: Hm, maybe, but I'd honestly make it 600 like stopwatch too
I was thinking about that first. However I don't think the Randiun active is as strong as a active compaired to {{item:2420}}. Additionally it's much more situational as far it's useage goes. So I think a start of 400 would be fine. If it's to strong the price can always be increased but it would be a bad idea to start with an overpriced state.
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: thought the ezreal wasnt brainafk so I thought it has to be rly hard to loose the winning lane with some udyr ganks since you are zyra + ezreal.. but that explains it^^ and if udyr just ganked well its no opportunity for eve anyway :( shes bad at counterganking vs cc
We actually turned them arround, but ezreal didn't focus 1 target. So we ended up losing where they barely lived with 5% hp. If that happend on my main I would be mad ^^
Rioter Comments
: you should blame cassio and adc aswell^^ even the support...
Cassio was not on her main champion because someone banned her Zed on our team. The enemy banned Zoe. But I must admit part of the reason we lost was the lack of ss pings from her. I believe before 5 minutes it was a 2v4 like 2 times already. Fiddle lost like 5 minion waves from all that roaming. So that kinda explanes her cs lead a bit. Ezreal was flaming the entire game so I guess he wasn't focussed add all. I was kinda supprised we where still winning bot despite it was a 2v4. So basicly solo Q. That I'm used to, but 5 level differents on a jungler... She kept that trend the whole game so it was not like she had a bad start or anything. I was the support lol, nothing I can do against 4-man dives that doesn't get punished add all. This was on my smurf so I knewn what I was doing. I ended with tripple the damage to champions vs my midlaner so it was not like that was the issue.
Rioter Comments
Rec Ohm (EUNE)
: Kleptomancy's Synergies
The Inspiration tree is indeed a powerfull option right. Things like: * Kleptomancy * Biscuit Delivery * Magical Footwear * Future's Marke * Cosmic Insight * Approach Velocity Are very strong right. All other seems to be average or underperforming. Since only one key-stone really feels dominiation it's more of a broken tree is terms of secondary option. Klepto is the only stone that is really out of controle right now and even that is only limited by one or two champions {{champion:81}} {{champion:41}}. With {{champion:81}} mainly marking it as a problem because how much early power it provides for him.
: Why is AD Kennen so useless
Kennen was always a very strange champion. The moment he's viable in more than 2 roles he's straight out broken: * The reason adc kennen used to work was because marksmen where very weak early on. For Kennen this wasn't the case and so dominated the earlygame in an adc vs adc matchup. This soon changed when: * Lethality marksmen became a thing that contested the onhit marksmen builds. * People didn't realise they could just place an artillery mage in the adc role. * Lane bully supports became meta again * Crit was buffed and the average adc recieved midgame buffs. * Sustain got buffed * The ardent meta was released. _You don't have to look far to figure out the reason why adc kennen isn't that viable anymore._ The reason why Kennen became a viable adc pick was because his AD builds where broken. The problem was that the toplane meta didn't suit him add all and so he got away with it in the adc role. Than when the toplane meta changed he was suddenly god tier. So when he finally got the nerfs he deserved the adc role just became an impossible dream for him. Right now he simply get's outclassed by other early & midgame marksmen that scale much harder into the lategame like {{champion:429}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:119}} As far his state right now I indeed think the support role is more suitable for him again. Sorcery/inspiration with the aery and dept mastery sure makes him a very powerfull pick.
: haha, as i said it before please don't bs. But I am afraid it's against your religion or something, go ahead and ask your professor or some-one. I am sure if he had passed you in his course before he would be temped to take grade from you after this whole conversation. Now the reason I chose Ashe is because she is performing continuous actions over a period of time that is not '1' sec or '2' seconds. And no this ain't a visual thing, if I set a move command and dc after it, the move command will go through and the spectator will see me moving to that point even if I had dce'd, what J4 standing still showed is the exact same thing. But what Ashe is showing is that she is performing two operations i.e; attack and move, which means there isn't any disconnect with the server, since she is sending and receiving those packets. And in that period we also see urgot flashing. _**'Oh no man that's a visual thing, he somehow magically buffered that flash while disconnected' **_ I am done here no point arguing with a ____ wall, who would try to defy common sense and science just to prove his flawed argument.
> I am done here no point arguing with a __ wall, who would try to defy common sense and science just to prove his flawed argument. You are the wall or the guy that lost his eyeballs from falling over it. This discussion has no use anymore when you didn't even process the first line of information.
: > And so the disconnection was never displayed. If you known a single word of programming you would understand. Not even gonna bother comment on a ____ who would lie just to prove his point. Please do not talk out of your a55. J4 disconnected 1st, and ashe is kiting at that point, you didnt fkin lose the team fight because of DC, you lost because of positioning. **Look at where Annivia is?** I didnt bother to read the rest since i know it will be same as this. _**Ya i m gonna talk out of my a55, try to prove that every one disconnected at same time, when clearly Ashe is kitting continuously and say that this guy doesn't know about programming. GJ mate Gj.**_
Sigh, do you think that everyone disconnects on the same second or millisecond. You clearly have no idea what I refer to with the only the visual aspect not been processed. Here's one for you: Play a game of league of legends and turn off your screen and play the game like this. Or to explane it in programming: > //update, executed > //draw, error (losing frames) When the draw function didn't return data anymore for Ashe can vary but even when that happends she still can execute movement commands until the amount update state cannot be executed anymore and so marks a character to disconnection.
: What's wrong with nautilus
He didn't recieve enouge base stats to compensate for the rune changes. To give a good example: * **Base Armor:** 35.5 – 99.2 * 99.2 is the armor value that most juggernauts & divers get!! * To give an example of Maokai base Armor Stats: 39 – 107 * His early base armor is so low. Even {{champion:36}} has a higher early base armor as him and that's a juggernaut... * Giving an example with a Vanguard like Leona that has 47 – 108.2 base armor... He doesn't need a large buff. But come on. Just give him 5 more base armor or something... #'#40.5 – 104.2 please Alternative an attackspeed base stats buff could be intressting to make his jungle position back viable again.
: [Bad Balance Idea] Reworking klepto
{{champion:81}} is litterly the only one problematic with the item. Get over it.
: > To clairify we would have won that game Excuse me what? Don't put your assumptions into the mix. You won a TF thats it, you had lost 3 inhib towers + inhib(which later re-spawned)vs 1 inhib tower and inhibitor, lost 3 dragons vs 1 dragon, sure you had 700 gold lead but its 37 mins into the game. The only 1 who seemed to have lost the connection 1st is J4 and rest of your team lost team fight before disconnecting. Your annivia was moving randomly up and down. your urgot went into their team to die and your zyra got bursted in the start. J4(if he didnt dc) could have helped Ashe who was kitting but still, doesn't mean you could have won that fight since Annivia was positioned way too far. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sure you can ask for a loss prevented or whatever but please don't bs like 'we would have won that game' _you could have_ but not fkin _would have_. There is a chance of you winning not 100% certainty of you winning. And no, its not fair to say you lost the game because of this event.
Everyone lost connection. The differents between it is in my case I didn't extend the time-out limit. This means that their still was data processed but the visual aspect was not. And so the disconnection was never displayed. If you known a single word of programming you would understand. This type of disconnection makes things even worse since it's not labeled as disconnection so the information is not even send to the servers. Additionally command that where active add that moment are still executed (like the movement command in my case). If the disconnection was labelled as a disconnection all current commands would be cancelled and a new movement command that would move me towards the base would be executed. I didn't got that luxery and that's what happend in the first video. Your comments is totally flawed. To start things off. We where in a {{champion:22}} {{champion:143}} vs {{champion:67}} {{champion:89}} matchup. This matchup is in our favor unless an all-in happens. And that happend early on in the game because jungler pressure from the enemy team. As a result we had a lane matchup with a Vayne that was 2-0. So the earlygame was basicly lost add that point and it doesn't matter if we where the better team when the scenario happends in a high gold game. Despite all of this we still won the lane in terms of siege power and we managed to get first blood towers and eventually create a 2-0 tower lead with the pressure our botlane provided. Basicly whe where winning in the midgame. The reason we lost pressure was that our midlaner started to flame because the pressure we provided wasn't reflected in the kda (clearly this guy has the same though process as you). As a result they got sloppy and didn't react properly to rotations. Groups didn't happen the and the game got stalled out (like most typical gold mmr games do). Eventually the towers went 2-2 and the game was basicly even add that point. I ended with the highest kill participation and I had a lot of impact in the game (clearly something you didn't notice as well). > **Last reminder again: ** > > * Between +/- 36:22 till +/- 37:24 my screen was frozen.
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Rioter Comments
: I mean like 1 AA is like 100 damage Cait did 2981, so she AA enemy only around 30 times whole game.
I think that's just the damage from her Q tho...
: Blue Essence is complete failure
Their biggest failure was that they forgot or didn't properly scale exp based on game length. In the old system the play gained ip based on the amount of time the game last. So a players that won a game on 20 minutes would get less ip than someone that would win a 40 minute game. Until exp will scale properly with gametime riot will maintain to have this same issue.
Smerk (EUW)
: Did you open mid or something? How can you deal so low damage in serious game?
Can't remember much of that game but as far I remember: * I didn't see caitlyn attacking any champion with her auto attacks. * Riven & Zoe both where 0-6 add 10 minutes * Lee tried ganking but he couldn't do much with the sololaners behind. He tried to help bot and that work but useally it was still difficult since Caitlyn didn't auto attack. I have a feeling their was something wrong with that matchmaking... Not long ago I had a Vayne that wanted to all-in a spellthiefs bard & draven doran'blade vs our coin start. And offcourse vayne had doran's shield. Games have going very strange lately when I don't go for a carry position.
Rioter Comments
: That damage... What were you playing? Bots vs Bots?
Just a normal with no offensive runes add all. I have no idea how my teammates managed to deal lower damage than me... I didn't do much that game because I was drunk & didn't realise the boots active was an channel. So I stop moving every time I pressed it and so missing my ultimate. Other times I had to flash to escape because I pressure the boots active that so stopped my movement. It was an odd game.
RunexBG1 (EUW)
: Idea for Runes in Champ Select
I like the idea, to expand the idea futher I would suggest adding buttons for the 5 default rune slots: https://imgur.com/a/7E74e Full size [here](https://i.imgur.com/s1yIHkW.jpg).
Rioter Comments
Sammiey (EUW)
: Riot hates supports :( (new overcharge mission)
Not all of them. {{champion:143}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:37}} (ap) {{champion:89}} etc...
RG Hörst (EUW)
: The problem in Pre-Season is almost everybody plays normals. Ranked and Normal mmr are can be completly different. So you can get different skilled players very often.
In normals it's even worse. It's so bad you actually start wondering if you shouldn't try-hard their to get your hidden mmr high enouge to get an competive challenge. Not the first time I have a 5k damage Lucian with a tank support that did 7k. Not long ago oneone with 35 deads.
Exit1 (EUNE)
: Dear Riot, don't nerf zoe
I didn't play her yet but I already knewn that Q is going to get nerfed.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: map vision is not an option. otherwise we would be sticked to clairvoiance S2 meta
It's not much different than {{item:3462}}, I'm pretty sure the game can handle it right now with a high cooldown and trinket cooldown reduction to ballance it out. And it's not like 5% is that much, it's basicly haf of the {{item:3001}} aura but for all damage sources. It will only have a bigger impact on the lategame teamfights and wombo comps where it's intended for.
Rioter Comments
: Goodbye League! I had fun!
I think quiting the game just because you reach Gold IV. I honnestly think you should realise why the hell you kept playing in the first place: * Was it because of the typical game ego to reach a division about 50% of that playerbase (you basicly reached that goals on silver III, gold IV is just a bonus or a round number) * Was it because achievements, I wanted to reach that milestone. Let me be honnest with you. I'm pretty sure you took the wrong strategy to grind yourself to gold V. I reached from silver II to plat IV while working playing only 2-3 games every week and 2-4 games in the weekends (counting friday). I did it like this: * **Monday:** Work, Gym and 1 lol replay (from my last ranked game I lost) * **Tuesday:** Work & Gym (and 1 ranked game) * **Wednesday:** Work & Gym (and 1 lol replay) * **Thursday:** Work & 2 ranked games * **Friday:** Work (haf day), Gym & 2-3 ranked games * **Saturday, Sunday:** Mostly 1 ranked game depending on how much I go out. I perfectly possible to climb this way if you can a structured work roster. I actually have much more issues with holding a proper play structure while studying because how inconsistent your free-time is. Quality over quantity
: Ezreal wasnt strong in competitive play for 2 years. He got picked jungle few times only because for early team comps and strats and cheese ganks. Twitch and many other champs can cheese with more success due to either stealth or cc or mobility.he is strong with klepto but not overpowered
Has was never a bad pick in competive. He was picked very often for certain situations consistently. It's basicly Zyra between her nerfs and the ardent meta.
: That'd be a little more weird, given how they are all sort of anotropomorphic versions of creatures that actually exist, but sure why not. I mean, when was the last time you've had someone do Linnean systematics for all the wonedrufl kinds of dragons, wyverns, wurms and others that we can see in nature?
Ok from now on riot introduce the cancer species that contains the following champions: {{champion:17}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:92}}
: It's Riot's universe, they can decide whatever they want about what is a dragon, wyvern, drake, lindwurm or whatever. Yeah, there are some traditional distinctions, but seeing how we are talking about fictional creatures in different fictional universes there's no reason to treat those as anything more than guidelines. You could just as well complain about how mages don't have wands and don't chant their spells and everyone knows that this is how magic actually works...
So let's call Warwick a cat, Voli a potato and Alistar a chicken with that logic.
TTekkers (EUW)
: When Klepto Ez seems REAAALY broken
* Klepto is straight up overpowered. Their is litterly no agrument that can be used to justify it's not. * Ezreal is strong right now. But broken is a agrument that can't be justified. What I can say is that Ezreal already was kinda strong in competive play. And with the lastest {{item:3004}} buffs he's actually a solid tier 1 pick. So Ezreal + Klepto = Broken, mainly because Klepto. It's similar to why {{champion:89}} with Aftershock is so overpowered right now.
Rioter Comments
: Runes Reforged: What about masterypages?
You known you can edit runepages in champion select right. I do agrea it's bad coded tho. The delays to edite them is flat out stupid.
: So riot is scamming new players and no one is sayig any thing
Their system just isn't finished yet. It's just flat out stupid how they managed to release it in this state: * The champion shards are a good idea however: * Currently their is no reason for players to use the try out option. Using it will just burn out it's usage for essences or essences discounts. * They need to change it so you will recieve a perma discount (let's say 10-15-30%) in the shop for that champion when you tried him out. * Other forms of discounts need to be implemented: * Like champion level for champions you don't own will give you an 2% discount for every level. This means that if you manage to get honnor level 5 with the champion with playing him on free rotations & trying him out 3 times you will have a total discount of 40% on the discount and a total of 80% you if you use a 4th champion shard. So basicly players get rewarded for playing the champions they like. The more they play him the easyier it will be for them to buy them in the shop. I give an example: Let's say a player tries out {{champion:412}} (6300 essences) in free rotations. The player likes him and gets to level 1 with him (6174 essences). The rotation ends and the player can't play Thresh anymore. But a few weeks later he get's a Thresh shard. He checks the discount but even with that discount the player isn't able to buy him. So the player decides to use the chart to try him out again (5544 essences). This time the player reaches level 2 champion mastery (5418 essences). A few weeks later the player recieves yet another Thresh champion shard. This time he has enouge essences to buy him with the discount that the shard provides. So the player will be able to buy Thesh for 2898 essences compaired to the 3780 essences in the old system. #**HOWEVER** Even with all this discount it's still not worth to use the Champion shard to try the champion out and here is why: * (6300 - 40% 2th champion shard) - 1260 sold champion shard = 2520 essences!!! * So you are still losing 378 ip even if the champion shard would get all these benefits!!!
goodboy2 (EUW)
: AD Snowball ITEM plz
It was called [Sword of the Occult](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Sword_of_the_Occult) and it was removed for that exact reason. Why would you bring something back that was broken and caused inballance in the game. Besides that, lethality items like {{item:3134}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3142}} already do enouge snowballing. Especially with the armor reduction that was lost on the removal of runes. Lethality is stronger than ever now.
ArTanis4 (EUW)
: He already got reworked and he is fun to play now. But the titanic hydra bug isn't that important since you usually don't build it on Morde. Unless it is because of this bug that you don't do it.....{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
His rework was a bigger failure than the 3 versions of Ryze all together.
: Why is it called the "imobilizer" if it makes u more mobile?
I used the name "imobilizer" in the term "starting blocks". It's a tools that is used in sprinting. It's a funny reversed interpretation for it: https://www.wikihow.com/images/7/78/Use-Starting-Blocks-Step-14.jpg
Altiverse (EUNE)
: [Runes Reforged] Tanky supps build, 65% Item CDR!
It seems legit for tank supports that want to go into a defensive playstyle. Right now most tanks go Aftershock or Electrocute right now since Guardian is a little bit underwelming add this point in time. {{item:3401}} {{item:3047}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3110}} would probally be the build.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Aramanser (EUW)
: Yorick's Q Buff needs to get reverted.
She does this mean Yorick surpassed {{champion:266}}. Intressting, still need proof from the pro's tho.
Nexusflip (EUW)
: Flat magic penetration, lethality and other specific stats runes issues
I thought it would be a problem add first however: * Armor & Mr runes are removed as well (that basicly nullied armor & magic peneration) * Only tanks recieved massive armor & mr compensation So this means you don't really need the mpen anymore. I still hurts a little bit but now these earlygame champions scale better in the lategame. So it kinda makes up for it. The lack of lethality & mpen will only become a issue if carries get armor/mr buffs to their base stats. I actually like how they ballanced things: * Carries are actually squishy now * Tanks are actually tanky now This is how it should be boys.
elin990 (EUW)
: When is someone a good support?
It varies depending on the support & matchup you are playing. But generally a good support does the following things: * **Controles vision:** A good support almost never runs out of wards, he calculates his back times to provide vision on the areas that need to be pressured. He knowns when and how todo this. * Useally a good support also covers the lack of vision controle teammates provide like when they forgot warding herald. * **Pressure:** This varries for every support. Useally this can vary in the following ways: * **Lane Pressure:** Having the trade advantage over the enemy botlane (like Zyra, Nami, Sona, ...) * **Map Pressure:** Having the all-in or engage advantage over the enemy botlane (like Leona, Annie, Blitz, Thresh, ...) * **Controle:** Having the sustain or disengage advantage against the enemy botlane (Soraka, Braum, Tahm, Janna, Morgana, ...) A good support knowns how to pressure these points even if it's not their main strength from their champion. They also are good add exploiting the pressure weaknesses of their counterpart. * **Use of actives:** A good support knowns how, when he needs to build & use an active item. He's capable of managing more than one depends on what the team needs. * **Knowns his tankness:** A good support knowns how long he's able to soak damage before he needs to disengage. He also knowns when he needs to make him the focus so his carry can deal damage. That are the main points I guess.
Rioter Comments
Hakkiman (EUW)
: Enough is enough, Nerf Tristana
I honnest must agrea (despite your own reason totally doesn't make any sence). Tristana issues comes from her design and how she's been reworked over the years: Orignally Tristana was introduced as an hyper carry. An AOE damage monsters that killed her foes with her resets. This designed worked very well for a long time mainly during her amount of safety. However the weakness in lane controle made it very difficult to play her from behind. Than the rework happend. With additional strengths to her sieging. Her go forward playstyle became more rewarding. Combined with her range, this made her one of the best Artillery marksmen in the entire game. Rivalling marksmen like {{champion:222}} {{champion:236}}, {{champion:81}} & {{champion:51}}. Than it start to become a problem. Riot decided with the marksmen class update that she needed to become a midgame champion. So they buffed the hell out of her early & midgame. This change was barely noticable since she didn't lose a lot of her lategame with it. But than something really f*ckup happend: The marksmen itematisation buffs. This made every marksmen reach their midgame faster. So what happend as a result: Tristana became a massive powerhouse. With the following strengths: * One of the best hyper carries lategame * One of the best midgame champions * One of the best Artillery marksmen in the game * An marksmen with assasin strength (resets) * A champions with ok duel potentional **TL;DR Riot overloaded her** * Decent earlygame * Strong early-midgame * Broken midgame * Broken lategame Currently Tristana is a champion that is ballanced arround her limitation to freeze a wave. It requires a broken kit & remaining strength to ballance out this.
: The best Support champs?
Everything that builds {{item:3504}}. Used to rush it before sightstone you build it after the nerfs after sightstone: * **Controle:** {{champion:40}} ({{champion:44}}) ({{champion:497}}) * **Lane Bully:** {{champion:117}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:37}} Map Pressure supports counters Lane Bully Enchanter Supports, basicly means: * **Map Pressure Vanguard:** {{champion:89}} * **Map Pressure Catchers:** {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} * **Controle Catchers:** {{champion:497}} As a result the meta will be {{champion:412}} {{champion:497}} Counter for this: {{champion:223}} {{champion:201}} **TL;DR:** {{champion:40}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:201}}
{{item:3301}} edite: Old {{item:3301}} pre V7.8
l MrD l (EUW)
: i think i saw somewhere that its getting removed.... but id liek to see it reworked into an anti siege item sort of like a banshee/zzrot counter item
Riot still hasn't figure out that one yet. Reworking to this extended is basicly removing it if you think about it. An anti-siege item would be nice but I don't think Ohmwrecker is the right name for it. Example: #Amelio Thurible * **Cost:** 2100 gold * **Stats:** 40 Magic Resist, 30 Armor, 300 Mana, 10% Cooldown Reduction * **Unique Passive:** Harmony * **Unique Active:** Transforms your turret into a laser turret for 90 seconds. (120 second cooldown) (1200 range). * **Recipe:** {{item:3028}} + {{item:3024}} + 400 #Palladium * **Cost:** 2200 gold * **Stats:** 50 Armor, 30 Ability Power, 150% Base Health Regen, 10% Cooldown Reduction * **Unique Passive:** Point Runner * **Unique Active:** Shields a turret for 6 seconds. The turret heals from part of the damage he deals (120 second cooldown) (1200 range). * **Recipe:** {{item:2053}} + {{item:3108}} + 400
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: I'm not sure why people don't build this. I build it alot and abuse it's active and the {{item:2053}} movement speed it makes a 2 v 2 tower dive easy as hell and it gives you CDR !. I think the problem people have with this item is people need to have synergy with each other lets say I ({{champion:412}} ) am going to dive under tower and flay them to my adc. even if I spam IGI IGI IGI if the ADC doesn't know what this item does they will think i'm crazy to dive and they might not follow. I'm a little disapointed at the pro players for not building this at worlds there could be epic tower dives but as we know LCS stoped being fun a while ago so ... yeah
Ohmwrecker still works on paper, while he item is very cost efficiënt. The issue is the situational use of the item. The situational aplication is simply way to small. You need the item to early to make use of it's dive potentional since when it's getting late you are already tanky enouge to pull off a dive. It's basicly a situational into a situational item right now. If you would play over 100.000 games. Their might be one where the item would be intressting to buy (in an competive situation). The situation is as situational as buying {{item:3089}} on a support.
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