Jökër (EUW)
: Getting Permabanned.
they unbanned tyler1 ,so...:/
Chùos (EUW)
: Fizz winrate is decreasing in plat+ korea and euw, people are learning to respect his damage and poke him without getting in his Q range and 55% winrate???? can you stop posting some random stats please??? http://www.op.gg/champion/fizz/statistics/mid
Stop using op.gg that site is garbage.He was at 55% WR first day after patch.its been like 5 days and his numbers still prety nuts.53% win ratio ,26% ban ratio and 9% pick ratio. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/fizz/middle/platinum
Chùos (EUW)
How can you learn to play against raw dmg? his win ratio just skyrocket from 47% to something like 55% win ratio ,its %%%%ing insane.he needs a hotfix
derlio (EUNE)
: So Riot still doesn't ban for one time offense, right?
These a trolls.And riot dont punish trolls.
Freez99 (EUNE)
: Please Mind about Master Yi Nerf Really Soon...
They need to town down his true dmg.I mean with conqueror + W ,70% of his dmg is true dmg...Throw bork in it and is atlmost %hp true dmg...And dont say just cc him this shit doesnt work anymore.You have qss,edge of the night ,You have your Q ,you have support...etc .CC counters every single champion in the game...
: Oh yeah baby, let's go back to the age of n64 graphics, a buggy af client, adcs solo mid, and the worst balance ever. And ofc let's remove 80% of the champs, a ton of items, bring back LB dfgQR oneshots with 0 counterplay, and all the good old shit. Yaaaayyyyy...
In previous seasons only couple champs were broken,tosix,annoying to play etc...This season the entire game is broken.Im playing this game since season 1 and i dont remember where games would be over before 10 mins mark...
Clark (EUW)
: Mini Map Left Click 1.5 second delay
Dont wanna sound like an ass but there are already like 4 threads about that.Why create another one?
: can we get rid of that delay in the minimap?
UPDATE Core gameplay team have been informed and have confirmed this is unintentional. A team are working on a fix. Just wait ,they"ll fix it.
: League is dying...?
Then why 80% of my friends list is gone?
Breakhz (EUNE)
: Is vlad balanced???
No.He"s is one of the best mid laners atm ,and prety damn good in bot lane.
: someone is playing on my account
Contact support ASAP ,before you get banned.
: this plea will fall on deaf ears i am afraid, every time i have made a ticket concerning bots in aram, i have been told by the support staff 'bots DO NOT exist, any evidence you have to say they do is a lie, we will no longer assist you with this issue' followed by the support staff closing my ticket.
This cant be real....prove pls
CppL (EUW)
: Error after error ,jesus christ...
Someone dodged and now im stuck into lobby cause i cant pick secodary role :D jesus %%%%ing christ :D
Rioter Comments
: Will Hecarim ever be buffed?
i think he"s balanced ,is just other junglers are too strong.
: yeah, alongside Udyr, for a different reason tho, as i feel his kit is a bit outdated. now every champion has a dash, a leap or some other form of mobility. Udyr just runs. He needs a well deserved upgrade
Have you seen udyr early game dmg? Hes not allowed to have any gapcloser.
Triae (EUW)
: Is Master Yi even balanced?
Have you tryed essence reaver on him? his Q has prety much no cd lol
: Should we try and help out those who are struggling rather than nerfing those who are strong?
All these 3 champs you mentioned was nerfed cause of the high elo...lol.also there are some champs who cant be buffed to be viable cause of their toxic kits.{{champion:429}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:13}} etc..
: The report system is a pile of shite, Riot couldnt care less, it would take too much effort and resources to fix and they are making money so who ares. Premade toxic griefers always seem to get away with it, if you play solo and so much as mutter a word you get banned. I am guessing all chat only shows that persons chat if reported which is so stupid xD
They could just put tribunal back.Boom problem solved.
: Better Nerf Azir ¿Really Riot?
This champ with his kit cant be balanced.He"s op or up.
: If you buy a grevious wounds item then he doesn’t do anything,.. not that hard to stop him
And by "anything" yuo mean instead of healing 200hp per second hes gonna heal 120hp per second.Jesus when people say just "buy greviuos wounds" it feels like greviuos wounds insta kill champions...
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
Well thats what burst mages suppose to do.You kill squishie and then you prety much useless for like 5-6s.
DarkMoon222 (EUNE)
: This needs to stop
What buffs? all i see on pbe right know is nerfs.Hp per lvl nerfed ,E aoe radius nerfed.Only small Q dmg early game buff.Or i missing something?
Agidyne (EUW)
: What a disgusting thing you guys have created, part 2
What a bronze noob,just dodge jesus...
: SoloQ back and I'm already climbing
Im also climbing ,but so slow...I dont know whats hapenning ,but i never ever saw so many feeders....And im not talking about like 0/3 in 12 mins.Im talking about 0/6 in 12 mins or bot lane 0/11 in 12 mins....so gross.
: Didn't seem so broken when i oneshot him with pantheon. Fun thing was. I even told him to not build mortal reminder because none of our teammates were building armor but he insisted that % bonus armor pen is best. Kid jumps in with full AD items and i slap him in the face and kill him in 1.5 seconds. Rengar like all assassins are countered simply by stunning them.
And as simple as that ,he has a free Qss on his W after rework.GL stunning him.
íGengar (EUW)
: There does seem to be a problem in the algorithm somewhere, I was spectating a friend whilst doing a bit of work and he is level 20 (not a smurf account, only recently started playing) and his team had a mixture of level 6's and 8's. The enemy team had 3 golds and a Diamond? This was Blind pick for a bit of fun so maybe the matchmaking for for that is literally pot luck but it sure as hell aint balanced.
I was talking about rankeds,not normals.(normals matchmaking is broken for years)
Rioter Comments
CppL (EUW)
: Where is soloQ???
They said they will release soloQ on november 14.Its already november 19...
Rioter Comments
: "Buhu I lost 61 lp that I worked so hard for". Why are you even complaining? I went from gold 4 ---> Bronze 1. Won 7/10 placement matches. Lost 1 game and I get demoted 6 divisions.
Well you dropped where you belong i guess lol
: Riot "fixing" FLEX and Placements.... What the hell......
Same.I was in bronze 2 with 61 lp.Just lost a game and bamm im at 0 lp.they took 61lp lol
Tiffany (EUW)
: Did they really fixed ranked match making ?
Nop.Just finished game.unrankeds ,bronze ,silver ,gold ,platinum players was all over the place :) and they took 61lp from me :)
: Read the messages...riot fixed flex queue matchmaking, so everyone has to play 1 game to get their actual rank.
Fixed matchmaking? :DDDD look at my last game like 5 mins ago.Unranked,bronzes,silver ,golds ,platinums was all over the place :D
Rioter Comments
CppL (EUW)
: What"s with the fucking srvs?!?!?
And no i dont think its my internet.Tryed other online games 40 ping max.
Rioter Comments
Tarolock (EUW)
: why is that so hard to believe? some ppl get to gold in placements, other ppl are still bronze 5 after 4000+ games... matchmaking is based on mmr not on normal/ranked games played
80% of those guys are smurfs.
Tarolock (EUW)
: if that is unbalanced then i have no idea what do you mean by balanced... 1200 mmr vs 1216... and if you get trolls that have nothing to do with DQ, a big part of the players are trolls and they will be trolls no matter what matchmaking/queue system/champ select is used by the game
So you saying that a guy who just started play rankends with 10 normal games ,has the same skill lvl as a gold guy who played over 100+ rankeds and 1k+ normal games? sure ...Also im playing this game since beta ,and this season i had more trolls than in the last 3 years together.Nobody cares about rank anymore cause of the Dynamic crap,so they just troll.
: He had a steady 53% winrate before his rework. He was just fine. Thats the entire point of this post. His rework was unnecessary. They should have kept it at a few tweaks since he was already balanced and a great pick fkr everyone.
In solo Q ,yes.But i guess riot wanted him to be viable in lcs ,thats why they reworked him.And broke him.Not their first time.
: What have you done to Malzahar? Come on.
He had like 57% win ratio wtih 60+% ban ratio,what did you expect? that they gonna leave him like this.
Bulletkid (EUW)
: There is actual evidence that lux can only damage champions that she can see, nocturne ultimate can make everyone invencible to lux ultimate, stealth champions are invencible to her aswell, etc
Since when stealth ,make you invulnerable for dmg?? i played lux like 200+ games ,and i killed so many eves ,kha ,shaco while they were stealth.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Maybe you just didn't hit them?
I did hit him ,it proc my passive.is just did no dmg
CppL (EUW)
: Lux ulti does 0 dmg to invisible champs
it happened like 4 times in that game ,so it wasn't one time bug.
Rioter Comments
EliteKitty (EUNE)
: nope ryze is fine ..champions like {{champion:122}} and {{champion:420}} butt fuck ryze...he need nothing nor buff nor nerf...
They but fuck almost everyone ,they a lane bullys jesus...
: 2v5 ranked ... Gold division...
: Why am I trolling? The champion obviously needs a little adjustment in his laning phase, this could save him without buffing his whole kit.
Have you played ap champ vs galio? you do 0 dmg to him.The only counterplay is harras him with AA cause his melee.make him ranged and you can forget ap champs in mid lane.Also he"s at 53%win ratio.He doesn't need any buffs.Maybe some tweaks ,but not buffs.
: Idea for a little Galio update.
Little update?? make champ ranged and give him annie range?!!? pls tell me you trolling.
Solash (EUW)
: When you die first in the last teamfight & get no assists, but your team still wins the game after.
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