Aehry (EUW)
: Where did you get this info?
Leaks and game files . High noon Zilean .
: 1,000 days+ no skins
Don't be sad, Zilean and rek'Sai will get a skin very soon .
: new riot funnction prevents you from losing lp
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: irelia look MUCH worse in the music video XD she looks like an alien in there
: Do you actually have people who get S grade for you so you get a chest?
No I use it to describe people has a better overall than average player has of a skills
: You could just delete them 1 by 1. 195*2 clicks isn't the end of the world, and probably would be 100 times faster than waiting for the support's answer.
Yeah , that's a good point, I deleted 'em manually .
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: The Moment You Loved LoL
Back then to the very first games I used to play on 11 FPS ! I almost went to delete the game multiple times I didn't know why I didn't do it , maybe because I had a 100 KB download speed which I forced to wait 14 hours to download it , or maybe because I liked the game play , but I agree on one thing , that feel when I got hard carriedor try to hit a turret with a spell or even go with xayah in a 1vs5 last man standing fight against "5 Tanks" and get fked hard when I didn't even know how to pronounce it right :" Few months later , saving every penny to get a gpu :D so I can play on a stable playable fps xD also back then when I used to go for a +40 mins bot match and I and my team try to hardly win vs an intermediate bots , that was goddamn fun, every time I win I felt like I'm the best player on this planet xD Or that stupid ruch when I reached lvl 30 and went to ranked and played teemo for 80 games continuously . I swear I told myself wtf why I play this game for free ? I should get paid like any other esports player xD overall besides all bullshit they do every patch and every failure rework , this game doesn't let us down a single time , they knew and know and will know how to entertainment us . Thanks Riot . Wrote with ❤ by Cràp Bag
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Dazaso (EUW)
: Fnatic takes the trofi
True , if they manage to win against IG , it would be a really great year for 'em since Season 1 , they made it so far , I hope they win !
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: #RIOT CLIENT IS BUGGED, Reverse the small patch
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FF Chris (EUW)
: Can't hear Pings or shop sounds.
since you reinstalled the game , I would go for checking the in-game sound setting :)
: cant refund champion
Upgrading a champion shared to champion permanent , will waste your refund chance or having a skin for that champ .
AceKing7 (EUW)
: Client update bug enough is enough, UNPLAYABLE GAME
Here's ISIRileyI from UBV . So sorry to hear that , there's might be something preventing write/read on a drive/folder . the updater stuck at 29 mb because it's starting to extract files ! if this issue still exist , send a ticket for investigating further .
Vitexes (EUNE)
: were is my mail????
depends on the time zones . but most of the time you just don't see it , or it's in spam folder , use search .
A6D7hoom (EUNE)
: summoner name dos'not exist
either one of you isn't on the same server or you typed it wrongly
: Help for time conversion and need Riot employer help
Okay . here's the tl;dr , you aren't going to get the 400 BE in anyway , that's being said , you have a few other options to go on, first is spending a 96 RP in aram (using skin boost 2 times) , which will grants you a 400 BE , the other way is continue playing .
andres233 (EUW)
: I used the chest and it said you received but i dont have it ._.
you need to wait up to 2hours before you can see it in collection .
: Mine doesn't show up in my collection. I already activated it in the loot section..... :/
you need to wait up to 2hours before you can see it in collection .
: you will get some sort of chest in loot and there u can open it xd
Oh yeah I saw it now , I feel so dumb >_<{{sticker:cass-cry}}
: First of all, it's in the Loot tab, secondly why the hell do u care LUL
LOL I don't I already have 25 emotes , but always up for another good one ;d
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Rismosch (EUW)
: RESTful?! Are you %%%%ing serious? You know that LoL is coded in C++, not in java, right? Go back to your mamas basement you amateur script kiddy. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
You are so cute while you don't know anything , don't you ? :3 While the in-game client coded in "C" and c++ , the Client (Login Client) Coded in HTML / CSS / JS /. Sadly RESTful API done in JS too . I don't want to hear your voice again , until you have a valuable "Correct" information .
Rismosch (EUW)
: How do you know they use a loop to display the wards? If they are saved in a database, no loop is required to gather them. If saved in a file, you just load up the file and read it. Or maybe they are hardcoded, every single individual variable into the code. If they are written down a piece of paper and a monkey has to type them in, then you don't even need to handle digital data! No loop required! My point is, without knowing the infrastructure then you don't know how to fix it. Making blind assumptions doesn't fix bugs (sadly).
Well basically , there's two types of environments for coding , A production and a development ,while in dev. they can hardcode what they want , once those changes wanna come live to production env. those things must be loaded from the player database , for a game like League with a millions of players they handle the requests using a thing called "RESTful" API to do stuff , so basically again this API return a JSON data that must be looped ! that's the point anyway if they used your way as a hardcoded wards , let's assume every ward code consume 0.5 MB from RAM and we sit on around 50 Wards this means 25MB of RAM , and a 50 API request to the database asking if he has this one or no let's say they will do it on EUW only , while there's about 3M players on EUW : 3M * 50 = 150M !!! while the loop will just = 3M ! I hope you got it
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: I hate being the ball-breaker here but Apps like MK Jogo / MK Lol, or SkinPreview #CAN ALL GET YOU PERMA-BANNED You wouldn't be the first trust me on this I'm 100% sure. With the explicit reason for the ban. 3rd Party App. You don't want another skin, you're just bored. And instead of looking elsewhere to fill the hole. You throw 2k money in their face and still dweeb about not being satisfied. "Do you know the definition of insanity?" Doing the same thing ''hoping'' it would help/work/recover something. While @ the same time do knowingly, - deeply understand that this will not resolve the issue. Yet repeat the process over and over again. ~~You belong in a mad-house~~ {{summoner:4}} {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} #TLDR GETS YOU PERMA-BANNED. 2k Investment or not.
I like wasting your Flash :P Well I didn't use it I mean I used it couple of times then I told my self why the hell I'm gonna risk my acc for "boring" so I downloaded PBE bought some skins played couple of games (1 week or so) then I got my mind back again :P OFC your name describes a lot as you don't want to pay anything from riot {{summoner:13}} {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: > I got bored of that default one and skisn I already Own So buy new skins. You EVERYONE else does.
lol I won't spend a 2k $ on skins :v I will play with default one on doing this , I already own +350 skin :c
: I can't remember really, but I know that stuff like Overwolf and Wooxie are allowed, third party apps that allow you to customise your UI, so just skins should be allowed. However, there existed a third party app called MK Jogo, that allowed you to pick any skin Riot released (only you could see it), however, it also contained some other stuff like jungle timers (back when they weren't implemented into the game) and instant messages, so people who used that programme only for the skin also got banned. I'd just stay clear of any third party apps that allow you to mod things besides the looks of the game. UI customisation, modded skin etc. should be allowed.
I guess so , since it's not effect violation of terms. you know that feel to see challenger border or even diamond after being stuck in plat for years , it's just simply make you happy ;)
: no its not allowed. just think about about it why whould free skins be allowed when u have to pay to get them from riot.
I agree , but since free skins doesn't effect game play I think it's still good :)
: I would look forward, to play with you guys i have 1 friend aswell who wants to play we both are Silver 2.
that's cool you and your friend are welcome, I have +14 people contacted me for now , if all will be online I guess we can prepare 3 teams :) I will setup teams from Discord server : look over to take place you and your friend :)
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Èclair (EUNE)
: No, I wasn't talking about the amount of quotes this new announcer has. It's just that their sound volume is relatively low compared to default one. I can barely hear them when playing with standard announcer volume.
I mean they made all announcements with the same recording tool , so basically it should be the same , but maybe I dunno , for me it seems fine .
: RIOT may need to make it optional for those who like it perhaps? I am alright iwth both! ''Gotta carry this one.''
I hope they do that , because I already downloaded his files so why to delete 'em ? {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: the new announcers are terrible and cringy as hell.. so childish much better the default one the announcer must give the feeling of badass iness, not like you're in kindergarden with a bunch of kids.
I don't know about you , but for me since I play from S5 hearing a new VO for the first time after 3 years ? that's incredibly awesome and cool + you may be a old-school guy it's okay . those VO comes from Sjokz and QuickShot eSports Commentators .
Èclair (EUNE)
: Am I the only one who thinks this announcer is way to quiet compared too default one?
Yup you are ! I can't find any comparison to the default one ! they made a brand-new all 550 announcements ! with Sjokz and QuickShot VO !
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