makes her leblanc. So shifting her to a mid to late game champ would probably destroy her identity. This is just my opinion though I dont really want to make any prediction as to what riot has in store for the rework, I am excited but incredibly apprehensive at the same time.
Bosnis (EUNE)
: "If i was good enough i wouldn't be in bronze. " NO! My division is now Silver, but in heart I fell like Challenger! Deal with it! :]
: Thanks for the banterous comments guys, but I would be interested in serious names and feedback too XD
I was thinking of a few names there and realised how hard it is lmao, good luck mate
Spearki (EUW)
: Change bloodthirster to be more viable! (crit?)
It's built alot on yasuo but i don't really see it on adc's much
Caraméla (EUW)
: u dont, winning a ranked game in solo q is 100% luck
With regards to teammates, yes it is 100% luck but atleast you can improve your chances by getting better
: I was bronze till season 4/5, The way I really improved myself was first off really finding my role. Just because you think ya mid/top doesn't mean you are good at mid/top. Secondly I tried A LOT of champs some just click some don't.. I have Yasuo lvl5 with 30k mastery but dear lord I suck with him sooooo bad and ofc dont play ranked with him for that reason. But a champ like ziggs I only have lvl4 but hella lot beter with him than yasuo. There all also the standard things like Improve cs,map awareness,game knowledge but tbh I think those come more with time. Hope this helps a bit #ReformedScarvae
To be honest i've tried every role in the game and mid top seems to be my thing, all my best champions fall into those roles. As far as yasuo goes im much better on zed but he kinda sucks right now so yasuo is my second best. I think my main weaknesses are teamfighting mechanics map awareness and cs. I can win my lane most of the time though i have been playing really badly the past 2 days. Of course i have tried alot of champions and these listed champions are the ones that i enjoy the most and are most likely my best. Anyway thanks alot for the help
: NEW CHAMPION IDEA (Need Name!!!!!!)
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: How do you deal with camping?
Buy wards?, 75g is worth it to save your life. Play champions with reliable escapes e.g Zed Leblanc. Dont overextend when your flash or escapes are on cooldown.
: LB is a nice pick up but shes hella risky - you gotta win lane to be useful, LB early dmg is one of the best, level 2 nothing beats your q w combo, so always look to hit that (7minions for lvl2) never use q unless you can proc the second damage part, practice her, her ult can take a bit of getting use to. W does the most damage (max first) Q second learn when to use W though, since high cd and good junglers/laners will look to abuse that, her laning is fairly safe but going even in lane as LB isnt something you should look to do, always look to get FB / snowball from your lane otherwise you just wasted her early. also use your w to place wards inside the jungle, literally takes 5secs (only do this when you pushed in the lane / mid laner is csing under tower) w over onto the wraith camp and you can ward the brush there and w back to lane, really easy/safe to get deep vision with her mid/late game focus on the squishy targets, red trinket is your best friend here as it can allow you to get behind them to get easy kills. avoid letting the mid laner just push the lane in and she has bad waveclear aside from her W. Lis is one of your worse matchup since its so hard to lane vs her (she can root you when you w onto her) and she can deny you from roaming since she clears so well. standard items i would get on her {{item:3001}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3020}} certain items like the rylai i would only ever get if im fed af, first major items are either a Abysall or Morello just my thoughts as D5 Trash
Cheers man, appreciate it!
: I think generally maxing Q is superior, as it has lower CD and mana cost, and doesnt put you in danger when using it unlike W. Generally when I want to harrass after Level 6, I use Q+R+W+E. The Double Q ensures Q+Q-Mark Detonation + R(Q) + R(Q) Detonation. Thats why I always max Q.
So generally For straight up burst and safety Q max and if you are constantly getting pushed under tower facing say a viktor or anivia w max?
: You can also max W first if you're getting constantly pushed under your turret, and need waveclear. In mid game, you can easily farm waves with W->R combo.
I usually do max out w anyway, is there any situation in which a q max would be superior?
: 1.Practice: You Need experience and getting used to last hitting with her Animation, range, and base AD. So just Play in Normals to Train it. 2.Under Tower: Do you know how many shots minions can tank so you can CS them? Melee: 2 Tower shots, then AA Caster: AA+Tower shot+AA 3.If you have to, lasthit with your Q if you can afford the mana. 4.Generally, if you have to, use abilities to lasthit, but conservatively! You may Need the mana. 5.Set up Masteries for that. In the Cunning tree, use Savagery which increases your damage against minions for easier lasthitting.
Thanks a ton man!, that really helped. I especially feel that i struggle with csing under tower so that helped alot
: Dynamic Q preference?
Yeah, lol i played about 3 or 4 with a friend and i got dynamic, so i dont know what criteria they use.
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: Switched from Dota 2
I really enjoy playing elise as well, I would reccommend Nidalee (whom is very similar to elise), Hecarim has just about the highest movespeed potential in the game, not to mention he is possibly the most broken jungler right now, Lee sin has crazy mobillity and a good early game but you need to practice A LOT with him. And finally although he is a mid laner and i would not reccommend playing him in the jungle at all. Zed has stupid mobillity, very high burst damage and for me anyway is the most fun champion in the game. Hope i helped
Infernape (EUW)
: He has no mobility or escapes. In order to do damage, Darius has to be in melee range of you. He is extremely vulnerable to kiting and doesn't do well against ranged opponents. Not to mention champions like Kayle, Taric and Kindred can literally throw a giant "fuck you" in his face by ulting at the right time.
So for mid azir could **** on darius? especially with rylais?
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: Nerf him to the ground or introduce a Zed hard-counter. That way, we might actually have other counterplay than permaban him.
Kayle?, Lissandra?, Zhonya's?, dont play adc? plenty of counters to zed tbh
Colsh (EUW)
: Yeah, I would still buy him, even if he was to get nerfed due to his high mobility he will always be quite strong. He can also be played top/jun which is good. Even if he was not that strong he is very fun to play anyway.
Yeah, i think im gonna pick him up
x1 Lixo (EUW)
Can you source this? because if this is true im so pumped
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: Mastery 7 .
The way i got an easy mastery 7 on zed was to play him Top lane in normal and get a good score, Go on youtube and type in redmercy mastery 7 and watch the video, He will explain everything you need to know to get mastery 7 and how the system works etc.
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: When you want to play a champ to practice, Play normals, NOT RANKED!!! Now that we got that out of the way In runes i suggest full Armor pen. It works much more than you'd think. At lvl10 when you get your ghostblade and the extra dirk that you will use later for either a Maw or a Duskblade, you do pretty much true damage to 3 of the 5 enemies or even 4 of the 5 in the case of a squishy supp. It's far more effective than the 6.8 AD from the Quints. It makes lasthitting a bit more tricky but you will get used to it. Masteries are best with 12/18/0 with thunderlord's and the precision talent. NEVER go for the cd talent, it's a waste, you don't need it, Armor pen is far more powerfull on Zed. For builds, your 2 Core items regardless of the situation should be {{item:3142}} and {{item:3071}} . Personaly i go for Ghostblade, Duskblade and then Cleaver, followed up by a {{item:3074}} an last a {{item:3139}} . That's a lot of AD, armor pen, Armor shred that helps your WHOLE TEAM, and a free out of jail card with Qss. For boots i prefer the cdr boots to hit the clean 40% and for the summ cdr, it's a bit risky but it's worth it if you can manage. Now, about Gameplay. Zed will put your creativity to the test. He has insane potential and if you can't think creatively you will not succeed with him. Basic combos will work in lower elos and people will not be able to play against you but in higher elos is where your skill will actualy matter. In lower Elos, Zed is almost freelo, none can play against him and everyone will die against you with you having to put minimum effort. People in low elo can't sidestep or move properly against you. Combos are quite basic in lane. Ever since preseason, don't tell anyone but we are still in preseason cough cough, Zed's W-Q combo got a small delay making it unviable. It's better to use W-E and a delayed Q after that. Since you said you've been playing him for a while, i guess you are accustomed to his damage output and you can identify an enemy that is in your kill range. In lane, when someone is in your killrange, it's crucial to not harrass any longer and scare them away, instead, prepare for the kill. Let them feel safe and when they are in W range, go for a W-E-WQ and AA to get the kill. The shadow jump will cancel the Q animation and you will be in AA range while they are still slowed. For more extensive in game combos watch Azoh's Zed school series, if i had to present everything here, it would not be a post but a book instead. A link to Azoh's series with the first vid [Here]( Note that many of the videos are before the preseason changes and the defensive ultimate mechanic was pre 5.9 stupid ult nerf, so adjust what you need to adjust.
: What do you guys while your in Queue?
Either Play dark souls and street fighter, browse facebook or watch streams
Encrux (EUW)
: hmm.. your champion pool looks really advanced if you ask me. Apart from swain and pantheon, I'd say they're all pretty much in the same difficulty tier as zed. Here are my suggestions: **Mid**: - Annie - Vlad - Corki (maybe he's viable again after his buffs, not sure though) - Pantheon - Swain **Top:** - Annie - Mao'kai - Malphite - Vlad - Pantheon - Swain
Cool, I'm definitely gonna pick up Vlad and Swain, just saving up for them is gonna be a pain. I'll try Annie out in a couple of normals. What do you think of viktor and ahri?
: would be glad to help you :3
Cheers man, would appreciate it
Encrux (EUW)
: I suggest you doing that by not playing zed that much at all. Let me explain. Zed has a really high skill ceiling. This also means, that you have to be an overall good player to even have the chance of mastering him. Learning the basics with a mechanically difficult champion is like learning to drive with an airbus a380. To understand the basics of the game(map awareness, macro gameplay, decision making), you should play easy champs simply because you don't have to focus on your champion too much and have more time to focus on the basics. You can climb by being a mechanically good player, but you'll go even faster if you're able to outmaneuver your opponents just by rotations and map awareness. --- I'm not saying you shouldn't play Zed at all. I'm saying that you should have a healthy mix of 1-3 other (easy) champs to learn the basics of the game with.
Who would you recommend for mid and top lane?, I'm saving up ip for vlad swain and viktor as they are really strong atm and they look fun to play. I play alot of pantheon and yasuo top and seem to have a decent amount of success with them, and for mid lane i usually play zed yasuo azir or fizz. I might pick up ahri if she's not difficult to play
: I'd recommend watching RedMercy since he's a Zed main and has quite a few videos on tips and tricks. I don't play Zed as I despise him and love picking Fizz just to counter him. But one of the key things you should take note of is when you're going to hit level 6. Because if you know how many minions are needed to get level 6 from 5 and the enemy is low you can time it so you quickly level your ultimate with your W shadow out and jump to them with your ult instantly before they even realise you've hit level 6. You only get one chance to do this per game but it usually ends up in a kill because of the surprise on a mid/low health enemy.
Thanks man, ill definitely check him out
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Azure9861 (EUW)
: Allow permanently banned players to give away their champions/skins to other players.
Do you really think players who managed to get permanently banned are going to be nice enough to give away all their skins?, and there's also the problem of them gifting them to their smurf
: Zed
You're an immobile adc vs a full build zed, Expect to die.
TTekkers (EUW)
: I both feel for you guys and I don't. He's always been a horrible champ for ADCs (like me) to play against, especially recently, but then I would be so pissed if my main got banned every single game.
Your sympathy is appreciated xD, I actually dont mind if he gets nerfed. As long as I actually get to play him once every blue moon
NamesAMX (EUW)
: What are the most bannable champions?
Unfortunately for me Zed is an extremely popular ban, Definetely ban malzahar unless you get first pick for him, Ekko is just broken right now, A good Yasuo is very scary, Kindred is really strong right now, Jhin is probably the strongest adc, Blitz is a popular ban. There's a lot more popular bans but those are the only ones i can name off the top of my head. I'm only bronze so dont quote me but these bans seem to be popular across all ELO Hope I helped
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