: That hit me after checkin Nighblue3 accounts after his "this is op" videos where it took him 10-20 games sometimes to get a video out of it. So yeah everyone has bad days, games. Just dont tilt and keep moving foward!
Especially since nightblue made his super op xyz videos on gold elo accounts
Alex6998 (EUW)
: Yes bro i agree but if we just watch and do nothing we will change nothing. Vote for me and make discution on this. And maybe riot will hear us and realise that the bigest flame they recieved were when they start to change this game sooo much.
What do you suggest? That we go back to dodge mechanics? Broken gold generation items? Stack items for AD champions? No more hextech crafting? Less new skins? At which point did League feel like League to you? When Kassadin was beyond broken and 100% pick/ban rate? When AP Master Yi was able to pentakill over and over again while being completely invulnerable? Do you want the old and ugly map back? Or how about the version of the game when it was still alpha/beta?
Alex6998 (EUW)
: Im I the only one who dont feel League of legends anymore
Yeah I also wish Riot would never make improvements to the game and I wish I could always play the unbalanced trash game we had 8 years ago without any updates.
: I'm banned
> I got banned for calling 1 person in 1 game a noob and a idiot, ONE and i got permanently banned. Don't forget all the other games in the past you've been reported for. Don't forget you've used racist language and already were banned for 14 day. And you conveniently ignored the rest of the chat logs where you've been spamming constantly, complaining nonstop and being a absolutely terrible, passive-aggressive and crying teammate nobody wants to have in his game ever. The ban is well deserved. Good luck with your next account
tatycu01 (EUNE)
: Pls unban
Just 20$ Concidering how naive and gullible you are the scammer could have gotten 3 or 4 times the amount out of you LOL
Cascrout (EUW)
: You're obviously a clueless human being... You're even coming on the forum to trash on people... How can you not see what you really are ? > Very logical conclusion I like the way you think. When you get a speeding ticket just drive faster next time. Well done! Comparing oranges and apples, like a simple minded. > Mute. Problem solved. Just like you could mute people you feel harrassed by and which you are crying over on this forum. > Yes please. No reason to delete the account. Just uninstall the game and remove yourself from the community Yes I'm removing myself from a community you are so well picturing by your statements. Even if I think you are part of the dirt in this community, I still want to thank you for making my decision final. Thus making my days brighter.
> Comparing oranges and apples, like a simple minded. So analogies don't exist in your limited world view? Alrighty then. In the future I'll try using very simple analogies for you :) > I still want to thank you for making my decision final. Feels really good knowing that I managed to make someone like you leave the community. thank you so much
ChiNekU (EUW)
: My acconte get suspension
Post the chat logs. Your english is very ... "unique" ... I'm certain that you were talking the same way in game and nobody loged into your account
: i don't know if you noticed but he made [a post](https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/IM1PPNG7-coopa826) complaining about you. it got promptly removed {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
I'm honored :D
ørcüs (EUW)
: ***
I don't see how you can honestly question me having a life while threatening a stranger over the internet on a video game forum ... oh well
ørcüs (EUW)
: no need to say thank you, im still there , wont forget your name ;)
No need to. The chances of you being in any of my games is zero my little perma banned silver elo friend ;D
ørcüs (EUW)
: u dont understand becaus u prob have no friends irl xD %%% dude
Thank god you removed yourself from the community. Thank you so much
: no i am not you dont know what was going in the chat if i could bring it up then you would udnerstand thats the point im not pointing out anyones mistakes, making fun of their elos or more of telling hey youve been in this elo because youre toxic and you give up on games with 5 minutes into the game and if you mean pointing out swain on the enemy team so my midlaner would calm down? but no he didnt he left the game and skarner inted my lane on purpose because i was being too positive and not giving up lmao. i dont even type on games at all certain games just get me emotionally invested in them so i speak my mind thats not toxicity. this is not being toxic lol.
> im not pointing out anyones mistakes, making fun of their elos "swain has 0 clue what he is doing" "i dont care learn the game" "u fed" "u inted skarner" "thats why u were last season silver "and stay goold this season 10=% "this lulu has been silver/gold for 5 seasons" "all you did is gankg bot and failed" > because i was being too positive Damn. That's some serious reality denial. > so i speak my mind thats not toxicity. Yes. Yes it is. The way you speak your mind is toxic. The way you complain, argue and insult is toxic.
Cascrout (EUW)
: > [{quoted}] blame Riot for not helping children with temper tantrums just because their parents (and your parents probably aswell) failed miserably. Thank you for showing how you are so much more educated than those people flaming. Insulting people's education w/o having the slightest clue of the matter you're speaking of. And sure Riot can ban whoever they want however they want. Point is the system they've put in place is extremely stupid and is hurting their players. Because being banned for offensive language or trolling or afk'ing doesn't mean there wasn't a trigger from other players who just roll with this stupid system. Now you have groups of friends threatening you to report you and tilt you in so many ways. Of course you retaliate, because none likes to let themselves be bullied. This year i've been banned for the first time in 5 years playing this game. Now i've been warned again (muted 9 games or smth) and lost all honor again. So what's left for me to do ? 1) Trolling people's game to show my despise to riot ? Seems like an efficient way to waste my time and keep being angry 2) Being a good dog and let people tilt me, waiting for the endgame to report them (feels kinda pathetic doesn't it ?) 3) Delete game (which i'm actually trying to do, but I can't seem to find where I can delete my account)
> 1) Trolling people's game to show my despise to riot ? Very logical conclusion I like the way you think. When you get a speeding ticket just drive faster next time. Well done! > 2) Being a good dog and let people tilt me Mute. Problem solved. > 3) Delete game (which i'm actually trying to do, but I can't seem to find where I can delete my account) Yes please. No reason to delete the account. Just uninstall the game and remove yourself from the community.
: at Isneez. ppl hardly troll u say? i suppose your playing in high elo then cause in my last 4 games i had 10 trolls. no , this isn't a joke. in low elo theres nothing else then trolls.
"If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you're the asshole." -Raylan Givens, Justified Also, who were the trolls in your last 5 games? I checked 3 of them and they looked fine. I don't think troll means what you think it does
forkit1 (EUW)
: Riot doesnt care if the players are happy or not. if theres a player who has issues, and thus flames (and being a flamer doesnt imply youre a kid btw, as you put it), instead of helping that player and resolving the issue, riot decides to BAN that player. do you not see how wrong that is? ESPECIALLY if those flamers are kids, the last thing you wanna do is simply BAN them. you dont put kids into jail either, when theyve done wrong, do you?
Of course Riot cares about whether or not you're happy. A happy customer is way more likely to actually pay money. And it's not Riot's responsibility to educate you on how to behave like a normal, not-crazy human being. That's absolutely ridiculous. You can't blame Riot for not helping children with temper tantrums just because their parents (and your parents probably aswell) failed miserably. Also: In case you didn't notice. Players aren't banned immediately. You get multiple warnings before getting a perma. The 10 game chat restrictions, the 25 game chat restrictions and the 14 day ban are there to give you a chance to fix your behaviour. If you refuse to behave after getting 3 chances you don't deserve to play anymore and are removed from the community. I know you're incredible salty and irrational after getting punished and banned mutiple times yourself but the problem is not Riot's rules, but your behaviour. Can't behave? -> %%%% right off.
ElHentel (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=sirDarts,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ZXBFNLR5,comment-id=00170000,timestamp=2018-03-07T14:49:22.166+0000) > > You only get banned permanently for toxicity after having a 14-day ban. Your problem that you didn't learn from that and decided to use a racist slur. Ban well deserved. Yes its all true, but Riot is not there to teach you to have better moral or whatever. Nobody can just take your money what you paid for goods. This is why we have laws. I understand i was rude but still my argument stands because it is not fair to steal from you like that. If that money would go to the person who i insulted as a compensation or whatever but they just keep it and they dont provide any service for it anymore so from that point is theft.
> but Riot is not there to teach you to have better moral or whatever Looool! That's what parents are for. > This is why we have laws. Yep and you unfortunately broke "laws" Riot made. Riot said that if you're a homophobic bigot you can't play with the other kids. You agreed to that. You still used homophobic slurs after multiple warnings. Now you can't play anymore :( Deal with the consequences > so from that point is theft. Go ahead. Sue them. Make sure to record all of it so we can enjoy ourselves aswell
ørcüs (EUW)
: I am permabanned
> and just told my friend " i will %%%% your ass" "Just" I had to scroll down like 7 times to get to the comment section. Glad to see the system working. WP Riot
: I got permanently banned or even punished over 7 years ive been playing
Your 14 day suspension ended like 2 weeks ago mate. You were told that any violation of the ToS could result in a permanent suspension. A single noob could have been enough. And here you are berating your teammates, pointing out every mistake they make, constantly arguing for absolutely no reason, making fun of their ELO, report calling and straight up insulting. > i asked what got me banned what guidelines did i break where did it pick me up as being toxic You're joking right?
: the issue is that i don't like the game anymore, have fun with this matchmaking. Playing custom or something like single player is more fun and relaxing. The esport scene is rubbish and boring.
You don't like the game. You don't like the match making, you enjoy single player games more. Why in the f are you playing this game.
: well actually this is team game, so maybe my friends just need a companion ... but this game is fun but matchmaking is utter rubbish ... playing gives you character problems on the long run is time wasting or posthypnotic stuff happens
> playing gives you character problems No. You already had problems before you played. Don't blame a video game on your mental issues.
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} chill sweetheart now i gotta report you for flaming {{sticker:vayne-pose}}
what if stfu doesn't mean what you think it does?
: Unknown Permaban?!
Typical level bot name. First games on summoners rift display typical level bot behaviour. Constantly feeding in coop vs ai and aram Account was bought on February 23rd Suddenly ranked games. Suddenly 80% winrate on new champion. Suddenly Gold ELO. Suddenly banned. LOL. Good riddance. Stop bying fkin accounts
: > [{quoted}](name=CoopA826,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Rm80asGo,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-01T14:24:48.497+0000) > > And then I made use of the mute function and prevented them from abusing me any further. > > End of story. > > There .. I fixed it for you if u read what i wrote i said that i could mute them but i wanted to see how far they could go with their attitude
Well then don't complain about your worst experience of toxicity when you wanted that to happen
: I just had the worst experience of toxicity in my entire life.
> then the first toxic attacks came on me And then I made use of the mute function and prevented them from abusing me any further. End of story. There .. I fixed it for you
: > [{quoted}](name=FrozenDz,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=rGf4OrL5,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-03-01T05:29:36.759+0000) deserve a other chance ... You can only have so many "other chances" Riot doesn't instantly permaban players, they give them (usually 4 warnings), going from the simple "I agree" when you first get reported or whatever to the chat bans into the 14 day ban Only players that are excessively toxic skip those first warnings, but they still get 1 very strong warning, choosing to not fix your behaviour after your 14 day ban means that you won't reform any time soon
Everyone deserves a seventh chance though Kappa
Kawataryx (EUW)
: Lul i like how u all behave...like angels u have never been angry with anything. U are perfect lul, u are so funny.
Oh sometimes I do get angry. And sometimes I'm really annoyed at flaming children in my game. If you were in my game I'd be pissed. I don't %%%%% in chat though
: Although its mild flame Game 1 you still flamed, Game 2 is abit different you didnt really flame, maybe could be for negative attitudes but in my eyes you wasnt really that negative. Problem with this though is that it actually takes alot of reports to get you banned, Im not sure why they have only showed these 2 games, maybe its because all the team reported you in these or maybes its just random. But neither the less, it still means you have had alot of reports. As it takes so many reports to actually get banned and we can see you do flame someties even if it aint that hard I would assume the ban is justified. BUT from what I can see I would hope its not a long one, if you are banned for years or even months for this then I would say it is not justified.
It's so irritating when people try to explain things they have no clue about. You know absolutely nothing about the report system, why would you try to explain it to anyone? This is completely absurd. I have no idea about thermodynamics, I would never comment on this topic, let alone explain it to someone. So why are you?
Kawataryx (EUW)
: I wanna unbind "enter chat" key RIOT
> Like this is the most %%%%ing toxic game in whole %%%%ing word Looks like your doing your best to make it stay like that
Train bud (EUW)
: For all those who complain about people telling one another to "Kay YS"
> While I admit Joking about suicide is be insensitive and is a big controversy, there's one thing to joke and the other to flame people to tell them to %%% and having someone type it throughout the game as reassurance they should actually end themselves And Riot decided that it doesn't want either of those. Doesn't matter if you tell people to kill themselves or if you're trying to justify it by saying herp derp sarcasm. Riot doesn't want this to happen and bans accordingly. Better think twice when you want to "joke about suicide" > and no one on my team reported me for saying "%%%" There is absolutely no way for you to know this. > Just refer to this thread Or to any of the hundreds of other threads posted everyday. It's pretty much known already that simply typing %%% will result in a 14 day suspension. Just because you thought it was fine and didn't know, doesn't mean anybody else didn't
Cix (EUNE)
: I really think someone from Riot should see this thread, and I'm interested in your guys opinion
I think your problems are that you don't know how the ban system works, that you think there are instances where flaming is justified, that you are unable to evaluate your own behaviour and that you're extremely underestimating how toxic your are. > because 4 premades reported me for writing 'outplayed'. This is a perfect example of everything I just said. Doesn't matter if there were 4 reports or just 1 in that game. The result would have been the same. Simply writing "outplayed" is obviously and demonstrably not enough to get a 14 day ban. You're either lying to us or intentionally ignoring the fact that you're toxic. Chat logs would have helped, but you're definitely not going to produce those for obvious reasons. > I thought this can't be cause I never offended anyone in game for years of playing Concidering that you've been banned twice, reported multiple times over a long period of time that is very hard to believe. > I need u to understand this, because some things they wrote me made me tilted. If you need us to understand this you should have posted the chat logs. > And not a single warning? When you were banned for 14 days they told you that you're on thin ice and that every further violation of the ToS will result in a warning. You had 3 chances to fix your behaviour (or just the 14 day ban if you were homophobic or racist) and you didn't. Now deal with the consequences
: please create a /selfmute feature
Rip out your enter key if you cant behave yourself
Aeszul (EUW)
: I asked all of them, and none of them reported me. And since I know them all very well, and I've known them very long, I know they didn't report me.
Then someone from the enemy team reported you. They have the right to play a regular game of LoL. And you dying 25 times ruined the fun for them. YOU played for shits and giggles, but your opponents didn't think it was all that funny. Therefore they reported you. Therefore you got banned.
Wr4ptor (EUW)
: Annie skin suggestion
> So, I don't know why Riot has not done this yet The reason is obvious. Copy rights. Be honest .. did you really not know? We don't have this skin for the same reason we don't have Pikachu Kennen, Spiderman Amumu or any Dragon Ball Z skin.
Tuntsi (EUNE)
: When team doesn't push
I wouldn't complain about my teams when many times I am the reason we lost. So why do you?
MâdLess (EUNE)
: Yo dude come on if 4 out 5 games my team goes tyler1 mode i cant win. what are you talking about?? How can someone win a game when his team either ragequits or feeds and then starts flaming. Sometimes its my fault , its true. but 85% of the games i play my team loses the game for me..
You realize everyone can see your match history right? The 4 out of 5 games number comes right out your ass. And it also seems like you went tyler1 mode in the last two games. So what exactly are you complaining about?!
: Punishment comparison of a troller vs flamer is ludicrous
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troller_Ve%C3%ADculos_Especiais https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll
marelock (EUW)
: Why is it that the people I report never get punished?
Why do so many people complain about things they don't understand. > even though I know that when (and if) so happens I should be getting one But you are not just one of these people. You are even more arrogant and claim you know how it works even though you don't know how it works. If you had invested literally 1 minute to research how the system works you would realize that you don't get a message everytime someone is banned. And therefore your entire thread is now invalid. Cheers
kostas11 re (EUNE)
: Dont you get it? i Was toxic too Everyone is toxic times to times but i lost my Chill so couldn't help...All my other matches are like ''Can you please dont Blame me?'' ''Come on dude i tried dont be mad'' but in this one i couldnt handle my self dude too annoying
Wait are you serious? Honest question ... are you actually being serious right now. You know you're toxic. You know being toxic gets you punished and now you wonder why you got punished? Hello? Are you ok?
Viavarian (EUW)
: Yeaaah right, because levelling accounts to 30 is so much fun, especially considering the levels below 30 are full of other players who got permabanned either for toxicity or scripting. What more can a man dream of?
Poor people with permanent bans. Leveling up a new account after being punished multiple times is so inconvenient wuahh wuahh
MâdLess (EUNE)
: Someone explain why the %%%% is plat 3 so hard to escape
Looks like someone found the ELO he belongs in. Congrats. The reason why you can't climb out of plat 3 is because you are a plat 3 player. Stop crying and complaining about teammates, stop blaming anything but yourself and start improving
: What if i get randomly reported but didn't say a word in chat, literally never pressed enter, and the system notice the report and automaticly permaban me? These kind of things are my worries.
You would think that someone who has been punished repeatedly and is about to get a permanent ban would at least how the punishment system works. My god dude
: Ahah chat punishing for this :D
Should have been an instant 14 day ban to be honest
: did you forget the fact that i would not complain if these players would not single-handedly cause the losses, being reported not only by me but also by the rest of the team? all of them are way worse than the famous support singed. i guess he only got banned because he caught so much attention.
Number of reports is irrelevant. Playing bad and intentionally throwing games are 2 completely different things. Playing off meta is also fine. You had some very very bad games yourself ... do you think you should be reported and punished for it?
: i'm starting to hate one trick ponies
Because team composition in gold elo matter ... I'd rather have someone on a champion they know in and out than some meta slave picking the best champion even though they don't really know how to play Also: What makes you think that you have the right to dictate what other players on your team have to play. You're not the team captain. You're not even a good player yourself. You have absolutely no right to tell people what they can and cannot play. You have the right to be offended and upset but guess what ... nobody cares.
: %%%% This Shit
Hmmm maybe improve your English? Start By Not Doing This Bs
codeas (EUW)
: That is the problem I m not shared my account, somebody hacked my e-mail or account
That's not hacking. You entering your account details on a scam site is not hacking. You just gave away your account. You're too gullible/greedy/naive to protect your account and lost it to a phishing site, because you reaaaallly wanted them free RP's or free skins. It's gone. If you want to continue playing LoL I suggest you start a new account
Sinniovsky (EUNE)
: Perma banned for being toxic but not really to be honest.
You were banned from 13.02 - 27.02 and lied about your previous punishments. You admitted to 10 chat restrictions and lied about your 14 day ban. Caught you fam. Well deserved ban. Now let me enjoy my many skins on my 5 year old account feelsgoodman
Sinniovsky (EUNE)
: Yes i have been chat restricted once, only for 10 games. For some reason i didn't get 25 games chat restriction, so this ban would be a 2 week punishment instead of permanent. ;) I am not hiding anything, if you want proof i can send screenshot from the game chart when i log in. I already talked with a support bot. 2 tickets, same bot. That's why i posted on forum.
If you weren't hiding anything you would actually upload a screenshot instead of copy pasting. Whatever you posted might aswell be edited. Also you haven't played on this account for exactly 14 days. It's obvious you're lying.
: Even if they were using third party programs that doesn't change the fact that i got banned for no reason and probably won't get my account back.
I mean the reason you were banned for is stated in the notification you got, isn't it? So it's not really "for no reason"
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