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Jagpawup (EUW)
: So this game one guy said goodbye and left game and another one start troll?
Although i do agree, that is the most annoying thing that can happen, but you have to got to remember that is league in generel. People are going to tilt and they are going to be corky as you said, like they are almost daring there own accounts to get banned. My advice dont let this affect you, keep on going and always report those who do deserve it, that is the way to do it. One more thing, pls remove the name of tristana it is against the rules of boards which is called naming and shaming. Have a good day and hopefully some more luck in games.
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: For those who are not happy with LoL atm 🤷‍♂️
Player 00 (EUW)
: Jhin
I am a 600 K jhin main and i can for sure tell you that fleet is way better than harvest. Fleet is the Rune you pick for sustain and Also you usually go crit with fleet. Dark harvest is more dated and isint what it used to be, you take harvest for lethality. You Also talked about what happend to lethality jhin , and truly the lethality items just Got to assassins like and just dont fit him like it used to do in s6 and s7. Lethality jhin can of course still be Played but you Will have to win early game. Good luck on jhin my brother, Remember Art is worth the pain.
Eleken90 (EUW)
: NEW Champion: Manin, the Wandering Cyclone
Cool idea, but i am affraid he is going to be a little broken. By the looks of it, he has a large selection of skills he can use which easily can be to broken for the game. I think if he is somewhat stable, then it might be the coolest idea for a champ in a long time.
: I just said I grouped after 15 min. So I couldnt get perfect cs
he means what is your score?
: Literally I'm an Urgot OTP and I feel great with the champ, I know it's very cliche and I'll sound like a crybaby that cannot accept his mistakes (which I'm not) but most of the time it's my teammates fault losing, in silver they don't want to do drakes or end instead of doing baron, they just fight even if we can't 5vs5, of course I do mistakes and sometimes %%%% games but almost every time I do great.
Hey my friend have seen your match history which is quite amazing if i'd have to say so, the thing you Should keep on doing is shotcalling and being a Key Player for your team. Also roam if you can see people having a hard time or tp play is good aswell. Best of luck to you my friend.
: How do I get out of silver?
First of all what are you playing? and second of all do you adapt to the meta? It is very important to adapt to the meta these days, and if you pick non meta champs you are going to struggle. Of course you can be a one trick pony at one champ which is good, but if you're the time that play first time champions in ranked you are risking your lp on something that you dont know. My advise keep playing your favorite champions, and adapt to the meta, eventually you are gonna get gold i promise you my friend.
: someone wants to play?
Hey i am interested in playing with you and learning you English if you want. You can add me by my name Cosmic Rebellion, and if you're up for it i can even teach you my language which is btw Danish. Im looking forward to your response.
Ne3Me4Sis (EUW)
: Gold I main top and mid with 54 % winrate lf DUO with high win rate in gold/plat
Hey er også fra Danmark og kunne godt være åben for et par games hvis du vil. Det skal dog siges, at jeg har et stramt program og kan nok ikke spille så meget i løbet af en uge. Ellers skal du vide at jeg er en ADC main og er gold 1 ligesom dig. Champion pool: Jhin, Lucian, Miss Fortune, Varus, Ezreal, Caitlyn og Ashe Kan også spille andre ADC'S hvis det er nødvendigt. Hvis du gerne vil spille med mig, kan du bare skrive tilbage eller sende en venneanmodning ;) Håber at jeg hører fra dig, mangler nemlig også en duo partner.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: If i remember well those are released with the new year. so probably at the beginning of 2020
Oh alright, dont why i thought that it was released sooner than that hmm must have been my imagination.
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: Season end + Christmas
Just give it time, we will know more about the Christmas skins in no time, and they will probaly come up with something juicy
Bl4cky99 (EUW)
: You are wrong. For victorious skins you get the champ for feee
Oh i didnt know, i mean i thought you would have to buy the champ, hmm at least i know now have all champs btw so thats why i didnt know.
: Victorious Aatrox
you'll need the champ before you can get the skin.
Myzh (EUW)
: Game crashes
Most likely league's problem right now, it happens to many other than just you
: i was just tilted so i asked to report so i dont play with her again that was a error about the other 2 games there are no other 2 games its just this one i can post a screenshot if you want
Listen man, when people int or dont do as you wish, just dont care show it in real life not ingame alright. you are typing to much in chat and thats why you get that ban when you talk to much bad about others. You want my advice, if you get flamed or want to flame, just type agree in chat, when someone says you are shiit just say agree, there is no reply for them and thats the end of it. if you wanna flame just think i'll leave it its only like a 30 minute game anyways so just leave it, an account is way to much worth to lose it to a ban.
: Chat-retrice-for-flames-this-insects
This must be a joke, you are really toxic.
Iakovia (EUW)
: Will there be another tokens mission before the end of this year?
its the last one sadly i have 89 prestige points and only need 11 but its quite expensive only buying chest to get them.
Smecto (EUW)
: Skin: Glass Kennen
could be a funny little skin tbh, but how he will react with electricity idk yet, but a funny idea, i'll give you that.
: From 6K ping to 11K ping and so on..
i might have an idea for you to try out. My internet was quite bad too but, because my computer was quite far away from the router and that managed my games to go sometimes to 8k ping. My suggestion is that you move your computer closer to the router maybe even beside it and play a few games to see if it got better. If it havent gotten better its probaly time to upgrade your internet or that to many uses it. hope you can use my advice. have a good day.{{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Zakir (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cosmic Rebellion,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=PpjUXk4d,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-22T07:15:41.383+0000) > > Just do what i do, flame in own language XD. D not use big languages like English or German or Spanish. > I myself use Danish and it calms me more in game and i wont get a chat restriction, because lets face no rioters knows Danish. I unfortunatly only speak english and german.
thats actually sad tbh
Primovera (EUW)
: i know when someone is running it down in aram or is a bot, they all have the same summoners, all of them have wrong runes to begin with. All they basically do i run up 1 v5 and start auto attacking. End of the game they are always down 0/15,0/20. ANd when you watch their match history all you see is an endless row of lost aram games with those exact high negative scores every game.
WTF are you joking you are lvl 14 ofc you are Against bots people dont lvl accounts anymore they buy accounts. when i was leveling my first account i got bots to its annoying but thats what you should expect.
: Proposed changes for season 10
have got to say i would love a 1v1 mode, because of the fact that it doesn't have to take an hour, it could easily be 5 minutes or less. Now the rest you said i dont follow, the idea by leveling to get better opportunitets in game has always been and will always be the best thing for the game, anything else would just be to easy. you have to remember that, when you have limited rune options so does your enemy. Have a good day sir.
Zakir (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gryndall,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=PpjUXk4d,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-10-21T18:02:00.083+0000) > > The punishment is right. Remeber that worse is perma and do you have perma not so whats going on? The punishment was already ridiculous, perma would be mental. Because of one word I lost all the progress I made over the year in honors. And no victorious skin.
Just do what i do, flame in own language XD. D not use big languages like English or German or Spanish. I myself use Danish and it calms me more in game and i wont get a chat restriction, because lets face no rioters knows Danish.
DeCoqq (EUW)
: Tanks have been dead for two seasons in a row now, especially supp tanks
yea right look at nautilus, he is the most broken support that can 1v1 an adc lvl 2 only by q and w insane tank must say.
: Hej Cosmic. Stik mig en friend-request in-game og det samme for din kammerat, så kan vi nå at få nogle games og få forventnings afstemt {{summoner:31}} Vi har selvfølgelig en Discord channel mm. til videre brug.
Hey igen, mig og min ven er blevet inviteret af nogle af vores nære venner til clash og vi har sagt ja, ked af at jeg har spildt jeres tid.
: [CLASH] De Danske Konger - LFM
Hey mig og min ven er dansk vi kan både spille mid og jungle, og vi er næsten plat 4 jeg er guld 1 mens min ven er guld 2. Skal siges vi har været plat før. håber i vil tænke over os. :)
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RogueDek (EUW)
: I hate tons of champions aswell and I'm not complaning about them. I'm complaining about the one mage I truly have fun playing, and that I can whoop some ass with if I play her right. Nothing feels better than having a 5 second ultimate that deal 800 damage. And it's balanced aswell, since it's really easy to dodge (provided you have a dash and are not cc'ed) and you need to kill with it in order for it to reset. Would you be sad/pissed if they were going to change a core mechanic of a champion you love? Because I'm 100% sure you would. Imagine if Karthus got his passive switched out, or his Q had a slightly higher cooldown. Or his Ult was no longer global. Would you like that? Ask yourself that and then come back here.
Well you cant decide what riot does, that is Theres to decide. If they think lux ult is broken, then they are probaly right and are in the full right to nerf it. Have a good day sir.{{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: look when i get very high settings i get fps drop and when i get mid i get same fps and very low same fps how??
then you know what to do, your computer simply cant keep up with league of legends anymore. you'll have to upgrade or buy a new one then.
: i was play lol with 100 fps i dont know why now i get drop fps help me
if the things i said dont help, you may have to upgrade or buy a new one simply, because of the fact that your computer cant run it anymore. I have a laptop and i too cant run league on highest settings or even above medium for that matter, i too have about 100 fps but thats fine for me.
True Sight (EUNE)
: Upgrade your pc or get a new one. This is the only tip that works
or he could simply scan he's computer, and see what is making he's fps that low. It could be Spotify or discord open or something, maybe settings is the problem look threw the computer before buying a new one or even upgrating.
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AemeSan (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cosmic Rebellion,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=uEEQENM0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-01T11:27:32.832+0000) > > im not a native English guy, but i got full A's and a single B in my English exams dont know if that counts. Right now i am about to improve my German and Spanish. Let me know if you are interested, i can even learn you my language which is btw Danish ;) If you are able to have a conversation in english I don´t have any problem I guess! another lenguage more please, my brain can exploit jajajajaja
Okay that sounds good, only English and Spanish on the table.
same i set my settings low and all but still i managed to get to 60, 70 at times. My computer is supposed to be around 120 to 140 dont know what happening.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Yuumi*
Wow you had to pinpoint that {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
AemeSan (EUW)
: Spanish & English and LoL.
im not a native English guy, but i got full A's and a single B in my English exams dont know if that counts. Right now i am about to improve my German and Spanish. Let me know if you are interested, i can even learn you my language which is btw Danish ;)
Yuna348 (EUW)
: Why am i banned?
Toxic-o-meter at the highest
: my account is banend permantly
Its called perma banned for a reason, you'll have to make a new account, the old one you had is gone
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: Question about Morde rework ult and Yuumi
I think Yuumi will go off him then, but what do i know, i think thats left to be explored {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
iaapvp (EUW)
: If I cant play zed due to end game weakness, then the game isnt balanced is it?
nah man as i said you are good but zed is just that champ that can be really difficult later on because of people starting to build armor and adc's getting really strong, i dont say that you should stop playing zed but just add a little more to your champion pool :)
iaapvp (EUW)
: So what youre saying is, the game isnt balanced?
No i am just saying that you can play a little other stuff too, something like neeko or kata or even Xerath something that would hurt insanely later on. again expand your champion pool to more than one champion and that would be perfect. Sometimes in champ select you can already see that the team isin't going to do good so that is the time you can play a carry fx if the game looks to be a good game sure go for it play zed and have fun.
iaapvp (EUW)
: How many times I have to be MVP to get better winrate at bronze 3?
hey man yes i can see you do play good but i didn't expect anything else its bronze 3 so it should be pretty easy. I can see that you only play zed and that can be a problem, because of his late game, he tend to fall off in most cases and can be pretty hard later on. If i may suggest something (and its only a suggestion) you should try with some carries, they dont have to be mid carries, they could be anywhere on the map just that it is a carry then you may achieve more stuff in your ranked games. Now i dont say you have to play Yasuo or riven or Yi just because i say "carry" yes they can carry but there is so many choices right now. you could play a very strong mage in mid that would probaly help you a lot on your games, because lets face it your team mates Aren't gonna carry. Best of luck to you in your next ranked games. And again you dont have to abandon zed, maybe just add a little more to your playstyle. :)
: LoL doesn't feel smooth although over 60 Fps
same i dont think its my computer anymore i think its league fps system that has been strugling for a long time
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CooolBoiii (EUNE)
: FPS problem.
same here, or tho it not 10 fps with me its more like 50, but a guy like me with a pretty good gamer pc, running everything on low and still has fps issues, think that it is riot problem and not. i think we gotta wait for next patch.
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