: Your All-Pro Team of the 2018 Spring Split is...
I agree pretty with this pretty much; although would give the 1st place All Pro slot to Kasing personally - was only 1 point off :,(
: Pira's Postmortem: What we learned from Week 2 in Wuhan
Great article. Nice to see comments that don't just focus on memes and reflect on things outside of NA.
: When you play in practise mode your session is hosted by Riot's servers like any other game. It's the server that times you out, not the client. The same happens in Overwatch when you play in practise range. They only way to solve this would be by making practise sessions client based.
Surely you could put things in place to pick up when you are in practice mode, such as changing the timeout limit during practice modes - I dunno, just seems stupid
Rismosch (EUW)
: Yes you can. I did it multiple times.
You can with some of them, but the patch notes stated you could only sort the warded ping in game so this wasn't an option. This wouldn't be an issue otherwise.
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: My placement after recent matchmaking fix...
Personally don't see why people care so much. So many Solo Q players have admitted they will not take this Q seriously, so Riot should have just left the mess up with placements unless they do something to make people care about Flex Q.
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Broodpaal (EUW)
: Why Solo/Duo queue and not just Solo queue?
I think of it as allowing bot lane to thrive in solo queue since playing Support is extremely difficult to carry without putting your ADC behind and therefore removing the point of the Support role. Plus, having synergy bot lane is very important for that specific lane. Besides, this is still a team game and therefore learning to work with someone you know isn't too bad.
: Just give FlexQ a try ;) Its like normal drafts with Rankings and hey so you will have after 100 games a better matchmaking. So if you hit gold you get a skin as well ;>
It's this reason why I think removing Normal Draft is so bad. Riot are making a ranked queue, that is already being used as a "practice queue" as a primary place to practice for solo/duo ranked. It is further ruining any potential integrity that the queue could have and this could mean much larger consequences when looking at ranked 5's who also play in this queue. Riot are literally making the queue a pointless ranked mode and therefore it might as well be removed as a game mode and go to ranked solo/duo, team ranked an normal draft. Heck, could as well just remove team ranked since they don't seem to care about these queues being relevant.
: The Singed support's threat of a permaban is utter lunacy
Riot isn't enforcing anything and they state this in their message. Specifically they state "While picking Singed Support isn't inherently bannable, refusing to work with teammates is. This includes communicating with your teammates what you do." Here, Riot are saying the **players that reported him** did not want him playing Singed Support in the way he played it and did not feel Singed communicated effectively. I have seen no evidence to suggest the Singed player actually has communicated **effectively** on what he wanted to do. Effective communication would be providing details what you want to do and giving your team the option to agree with this. In champ select, there likely isn't enough time to discuss this, so when you queue up as "Support", you should play as a Support, not a Junglar. I understand how this sucks, but my main point is that Singed is actually doing something that the **players believed was reportable and bannable**, Riot are literally following up on this. Personally I actually agree with the ban; based on what I have read, Singed leaves his ADC to play in a 1v2 lane. I have seen similar situations when playing ranked (and punished it hard) and always feel sorry for my enemy ADC. Further to this, nobody on the ally team buys Sightstone which reduces vision on the map. I haven't seen this guys scores, items or games, but if the players feel this behaviour is reportable (which I understand why they would), then Riot needs to respect this decision. As a final note and confirmation; Riot is not saying he cannot play Singed Support, only that he needs to ensure that his team agree with the strategy he proposes. He could play whatever he wants, but if he literally did the exact same thing he would probably still get reported as is queueing as a Support and playing Jungle. Unfortunately, not many ADC's will agree to play a 1v2 botlane.************
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sonicpratt (EUNE)
: Oh god i need this in my life RIOT PLZ :D !!!!!
I know right lol Just wish I was able to do some art to help show the concept.
: As soon as I saw the title, the first thought that came to mind was Alex Louis Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist. https://67.media.tumblr.com/211ca539e6b415371e99577e31bccd7b/tumblr_mto1rncQVM1rb06tgo1_500.gif
Lol definitely see the resemblance lol
Okuma (EUNE)
: Great concept **Baron Stone**!
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IAmWoralo (EUW)
: My wife doesn't like League anymore
Not sure how toxic it is compared to other season but overall League players just seem to make mountains out of molehills and rage hard, even if things start going right. Its much easier to chill out in a group; even when losing I can have a good laugh with friends and helps me chill. I would be up to playing a few games if you are ever free to :)
: he seems fine Ive seen a lot of shens in my elo ( Gold ~ ) The bad ones are really fucking terrible and the good ones dominate, i think it seems fine! :D
Okay, fair enough, guess if I still wona play just got to get used to him. Thanks :)
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Allisrem2 (EUW)
: Why change a running system? It would kinda fit her kit, so it would make Cocoons easier to land, but that would be completly broken.
Aye, balancing would be needed but thought it would be cool and make her more unique. Beside Riot changes systems all the time to try make champs kits better - eg Juggernaughts, Marksman updates, Gangplank, Fiora.
: Have you tried on-hit Kogmaw or did you try to build him as standard ADC? This is a very huge difference, he is not a standard ADC. Building standard ADC items will not yield the standard results. Try Koggles again. Rush Guinsoo's rageblade first, Runaan's Hurricane second. Then choose from Nashor's tooth for more hybrid damage, Botrk for more tank-killing, Statikk Shiv for more AoE or Rapid firecannon for more range. Get a dedicated peel support so you can stand still and shoot those 5 attacks per second. Braum and Tahm Kench work wonders. You will instantly change your opinion about Koggles. I did as well. He is not underwhelming nor UP. He is borderline broken OP (and i say borderline only because he is squishy. If he had little better base defensive stats, he would be OP as fk)
Was thinking of trying that second time, thanks :-) will have to give it a go and update
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Xyrokar (EUW)
: Is saying "Easy" a reason to report?
You can and I often do (even reported people on my team if they have done this). People are playing a competitive game and players are therefore expected to show sportsmanship as a result. Similar values are taught in other sports and competitions to show respect to opponents. If people are saying "easy" (or similar comments), then reports should be made to help promote acceptable behaviour. Notice the values and behaviours promoted within e-sports. Basically, what behaviours and values you would expect in those games should be those expected in every game. When SKT dominated during Worlds, each player gave credit to their team and also credit to their opponents. It should also prevent people becoming too overconfident; comments like this show poor sportsmanship and can cause people to stupid mistakes, not respecting their opponents. You should promote respecting opponents to help ensure team members do not become complacent.
: The harrowing is forgotten
First you take the Halloween map, then you refuse the Harrowing skins for Halloween... Just one question... why Rito? WHY? {{item:3073}} {{item:3073}} {{item:3073}}
sushiba inu (EUNE)
: Harrowin' is love Harrowing is life
Yeah, was up most of last night hoping for at least the skins to be released or an announcement. I understand Worlds is big, however massively disappointed that we haven't had anything and even worse Riot have yet to bring us up to date.
: Blitzcranks poro roundup, playing with corki
I can't complete it, assuming it is a troll by Riot...

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