Scorgie (EUW)
: A plea to Riot, for a Garen revert.
I would love to see another garen rework: * E: In order to use your E you need to stack it with auto attacks on enemy champions. After the stacking is done you can spin dealing massive damage. * Q: To compensate for the E changes Garen becomes more mobile. * New Passive: He now passively gains movementspeed towards enemy champions that are effected by hard crowd controle like airborn, silence & stuns. * R: When Garen uses his ult he can use his E even when not stacked. When Garen execute someone with his ult, their will be splash AOE true damage inflicted (let's say 50 - 150). * W: Now has a flat duration, tenacity removed & replaced with recast option that will act as an QSS. Instead he now gains 75% slow resist. Making him immune for slows with {{item:3009}}
: When even TF Blade can't carry inting botlane in Platinum ELO.
Support main here and I'm telling you it's because of the exp changes. The amount of damage support lost is kinda crazy to be honnest. Technically it's possible to build a certain way that the impact is minimal but than your trading lategame damage & utility for it. Add that point your better up going for a more scale oriënted build. And that's where the problem start, when a jungler can 1v2 and a toplaner can 1v3 botlane just becomes a clown fiesta. People start teamfighting and expect that an adc deal the damage that has zero items. Recently I even have seen an marksmen rushing {{item:3006}} just to be relevant for that %%%%ing dragon. The dragon spawn timer has to be delayed to be honnest in order for this shit to stop.
: About Zyra
I honnestly believe she needs a VU. I though everything would be addressed when she was getting reworked but in terms of visuals they really cut the budget. It's also clearly noticable in her skins. The current model just provides to much limitations. This a clear example where the quality of the model limits the champion popularity.
: The End of Main Support
i have to admit that been paired with a bad adc is a lot more painfull than it used to be. I useally have to recover by getting my other teammates fed before I can finally play the game...
: We might actually get the hardest adc up to date
He's going to be an lcs champ. Their is no way a kit that diverse can be ballanced for proplay
Morrhen (EUW)
: How to ALWAYS get unbanned
And if all this doesn't work. You just threaten them you will play Teemo Support in the midlane in every ranked game and telling Nightblue3 about it.
Myster10 (EUNE)
: Nautilus?Zyra?Velkoz?Bard?Karma?Morg?Sona?Taric?Zilean?Galio? There used to be a time that when bot the adc would die in a 2v2 fight, the support would have to back, now they stay to take a kill and do ridiculous damage. They get so much free gold without farm and have so big base stats, it's ridiculous. I've seen a nautilus doing 800 damage to me in a fight early levels , that is normal??
In theory every support is capable of 1v1 an adc in the earlygame. Supports have early strengths that allows them to outclass the weak early adc. In theorie an adc shouldn't be capable of outtrading an support add all. Offcourse their are exception like {{champion:119}} and broken champs like {{champion:145}} but in theorie they shouldn't be able too. {{champion:81}} is a nice example of a combination fo both. With high skill he's capable of matching the trade, but their are not many good ezreals out their that are able to pull this off. But even if the supports are strong an good adc would never allow them to go for an all-in. Even when forced they have tools to survive an all-in on full ult. It's only when a 2th champion is involved that a kill might happen but that's totally depended on the performance of the adc & support.
: Support role isn't about items to begin with. Supports are originally champions that have utility from their kits and very little reliance on items. Champions like zyra and brand should still be fine because they are not that item dependent. If you need items as a support, then your champion wasn't meant to be played as a support to begin with. Actual support champions that have been designed for the role are not item dependent.
So that means whe aren't allowed to get {{item:3157}} or {{item:3102}} anymore. A few games ago I got 3 honors for taking {{champion:28}} ult for the team because I had to spend my gold on {{item:3165}} instead.
MinKsTeR (EUW)
: new support items are amazing upgrades for free and you can focus on buying better items which have impact on game supports have made back into game no more any of them are so useless
Depends on the support your talking about. In terms of the {{item:3310}} line it's a crazy hard nerf. Concidering nobody build it into cost inefficiënt version of 2200 gold Eye of the Watchers. So their only 500 gold off the buildpath since the buy never went further than Frostfang. For the {{item:3307}} line it's different because they still build it for the cdr into their final 1800 gold upgrade. But now that cdr is gone. Even if they want for let's say {{item:3067}} they still have a profit of 650 gold or 1450 gold if they don't need the cdr or want to use the gold to get another item. Overal it's a big buff for tank supports in terms of raw stats.
: first impressions of the new season?
Supports are very weak right now. You can outplay a sololaner all you want. It's harder to kill one sololaner compaired to 1v2 a botlane. I really hope adc don't recieve any buff because supports would be litterly be thrash tier. As far the support meta goes I see tank support & support with scaling mechanics like veigar, senna, thresh, .. so you kinda understand what I'm talking about how but of a nerf botlane has recieved. The jungler also seem to be really strong this patch while it supposed to be nerfed.
: New support items are abhorrent and disgusting. Thanks Rito for pushing me out of the role I loved
This basicly means you have a support budget of 2400 gold now. So if I play a support like Zyra with 350 gold for my item, 1100 gold for my mpen boots. I have 950 gold left. With that gold I can't even get a {{item:3916}} ... Does this mean I have to ks for some shutdowns. The gold nerf combined with the exp nerf is just way to much...
: This game has the worst report system that i have ever seen.
The problem with the current system is very simple: * Riot doesn't use enouge resources to maintain the report system. Even automated report can take a very long time to get processed * The amount of information that's available inside a report is very lackluster. For some reason I have seen players get punished a lot more quickly when I include the replay file and match history of that player. I don't think the ones that handle the reports have enouge resources to process them properly in a short amount of time. * Their is to much delay between processing reports & effectively implement the punishment of that player. Most toxic players aren't even aware of the health of their account & a ban is suddenly a shock to them. * Their is not a single statistic that shows their out with one more misstep and the time they do misbehave their is no indication that their account has been flagged. Even basic chatrooms have a system room have concepts like "strike I, strike II, strike III" that could give an idea how your doing.
Rioter Comments
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: Watched 3 games but mission not done.
I already gave up on it. The system doesn't work so I concider it a fake feature.
: Singed and Teemo buffs
Giving the movementspeed passively for Teemo could be intressting but it would make his lane even more unhealthy. I do think their is potentional in a concept like this when a condition is aplied. What for example could be done is giving teemo movementspeed that buildup in combat. Since Teemo has a lot of dots in his kit it isn't so hard to get into combat with him. One shroom is enouge to give him the movementspeed trigger. This would also be a suitable nerf for his laning where he otherwise just press W + Q for uncontested poké. As far the active part of his W goes their are plenty of intressting directions you can go with this. I would really like to see him with a small jump. Maybe one that interacts with his mushroom (like bouncing off fiesta, thematicly could help his splitpush playstyle).
Rioter Comments
RW Heaven (EUW)
: The New Trend: Never Surrender - Should we remove the vote?
In terms of ranked games it's very possible to win a game despite the odds are against you. Until high plat (probally diamond now) most people slip up & throws happen. So even if a game seems like to be impossible to win 20 minutes into the game. On 22 minutes that fed Yasuo could thing it's a good idea to 1v5. On 23 minutes that fed Kai'sa is willing to give it a try and after getting all that shutdown gold on your adc you start to win teamfights and the roles are reversed. For normals I'm a little bit suprised indeed. It's nice to have a competive game but when a game score 2-25 on 15 minutes games aren't going to get better without tryharding. If you really need to burn all your energy to win a 50 minutes normal games than why the hell are we even playing this game.
Rioter Comments
: mage vs tanks
How about nerfing his W by changing it to multiplaying his base armor/mr. The multiplayer scales up every rank. As a bonus Garen is immune for crit while his W is active. This would allow Garen to function as a tanky skirmisher & marksmen threat but he can actually be killed from anti-tank items. I think his new build path suits him better now. His issue right now is that he doesn't really have a clear counter on the rift. If he would be strong against one type off foe & weaker against another one he would probally be fine in the state he is right now. You can go the compleetly opposite direction with this however by reducing the duration of his W but I honnestly think playstyle wise I would feel better he can be used as a counterpick against skirmishers in the toplane that love to dash arround. I want to see {{champion:157}} cry
: btw that shit looks clean af, how did you do it?
It's not that clean, it's just the brush tool in photoshop. If you zoom in you can clearly see the brush lines.
: Least Mechanical role ?
Every role has his list of less mechanical intensive champions. Useally these champions have very linair kits and only briefly perform very well in higher mmr (the moment they are useally pushed into a strong state). Useally these picks have little to no competive spotlight but can snowball much harder than the average champion. When behind tho they tend to be more useless than the average champion or alternatively are usefull even when behind but are limited in how they snowball the game further. Examples of these are: #Mages {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:45}} #Controllers {{champion:53}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} #Fighters {{champion:131}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:75}} #Tanks {{champion:32}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:111}} #Marksmen {{champion:21}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:145}} (yes she suppose to be high skill but right now she's so overloaded it doesn't matter. Marksmen are difficult to place since they are mechanical intensive by nature. Useally when they are strong that allows their mechanics be forgiven is the moment they are the less mechanical intensive champ to use)
: When to start with ranked ?
In early seasons the criteria was playing over 100 normal games after reaching level 30. Since a lot of players limit themself on botgame till their level 30 back in early seasons. With the low quality AI games have right now I assume players jump into normals much earlyer so I would say you should have add least 100 normal game wins if you really want to maintain your rank you get placed in. If your perfectly fine to drop ones you done you placements it would be perfectly fine to start earlyer. The main things with ranked is that you need to have a solid champion pool. Before level 30 players have to test out the many existing champions & should have played every champion add least ones. Beside that you need to have a main champion & add least been able to play 2 other champions consistently.
: Better jungle wins :')
Just some things: 1. You can just report him for Negative Attitude if it's 2. Clearly he ment it sarcastic 3. Your aren't allowed to share summoner names in your screenshot. And you currently are breaking forum rules here. fix:" [link](
DarkTracer (EUNE)
: WemenSupport
How can you be sure their ain't lying {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Rioter Comments
Uraraka (EUNE)
: What's up with the Shaco support?
I have to be honnest. Riot serously overbuffed him. Just got oneshotted by him in 0.0??? seconds. To my suprise I couldn't see the exact numbers because it's format to 1 digit... To justify, I had 1700 HP on that moment:
: Anniversary gift doesn't work
What smartass thought it was a good idea to release the quest on 10pm in EUW. Prepare your servers for bot intro games.
: You make a fair point; and that was also my main pet peeve with AP Malphite as it is mostly played: the cooldown. I would have no issue with him if his ult had a reasonable cooldown but the fact he can have it up every single fight and way before any defensive spells or items you might have used the last fight is ridiculous and very unfun to me.
Nerfing Presence of Mind would probally be the best way to start to fix this problem. If they for example would change it with the same system penta kills are calculated: > Source: The act of killing several champions within 10 seconds of each other (30 seconds to Penta Kill after a Quadra Kill if no enemy respawns). The following comments are shown: "Summoner" has slain "(slain name) Summoner" for a [...]!' * 12% of first takedown * 6% of 2th takedown * 6% of 3th takedown * 3% of 4th takedown * 12% of 5th takedown That would result in a total of 39% compaired to 50% we have now but the nerf would be even more drastic than than since time isn't static. So their could be arround 10 seconds between the first & the last takedown. So despite that first takedown might benefit more with it's 12%. That second takedown almost nullified that. Eventually that 12% of the 5th kill doesn't even matter anymore since by that time the cooldown is reduced with that to much is would nearly effect a second of it's cooldown.
: Can we do something about AP Malphite?
To be honnest, Malphite itself isn't the problem. I have been spamming him in normals every time I fill. And whenever I go top, mid or jungle he seems to performing very well. Still the longer the game goes the harder it becomes to succeed on him. His midgame is really bonkers but ones the enemy even has the slightest form of magic resistance if you don't pull off an 4-5 man ult the game is pratically over. Let's be real here. The issue is not the champion but the runes that can be provided for him. Whever offensive tree you go you have that cdr: Presence of Mind, Ultimate Hunter, Transcendence, Cosmic Insight their is so much free cdr in runes it's crazy abilities even have a cooldown. My favorite combo is Presence of Mind combined with Ultimate Hunter. Ones you have about 20% cdr worth of items their is no way you will ever have a situation where your ultimate isn't up. I would even go as far that increasing his ult cdr wouldn't even fix him problem & would just nerf tank Malphite even more. Hey Resolve is the only tree that doesn't provide any cdr. The issue I see with the runes right now is mainly Presence of Mind. That runes give you 10% reduced cooldown on every kill/assist. So basicly if you have a teamfight where where 4 are killed even if you lose that fight you just lost 40% of your ultimate cooldown. Combine this with Ultimate Hunter even if they don't subtrack you are talking about nearly a haf of it's cooldown refunded. So an ultimate with a 40 cooldown (calculating with the 25% of ultimate hunter & 20% of items leading to 45% on a 80s ultimate giving you 44s) now just got reduced by another 40%. Resulting into a near 26 seconds between casts. This means on average Malphite gains about 67,5‬% cooldown reduction on his ultimate with just 20% cdr from items... And this are cooldown numbers with just 20% cdr, imagin a fight where all 5 died.
Rioter Comments
: Solo carry experience for who? Mid? Maybe but Mid has always had a good solo carry experience no matter what season you're playing in. Top perhaps and maybe the most justified to improving the carry experience. Jungle? Again jungle has had a good solo carry experience most seasons same as Mid although not to the same level of supremacy. Support is probably the biggest benefactor of this but that's the problem with support being massively overpowered in terms of being able to carry right now that it steps of the toes of other roles. By all means support probably benefits the most from this but support needs nerfing due to having far too much control over the game. Bot lane is almost entirely decided by which support is better with ADC having little to no agency on that as well as the fact that the game never even goes long enough for ADC to have an impact and even if it does you don't outscale anyone anymore because every champion can one shot. We didn't need the game to be in this ridiculous state for solo players to carry. We've had it in the past in seasons like 5 6 and 7. The only difference is now you don't need to actually be good at the game to solo carry anymore. Just pick an assassin go mid press all your buttons and if you win lvl 3 great grab some turret plates and you're now 800 gold ahead of everyone else in the game 5 minutes in. Just look at AP malphite, lock him in press R 20 times and hes your best chance of solo carrying the game right now. It's solo carry based on picking the right role and the right champion not based on individual skill. So yeah I would much rather have a game state with a little less 1v9 headbutt the keyboard champions and a little more nuance with actual skill.
When it comes to top your only right for Diamond+ the solo carry potention as a toplaner in lower divisions is litterly busted add the moment while in higher divisions it's litterly the opposite. This is why their is so much toplane going on in the toplane. On the one side toplane is totally ok for 97% of the ranked playerbase and for these 3% is just a nightmare. This might be a shocker to you but supports where extreemly weak in early seasons and their carry potentional solidly exist out the fact of going full AP with Meja's in lower mmr versus praying you have a strong carry on your team that you can support in higher mmr. Good luck carrying the laning fase with a master adc when they have a challenger adc back in early seasons. Support in early seasons where just ward bots. They where crucial in competive games but never could gain credit for a win because their impact just wasn't visible to the eye. I still remember the times where a support got oneshoted by a simple Q and than the enemy team lost the teamfight because they waisted their Q on you (back when cooldowns actually had cooldowns). Support are fine right now, just because the toplaner can't 2v1 anymore because that Janna doesn't randomly go down from AOE shouldn't be the way you play this game. Yes supports have damage now, what's the problem with that. One role shouldn't be punished so others feel like they are stronger. O boy, you really haven't seen early seasons assassins have you. The current assassins are a joke compaired to early seasons. The main differents now is that assassins actually can kill tanks. In early seasons you litterly lost the game in champion select when you didn't have a tank on your team. So you want 60 minute, protect the adc comps, marksmen that can't peel themself and small champion pools again. Good luck
: My hopes (and fears) for the preseason changes.
The thing is that this season allowed for an individual to carry the game again. Something that what season 8 was seriously lacking. This also resulted into situations where tank champion start to become unpopular again since even if your good & support your teammates is one person on the enemy team is better you will still lose that game. Overal I'm not sure it's a good idea to massively hit the nerf hammer on getting gold since it would just ruin the solo carry experience again.
: SUGGESTION: Full screen & resizable client!
Don't go their yet, they can't even get the thing bug free
: How am I supposed to rank up
I think you underestimate this season. Your MMR is unchanged compaired to last season. Sure you might only be Silver II but your actually arround Gold II this season. The removal of V divisions & the addition to Iron changed the skill level of many players. This would be their rank last season:
: League of Legends MOVIE
I wouldn't go their yet. We don't want to end up like the WoW movies & even the pokémon one was borderline ok. They are building it up with comics and that's a good way to start off their movie project but I wouldn't pull the trigger just yet. Perhaps arround 2022 they could start with development & maybe arround 2024 whe finally get the movie we deserve. Anything sooner would probally turn into a disaster. I would even go that far that the game actually doesn't need to survive in order to make the movie more intressting. The fact they have a community that has memories about the game would be enouge to take a lot of risks in terms of budget that goes to a movie like that. But in order to succeed the movie actually needs to be good to further expand on the story. In that regard the movie is more like a backup plans set in motion if the game ever turns to dust.
saile789 (EUW)
: New Mage Champion Idea
I feel that would fit better in a juggernaut theme. Your creating a battlemage that suppose to sustain himself from abilities but cannot during the auto attack restriction. He cannot be squishy if you want him to be able to get in auto attack range.
: I got banned for inting when I wasn't
Feel free to post the replay file. Useally when someone reported you they probally have this included.
Rioter Comments
: Imagine getting to master league only to get your account locked for 10 days until you decay back to diamond 1. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
If a popup start to apear once your in diamond it's kinda their own fault for not giving it a verification. Their also should be other way of verification than just a phone number. Riot accounts could for example have a riot code & in cases phone verification isn't possible a manual system like this can be used.
: Verified main accounts - why are we not funding this?
I don't think working it out like this would be a good idea but they could be adding benefits for verified acounts like priority Q and maybe making it mandatory starting from master. You should also be able to link more accounts to the same number but punishment on one account will effect the others. This would be a great solution for high elo & toxicity. Another thing they could add is enchanced leveling rewards for verified accounts. Smurfs that want to levelup fast will be forced to verified their account & so linking it to their main account.
Rioter Comments
: "you could literally hire a student who specifically is into client design, pay him in 2 pizzas a day and he makes you a better client in 1 month."
Actually after seen how poorly the boards where coded I'm pretty confident a student would do a better job than their current client team. Their source code was a real mess and even now you can still see some really bad coding mistakes from it. A good example is the mobile interface where you have to turn your screen and than click on a 5px space button to be able to add an icon in your comment. Good lord the search button works now but you need to memorise the exact name else good look finding the icon you need. Overal their team looks shady. Their Functional Analyst didn't do his job, their Web Developers where cowboy coding the entire project and their Manager didn't communicted the issue to the higher ups. The fact they even released the béta in that state was beyond question. I have seen Alfa's with a more stable build & the security leak & lack of back-end controle really was mindblowing to me. I'm not entirely sure but part of that team now works on the client. So really a student could have delivered a better coding job on the boards. So why not the client? ...
: The State of Ranked Gold Players
To be honnest it feels like the skill level has been changed a little bit ever since the addition to iron & the removal from the V divisions. To me someone that used to be Silver II is arround Gold III now. I really start to notice this on the ranked quality I have seen. It's been 2 years I have played league seriously and even after just my placements I climbed really fast. I'm arround gold I now & I didn't even grind yet. If I would play ranked actively again I would probally surpass my previous max rank what is a little bit strange since I totally not on the level I used to be. Even my friends that barely reached Gold last season now got Plat by grinding for a week in the new season.
: Why do you smurf?
Their are 3 main perfect legit reasons why players smurf: * **Competive attitude:** As a player with a competive mindset you always try to find ways to improve. You can do this by expanding your champion pool, playing off-role to secure your win condition when autofilled or just to challenge yourself. Their are also days your not 100% from been sick, having a bad day or just woke up from a party. You can't play on your normal level & that's why you go to an account that doesn't bring your main LP in danger. Having smurfs allows you to increase the competiveness in higher mmr since everyone is performing on their best. * **Socialisme:** We probally can all agrea the best moments in league happen when you play with your friends. The problem is that not everyone if on your level. Maybe you have a friend that is Bronze & another one is unranked. Even in normals if you play together as a Diamond player the chances that your friend needs to lane against someone from your skill level is rather high. In the end your friend would get stomped & auto lose the game which is not fun add all. When playing ranked you also have a limit on how many divisions you can be over your duo partner. I have seen many streams where a duo plays together & all of a sudden they can't anymore during the rank differents and they don't have an account ready to switch into. This is part of the reason why players don't limit themself to only one smurf. Let's say they have a bronze, gold & plat friend. They need to have a smurf in low bronze, one in high silver & one arround plat just to be able to duo with them. * **Normal quality:** Let's be real, if you want to have a serious game than a normal game isn't going to cut it. Maybe you have a Adc Teemo, Sona Mid, Zyra Jungle, Lee Sin Support and a Yasuo tryout Top. Games like that could give some really messy outcomes sometimes & you never known if it will be a 10 or 50 minute game. I recently had a 70 minute game. God never again. In that regard Flex really was a godsend but like any other mode it has it's limitations. The same can be said for clash. Unfortunately their are also bad reasons for smurfing like Trolling, Flaming & Legit inting just to have fun on the missery of others. Their main accounts are uneffected. So long smurf accounts are not linked to your main account this problem will repeat itself.
: Why is surrendering punishable?
Using "/surrender" is pefectly fine. Continuously talk about the game is over, we need to surrender & spamming open is a form of Negative Attitude (unsportmanship) & is a bannable offense.
Yraco (EUW)
: All of Pyke's kit deals physical damage. The only ability that deals true damage is his ultimate ability when someone is below the execution threshold. The whole point of the execute is that anyone below X amount of health will instantly die from an infinite amount of damage, whether they make it infinite physical damage, infinite magic damage or infinite true damage.
Changing it to physical would actually be a buff in some situations since he's stacking lethality he might even do more than true add some point. That part of his ult isn't the problem. Pyke actually falls off lategame this was clearly noticable before the gold buffs.
: How to Rework Ohmwrecker
In the current state of the game I don't think the item is longer suitable as a support item. I would rather see it reworked into a diver/juggernaut item. Change the buildpath into {{item:2053}} + {{item:3133}} and change the active to nearby towers so it can disable both nexus turrets add ones and allow to use the active more effectly. The active won't trigger if their is no tower nearby. As a bonus the item could provide an AOE slow similar to randiun that scales with AD. Having an combination of armor and ad would make the item very attractive for any AD champion. Currently champions like Darius already like to go Raptors so this change would be a bonus for him.
Rioter Comments
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: blitz q range...
The buffs are fine, the only problem with him I have right now is that he's kinda anyoing to play against when your team is behind. The lolipopping getting on nerved tho. It's not uncommen to get hook behind minions right now.
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