APM Silence (EUNE)
: What is wrong with my MMR?
Jezus christ the average rank you play with & against is Gold II. You get high silver/low gold players in your games...
: The community is at its peak
I reported 20 people from my last 20 games. Haf of these people are perma banned now. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
JustClone (EUNE)
: Half of this list, wont work even in lowest elo... Why didn't you put every single champion here? Since you started ... fill the few gaps...
That's the reasoning behind the "OUT OF META" tag. This is a group of champion that can be played support but are currently not as strong right now, don't function that well against the meta champions or required really hard mastery over the champion to even make it viable. {{champion:1}} is a really good example of this. It's used to be good before the repeated nerfs she recieved. She used to be one of the best lol MMR champion to climb with. But this season it's exactly the opposite. So despite she isn't that viable anymore her position compaired to last year has been unchanged. Offcourse the meme that everthing that doesn't do damage doesn't work in lower mmr is true but this still doesn't mean you can't win games with it. Even with champion like W max Janna you can win games.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Thats a long post to just list every champion in the game, support is a role not a specific champion pool :P
New players often struggle to figure out what works in the support role outside the standard spectrum & recommanded support filter. They also seem to have trouble indicating the playstyle of a specific support. While this is just a list that sums that up. It should give enouge of an overview to figure out their playstyle & function in the game. This is the 3th year I do this list and it seems to reduce some questions in the boards regarding the topic.
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: Bot lane discussion: What kind of supports do adc players want in low elo?
Just keep playing {{champion:143}}, you will 1v5 add some point in time. I checked out your Zyra build and I figured out why you have problems: * Max E first, you need the extended root duration. I noticed you maxed Q in one of your games. The correct order is R > E > Q > W. You do start with Q in most situations and always start W second. Keep in mind when you start Q you need to push up the wave. Else hook champions can abuse this & land an easy hook. If you known you are going to get ganked before your 3 or they all-in you that you can't stop. Start E. * Place seeds behind the enemy. This increases your damage output against them. * Your E plants slows them Both your runes as your build seem to be OK. Keep in mind you have to go {{item:3165}} if your team needs it & your behind. If your behind and you don't need morello than build towards {{item:3151}} instead.
: Yes. Will buy and learn her, actually the wall in kit is good for someone like {{champion:67}} too-because most of the players playing her hardly catches opponents near wall to use E for stun in laning. Isn't {{item:3030}} also good for glacial builds? Or is {{item:3905}} preferred for range and finding opponents? Thanks.
The Glacial Hextech builds are starting to become popular and for the support role this is no exception. To give a good example, it's really popular on {{champion:432}} support & {{champion:34}} mid these days. In theorie it's really good but we need more time to figure out how strong it is in counter matchups. Their are a lot of champions that are good against these type of builds. The build is strong right now so feel free to use it right now.
MusicaroN (EUW)
They shouldn't remove promo's entirely, what they should do make it so you skipped promotions when your mmr is high enouge. Their is no reason to play promotion in a low division when your mmr clearly is tiers above your represented rank.
Cooler39140 (EUNE)
: But... what about trying Kayle Support? As someone who played her as support, she is rather fine, but I'd probably wait until her PBE changes come live (ones which change the bonuses you get from your passive aswell as reduced CD on your ult).
I don't think Kayle is that good as a support right now. She scales better with attackspeed/ad right now and her early to midgame are very weak with the AP builds. Her numbers just aren't their yet to build her AP. As far the enchanter build goes. I think it's alright but still hard to pull off the build probally goes something like {{item:3174}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3107}}{{item:3165}} {{item:3102}} and only pick her against heavy AP comps as support. As far the catcher build goes that might work better for her with things like {{item:3030}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3905}} {{item:2065}} {{item:3157}} etc...
ijwerneer (EUW)
: Why people don't want to admit that ranked is not that well designed?
I have to agrea on this, climbing is in a really strange spot right now. I don't have much time to play ranked this year so I really hoped I could get near my previous division is less games. After an unlucky placements I was placed in Silver I. I won 1 games and got promoted to Gold IV without doing placements (is this a bug or a feature?). I starting to get 40-50 LP for a win and after 2 games I got towards placements. But than strange thing happend. Every games their was a ragequiter, a player that was running down mid and my best case so far a player on the enemy team that got boosted by a booster. I'm kinda shocked to say that in every game except in the one my router acting up (believe that where 2 games). Someone got perma banned by their actions. Even after 2 failed placements I finally skipped division to Gold II with still 25-30 LP for a win. My winrate really got hit by these events if you known I started with 64%. My recent games are alright, I believe two games ago I got flamed by a streamer. I watched his stream and reported him since he was flaming his team that entire time (we won that game). The mmr system is really strange, I get matched with and against players that are tiers higher than me (Plat, Diamond is often the case right now). I wouldn't mind since going back to plat is my goal right now. I'm not that ambitious since my original goal was just to play 25 games this year but after the placements where I got many players banned I realise I needed more to have a competive match again. We just mindblows me is that even after promotions it takes way to long to have your mmr be matched with your actual rank. I basicly have to grind myself towards the tier & division when I have proven time & time again I can beat a full team of these guys in my games.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Imo jungle should be less complicated... Not more complicated. Still idea of a ghost guarding your side of the map would be fun for lower elo players IF it would make invades harder and riskier.
I don't think the jungle is that complicated right now: * Krugs & Raptors (red jungle) gives the most exp, always make sure they are down * Scuttle gives a lot of exp, make sure you get one. Mid need to help contesting it sometimes * You take blue smite for ganks, red smite if you want to duel * Don't invade right now, in most cases it's not worth it. A countergank or free gank is better That's basicly jungle in a nutshell. Sure you have macro like advanced pathing, backtimers but laners have macro's specific for their roles as well. So I have to take the jungle is complex with a grain of salt.
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: Stop playing AP mages as supports
So long {{item:3165}} can be build by supports. AP supports will always be viable. Healing is so overtuned right now. Most bruisers have this build into their kit, most battle mages have healing & even a lot of marksmen have buildin sustain or build it. With so many healers & selfhealers running arround often result into grievious wounds been more effective than it should have been. You can single handed win a game by getting this item in time or lose a game by getting it to late. It's basicly a team version of voidstaff right now. You get it & win or you don't get it & lose. So it's not mistery AP supports are verry viable since they basicly exist to build it. {{item:3802}} into {{item:3165}}. This combined with the fact that {{item:3905}} is really strong right now in the eyes of teamcomps. Ever tried {{champion:34}} {{champion:432}}. It's nastly with {{item:3905}}. AP supports are fine, it's just because everything arround it sucks right now. Whenever {{champion:412}} popups in the meta it's a sign the remaining classes aren't in a great spot.
: Oh! {{champion:34}} support looks interesting too, time to learn her now. Thanks.
I wouldn't recommand it for ranked tho, a good Anivia player sure can make him work out their. But similar as Malzahar his early stats aren't that great in the support role. I did notice a high elo player managed to find a build that can make him work in more competive games: https://www.probuilds.net/guide/show/EUW/4133780195/ZEXx5lm4Jhm1TUU2q75BNd-eyvOUxGpttryP7_8YJTIR5h8 Runes: Glacial Augment + Domination + attackspeed runes Build: {{item:3098}} > {{item:3802}} {{item:3020}} > {{item:3003}} > {{item:3905}} | {{item:3165}} | {{item:3157}} | {{item:2065}} >>> {{item:3135}}
: Malzahar Support-Isn't it good?
He actually was a support a while back. Even was pick or ban in competive for a while. The issue with Malzahar support was that he became a better support than mid so he got changed. Now he's to itemdepended & his numbers aren't good enouge to be a toptier support. He's still OK tho but other supports with a similar playstyle just outclass them. You could say it's on the level of a {{champion:34}} support in terms of viability.
: Wukong's current state.
In my opinion his passive need to be changed: * His current passive Stone Skin needs to be moved to his ultimate. Currently the passive is kinda useless in the laning fase but really powerfull in teamfights. So just move it. His new passive could be something that helps him with sustain or cs'ing. Maybe even something that heals him when he attacks an target that is cc'd.
Akaillusion (EUNE)
: Yes Im gonna definitely watch 6hours stream of person I see first time.
I actually refer to what happens between 13m27s & 15m. Valkrin was an educational streamer that turned Coach. Currently he's a Coach for Misfits in EUW LEC. >### *The WW dc'd & fully reconnected on 2:59. Than he 1v2 on level 2 giving up first blood (for some reason he still got both buffs). The the Camile that got the first blood ints against Valkrin giving him the double buffs. Than a few seconds later the Warwick kills the level 6 Diana on level 3. It's Diamond elo btw*
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: https://www.probuilds.net/champions/details/Chogath tank {{champion:31}} does not exist anymore
He does exist, but it's extreemly rare to see. AP is in most situations better.
: Very good and funny idea!
Let them try ballancing & debuff their existing game modes first shall we.
: A discussion about what is wrong with ADC's atm - (Patch 9.15)
> [{quoted}](name=Please Peace,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1BKuqsXF,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-12T01:53:32.077+0000) > > As an adc main I find that adc's has a much **lower impact** on the game that previously. 2 of the _top_ adc's atm is {{champion:145}} and {{champion:81}} for their so called "Safty abillities" and availability to buy defensive items early. They can still output good dmg if they can get into mid/late game that is. It's exactly the opposite. An good adc has a lot of impact right now. This is the reason why it's pressured that hard. If you want fame you have to stick with the consequence. Marksmen draw a lot of pressure, you basicly carry the game by handeling it. In terms of damage their fine too. It doesn't matter what they build. They can still kill any champion in the game. Ezreal is basicly a bruiser with the blue build and he can still kill any champion including tanks from 100 to 0 in a second. We see {{champion:42}} {{champion:18}} mid, {{champion:67}} top. Marksmen are maybe even too strong right now. A marksmen can win the game with just QSS. When was the last time you saw GA on one. > I'm not excactly sure what is wrong with this. But unless I am 7-0 within 15 min I am not able to carry early and mid as an adc. Not to mention all the Assasins and Mages that outrange and out dmg adc's. Assasins suppose to be able to kill marksmen. That's litterly their role. If you think you should be able to 1v1 them than their is something wrong with your mindset. As far mages go. They do have cc so when you engage on them you will most likely get caught without backup. Mages are really good add stalling fights. So rather than going alone, have backup. > Another way to look at this is the supports. **Top 5 supports** at this moment are {{champion:555}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:53}} In this order. 5 tanky supports which all has more than 50% pick rate together. _God I'm tired of these Nauts..._ This ain't the top 5 supports. Hook champions tend to be the most popular because of their impact they can have on a game. So it's more like the most popular picks. It's true tho that {{champion:111}} {{champion:555}} & {{champion:412}} are really strong right now but for different reasons: * Nautilus is strong because the short game length meta. A similar reason why Zyra is doing well despite she has relative good numbers overal. Nautilus has one of the strongest earlygames in the entire game and probally the tank with the highest powerspike early overal. * {{champion:555}} has more todo with the gold snowball he get's from his ult. It's similar to why Draven can be strong sometimes. The meta also favors gold stacking champions so it's a win win for him. * {{champion:412}} always popups when everything is weak. Supports really aren't in a good spot when marksmen or anything else that might show up in botlane can outtrade them and biscuits are the only thing that is sitting between a trade advantage. {{champion:53}} always showsup when {{champion:25}} is less popular. Her winrate is skyrocking recently. > My theory is that this meta is focused on **defensive items** and champions that cam build these items early. Which is not excactly something adc's have much of in their kits. When I play **defensive adc's** it is currently: {{champion:498}} , {{champion:15}} , {{champion:145}} and now {{champion:81}}. Those 4 adc's have some kind of defensive ability that can save ur ass unlike most others. Ezreal/Kai'sa can even build defensive items early in the game. compared to crit adc's. It's more like that caster adc's are way to strong right now while auto attack based marksmen aren't weak but get overshined by them. I have a feeling part of the reason it's because of the new {{item:3075}} while we don't really have much option against caster AD's. > I am not 100% sure why the **adc's** feel so **useless** to play these days but god pleaase... I would love some changes... > > If you have any other ideas or inputs as to what the problems are or how to fix the adc's tell me. Or correct me. :) Marksmen indeed need changes but I don't think you have the same ideas in mind as me.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Our support Ashe dont have support item on the list as well 🤪
Without a support item it's indeed an strategy that should be communicated. I can't see many legit support builds without support income item. Maybe the one with the smite upgrade but it's been a long time that was meta.
MSF Akito (EUW)
: Riot says that you can play whatever you want. But they also banned a singed support main for being a singed support main.. So what do i know? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
This is a total different case. From what I remember the Singed support didn't even build a support item and basicly played as a second jungler. As far the case of the Teemo support goes was that he didn't support the botlane but supported a sololane instead as default decision. Playing Ashe support is still traditional. Nothing about the strategy changes. The only differents is the champion. That's totally fine.
: ap ashe banable?
You cannot be banned for playing any offmeta champion. In fact Ashe support is viable when you build her correctly. This is how you do it: * R > W > Q > E * Sorcery (Arcane Comet, Manaflow Band, Transcendence, Scorch) + Domination (Cheap Shot or Taste of Blood, Ultimate Hunter) * {{item:3303}} {{item:2003}} > {{item:3098}} {{item:3020}} > {{item:3151}} > situational: {{item:3905}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3285}} * Playstyle: * Focus on poking with your W early (scorch, comet combo) * Keep track of the enemy jungler with your E (by doing angles on the jungle camp even if you don't spot them you give enouge information where he is). https://youtu.be/bOyeRcQ8ZM8?t=222 * Focus on landing your ult in the midgame. Don't cast it randomly, it's better to fire it closer & land it than trying to get one from a screen away. Your basicly supporting the jungler with this pick and it can win you a decent amount of games when played correctly and a jungler that is able to abuse this.
: How does that make any sense? Any champ can then buy it and then there is no difference. Problem with tanks isnt farming.
Problem is that people don't want to have viable tanks in the game. If you buff them they way they deserve they will get nerfed again anyway.
Klut (EUW)
The issues are clearly not just caused by riot. It's a combination of 3 factors: * Domination of providers: Many EUW countries are dominated by 1 internet provider useally linked on the same internet grid. I lost count how many times I lost internet but what can I do, their is no alternative and what's worse is that the alternatives are sitting on the same network. So if internet goes down. It's down for everyone. The only alternative we have is the DSL network that is much much slower. * The Wifi infrastructure: A typical household in the EUW is build on WiFi. Even if you would write an entire book to these millennials that cable is the way to go they just lift their shoulders and answer that google works just fine with WiFi. And yet they complain why that UTP cable is lying accross the house or that they can't use chromecast right now because it would screw over your connection. * Riot * Their infrastructure of their servers: Managing to crash their own server 2 times in a row on the same problem really isn't OK. Do they really still not have a DevOps instructure??? * Their client: Chromium is good shit, but please hire an specialist. Don't give us these all-arround developers that think they can code everything. This client should have been fixed in 6 months. Yet how long is it been.. If it was the same team that coded the béta boards back in the day I really wonder who does the talent scouting.
: Why are Tanks so useless in the Top lane
I was thinking, maybe it would help if {{item:1054}} had an execute on minions similar to relic shield but than weaker like: * Melee basic attacks execute minions below 100 − 185 (based on level) (+ 100% AD) health. This means early on tank are capable of last hitting more than 1 minion when they are trying to go for cs. Tanks useally have AOE abilities that allows them to get more minions to haf health. If they can get them low enouge to make them execute they will have a easyer time laning. Later on this advantage is not nearly as strong and they have to switch to other items if they want to keep waveclearing effectively. This change would benefit bruisers as well. But it will help them against range matchups.
: I really hate people who play a different champion EVERY game in rankeds
I can agrea to some agrea what this guy to trying to point out: Useally in iron/bronze/silver it doesn't really matter what you pick because everyone is doing it. Most players that reach Gold or higher useally have mastered one or more champions that they can effectively pick & climb with. Ones you get to high gold having mastery over your champion is pretty much required when you belong in the mmr and you want to climb effectively. Honnestly it's way better for your winrate to master 3 than play them all. Until the master league you can get away without thinking about counterpicking add all. Having no mastery over a champion will let you drop a lot of games. Failing that flash R combo, failing auto attack cancels or even forgetting your role inside a teamfight. I have seen it all. Their is a reason why players prefer onetrick players under diamond since even when they get counterpicked. They known exactly what they have todo to prevent your team from bleeding than having an I can pick all of them player locking in a champion that get's counterpicked than ends the game been 0-10.
: wow riot, why are you keeping such secrets from us ?
Probally some students that are having fun. Clearly they don't have the correct technology in place to experiment with new styles: https://i.imgur.com/CFI2Qky.png
: [GUIDE] How to Markup text in comments
#Open colored spoiler **HTML** Blockquote > h3 **Code** \>### here **Result** >### here #Closed Colored Spoiler _(it needs styling in order to trigger it)_ **HTML** _! em is recommanded since with strong & del the lay-out styling is aplied._ Blockquote > h3 > em Blockquote > h3 > strong Blockquote > h3 > del **Code** \>### \*here* \>### \_here_ **Result** >### *here* #Open/Close combination colored spoiler **Code** \>### \*here* jup **Result** >### *here* jup
: Yes, it is a bit tricky. \> \#\#\#\*_*~~Write something here~~*_\*
You don't need all that code, the styling is placed on the h3 tag: \>### here >### here Closed (it needs styling in order to trigger it) \>### \*here* \>### \_here_ >### *here* Fun thing tho you can still reveal text \>### \*here* jup >### *here* jup
: So: #**_~~h1 > strong > em > del~~_** ##**_~~h2 > strong > em > del~~_** ####**_~~h4 > strong > em > del~~_** #####**_~~h5 > strong > em > del~~_** ######**_~~h6 > strong > em > del~~_** #h1 ##h2 ###h3 ####h4 #####h5 ######h6 Looks like someone in riot had some fun.
Edit: Have to mention this are probally experimental blocks. Colored headers work in comments & in main posts as well. In main post the colored h3 work but not for comments.
: ###### Perhaps. ####**_~~But you can't write colors then.~~_**
So: #**_~~h1 > strong > em > del~~_** ##**_~~h2 > strong > em > del~~_** ####**_~~h4 > strong > em > del~~_** #####**_~~h5 > strong > em > del~~_** ######**_~~h6 > strong > em > del~~_** #h1 ##h2 ###h3 ####h4 #####h5 ######h6 Looks like someone in riot had some fun.
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: You need to keep the format or it won't work. It is not a random thingy.
**_*~~so it's basically every kind of formatting at the same time I see~~*_** ~~test~~ *test* _test_ **test** _*~~test~~*_ #_*~~test~~*_ ##_*~~test~~*_ ###_*~~test~~*_ ####_*~~test~~*_ *___~~test~~___* _*__~~test~~__*_ __*_~~test~~_*__ ___*~~test~~*___ ***_~~test~~_*** **_*~~test~~*_** *_**~~test~~**_* _***~~test~~***_ Looks like their are 4 colors {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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Player 123 (EUNE)
: ADC Meta invading all lanes
The issues with marksmen these days is that they are way to strong way to early. An {{champion:18}} can all-in you on level pre 6 without much issues. It doesn't matter what level you are. If your missing one spell from waveclear or poke you are pretty much death. Litterly the only counterplay their is right now is to take {{summoner:3}} with the hope you get Grievous Wounds in time by the time a bruiser get's out of controle. It's really strange that a regular marksmen can match an all-in from an assassin, bruiser or burst mage. And is able to match the trade of a support that early in the game. What happend to marksmen need to scale in order to get strong. That litterly doesn't exist right now when someone like {{champion:145}} can trade even. Before the only two marksmen that was capable of trading even was {{champion:119}} (because lane bully) & {{champion:51}} (with range advantage). All other required to have good landing poke to even the trade. What's worse now is that supports don't start with one less potion that they used to be before so trading with them on top of the buffed sustain on marksmen just isn't that rewarded anymore. And than you hope they didn't go the utility tree for the additional pots what makes trading against them even more unfair if you didn't get them yourself. What's also funny right now is that marksmen suppose to exist to kill tanks. How can a dubble marksmen comp be so effective against zero tanks and 2-3 assassins.
iaapvper (EUW)
I agrea that it's the riot server this time. It's not normal, every game so far their's add least 2 people that disconnect during the game. Myself included, it's really anyoing and when I wanted to point fingers on my provider yet again. This time it's clearly the servers that are doing something fishy. Clearly TFT crashes them again...
: > [{quoted}](name=CoolKnightST,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=at4pEglN,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-08-06T17:17:51.603+0000) > > I have to agrea that Yuumi's healing is pretty nuts when they have the increased healing rune. As a support your basicly forced into rushing {{item:3165}} while she rushes {{item:3174}}. So your basicly building against her but you have too. It's really anoying when you have a bad carry to work with. or the adc buys ..... ya know ... a 800G item {{item:3123}}
Haven't seen any adc below plat willing to buy this.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Yuumi can heal 500 health through 60% healing reduction.
I have to agrea that Yuumi's healing is pretty nuts when they have the increased healing rune. As a support your basicly forced into rushing {{item:3165}} while she rushes {{item:3174}}. So your basicly building against her but you have too. It's really anoying when you have a bad carry to work with.
: That's a nice perspective on the itemization problem. Although I think completely reworking tank items could also be risky, because if they do, it could become a balancing issue again since we all know Riot's balance team isn't perfect. I do think Randuin's is a great tank item now to counter crit based champions. I do notice the mitigation when I play a tank. I think most of the tank items should get an update, so they will make tanks tankier when teamfights happen, like Gargoyle Stoneplate. That's a great item that should be a role model for more tank items.
Gargoyle Stoneplate is a nice concept but it does have some flaws. It's buildpath is really flat what makes it hard to build early. Since the damage reduction it's their it's even a bad idea since damage is always lacking early on and comeback useally come from damage spikes. So it's only great when ahead or when you reach lategame. It also doesn't stack with existing tank items anymore since riot had to nerf this to keep it ballanced (locket).
: Suggested buffs to tank items to make tanks relevant again
Buffing the existing tank items isn't the solution. Mainly because most of the existing tank item are seriously outdated in terms of design. Their are plain and not fun the build both as the user, as the ally and as the enemy team. What we need is to introducing new fun tank items and after that strip or merge the bad ones. For example I would really like to see a rework to {{item:3068}} and having it's passive shifted into a splitpush tank item so you get something like {{item:2053}} + {{item:3751}}. And compleetly rework the sunfire with an passive/active designed for wombo tanks like Malphite, Leona, etc.. purely build arround teamfighting. Another example would be an item that would be great to build on flank tanks like Maokai, Rammus by giving them an item that has a sort of short distance tp so they can flank more effectly. When you focus on pro play you notice it a lot that flanks only happen when mistakes are made. I want to see playmaking on tanks & not make them a punish bot that only works in lower mmr where only smurfs realise they should commit when a flank happends. I also want to see new unique active like something that aborbs damage and later on releases it. Tanking damage & damage minigation is a stat that is really underwelming and often not noticable. We should gain item that allow them to utilize this stat. But my biggest issue with tank items is how many shared passive they get. For example {{item:2053}} would be a great line to build when the passive would somewhat stack like for every point runner item the buildup time is increased with 1 seconds & 10% bonus movementspeed. The cold steel item also need some work because it's really anoying that you can't build situational item because of the shared passives. {{item:3075}} {{item:3143}} & {{item:3110}} is a good example of this. Who's idea was it to make one of the only valid 20% cdr item in the game share it's passives with the true damage/lifesteal counter & crit counter. It just doesn't make sence add all. Offcourse the frozen heart passive is shifted into an aura later on but it's still really anoying when you sit on it.
Potats (EUNE)
Marksmen used to be the only class that was capable of killing tanks. Nowdays even enchanter supports are able to kill them,..
: let us all report everyone every game
Somehow I get about 20 valid reports every 15 games. Support confirmed it, that's just how the community is {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: This just sounds like you want adcs to completely destroy everyone with no way to itemise against them
Not if base armor scaling is buffed. I also never said their couldn't exist ninja' tab like item nor that the adc items have to remain the way it is. I'm just thinking that it could solve many problems. Tanks can actually deal damage to eachother, marksmen remain to have consistant damage, bruisers can still kill tanks and tanks can actually be tanky and not get blow up in a second. With more auto attack interaction tanks will remain longer on the field and since auto attacks is the only thing that can somewhat kill them they can defend themself by interrupting the enemies auto's. They don't have to fear getting oneshot by a nidalee spear that they suppose to bodyblock. The game also wouldn't be a stomp when the enemy team cannot affort peneration items so they still have the tools to cleanup the tank even when he's the last man standing. No more Nautilus 1v5 situations. For other classes not much would change. Juggernauts would get better base defensive stats, other classes as well. The main thing will be that their defensive items are less drastic than they used to be.
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: Tired of begging my Botlane to stop dieing
Clearly they are hurt by the lcs syndrome: "Try to execute marcroplay without knowning the exact reason & situation to use it in". In order to ward into the enemy jungle you need to: * Known where the enemy jungler is (preferable topside) * Having both mid & bot pushed out. * Having your jungler botside * Have an advantage in lane or knowning the enemy botlane isn't in lane (basicly having a number advantage) A lot of low mmr support are doing this shit without dealing with the conditions first. And so as a result they get themself killed. But their is equal as much blame on the adc that often will solo push against an all-in enemy botlane and just get punished by it. Lastly but least in some games their can be some blame on the jungle or midlane when the conditions are met and they just don't respond in time. For example if the midlane doesn't roam when the enemy tries to collapse or that the jungle doesn't rotate to them. Deep warding effects more than just the botlane. I litterly helps anyone on the team. It helps the toplaner so he knowns when he can play aggressive. It helps the midlaner so he get ganked less and it helps the jungler so he can adjust his pathing against the enemy jungler.
: i have just 1 problem with the active on the new sunfire i do agree that tanks should have a little bit of a buff but buff them too much and you can't do shit to them ever that's the problem in which games get really boring the reason i'm stating this is because when the tank can deal as much dmg s the carry it's a problem and a lot of the times that is an item that is meant for tanks that also has dmg based on max hp i don't mind things like increasing the radius based on hp but dmg based on hp is a big nono
It all depends on the numbers, but doing this it will also prevent it from been bought on other classes that aren't tanky and don't have access to a large health pool and good damage minigation.
: The main point of {{item:3068}} is that it gives you the ability to push your lane faster, which is necessary if you are playing toplane. It's the only item allowing tanks to have some impact on side lanes and would drastically impair their ability to hold themselves in splitpushing matchups or matchups where teamfighting in itself isn't a good option (disengage comps). However, I like the idea of tank items synergising with each other, but this would need a lot of testing and is best left for preseason since they might shift the balance of toplane to either tanks not being viable at all or them being the only viable option.
The exactly what it suppose todo. I have noticed the moment tanks are strong useally their waveclear get's hit first. This is useally because of the combination of sunfire and their own waveclear. If sunfire is no longer the I must go item. It would even be possible to buff or to prevent tanks for getting hit on their waveclear. It also give them clear power when they do go for it.
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