: Her ult is as easy to get along with as old Yorick ult. Techincally its easy, but in real battle it requires a teammate who is ready for it. And the more seldom you see Kalista in a battle, the harder it is for people to be ready.
Sorry, i dont understand what you are pointing at, her ult is easy for everyone.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >She dont need a rework, why people are obsessed with reworks. She DOES need a rework. It's not about obsession either. There are champions that simply need a rework before they can be put in with playable champions. That's what happens when your kit is so broken. >give her a bit of range instead Definitely not. Range is always something that shouldn't be buffed. Range is the most powerful stat on an adc. Look at kai'sa for instance, when she was released, she had 500 range. Then it got buffed by 25 and her power went through the roof instantly.
The range of Kalista got nerfed, after that the champion became garbage. Riot made her go away, instead of a 'normal' nerf they killed her. Which is not a solution.... there for a rework is deffinently not needed. Rework is so overrated on Kalista, no need for it at all. Just bring her back like how she was.
: she will be in meta again , but she is little complicated to play for movement. i know if u train her she got easier, but today people want simplicity
This might be right... I just dont see her at all. So sad.
: It's rework of ult only, I am afraid. You see, ult mechanics may be great, but very few people actually understand how it works and how to play with it. Especially if it is soraka/kalista or brand/kalista. And in case your support is a hysterical kid who runs to mid on the first occasions (or someone who likes to "roam" like Nunu or Bard) your hands get kinda tied (unlike most other ADCs) Kalista vs Jinx can ult only if her support understands how to do it right. Jinx vs Kalista just launches her rocket. BOOM! The same is true for Kalista's passive. You depend on teamplay too much: if your support does not place his "mark" on champions, you lack basic damage. And that won't do.
This is not right, her Ult is easy to get along with but not only in the hands of kalista too, also a Support is supposed to make his pick based on the ADC he plays with. I would always pick a tanky or CC champ with Kalista, Braum, Thresh, Blitz, Morgana type. Brand has CC but he has to land 2 skill for that. Its not smart to pick a brand or Soraka with Kalista imo.
: Her E got reworked for execute restart and mana refund. And she is last ADC that got rework since Tank meta season. There are others older champs that never or only one slight rework got like Kalista did.
She dont need a rework, why people are obsessed with reworks. Just needs a slightly buff in her kit so she is played again, give her a bit of range instead or something. Besides is Kalista 3 years old where from this is the second season she is not being played much at all, not even close to any other ADC.
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KyotoTan (EUW)
: Is my Honor Level bugged?
Yep, i just had my first step back to Honor Level 1 :D I played many games too. Probably the best to keep quite :P Dont tilt
1v9 15plz (EUW)
: i suggest you rename support to some thing else?
Tulihuh (EUW)
: Gold+ players stay away from my bronze game.
Hey Bronze! Try to adjust yourself to their gameplay. You will find success and get in their league! Read their style, try to find the differences that they do to beat you. Try to review the game a couple times (Sure not each time) I am sure you can turn it, get out of bronze and be the gold in the bronze game. Dont tilt, out of experience i can tell you its bad for you and your team mates to tilt.
: did not played lol since 2015
Seems like you have done alot of effort to find more iformation about the runes and masterys. Let me help you: www.google.com -> LoL runes and masterys 2018 -> Search. Result 1: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Runes_Reforged
: Got 1 account banned without a reason not email sent!
> Pathetic riot, I need to go vomit. Hey there! I think Riot is closed for people like you untill 2 Januari 2018! Try again later. (Please dont be in my game)
: ban question
If it says no time than i suppose the day of today is added so you are unbanned at midnight.
: I do have won games with this strat, but most of the times my team just outright tilts and tells the enemy team where I am..
Probably won them because other lanes won their lane and got fed.
: no and yes, changing the meta and making your own playstyle is ok, however a player who OTP singed even in support role got banned because he didn't "support" his adc. When he contected support they said that his playstyle wasn't like a support and harmed the other players. So you can do whatever you want aslong as you don't tilt / harm your teammates
Question: This guy will be your jungler, sit afk 5-10 minutes. Gets behind on CS, not helping you while you being ganked during this AFK time and even gets killed. Tells you it is good to sit 10 minutes AFK to get a kill and than gets killed himself. (Imo intentional because he know he will fall behind and have less chance to get the kill) 1. Will you report him? (I will) Meta change, no problem. But this has nothing to do with changing a meta XD
: Is this considered trolling?
If you would sit somewhere for 5-10 minutes than you fall behind. The chance of actually killing the person that is farming 5-10 minutes longer than you and he might also been back to buy new items, is almost always stronger than you. You cannot help your team for these 5-10 minutes which is also a issue and since they might ping you and wondering what you are doing, i can guarantee you that you are reported for being AFK and not a helping team players. Imo, this is trolling and deffinently worth a warning. If you keep doing this, i'd say its worth a ban. You cannot convince any player in the game this strategy is improving the win rate for you and your team to sit and wait 5-10 minutes doing nothing.
RedAce007 (EUW)
: they dont do shit thats why i am tilted- all they care about is players who pay lots of money or lcs players- the only thing they worry about is getting players banned! not the actualy problems
Your maner of speech could be part of the reason to ignore you... i would too. Just look at your post, that you are angry is your problem not theirs. They are a company that can make mistakes. So can you, so talk normal and be a human instead of a raging keyboard warrior. Try again... Just look at other posts were riot did respond. Noone was swearing or insulting. You are really off record with your swearing, insulting, shouting.
Shi Yue (EUW)
: I am looking for a DuoQ-Partner. which mains Support. (ADC MAIN, Silver I)
Hello, Feel free to add me, i am gold 3 and always want to Duo when im there :)
RedAce007 (EUW)
Tilted version: SERIOUSLY WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU? YOU ARE NOT EVEN ABLE TO WRITE A NORMAL TICKET TO GET YOUR PENALTY'S REMOVED OR REPORT A ISSUE! Or: Riot i get this bug with my client and as reward i received a Penalty, can we do something about it?
Broodpaal (EUW)
: Oh and if you mute other players they can report you for not communicating and also get banned. Enjoy that one. If they claim you didn't listen to the team's communication and respected their decisions you can get banned, that is in an official Riot blog post. I wish you all the best
Thanks for your comment :)
: Include excessive pinging as report reason
Broodpaal (EUW)
: It is funny how Riot throws you in a prison cell with 9 other people with bats and they tie your hands behind your back and say, take it. If you defend yourself we will take away your food for the next month. Oh and by the way if you report the people with the bats we will also take away your food because then you are just whining. This is such a fun game and Riot is such a good company that manipulates children, ugh I mean, reforms the youth.
I know exactly what you pointing at but... Like i've said above: Thank you Riot for your punishment system, if someone triggers you to flame and you start flaming, you are a flamer yourself too. Mute is key. -- Nu ga ik even een broodje pakken :)
: The main thing that helped me stop flaming too much was to realise that ultimately an idiot isn't going to improve by telling them they are an idiot. Instead the smarter players on your team will improve if you keep positively reinforcing when they do a good job in some shape or form. Focus much more on the less stupid players and helping them get fed and you will enjoy the game more.
+1, thank you for the comment.
Lsayu (EUNE)
: Good name. Would be a shame to get a permaban on it so I wish you the best in sticking to your new season goals. Btw we're still in pre-season right?
Pre-season it is. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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dol0hov (EUW)
: ADC searching for SILVER - GOLD support
Hello, Can you play during the evenings and weekends? I like to duo but got noone to duo with. Supports i play alot: - Thresh, Leona, Brand, Janna, Lulu, Rakan
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Isn't {{champion:497}} just a better pick?
> [{quoted}](name=Laatikkomafia,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EnaXEPzZ,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-10-16T16:45:38.290+0000) > > Isn't {{champion:497}} just a better pick? Sure thing, im just not such a fan of it without Xayah. I do like Rakan!
: She's one of my most played supports actually. I admit that she struggles against many meta supports (Censer meta krhmhm), like Janna (too much disengage) and Sona (early game poke too much to handle). But she's also great against many popular supports, like Soraka (she can't heal them if she's dead) and Blitzcrank (hook me pls). I also recommend trying: {{item:3025}}, you'll never be OoM, you'll make picking them kills even easier, and 20% cdr is awesome, you can keep blasting that ult. {{item:3083}} is good if you find enemies constantly targetting you, as you'll be able to fall back, regen and come back almost as soon as Mundo or Garen. {{item:3102}} is a must against Morgana.
Will try for sure :D
: Why would you play her over ANY ardent support she is useless garbage nothing but all in she has never been meta and will never be meta forever stay a low elo champion
> [{quoted}](name=SaltyKripperino,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EnaXEPzZ,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-10-16T14:59:25.640+0000) > > Why would you play her over ANY ardent support she is useless garbage nothing but all in she has never been meta and will never be meta forever stay a low elo champion Probably but if i manage to get to Plat with it, im super happy oqe :D When does low elo end? Plat, Diamond?
: I dont see Ardent Censer in your build, not playable sorry.
> [{quoted}](name=DutchDiego95,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EnaXEPzZ,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-10-16T14:55:01.053+0000) > > I dont see Ardent Censer in your build, not playable sorry. ofc not its leona :D but i know ardent is stronq af
: have fun trying to fight against ardent censer lulu or janna
I always ban Janna since Lulu is a easier target to kill as Janna. Sure Ardent is strong but it is after all gold elo too :D
Rioter Comments
Undieable (EUW)
: [EUW] Previous Season Diamond IV Looking For A Leona Main Of Any Elo!
Hello, I am not a Leona Main YET but i do play only Leona now :) Did play Leona about the last 25 games. EUW - Gold 3. I want to be a Leona main due to the massive CC.{{champion:89}} Teamspeak / Discord no problem. English, CHECK I am living in The Netherlands myself. Ready to play 2-3 games in the evening. I would preffer some normals before going ranked to get to know eachother.
: WTF Camille Fiora 2.0
Funny how i read always and only about what ever riot is doing negative things but yet they have a amazing insanly large player base. Riot always makes the champs strong in the release, patch it 1 or 2 times and its fine.
: Or just play meta and win games :p
Premade botlane or jungler is great. Makes you win, brings motivation, gets you better. No tilting allowed
warwiller (EUNE)
: If you're not relishing the beauty of your moments work in the back of your mind while doing it, you have that much of a disadvantage.
Aslong it pays off by climbing the ladder... :D
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Stop hating on the ADC's just cause they are dying to assassins instantly!
Wait... Im a support and i would like to respond on this really badly. A ADC is never really left alone as his positioning is behind the team. Unless you stand on the wrong side or dont pay attention to the direction where the team is moving, you wont stand alone or be left alone. (If your team runs and you feel left alone, you didnt pay attention.) Being Tyler1 and go all in yourself and getting killed is because you are NOT Tyler1. Tyler1 would have finished it while screaming for his transformation to SSJ. You cant ask your Support to help you in situations that is to difficult to fight for due a stupid positioning of the ADC. You running away from teamfights is the worst thing a ADC can do and deserve to be reported due arrogant behaviour and intentional feeding/making your team lose. After all its a team effort, raging, tilting, nerding around about a lose or bad play wont work. Just be positive and lift the motivation to succes.
Stimpy (EUNE)
: before you log in you can switch back to the old client on the bottom right. "Launch legacy client"
Or just open the riotpatcher.exe :) No problem.
angelopulos (EUNE)
: Bring back items set section
Everyone is making it himself so difficult, just open the oldclient and done. Let me know if you dont know how.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: There's stilll a chance you'll go on a losing streak just to end up back in bronze.
You had a shit start of the day didnt you?{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Read it again, he didn't have problems with queue times but dodgers. And even better, you wait for 3 minutes in champ select, another 3 for the game to load because someone plays on a toaster, then someone is afk and its remake. And when you get that 3 times in a row that's kinda... bullcrap. Especially when you have a duration IP/XP boost...
Want Riot to punish those players with large penaltys? Sometimes im glad i can get out in champ select cause i gotta go suddenly instead of going afk in the game with a remake.
: I have found that playing tank support at low elo to be a very painful experience. In champ select they are all shouting "Please play tank supp!", but when you do, you discover that they don't really know how to play with a tank at all. You soak up the damage and they use that as an opportunity to escape. Leaving you stranded. 2 things that are really bugging me at the moment are ADC's insisting on a tank supp and not utilising it properly, and Top laners taking TP and never leaving their lane.
Specially those ADC that trick you to stand infront of them. They ask for a tanky supp and if you dont they will die 15 times just to proof you you should have gone a tanky support. And after 30 minutes they start screaming '' THEIR ADC IS BROKEN ''. Since im in gold i enjoy playing support more as in bronze.
: I had support on first role {{champion:32}}
Owh well thats bad luck XD i queue up so fast that im not caring to much if someone leaves. Within a short time the next game is popping up. Just hate it that people get tilted from it fast and make a game lose after xD
: Janna Very very underestimated champion!
Honestly, i didnt like Janna so much. Neither did i like Soroka or Karma. Althougt, the update has made a change! Shielding and healing champions finally make sense. Why would you build a AP or AD defensive tank if you can make a GREAT shielding/healing champ? {{champion:40}} is just perfect! Take the right items and her healing + shielding is just insane. I can revive my own HP from 25% back to 90% and from my ADC too. Personally i take with Janna just healing and shielding items and try to reach 2400+HP. Talisman of Ascension for some speed in case its needed and some 10 %CDR. (Janna dont need AP since she do no damage. Catching up in a fight with the Talisman passive is great. It helps you to run out or go in so fast in a fight.) Mikaels Crucible for some MR, 10% CDR and 20% passive healing and shielding power Redempetion for 10% CDR and 10% healing and shielding power Athene's unholy grail for 20% CDR!! and blood charges... 40% CDR, 30% extra healing/shielding, yes your squishy but you are not in front of the lane anyway. Let your top laner or jungler go in and you follow directly. Just be awake! Use ur tonado, shield your ADC and when its getting tough flash in Ult and heal your mates. With Redemption in they get almost back to full HP. Im loving it :D Yesterday i did for the first time in a LONG LONG period 5 games with her and won 4. People who cry that Supports are to strong now and items are not good enough are wrong. Supports dont deal damage unless you pick a support that dont belong in the support role (Take velkoz or MF). When a support is focussed on building a support build for his TEAM not for hisself, than you will get profit.
: Will the support role ever be fixed.
: Trying 40 minutes to play a game.
Main support here, each game pops up within 30 seconds. No problem if they leave 9 times. Takes me just 15 minute to get pass it {{champion:412}} Be support {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Rioter Comments
: 7W/3L PlatIV to SilverV ? Is this Normal?
Gold 5, 4 loses 6 win silver 2.
: By "Lying" there are around 1400 master+ gamers in eune/euw The chance to meet one is low even if you are in their normal mmr. Also they dont rly play normals >_>
tought the difference between G5 and Master is so big that he should be able to reach D5 atleast than. If you stand against Masters in normal you can stand against some higher ranked players too.
Zirpano (EUNE)
: F This autofill Sh*t
If you dont understand autofill than dont pick it.
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