PoLiteUs (EUW)
: League Seems Too Soft, This Game is Supposed To Be For Teens Or 3 Years Old kids?
I do not understand you people who complain that it is too easy to get a ban nowadays. I have been flaming since preseason 4 when I started to play this game and I have always been trying to cut it out but I still sometimes get extremely aggravated and start saying stupid things in the chat even today. In 2016 or so I got some warning for that but I have never received a ban even though I honestly think I would have deserved one on at least a couple of occasions. I really think the reason people do not talk nowadays is more the opposite. People don't talk because they are afraid someone on their team will get enraged and start trolling or flaming the whole game and won't help the team at all, so it is better to just stay quiet and hope the team will as well.
: akali is bad across all ranks. she has 43% winrate in bronze and 43% winrate in diamond. I have no clue how shes doing in pro play, but they definitely shouldn't focus on it, since 99.9999999% of players aren't in it.
Yeah, Akali is an interesting one since she has become so difficult to pick up that you can basically only see good Akali players in Diamond and above, and most of them are one tricks. Still, she is so strong in the hands of certain pro players that it makes sense to nerf her for that reason. Recently Riot has begun to balance around all different skill levels a lot better and they more frequently consider the lower tier players compared to what it was before. Just look at the number of changes to Master Yi this season. So please do not complain about them also considering pro play at the same time, since this patch also had many things for lower tier players. Champion balancing is the last thing to complain at this time in my opinion.
: meaningless nerfs that make no sense
Balancing for competitive play makes sense in the way that it has lower negative consequences for lower tier players than balancing the game around lower tier players would have on pro play. It is also appealing to the most hardcore fans of the game that Riot can count on to continue building the game around and not having to fear any change will upset them and make them leave. Esports is also a very valuable marketing asset for Riot and balancing the game around pro play strengthens that aspect of it. Besides, it affects a lot more people than you make it out to affect in your statement. There are hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy watching those pro games which is also a reason to make those games as balanced as can be.
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Xaytah (EUW)
: Yearly Prestige Skins
I mean thankfully they aren't wasting any game development resources on that and only the time of the skins and monetization teams so I think all of us who are not the biggest spenders should probably complain a little less about it. The game is still free and a great overall product! Big spenders though, go ahead and complain! :D
: League of %%%%%%s
Dude skill is not tied to your xp. Some people play until like level 40 and are way better than you are and some play to level 300 and still are stuck in wood VII. If you want better players in your game then just get a higher MMR = play better. If you want worse teammates in your games create a smurf account. Easy as that.
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Bl00dAndIce (EUNE)
: My advice. (to Riot)
Yeah well I think they should at least give us a new command which /mute all used to be because now it doesn't mute pings nor does it mute emotes so I just have to click 22 different goddamn buttons to mute everyone...
: Let The Games Begin Mission Doesn't Work
Watching live games didn't contribute for my rewards either so I had to watch VODs again (well I had them muted on the background since I had already seen them). Be sure you were not watching a rebroadcast, too, since those do not count for some weird reason. (WHY???!!!) Hopefully you will be able to fix the issue :/
Hexa XV (EUW)
: Iron for beginners?
I agree that it is a terrible change. Seriously, some players who hit level 30 are way better than iron players, be they smurfs or not! It is stupid that iron players will then have to play against these players and get absolutely dunked by someone who might be like the level of a gold player and under the previous system would have placed around silver 3.{{sticker:cass-cry}}
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Extra Ban is needed
Why would you ever ban a new champion? Do you realize that it being new has nothing to do with its power, it's just that you are unable to play against it. And guess what, if you ban it, you never will learn to play against it and you will feed that champion for a long time because by the time you stop banning the new champion the people playing it already know what they are doing. Also, if Riot wanted all the buffed champs to be banned, they wouldn't buff champions ever now, would they? I personally like just banning none, since I do not want to leave blind spots for myself or weaknesses to certain champions. I used to always ban Ahri for the longest time and man I sucked against her until I stopped banning anyone a few years back. I can feel the improvement in my game so much, I am now so much better against Ahri and all other champs with a similar playstyle. I certainly recommend you try doing no bans for at least a month, that way you not only will learn the game better but also you get to enjoy a slightly more diverse game, at no long term cost to your performance, as once you learn to play against the champs you suck against now, you wouldn't even need to ban them! Another factor which makes you improve faster is just that you allow the enemy to always bring their best against you, and playing against better players/players executing their champs better that very small amount of time more when you would ban the champ they wanted helps you improve.
: Perma ban
Trollpicking is not really a thing, you must have done something in-game for you to get a ban like that. For example, going Soraka mid is not a bannable offence, but going Soraka mid and intentionally feeding is. Also, you can't really get a permaban for a single time of doing something, so you must have done this a number of times before.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Poppy's Buckler should always return to her but at a weaker strength when it doesn't kill the enemy
To be fair, you will be able to see where the buckler lands and the RNG part of it is not very impactful. It is quite similar to Fiora's passive in that sense. Also, the point with it now is that she can always get the shield but if she doesn't last hit she has to go fetch it and spend a second walking towards it, or if fighting, a second not hitting. The buckler always lands the same distance away from her, doesn't it? So it's not a problem, just like Fiora's passive isn't a problem since she will alternate between getting a "good" and a "bad" vital, or Draven axes are not a problem because they will randomly drop on either side of him (of course he can control them but when he is taking drake or nash this matters). Making it so she can not do anything to obtain the full shield if she uses it in a trade would be a very significant change to the way the ability works, and not necessarily one I would agree with.
KickTrixx (EUW)
: Yasuo Q bug (it has been long time
Garen Q, Nasus Q, and Darius W are enhanced auto attacks and not skills, unlike Yasuo Q, so those are not very good examples. I have no idea how the interaction there is supposed to go but if it only happens with Q1 and Q2 but not Q3 you may very well be right that it is a bug, though it could also be Q3 is bugged and it too is supposed to cancel. But the point is, as Yasuo Q is an ability and not an enhanced auto, it could go either way. It depends on the ability. For example, Arcanopulse (Xerath Q) always completes the cast, it doesn't matter if you get stunned or die or anything. But Eye of destruction (Xerath W) cancels if you die mid-cast. Both are simple area of effect abilities, but it has just been made to work that way. So it is not necessarily a bug.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Bad ultimates for new champ?
In my personal opinion, you should stop banning champs, as it stops you from learning all of the matchups and overall slows your learning of the game slightly, with little to no long term benefits. (once you learn to play against the champs you can't play against now it doesn't matter anymore) Also, the new champ is melee so if you are fearing him mid just pick someone who is good at abusing him with autos. Someone like Corki or Syndra maybe, she even has 0 cast time on her q so that would be really good too, or maybe like Orianna. It's not as much about his ult, really. Other factors are a lot more important. Very few laning phases are decided on a level 6 all in, most are either decided before that or on a jungle gank and possible tower take followup.
Rekkon (EUNE)
You complain about shields and yet half of your examples have no shields. Also, Cass e costs a shit ton of mana but she gets it back if she lands a last hit with it. I can LB is not a mage, she is an assassin. Only thing I agree with is that playing against Lux, Ahri, and Zoe is quite annoying, but that is mainly because of the fact they can safely fish for the hit on that one single skillshot so safely and if they do you die from 100 to 0. There is no room for a single mistake whereas they are themselves so safe. Also, you are an assassin player if you don't like mages, right? Maybe just get good and stop losing lanes you are supposed to pressure after 6. If you play assassins maybe you should just roam if you aren't good enough to dodge skillshots... Besides, maybe you should develop an attention span of over three seconds so you didn't have to play damn assassins that are just bs champs made for selfish players who can't do anything for the team.
: Reasons of getting banned
" I can;t even report him pre-game. " So you are the guy who loses his shit and thinks it's a reportable offence when I ban none every game even in ranked? Ey good luck glad you are banned. Coming to whine about it here while enraged is quite telling of your personality mate.
bleyzet420 (EUNE)
: How to stop being agro in chat
As a person who occasionally gets infuriated and has somehow managed to get honour level 5, I believe I can offer a few pieces of advice. 1. /mute all at the start of the game or drag the chat away from the screen for a few weeks. If you can't see anyone else typing it will likely reduce you flaming them too and the chat is not very important: keeping up team morale by restricting yourself is a lot better for the team and your nerves too, as you may find out the underlying reasons for your anger. This is probably not going to earn you many honours but it will at least stop the bleeding from getting flaming reports. 2. Carry games. Yes, that is unfortunately true. People do often just honour the person who carried the game. I do not like the fact that this happens but if you want to get honours, playing a champion you are very comfortable with and limiting your champion pool so you will become better at the champs you play is probably the most effective way to get honoured. 3. Play the game and play the game a lot. I am much nicer in chat whenever I am playing on my smurf with no pressure, and obviously, I also carry games more on it, but it is a lot lower honour level than my main. Why? I don't play as much on it. If you don't play a lot of games you will not see a major change in your honour level. You might get up to honour level 3 but levels 4 and 5 require a lot of hours played. 4. Whenever you get angry and find yourself flaming: flame another flamer. It will seem you got into an argument instead of you bullying your teammates which will be found more acceptable. Hope these will help!
: Hey there, You can read an announcement made in regards to Fantasy LCS [here](https://www.lolesports.com/en_US/articles/future-fantasy). Not many specific details in regards with how it is gonna work when it comes back, but hopefully we'll find out more during the upcoming Split. :D Peace!
Hey thank you I must have missed that one!
: PlayVig is the biggest scam I have ever seen, here's why
"playing League without getting something out of it is just plain time waste tbh." "it was a fun time though, I admit." I do not think you quite understand the idea of online gaming. This having fun is the reason to do it and I myself do not really consider having fun a waste of time.
: eSport Manager - Play against other gamers - Game based on real scores
This sounds like a really cool idea. I guess you have used the kinds of online fantasy football games for inspiration, but I will refer to it anyway in case some others here are interested in what kind of ideas are there in other sports for this kind of a fantasy game. If you can find good variables and make it overall balanced I think it has the potential to be extremely fun. What I would suggest though is that instead of earning money through the players you could earn points, which would determine the winners. To me having to spend points to get players who will then earn more points for you does not sound like a very good way to implement this kind of a fantasy eSports game. Each player's value could be changed, either change it based on the number of points they earn, or if possible, make it somehow float based on the number of people who are buying / selling him (more simply maybe owning him in their team), so that the way one could upgrade their team would be not through buying better players because your best players make you so much money, but instead by noticing talented players, buying them before the hype hits and thus getting them for a lower price, which leaves you more resources to improve your team, or to sell that player for someone else who is maybe then higher valued, as his value is now higher than what you bought them for. Just for reference, the fantasy football games I have seen generally give out points for things such as: - Starting the game on the field - Being switched in - Scoring - Assisting - Clean sheets (for defensemen and goalies) - Saves (for goalies), etc. Some of my ideas for scoring in League would be: - Killing enemies - Getting assists - Negative points for deaths - Winning games (maybe winning games faster) - Securing objectives - Vision dominance = vision score difference (this could be support/jungler specific or not) - Getting selected in some kind of a team of the week (maybe based on most points scored in each role) - Deathless game bonus maybe - Damage per minute (maybe mid/adc specific) - CSD@15 (At least supports would probably not be included) One very difficult thing to balance would be to not make late-game teams too great compared to quicker playing teams. A score multiplier/divider based on if the game is short or long could be one way to do this, or then the bonus for quick games could be large. Of course, it would be quite important for the scoring system to be visible to everyone, and thus also keeping it relatively simple which these multipliers could compromise if overdone in complexity. It would be very important, of course, for everyone to see some kind of points leaderboard somewhere to be able to keep track of how well they and their friends are doing compared to everyone else. Also it would be interesting to mess with how many players each "manager" has to have in their team, and maybe they would need to pick only a certain number of players to put in on their team each week (for example maybe each manager has 8 players in their team, 5 of which (one for each role) are picked to play each week. This is done in many of those football managers and creates this strategy of maybe putting in players who have easier matchups this week. Needless to say, after this long message, I would be very interested in a manager like this, even without any prizes! I truly hope you will go through with this idea and be able to make it a reality! All the best to you!
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