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: I only logged in to upvote this.
Suphix (EUW)
: How can you justify Hextech units in a game that is ultimately defined by RNG? You can't control what the shop offers you, nor item drops. You can't control ridiculous unit AI. The three things you have ANY control over are unit positioning, choosing which units you can work towards levelling up, and choosing which unit you will itemise (with likely your 1 and a half items). The 'Tactics' in Teamfight Tactics. But then you go and add Cursed Blade and now this which is ultimately someone deciding "Ok, I get to play the game today, you don't." You are taking conscious steps to remove what VERY LITTLE control the player has and load it all into antifun RNG. Im generally curious, do the TFT designers even play TFT? How do you think this is ok, honestly? Why are Cursed Blade and Hextech allowed to exist? I honestly would like to know how you think this is justifiable and what's more, why it seems to be important to remove the Tactics element from Teamfight Tactics at all costs? At this point just start making the units go in set places on the board to remove tactical input altogether. Although you've added Vi now which is halfway to "%%%% positioning". Absolutely shocking. Unfortunately unless you're posting fan art, have a technical issue or are on NA boards, Riot simply do not care. No one is going to read this, sadly.
Oh, don't worry, mate! I posted this in the NA boards before even posting it here ;) {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Don’t forget the game is one of hard counters... it’s a balancing technique which means that everything has something which completely beats it, and that thing has somethign which beats that. A Rock Paper Scissors sorta thing. It’s very common in RTS games where one type of unit will hard counter another (and I mean hard counter, as in one shots). So the idea of having a counter to items makes sense, for example a RFC counters yordles, but then nothing counters the RFC, so somethign to counters items means that you can adapt your comp to an item reliant build. And considering gunslinger is meta makes sense to add a counter to the item side of things, This doesn’t mean they won’t nerf RFC (though it doesn’t need it) or voli (which does need it)... just add counterplay to it. This does also mean the reverse is true, hextech needs its own counter but we firstly need to actually see how it is applied, if it’s on hit a yordle comp would work, if it’s abilities then demons.
I understand what you mean, but that's not what I'm talking about here. The act of designing a trait, or item, to counter a certain comp, or a certain item, is completely fine and understandable. I have no problem with that. As a proof, I have no problem with items like {{item:3046}} which counters crits, {{item:3124}} which adds AS multiplicatively based on the base AS of units (the less AS, the less effective it is), or even {{item:3033}} which counters heavy spell spamming comps like Gunslingers and Blademasters. But what I'm not ok with is when a trait, or item, counters everything... and I mean EVERYTHING. Every comp in the game and every item in the game. * **Hush** and **sword breaker** counters every unit in the game. Since the game is based on a core mechanic of using mana to cast abilities by units (except {{champion:104}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:67}}), and the only way to get your mana bar full is to AA the enemy, having these 2 items completely shuts down this core mechanic and goes against the very goal of the game itself. And it's not like their proc chance is low or anything either: Hush has a 50% proc chance and Sword Breaker has a 25% proc chance. What can you do to counter the fact that you can't AA and can't cast spells? Well, nothing! * **Demons** and **Glacials** face the same problem. Why burn mana in a game based on spell casting with mana? Why overload units with a hard CC that prevents units from attacking and casting spells in a game based on casting spells and AA? * {{item:3137}} (20% proc chance) is the same. Why ruin the whole progression of a player that spent 30 min trying to level up his unit to 3 star? Is this the strategic approach we need in TFT? Is this fair? How to even counter it? Well, you can't. * **Hextech** origin is no different. Why disable items when one of the core mechanics of the game is to use said items? And remember, this counters EVERY SINGLE ITEM in the game. This doesn't only counter the most unfair and OP items, but also the decent and fairly good items as well. It's unfair, unhealthy and makes no goddamn sense to put it into the game. And **mark my words**: If Riot continues to think this way, instead of nerfing or reworking the hextech trait, they're gonna do the exact same mistake and, instead, design something new to disable unit traits in the same way Hextech disables items. Afterall, Riot's approach is to disable OP items as a counter to them, right? But they ignored all the other decent items in the process. Well, the exact same thing will happen for traits: Riot is gonna disable OP traits as a way to counter them, ignoring all the decent and fair ones in the process. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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Suphix (EUW)
: No chance in hell this goes live. They can't be that idiotic.
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Pxerkza (EUNE)
: imagine a mechanic being nerfed and using it as an argument
Nothing is being nerfed here. They just fixed the dodge mechanic to make it work as intended, like I described it to you. Just take the L mate.
: Matchmaking sucks hard
I'm pretty sure this is a screenshot of a normal game and not of a ranked game. Show a better screenshot of this same match from and let us see if it's normal or ranked (you can blackout the names of the players if you want to, with paint, it takes 10 sec to do). If it's a normal game, then there is no problems here. Dimond player have the right to have fun with their iron friends, in a normal game, where there are no stakes to be had or LP to be lost. I really doubt that this is a ranked game, but you're welcome to prove me wrong!
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: yes? because it's a different IP? don't know who is dumber someone noticing how different the games are or someone thinking that riot would lazy out on creating their new ip > * Yordles: (3) 25%/(6) 60% Dodge ⇒ (3) 30%/(6) 55% Dodge. **Also dodges On-hit effects.** > * **Vayne can no longer apply Silver Bolts onto units in Shen's Spirit Refuge.** Suck on that, mate!
Enderized (EUW)
: Sry for miswriting what i actually meant - english is not my native language - What i wanted to question is why you call void non-existent Void for now is a Supportive Class like Guardian - pair the current Void (not the upcoming Truedamagebullshit one) with Brawler and Guardian and GG -
Well, let me tell you than besides you, and maybe a couple of other people around the world, no one else goes for Void trait. I've never seen anyone goes for it, not even as a transition comp.
Enderized (EUW)
: I'm running best with Brawler Void Guardian - can't understand the slightest why Void should be nonexistent- I mean when the changes on PBE come through when voids deals truedamage instead of 50% armor shred... unless they add in at least 2 new dps voids this trait becomes useless as Cho, Rek'sai nor Kassadin are really made for damage
> can't understand the slightest why Void should be nonexistent It should **not** be nonexistent. It should be viable as any other comp. That's the problem!
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: What you just said may be fun for you, but it will most certainly not be fun for your teammates (and enemies, but who cares about enemies). You say F counterpicks, play whatever you want. Okay let me play that sweet sweet Soraka jungle and lose the game for my team, causing them to rage and flame me, yeeeey, I am having so much fun. Seriously now, some people maybe enjoy the suffering of others (weirdo) but I myself personally, I cannot enjoy myself if I know I am letting someone down, in this case my team.
Well he obviously meant play what you want and still play to win...
: Why does Ekko's ult even exist
Stop crying because you lost a game with an Ekko on enemy team.. -_-' As a main Ekko myself, let me tell you this: {{champion:245}} **is one of the most unique and well designed champion** in league of legends, up there with {{champion:412}}! His R is not just a " _get of jail free card_ ", like some people think. If you only use it as an escape tool, you lose out on approximately 50% of your damage output in team fights. Ekko's basic combo using P, Q and E doesn't do enough damage in fights, especially against good enemy teams that can CC you and just ruin your day. Also, without his R, Ekko is vulnerable and a weak 1v1 champ. Ekko is a melee mage **assassin/fighter**. He needs some form of **sustain**, which he got in the form of his W shield and the heal on his R. Why does he need sustain, you might ask? It's because of his assassin + fighter playstyle: He goes in deep into the fight, which leaves him vulnerable to being locked down and bursted down (_**RIP C9 Jensen**_). And this is not unique to Ekko. Every assassin and fighter, in the game, has some sort of mobility spells and sustainability. His E is not even close to be enough escapability on its own . Do you even know the range on the E1 dash?! It's so small you barely can hop over thin walls with it, and you need to hug the wall to even do it consistently. His W is just awesome and hard to pull off consistently. To use it, you need good knowledge of team fighting, patience and timing. Ekko has one of the worst laning phases in early game, though. He is prone to poke from ranged champs or melee champs with high burst/mobility (looking at you, {{champion:7}} and {{champion:157}}) and his combos, early on, don't do that much damage. He's too AP relyant and needs his 1st item to at least trade evenly in lane. His Q doesn't even one shot the backline minions until rank 5 + 87 AP, iirc, which is around lvl 9.. You think he's ungankable?! Dude, besides not having flash, pre-6, if ekko wastes his E, he's vulnerable to everything. Post-6, If he doesn't have his R up, he's vulnerable to everything too. Everything in Ekko's kit is fair. His Q1 is slow enough to allow the opponent to dodge the returning Q2. His W is so telegraphed, if you have vision on Ekko, and even if you don't, once you see the W pop up, you have a full seconde to react and get the hell out of there. His E is small ranged and has 2 parts to it, so you're fast enough, you can just react to the E1 and not let Ekko blink to you, thus negating any attempt of engaging on you. His R is also telegraphed and you can see his afterimage as long as you have vision on Ekko, so you know exactly where he's gonna ult back. {{champion:245}} is one of the fairest enemies that you can get in your games, dude... If you lose lane vs him, it's either the enemy Ekko was just good or you just suck! Or maybe both, idk...
: I mean the skill ceiling, the pros are at the a normal player can potentially raise to that ceiling, but if the pros cant deal with it, the rest of us have zero chance. Does that sound a little bit more logical ?
Nope! Your logic is still upside down mate. What you're saying here is basically the same thing as saying this: " _**Hey! Let's make the educational system so where we implement advanced math with their quadratic equations, complex numbers, integrals, and so on. into 1st year primary school.**_ _**I mean, Pro mathematicians and adults, working in this field, easily understand these notions and kids will grow up and will get there eventually, right?. Afterall, kids will raise to adulthood status, right?!**_ _**But let's not push too far and implement notions that are too hard even for adults to understand easily. So, let's keep it fair and only put anything that adults and pro mathematicians understand and can deal with, so the kids will still have a chance to deal with it. Sound fair, right?!**_ _**Better yet, let's build the whole educational system around adults. F-ck those kids who barely can do additions and subtractions, they're not skilled enough (get gud son!). It's not like every tier of the educational ladder is different and requires different skills, knowledge and analytical capacities to learn stuff, or anything... right?!**_ _**Building the system to accommodate to the skill level and understanding capacities of the students?! Hell no... Let's make it only for adult thinking and high brain capacity instead.**_ " Do you see how stupid this sounds?! It's the same thing with Riot's system, soloQ, pro play, and balancing the game. You can't balance the game around pro play and automatically expect good results in soloQ, in the same way you can't balance the educational system around professionals and their skill set, and expect kids to succeed and everyone to agree with that. But in contrary, If you balance the game around soloQ, and the results are good and well received, then the results in pro play will always automatically be even better. Anyway, I'm gonna stop here. I think you got my message (at least, I hope you did), even though I can still rant about this.
: Football revolves around team play and has very different orientation to the objective, nor is it a case of player vs player for the first 10 - 15min. League of Hypocrisy may want to sell itself as a team based game, but it's main focal point is the individual aspect with individual rating except when it comes to games, in other words it's going in all random directions with no center! Secondly, in football you also don't start barefoot and don't need to visit the sideline to buy boots etc in order to win, nor will it mean the game is almost impossible to turn around because you are trailing by 1 or 2, neither do you randomly lose 1 - 3 players because they are curling monsters who cba (Your analogy sucks ass tbh). Win rate does matter when roles are passed out since this game is all about 1v1 for the first 10min. Try to stay on point with your own original argument when it's being countered by sound logic, I am not the least bit interested in debating with a blind Riot fanboy! The only point that matters, is that Riot used the argument (along with every booster and boostie) that solo & duo was combined so people could play with their friends in a more competitive scene.., that argument went out the window with the introduction of Flex. Now, Flex serves as the perfect arena for 2 - 5 players (even though Riot made it so you can't go full premade for some reason), so the only reason left is why Riot isn't seperating solo & duo-que, is because they know how big of a problem account boosting is, and it might drive some of their higher ranked players away, if they couldn't earn extra money on it. So not only are they setting the example of being major hypocrits, but also that their rules aren't enforced on this particular problem!
Don't bother explaining yourself to these guys, mate! They seem like Riot supporters and they see no problem with the current system. They're fine with the way soloQ is right now, I guess... Some people are just too stubborn to realize that the system is not working and too stupid to understand what we're saying, even though it's so logical and common sense. So, just, don't bother mate! Don't waste your time like I did, answering to their nonsense! They, simply, are incapable of understanding us.
: I think my favourite part was when the long haired blonde guy said they changed every ability. Then when they showed them they weren't that different.
They might look similar, but they play differently while still having a familiar feel to them, which is the best approach to reworking old champions, imho.
Cras Luna (EUNE)
: there are certain rules one need to follow in order to not look like an elitist ass with no point rule number one - give an example to explain your point, if your point is too complex or far-fetched for the other players to follow you either need to give a good example to enforce it or your point will be taken as too obscure to be of any consequence rule number two - be nice or very methodical in your post, if you can be nice they will try and be understanding toward you, and if you are very methodical they would know you have already considered every point they might've put out. the second option require you to actually answer their points one by one and dissect their arguments so it's mostly easier to just be nice.(I can't cause I'm totally an ass) rule number three - disrespecting someone because of rank is stupid, you should disrespect them due to their poor arguments it's way more fun. I might've come up in this post as an ass, but I am an Ass with a point.
> rule number one - give an example to explain your point, if your point is too complex or far-fetched for the other players to follow you either need to give a good example to enforce it or your point will be taken as too obscure to be of any consequence I think my points are pretty clear. Dozenses of players already agreed with me and understood what I was saying, pretty easily and the majority upvoted it. If the minority can't follow simple logic and understand the thread, I can't help them. > rule number two - be nice or very methodical in your post, if you can be nice they will try and be understanding toward you, and if you are very methodical they would know you have already considered every point they might've put out. the second option require you to actually answer their points one by one and dissect their arguments so it's mostly easier to just be nice.(I can't cause I'm totally an ass) refer to my first point ^. > rule number three - disrespecting someone because of rank is stupid, you should disrespect them due to their poor arguments it's way more fun. I never disrespect anyone because of their rank. All I said in these comments is that if you're silver **AND** you didn't play enough ranked games, to have enough experience in soloQ, you're not eligible to argue about soloQ problems. I mean, it's simple logic: If I am a medical student, for example, I have some infos about medical field and I read a lot of scientific articles. So I feel like I know a bunch of stuff. But when veteran doctors and scientists, who are far more experienced than me, start arguing about how to cure a disease or come up with experiments to prove something, or whatever, I'm not gonna pretend to be knowledgeable about it and try to argue with them. I will bring nothing to the conversation and I won't be saying to them " Don't disrespect me because I'm still a student "... If you're easily butthurt and only see the " _**if you're silver**_ " part of my argument and dismiss the " _**you don't have enough ranked played and don't have enough experience**_ " part, then I can't help you, and the internet might not be a place for you! And if even after all of this some of you still don't understand my point, then please get a brain! I'm tired of answering to these stupid statements. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >I didn't know posting from another account is a blasphemy in this world! Oops, I guess? it is, if you are talking about my rank and experience, if i have the balls to show you my main acc with its silver stats then you should answer from your main acc too, just so we can see how experienced you are and how valid your points are
Meowmo (EUW)
: I don't think anyone wants to sit in a queue for 30 minutes to play a game. I agree that changes need to be made, but these suggestions are not the answer. Communication is key. I see so many people when they get into game that say "1st time 'insert role/champ'" But they don't say anything in champ select. Communicate with people in the lobby, ask if everyone is comfortable with their roles and offer to fill any position (if able) Being friendly, and communicative is a better way to ensure a better game for everyone on your team. I don't think you realise that every game you play in solo queue you are being matched with 4 random strangers you've never met before. Everyone worldwide has a range of personality traits that are impossible to control. You'll meet all sorts of players. Friendly ones, nasty ones, toxic ones. w/e. You can't control this. Sometimes people are just having a bad day, or they want to play a game to relax, to get away from the stresses of life. Don't go into every single game thinking "Everyone is going to be lovely, and try their best". Also don't assume that every lane can be won 100% of the time. Players can have great games, because they are playing against someone who isn't as skilled, or in the most focused mind set. But they can also have terrible games where they go 0/8 within the first 15 minutes. Everyone experiences this, and you should never flame someone who is having a bad game. This drops their mood, and if they play more games, their attitude, their feelings from the previous game will carry over and affect future games. Which you don't need to worry about. But you may also experience players in a new game, who just came from a game where someone else flamed them hard. it's and endless cycle. TLDR. Even if things aren't going well, be nice to your teammates, moods can change, and comebacks can happen. If someone is new to role, help them. Give them constructive advice without sounding condescending or insulting. If league of legends is making you this upset, consider taking a break. Play something else. At the end of the day its a video game. Yes ranked is important, and people want to win. But for some people its still about having fun, and losing is a part of that. Learn to accept the bad games, no one, and nothing is perfect.
I understand your optimism and your way of thinking, but that's just not realistic, unfortunately! The reality of soloQ is different, my friend. The only way to keep order between a group of strangers is to enforce rules on them. If they could communicate efficiently on their own, that would be great, of course! But we both know that's not gonna happen in soloQ. And even if it does happen, it's so rare. So rules, it is! I agree that fun is important when playing video games. But if you're playing in a competitive environment, WINNING is the fun, and you better be tryharding to win motherf*ckers, or just don't queue up for ranked. You want to play for fun without try harding?! There are normal Blind and Draft games for that. You can do whatever you want there, no one will care, since there is no consequence for winning or losing a normal game. For ranked though, you better know WTF you're doing, mate! Otherwise, just keep learning in normals until you're ready to test your skills in this bloody battlefield that is Ranked! I don't care about what happened to you last game. I don't care about your mindset. I don't care if you just woke up... All I care about in my ranked games is having decent teammates, who are actually knowledgeable about the game, who are fairly good on the champions they play and make fairly good in-game decisions. Basically, I care about having players with a brain, as teammates. Everything else is irrelevant to me. If you're in a bad mood or just got flamed or whatever, just don't queue up to ranked and ruin other people's day. Take a break, come back when you're ready. I'm not here to babysit other players or be their moral support. I'm here to play ranked and climb the ladder. I may sound harsh, but that's the reality of soloQ. Don't be the burden, be the carry!
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: yes? because it's a different IP? don't know who is dumber someone noticing how different the games are or someone thinking that riot would lazy out on creating their new ip
Someone never heard of _**efficiency**_ here. God, some people are just.... urgh! Whatever, man! Whatever...
Meowmo (EUW)
: I'm not talking about a few extra minutes. Reworking the MMR system, so that you only match with people on your skill level, increases queue time. Look at the percentage of the player base in each rank ( ) Sure the difference for high silver/low gold wont be affected as much. But for everyone else this means increased queue times. Limiting autofills per game, means that the servers have to find an exact match for players to be autofilled, but not only that with the MMR changes you are proposing, it has to be an exact match in that MMR range. Which increases queue times. Separating solo/duo queue.. will also increase queue times. What could be a 30second queue becomes a 7 minute queue, what could be a 5 minute queue becomes 20minutes, and so on. TLDR, if you put too many limitations, and rules on who can queue with who, queue times will be increased tenfold as a result.
I don't care if I wait 30 min if it gets me to play a good ranked game of league. Look at it this way: With the current system, you're more likely to get into a bad game where other players are more likely to be bad, toxic and/or autofilled. You're gonna play that game, lose it in, like, 25 min, on average. Combine that with the wasted time waiting for the queue to pop up and the time during champ select + loading screen. So let's round everything up to 30 min. So, with the current system, you're more likely to waste 30 min of your time, on a lost game, because you got matched with bad/autofilled players. And if you're really unlucky, the enemy team will all be on role, and maybe they have premades, as well (more synergy). Combine this with the frustration of playing that game and all the usual toxicity in game. It's not worth it! So, instead of this crap, I'd rather actually wait 30 min, in peace, for a decent game that I know will be as fair as possible since if I get autofills on my team, I know their team will have the same. If I lose that game, I won't be as frustrated about it because I would know that we lost because we were not good enough to win the game since both teams got the same number of on role players and autofilled players, in the same rank range, and there are no premades on enemy team either, so no advantages there... and that's fair! With the current system, however, you could play like a pro, if you want, at least someone on your team is sure to ruin your day, whether he'd be trolling, inting, AFK, wintrading, etc. or maybe he's just autofilled and doesn't care anymore, because he got stomped on by that main Kled top lane and got camped by that Kayn who secretly premade with that Kled! And all you see in chat by that point is _**GG go next plz!**_
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: >Euh, no?! It's actually how the dodge mechanic works in league of legends. thats where you made your first error TFT is not league of legends and outside of the visuals they don't share mechanics
Are you blind, mate?! Can't you see that ALL the mechanics and abilities in TFT are straight up 100% the same abilities used in SR?! Do you really think that Riot would create new whole mechanics for TFT and code everything from scratch to look exactly like SR mechanics and abilities, instead of just using the preexisting mechanics that are available in their database already?! Like... Are you THAT dumb?!
Meowmo (EUW)
: All of these suggestions equate to much longer queue times.
So what?! If it gets me into a game where everyone is on role, at least decent at their champs, and know wtf they're doing, sure, I'll wait a few minutes for a match.
: Well to be honest I never planned to be a jungler, its a high skiiled job I cant do, but I do recognise the need to be able to do multiple roles so I am trying. I would not try this in ranked as I know I am not good enough so I try in SR Blind and SR none ranked Draft. I am a main mid, that can ADC second and if pushed top third... jungler is my last able position but in unranked blind and draft no one wants to play that role often, so even when I chose fill all... I get jungler.
I respect your willingness to try out jungle. It takes some balls to go out of your comfort zone and try out something new. You said you're doing this in Normal Blind and Draft modes. In that case, don't pay any attention to what anyone says to you. Just /mute chat and focus on your gameplay and on what you can improve on. I suggest you watch [Virkayu]('s guides on youtube, they're one of the best jungle guides out there. Focus on improving one thing at a time and you'll get there eventually. Good luck in your journey, mate! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: If Vlad was so OP he would be pick / banned by all pro players, see the pros are are the highest skill ceiling so if they can deal with him, a normal player can too if they have the skill. Balancing to the norm, and not the pro would leave the game in a mess as the high skilled would abuse the OP nature of champions, to the detriment of the rest. Vlad is obviously not that OP, he is strong thus picked but he does have his limitations or he would be banned / picked all the time. Vlad is a strong champion that has a weak early game and a strong late game, but if you finish the game early he is a bad pick. The current meta is quicker in the EU meta at least, so Vlad gets his stuff kicked in before he comes online.
> If Vlad was so OP... I never said Vlad was OP. I said his mid to late game is stronger than it should be and Riot should nerf some of his late game healing and CDs. I mean they nerfed Mundo's Regen powers, so why not Vlad?! Why does a champion need to be considered OP for it to be nerfed and balanced?! What kinda logic is that? > see the pros are are the highest skill ceiling so if they can deal with him, a normal player can too if they have the skill There is so much wrong in that one statement! Your logic is upside down, mate. If a pro player can do something, that does NOT mean an average player can also do it. You're comparing a pro player to an average player and putting them on the same level and expecting the same result from both of them when dealing with a champion. And " _if they have the skill_ "... Well, no sh*t, Sherlock?! If everyone was skillful, no one would complain, would they now?! Of course there is a skill disparity among soloQ players and between soloQ and pro scene... and Riot should take that into consideration when balancing champions. That's my whole point!
: PSA: If you dont want to do a role, don't be so harsh on the guy trying that role.
If you're talking about trying out jungle in normal games, then I agree with you completely. You should be able to try out whatever the f*ck you want in normals and no one has the right to argue that, as long as you're trying to win, of course! If you're talking about trying out the role in ranked, however, then f*ck you, sir. Don't try out new things for the 1st time in ranked. Practice in normals and when you know what you're doing and you become very comfortable on your champ, then go to ranked. Nothing too hard to understand here, it's just logic and common sense. Now, about the people disrespecting junglers. I'm a jungle main myself, and I own the rift when I'm in game and having a good time. But, if anyone is reading this, then: * if you're one of those idiots who die to obvious enemy ganks when I already spam pinged it 15 sec ago * if you're one of those laners who spam help pings because you got solo killed 3 times by the enemy laner or getting camped by enemy jungler because you overextend and die without vision * if you're one of those who go afk because I didn't gank your lane because I'm camping another lane that actually will win us the game (win condition, motherf*ckers) * if you're one of those who steal camps from your own jungler just to piss them off and trolling * if you're one of those who flame junglers because you suck at the game and don't understand that you need to hug your turret side when you're behind and farm safely, or just roam to be useful elsewhere and get back into the game... so on and so on... If you're anyone of those motherf*ckers I just mentioned (and more), then I just have one thing to say to you: F_CK YOU AND GET GUD! Have a nice day, junglers... and any laner with a brain! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: One I have seen a recent Bard, on a winning team. Ok, I will concede the pros dont find all the best stuff but they showcase it to a wide audience and thus more players will use that stuff, the point remains that these are overpowered stuff that filter to the other levels, and ruin the overall balance. If an pro player can not find a suitable counter, then how is a lower elo player going to counter it ? Do you want a situation where a overpowered move is so op that even pro players cant counter it in the normal game, hell Yi is considered OP at certain levels despite the counter is to split and then murder him, low elo players cant react properly so Yi is a noob killer, but he is rather easy to counter as a team. Imagine a champion so OP that even pro's have no counter... thats my point.
And that's why Riot should design champions and balance them towards the soloQ scene rather than the pro scene. Because balancing towards soloQ is simpler and easier, since you have millions of people giving you feedback. Pro players can find some champions easy to play for them and they think they're ok, when in reality those champs are not easy at all for the average player and are not balanced in soloQ. Case in point: {{champion:8}}! There is a reason why the blood lord is the healing meme! " _**Some champion heals too much, he's Vlad on steroids!**_ " Riot didn't touch this champion since patch 8.13, over a year ago! Because no pro player is complaining about it! But we all know that Vlad needs a nerf on his CDs and late game healing! The guy is just unkillable by that point and can solo carry 1v9 even if not fed early! Heck, even Elitt500, a Vlad main on youtube and one of the best Vlads out there said that Vlad need some nerfs to his mid to late game. But nope, Riot refuses to even look at him, because he's supposedly " just ok " in pro play. What about SoloQ?! Nah, %%%% soloQ, ain't nobody got time for that!
: Balancing around pro play is logical, if anyone is going to find a imbalanced way to play a champion, its them and the fact they can play around a champion means we can if we get a bit better. I mean Ziggs is powerful at low elo, but to a pro he is a snack most of the time. Yi is considered OP at low elo, a cheap q to get to AA range and a lot of AA steroids lets him penta noobs all day long (me included) ... but he aint even in the running at high to pro level play.
First of all, Pro players don't come up with unique ways to play champion, it's always soloQ players that do that. For example, even the famous insec lee sin kick was not found by Insec himself. He saw it executed in his games by oher soloQ players and he adopted it and he was the first to use it in a pro match. Same thing for Madlife's famous Q + flash combo with Thresh, that got removed from the game because it was actually a bug. Secondly, if your game is played internationally by millions of players, and you're balancing your whole game around pro play more, rather than soloQ, then that's a very stupid decision for a very simple reason: Pro league of legends is way different than soloQ League of legends. To illustrate my point let's take an example: Take {{champion:432}} and {{champion:497}}. We all know how good they were in pro play, right? Look at what Riot did to them for the past year or so. They overnerfed the champions because they were too good for pro play but screwed every Bard and Rakan main, in soloQ, in the process. The champions themselves are designed for pro play and for teams with good synergy (premade teams), something that is lacking in the soloQ environment! So when they nerfed them, they completely ignored soloQ and focused on pro play, which led to these 2 champs to be unplayable in soloQ again! After people complained about these nerfs, Riot decided to rebuff Rakan and now he's somewhat playable in soloQ. but Bard's buffs are nowhere to be found. The champ is just gone! It's been at least months since I last seen a bard in my games! Is that fair for soloQ players who main these champs? NO. Riot, by doing this, basically is saying " F*ck them, we need these champs gone from pro play, or at least picked less. SoloQ Rakan and Bard players can suck it ". If you see people complain about overnerfing and over buffing champs, left and right, for pro play, and you see that even statistically those champs just went below 48% WR in soloQ because of these changes, then that's a huge red flag that what you're doing is wrong. I mean, it's common sense for f*ck sake!
: well, as you say, evelynn requires everyone in the team to be very cautious of the minimap. I think that the amount of pressure she has is way too high because you cannot place your trust in normal wards, but still, you have to play your lane, right? And about the responsibility of a jungler, yes he is kind of responsible for the early. But the early is not where evelynn shines. She gets strong with runic echoes and level 6 and nevers falls off again. I think that all you're saying is right, but even with all that she still can easily snowball. And what you say requires the extraordinary condition that everyone does what you say ie look at the minimap, communicate , place pinks etc.. As i said many times on the board, that is never going to happen in solo queue. But what you're saying is right, and that's why eve is so easy to play against in teams...
Don't you think this means that the problem actually comes from the players not doing what they're supposed to do, rather than Evelynn being too good?! ;) Again, I understand that stealthed champions create a unique pressure in the game. But I actually don't mind it that much. It adds a new layers of excitement and thrill to the game. Kinda like when you play vs a {{champion:19}} and you hear his W sound play. I would think: " Oh shit! Is he coming for my booty? ", and it's exciting, tbh. Talking about her dmg. Remember: Evelynn is an assassin! So of course she's gonna snowball out of control if she gets early easy kills. That's how assassins work! But, if no one dies to her early game, she actually becomes one of the worst champions in the game, since she's so item dependant! If people learn to be decent at the game, the Evelynn " problem " that you're talking about should fix itself, tbh. I don't think Evelynn is the problem, I think the players, who constantly die to her easily avoidable ganks, are the problem.
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: Bro are you an idiot? The higher Eli you are the less LP you gain and the more you lose
Are you dumb, mate?! You're telling me that gaining +27LP for 2nd place and losing 72 LP for 8th (almost triple what you gain for 2nd), in a Platinum ranked TFT game, is just " fine "?! You see no problem here?! Ok...
: Yeah but as i say i'm not playing at high elo. I'm a gold player, and i also usually play jungle. When im jungle i either ban her or master yi and when she's picked i do my best to keep her off feeding herself, jyst like u said. I usually pick lee sin to counter her. But when i play on a lane, it's not my responsibilty. Should a jungler be respoinsible for the whole game? no. EDIT : oh and by the way ofc ive played against an elise jungle. It's nowhere as strong as evelynn at my elo. Ive made a comparison between those two on another post.
> Yeah but as i say i'm not playing at high elo. I'm a gold player, and i also usually play jungle It doesn't matter if you're iron 4, gold 2, or challenger. The fundamentals of tracking the enemy jungler stay the same! If you play the game correctly, you'll climb much easier. > But when i play on a lane, it's not my responsibilty If you play in a lane, although you'll be focused more on your lane (csing and trading takes some concentration), you still need to pay attention to the minimap and the pings of your teammates. Although it's not your responsibility to track the enemy jungler (even though you could technically help do so by placing a deep ward in the enemy jungle when you have a downtime and doing nothing in lane), it is your responsibility to not die to ganks and feed the enemy team. Sometimes, no one is looking to the minimap for more than 20 sec, Eve shows up briefly on the minimap during that time but no one notices it, and then ganks a lane and gets a kill. If you train yourself to look at the minimap every 5 sec, or so, you'll have a much easier laning phase and a much easier time dodging ganks, even from a stealthed Evelynn. > Should a jungler be respoinsible for the whole game? no. Junglers are responsible for the early game! That's one of our jobs in the first 15 min, or so. Laners need to focus on building leads by csing and out trading/killing their opponents, so they tend to not move far away from their lane pre 15 min. After that, usually laning phase is over and people will have more freedom to move around the map. At that point, they can help the jungler establish more vision around the map, which helps track the enemy team even better.
: and the rest of the champions are crying. Seriously, this game is not about counter picking. + even though the nemy jungle picks one of these the eve doesnt give a shit she just ganks weak laners like adc or mid. When i say she's broken i'm not speaking about her matchups in the jgl, im saying she has too much strength and pressure in general
Listen mate. As a main jungler myself, let me tell you something that might surprise you! As a jungler, it is my responsibility to track the enemy jungler around the map and ping where he is at all times, to let my teammates know that the enemy jungler is on their side of the map. With good map control and vision, I can even pinpoint the exact location of the enemy jungler, thus negating any surprise ganks or camping. Playing vs {{champion:28}} is no different than, say, playing vs a {{champion:29}} jungle, or {{champion:141}}, for example. These other 2 can also be really obnoxious to play against and seems OP at the surface. But if I do my job as a jungler correctly, I should be able to negate a lot of their strengths, such as their high mobility around the map, for instance. Now, sometimes I'll do my job perfectly and ping the whereabouts of the enemy Eve everytime I know where she is, but my teammates will still die to her ganks (even pre 6). Does that mean she's OP? No, of course not. It just mean that your team ignored your pings and died stupidly. I don't care who you are, if you die to a pre-6 Evelynn gank, especially when your jungler just pinged her location few seconds ago, you're just bad! Same thing with Eve post-6. It's my job to track her down by warding her jungle and any of her prefered spots to walk through to avoid vision. Good supports, sometimes, will also help me establish vision around the map to keep tracking her down, but I don't rely too much on them, I establish my own vision. Remember, she's not stealthed 100% of the time, She's visible while clearing camps or wards, and shortly after. You might think all of this is just extra work that you need to do just because Evelynn is in the game. But in reality, this is what you should do as a jungler EVERY SINGLE GAME you play, regardless of who's the enemy jungler! Map control and vision control are 2 important skills to have as a jungler, and if you fail in establishing these, you'll have a hard time winning even against an {{champion:32}}! So yeah, I don't know why people are crying about her being OP. I mean, sure, she's an AP assassin, what did you expect her damage would be?! Ever seen an {{champion:60}} jungle, mate?! Just grow up and learn the game properly. There is so much information in one game that you need to handle to counter all champions. Evelynn is not OP, she's just too good at punish stupid league players! You know who was really OP and also good at punishing stupid players?! {{champion:120}} and {{champion:421}}, because their damage was actually broken af... and where are they now after the nerfs?! Well, they're still decent jungle picks, not OP, not bad. Eve's kit is fine, and her numbers are fine, for an AP assassin.
: Yeah SoloQ can be a bit of a headache and I do understand why it triggers people enough to be toxic. I find that attitude towards a game is a biiiiig thing when it comes to win/loss. I've won more games where people have concentrated instead of _angry typing noises_ flaming each other e.g. enemy jungle ganks your lane (cause derp of course his going to) and kills you this is where people spam ping their jungler and begin the downward decent to losing. If they just changed their attitude, farm up, look for plays, work _with_ their team not against it's a smoother ride. I really don't understand how people think raging/insulting each other is going to make their team rally together and help them. Side note, muting everyone at start of games does wonders for mental health.
Yeah but you gotta admit that any game with a competitive environment is prone to toxicity. It's actually a natural thing to be toxic when you're trying your hardest to climb a ranked ladder, in a game that you love, only to get matched with people, on your own team, who are doing everything to ruin your day... Heck, even Shiphtur, one of my most favorite league streamers and one of the most chill dudes out there, gets toxic when shit hits the fence. I'm not promoting toxicity as a good thing here. I'm just saying that it's just normal to be toxic in a competitive environment, whether it's a video game, a job, a normal game,etc. I feel like there are some people in league who just are not built to play ranked, man! Some people should just stick to playing normals and have fun there. Some other people should just stick to playing single player games and be as stupid and dumb as they can be there. No one will care about that, right? But if you're being stupid in my ranked games?! That irritates me and makes the game unfun to play. I don't know, man. Some people are just not good at MOBAs or any competitive online games and they should just keep playing single player games, for our sanity! There is no shame in admitting that some games are just not for you, you know!
: Evelynn is a broken champion.
{{champion:2}}, {{champion:421}}, {{champion:113}}, {{champion:254}} and {{champion:19}} are laughing in the distance!
: He aint that safe, at least in pro, he is not banned/picked 24/7 ... the crowd go wild when a Yas is picked, its more interesting than the more typical boring Asiur / Corki standard. This may not translate to none pro games, but the fact remains... if Yas was easy and does that much DPS, then he would be banned/ picked all the time, yet he remains a niche pick up and for the teams that are willing to try mix up the picks and bans.
Mah dude... pro players are only a drop of water in the ocean of millions of league players. I don't care about how good or bad Yasuo is in pro play since I'm not a pro player, and 99.5% of the player base aren't either. What I'm talking about is the somewhat average Yasuo player and how obnoxious laning vs a decent yasuo player can be in early game. But the way you think is exactly how Riot thinks: They give too much attention to pro play and balance champions around that more than balancing champion around the majority of league players. And that is why league got screwed these past few years...
Megaweed (EUW)
: Thoughts on Yasuo?
Yasuo is supposed to be a fighter, but he plays like an assassin, imho. The champion is overloaded with damage with his double crit chance. The guy can straightforward build no AD items early and still autos you to death, kinda like a tryndamere does. He doesn't even need the knock up from his Q to kill you, his damage output is high enough to just two shot you. The CC is just a bonus and a forced mechanic to go along with his ultimate. Also, he just have too much mobility. In lane, if you're a skillshot based champion, it's a nightmare to try and poke yasuo when he can dashe all over the place, while risking nothing at all. The guy doesn't use any resources, afterall, so he's not punished for spamming dashes and Qs. Actually, he's even rewarded for it. Now, I know that he can't dashe infinitely and there is a CD for each unit he passes through, but still, dashing 5 or 6 times in a row, with no CD (E has basically no CD), and unpredictably, is just broken af and unfun to play against. His passive shields for too much HP at early levels (100 at lvl 1), kinda like Riven's shield. But at least, you don't need to break through all of it, you just need to auto him once and then wait a second for the shield to run off. But still, it's hard to lane against him if you're playing a melee champ or a short ranged champ, since he has a free shield for walking around (so much skill required, I know, right?), so he always wins trades early. I think Yasuo has too much of a safe laning phase and Riot should nerf his passive shield in early levels, at least. I also think Riot should limit his mobility early game but allows him to unlock more mobility options as the game progresses. For example: at rank 1 of his E, he should only be able to dashe through 3 units at max, then 4 units at rank 2, 5 units at rank 3, etc. You get the idea. This will keep his laning phase in check and gives the opponent a counter-play chance, while also punishing Yasuo for dashing too much, so now he has to actually think how does he wanna use his dashes in early game. As for team fighting, I think he's easily focused down since he's squishy. So one hard CC on him and he should be dead... if your team has a brain, of course! The problem is, his laning phase is so safe, that he actually can get solo kills in lane so easily, gets fed, roams, gets even more fed, and then solo carries the game 1v9 before the mid-game even begins, because his damage with just 2 items is just absurdly broken.
: You clearly missed the point entirely. First of all, you can clearly see this is a brainstorming king of topic and not someone trying to implement any sort of ideas so you coming here and just dismissing everything op said without any counter arguments that could in fact be helpful to reach a conclusion also tells a lot about yourself. You being silver is argument enough to dismiss you (and yes this is very elitist) because you have no idea how toxic (for example) DuoQ becomes when two players actually know what they're doing and can abuse it. (you getting a DuoQ in silver most of times just means it's two friends who got together to at least reduce the amount of trolls in they're games). If you check challenger games where a DuoQ team will just completely destroy the enemy top/mid laner with constant dives and ganks than you would understand the point. Returning to the main topic. IMO instead of leagues and divisions we should move back to ratings (back when your rating wasn't bronze V but rating 100) and all of the garbage would just go down and if you wanted to climb you actually had to try harder (right now with all of the loss prevention systems and all of the bullshit associated with it you get games where even if you troll you win because it's meant to make you have a 50% WR).
Thank you, good sir! Finally someone with a brain that actually understands my point, that is fairly easy to understand to begin with! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: That logic is so flawed that even fapping in front of the police wouldn't be that bad
: did you read what i said? any info from is only used to dismiss the other person when out of arguments. It indicates youdont have any counter-arguments, so you just belittle the other person with his rank, and think its a valid argument. its not. **its not an argument.**
> any info from is only used to dismiss the other person when out of arguments. Hmmm, I pretty sure that infos from tells me more about you as a player than anything else (except maybe having you in my games). > It indicates youdont have any counter-arguments, so you just belittle the other person with his rank, and think its a valid argument. its not. its not an argument. No, it indicates that I have a brain and I can analyze player profiles to get a rough idea of whether they're experienced enough to be talking about the soloQ state and problems, or not. I don't only look at the division you're in, I also look at champion stats, ranked games played over the seasons, win rates, etc. Profiling other players is fun, you should try it out, once you get more experience in soloQ and learn the game even better. I mean, there is a reason why sites like exists, and it's not just to have another match history that looks fancy, I'll tell you that! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Tarolock (EUNE)
: you dont even play ranked (or posting from a smurf which is even worse) and you dismiss my arguments just because im silver? im pretty sure if you would just jump off your high horse and search around the boards you would find others who agree with me and they are much higher rank than me (so their words are somehow truer than mine) btw you didnt even reply to any of my points, only talking about my rank, how about making a real discussion and argue, instead of talking about irrelevant stuff?
> you dont even play ranked (or posting from a smurf which is even worse) I didn't know posting from another account is a blasphemy in this world! Oops, I guess? > and you dismiss my arguments just because im silver? Hmm, I pretty sure I also said that you barely played any ranked games, too. Being silver is fine. Not having enough ranked games played throughout the seasons and trying to argue about the soloQ state, is not, though. Which is a valid reason for me to dismiss your argument since you're not experienced enough to recognize the real problems of soloQ. I've been playing league for 7 years now, so with all due respect, I think it's safe to say I know soloQ better than you do.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: whats your definition of stable? because thresh was pro viable for a very long time and he wasn't picked for his prediction hooks or play making he was initially just a better blitzcrank yes riot found a way to balance thresh 3 years after he was released thats the moment he got stable if you want a good hit and run champion to make your argument around you should look at the WW rework
> whats your definition of stable? Seriously?! After all that I wrote in this thread and comments, you still don't understand my definition of stable, hein?! Well, sorry but I'm not repeating myself. Just read everything that wrote again, you'll understand eventually... hopefully! > because thresh was pro viable for a very long time and he wasn't picked for his prediction hooks or play making he was initially just a better blitzcrank What do you mean by saying " because " after your question about thresh being stable?! Do you mean Thresh got into pro play because he was unstable and OP, or something like that? I don't understand your logic here, sir. Thresh got picked in Pro play exactly for his play making potential. It's not just because he was a better blitzcrank, it's because of his unique playstyle and diverse kit. Blitz is still better for picking up targets and eliminating them quickly, since Blitz's Q is way faster than Thresh's Q, bigger hitbox and once you get hit, there is little to no counter play. And the hook prediction thing is what got popularized by Madlife, the Thresh god! > yes riot found a way to balance thresh 3 years after he was released thats the moment he got stable Yes. and?! He's been stable for 3 years now. I mean, what's your point here?! Does it bother you that Riot took so long to stabilize Thresh, or something?! Who cares how long it took to do so, the important thing now is that he is stable NOW, and has been for the last 3 years. That's what makes him the best candidate for a good champion design reference. I don't understand what's your problem with Thresh and his patch cycle, here. _I mean, do you know how long it took to stabilize and tweak science formulas and inventions? No, you don't, and that shouldn't bother you, either. The important thing is that NOW they're stable and used as a reference for so many other things. I hope what I'm saying here makes sense to you._ > if you want a good hit and run champion to make your argument around you should look at the WW rework Wait, what?! hit and run? What does that have anything to do with Thresh and my thread? Also, WW rework is anything but a hit and run style. WTF! Warwick is the embodiment of what a hunter should be. He hunts relentlessly until his target is dead. A hit and run champion is something completely different, mate. Like Jinx, for example. She is THE hit and run champion in league of legends. I don't know man, everything you say is all over the place, I can't even follow your logic or what you're trying to say.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: thats your personal opinion on how the mechanic should work im telling you that the mechanic is consistent throughout the entire game and thus it's working as intended yordles and pd are already too strong against certain comps (blademasters/assassins/wilds/brawlers) we kinda need at least something to fight them properly with
> thats your personal opinion on how the mechanic should work Euh, no?! It's actually how the dodge mechanic works in league of legends. If you check out Jax's wiki page and you show Counter Strike's ability details, it states: * Counter Strike will also dodge abilities that can trigger on-hit effects (Parrrley, Mystic Shot) which will count towards Counter Strike's increased damage. If you check out Shen's wiki page and you show Spirit's Refuge ability details, it states: * Spirit's Refuge will also dodge abilities that can trigger on-hit effects (Parrrley, Mystic Shot) You can even see any clip on youtube, or whatever, of a vayne hitting a jax that has E up, for example, and you'll see that the W passive is not applied when Jax dodges Vayne's autos. So yeah, this is not my personal opinion on how the mechanic should work, this is how Riot coded the mechanic to work!
: when someone has no argument he does one of the following: 1. check person's rank if that doesnt work 2. check the champs he plays if that doesnt work 3. check his match history. these are not arguments, its just you dismissing someone just because **you dont agree **with him.
Like I said, no offense. I didn't mean it in a bad way! But looking to your profile, anyone can tell you're not experienced enough to know what's exactly wrong with the SoloQ system. Besides, my arguments are already in my thread, no need to repeat myself. But again, I apologize if I offended you in any way, that was not my intention. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: heres tips how to make league less toxic: 1. move chat screen from bottom left side to top left side 2. immediately restrict chat for someone who uses anything thats unsportsmanslike: %%%, %%%%, %%%%%%, trash, report, troll, int and so forth. Just for that game, and it would be effective immediately. 3. disable enter key. instead of enter you would have to use shift+`+*+enter. There should be no option to change this keybind. there you go.
Hmmm... 1. Mate... You can already move the chat wherever you want. Just hit Enter, and drag the chat window wherever you like by dragging it from the blue bar above the chat. 2. Just type in chat " /mute all " (mutes chat for all) or " /fullmute all " (mutes chat, emotes and pings for all) and you're good to go. 3. Just disable it from the hotkeys menu? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Zed
{{champion:238}} is not really the best champion for newcomers. He's one of the hardest champions to play, for sure. If you liked the champion and you're willing to learn him and main him, sure, go ahead and have fun. I would suggest you search on youtube for Zed guides and watch **LLStylish**, he's a Zed god! But don't be surprised when he misses his Q's, it happens sometimes, don't worry about it x) But, if you wanna actually learn the game as a whole and not focus so much on learning one champion, Zed is a bad choice (for now). There are easier champions that you can play and will help you understand certain aspects of the game more easily. Again, youtube is your friend here, to search for what's best for newcomers.
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