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Muuaahh (EUNE)
: Do you actually get worse players in your promos?
hey m8 it is true what u are saying... it all depends on ur winrate... lol system is set up that u always are around 50% so if u win more then u loose u get players with lower mmr with u... thats how this system works... i hate it aswell but its just a fact. u gotta get ur mmr higher and higher to get better players around u
: New season
im sorry but i dont agree with all u guys say... i dont blame eveyrthing on my teamm8s i still recap myself on what i could have done better in a game.... but these placements seem so %%%%ed up that i only won 3 out of 10 games while before the reset i had a 55-60 % win rate... strange how can that drop to a 30% instead of the usual 55-60%
: Delete autofill
I totally agree... tbh i dont mind being autofilled as support but then again i know i am mostly a better adc then the guy i am supporting. so that means most times that we loose the lane. Then again. There is another big issue with autofilling. at the ello where i am in S1 what i despretly trying to leave people get autofilled aswell. People that get autofilled dont like it and just pick their own champion. This is 1 of the biggest reasons i dont play adc anymore. you get in lane with a stange champ that doesnt provide anything to the adc. this ruins the game for a lot of people. Just like me, and it also ruined my main role. Before autofilled i get supports that cant play that well but then again they pick a supp class that contributes to me as adc.
Cpt Rusty (EUW)
: corrupted files now 20 min pre-queue
ye had previous games some dc's new laptop and new updates and stuff... but i didnt have that pre timer anymore... but now i got dced cause of corrupted files :( i hope its one time only :P
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