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Akali hiting u with that double shroud
: > R shoundn't absorb stats The R was gonna be fiora’s but she just used it on the support for an easy kill... the idea of the stat leach is that he gets a bigger benefit from using it on a stronger opponent so he doesn’t always go for the free kill. Plus current morde already absorbs the stats of whoever he has as a ghost.
Maybe give more stats but only if he gets the kill so he is rewarded for beating a strong enemy and still not have an advantage in the 1v1 if they even could be like 25% enemy ap (+2.5% per 100 enemy ap) to make it so he no just go on janna for like 27.5% ap but on the 1000 AP 1 SHOT | MY PARENTS DIVORCED ME AFTER THIS | AP GANGPLANK NEW OP?! | and get 50% of his ap
Ehhhh (EUW)
: Darius E? Would say its more like swain. Both practically a claw
Morde E:- * Penetration * Aoe pull in Dari E:- * Penetration * Aoe pull in I no mean aesthetics I mean gameplay
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Masantha (EUW)
: [Fan Fiction Contest] Never One, Without the Other…
Do the characters have to be in the game or can they be side characters from the lore?
: Which champions fits your personality?
I got 404 Idk what champ that is but i think its an invisble one cause there was no pic
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Gabresol (EUW)
: Are (AD) assassins to easy?
Damn I can tell you don’t play many assassins
Jobione (EUNE)
: Akali W (Twilight shroud)
How to counter aka w: step 1 : walk away the only time this wont work is if u rly low or do no dmg
: To all the crybabies
*_dies 5 times in bot in the first 3 mins_* “Bot pls stop why u do dis” “Jgl no gank” Why u think u need ganks to win lane guys? Just play like normal humans.
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: Its a poke, just like Braum's Q, his theme is to be the ultimate disengage support, so that he specializes in keeping enemies from getting close to his allies while also poking and offering opportunities to re-engage. Sort of like a less offensive Rakan, his job is to create space between his enemies and allies as far as possible.
Ye but braum Q applys his passive to the target alowing for a follow up stun and it also slows. It isnt designed as damage and fits with his kit. If you want to make it work then make the q deal less damage but also add an increasing slow or knock back as it is charged
: ˇnot thaat frustrating. However there is another problem: "Where is my progress?"
He said to make it optional
Demigod1423 (EUNE)
: There's also the ruined king... He appeared in the lores of many champs from the shadow isles
Im thinking of making one on the dead queen cause I think she couldve been possessed by a Darkin (like kayn) or just ressurected badly.
: Campaign
They wont add a campaign because leage is designed to be a team game and a campaign would kinda undermine that.
: Champion Idea: Amadeus The Maestro of chaos
He has no obivous theme to his kit. He has some damage, but that doesn’t have a main part in his kit, as he doesn’t seem has that much. He has support in his kit, but his q makes no sense with the rest of the kit. To fix this I would change the Q to fit the close-range support style the rest of his kit seems to have. You could also cange the W to fit this more but that isn’t necessary. If you _realy_ want to keep the current Q you need to change the rest of the kit. Overall, let me know about any changes you make, because otherwise this is a good concept. _Bye for now_ _Crablobster10_
: Anivia Support with Glacial Augment
I think that Camille, Sejuani, Trundle and Ornn aren’t realy exotic support picks. Ive seen all played multiple times, and Cam, Trundle and Ornn supp have all been played in eSports.
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: what makes you tilt the most?
How botlane reliant the meta is. It feels like if your bot loses their’s nothing you can do in the game if the enemy has a peel support, and it’s not like top-lane bruiser meta’s where you can usualy out-scale them, cause lategame adc is op anyway. Just to be clear, I don’t hate my bot for having a bad game, I hate the fact that the game is lost cause they are.
: AP Nunu is terrifying... so long as you can hit the snowballs you just kill everyone
Ye but his dueling is pitiful unless u go for full ad or something
: Your nunu thoughts
Idk man i just 100-0’ed a lulu with one w (full ap build)
Fendokil (EUW)
: For toplane right now i would suggest champs like poppy, Sion, quinn and jax.
I would say poppy and sion are too team reliant for dmg if u want to solo carry
Mr Hubson (EUW)
: Fun to play junglers, good for maining?
I like Kayn Camille and Kindred
Inaphyt (EUW)
: because nuke duck is a terrible vel'koz player who fails to impress, watched him yesterday was like what the hell are you doing? I'm nowhere near pro and could have made better plays. Am i crazy? I don't think so, tell me what impressed you about his play? The fact that he flicks back and forwards fast when he moves? Like a "pro" (cough dumb movement). He did nothing do not watch him for inspiration. Nukeduck shouldn't be going rabadon 3rd item into a jarvan / team he's too afraid to make plays into and also sorcs are rarely ever necessary on vel and can be dropped in favour of what you need, swiftness/tabi/mercs/ionan and not reaching the 45% cdr cap asap shows the problem with his play ;p. Anyways... about skill order, nevermind ducks order he's an idiot. Max Q first against any dangerous opponent it's necessary to dissuade them from all inning you and poking/bullying them in lane. This is my preferred play style. Some vel'koz players skill W x3 then max Q so that w can kill the backline in one (with minion dematerialiser) cough sounds extremely bad and lane max q. Many of my vel'koz brethren like to max W why? i have no idea they are dumb since w is already effective at clearing waves. Don't ever deviate from q max, then end.
TTashin (EUW)
: Champions(kins) That Need New Splash Arts List *Need Feedback*
: Dumb things you done
My jungle walked through my mid and i flashed because i thought she was theirs
Ðequñ (EUNE)
: I admit i am not doing well at all with Yasuo. Yasuo, Zed and maybe Leblanc are champions i do not understand. At all. But.. unlike the other two, when an opponent plays Yasuo, there is a good chance he will destroy us. I know it. I will not trash talk however. I just ban him almost every game, so no worries. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Tried him twice top the other day...0-7 and 0-9 first game vs sion otp and second against tank akali. Despite these *horrible stats* I took enemy vayne to 10% hp with ignite, tornado and r solo. I don't see how that is balanced. If i actually knew what i was doing i wouldve destroyed both games pretty much me one other champ that can get this strong even when you 0-7 lane phase ? Hell not even zed or talon do that.
Every scaling campion that uses autoattacks. Also i play yasuo and u just have to cc him.
: I just wanna say something about people hating yasuo :/
As a yasuo player i agree that a lot of the stereotypes aren’t true, however you are obviously part of the toxic one. Also if ur interested in 1v1ing me on yas then friend me (just casual, nothing at stake)
person (EUW)
: no it means kids are allowed to play so why do u care if there are kids who are childish
Because most 13 y/o s aren’t dumb enough to think that name ok
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Febos (EUW)
: A movie is much more than just a few minutes of animation. We need a story, from start to finish, lasting about 1 hour. That ain't as easy as it looks. Honestly, I'd love a movie about Shurima/Darkin War or Rune Wars. It must be a story **outside** of the current timeline, for many reasons: - Too many characters in the current timeline. They can't include all of them, but if they included, say Graves and not Tryndamere, then people would complain. - Ongoing story. The current timeline is ongoing, meaning, it's all happening at the same time (relatively). Aurelion Sol returning to Runeterra, Zoe appearing again, the other Aspects being chosen, Emperor Azir revived, etc, all those are happening within years. - Constricts design space for future champions. If they could include every single champion already existing, then how could they justify having a champion that has existed for many years (eg Pyke) that didn't appear in the movie? Doesn't make sense. For that reason, they can't include have every single champion. Likewise, suppose the story is set somewhere in Bilgewater. If they did the movie 2 years ago, Pyke wouldn't be there. Now Pyke is here, so how could they justify Pyke not making an appearance in the movie? - Current timeline exists in the [League Univese]( page. We need something **exclusive** to movie format. For those reasons, the movie must be set in the past and about a story that can't be found in the Universe page, or at least that compliments it. We don't know much about the Darkin War or about the Rune Wars, thus why I suggested those two.
I posted this in jokes for a reason dude... {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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MLGSzymon (EUNE)
: It is supposed to be Like this. I think he would be top op with 450 range.
id put 500 range if I where u he wouldn't be op with higher range
MLGSzymon (EUNE)
: Any ideas? I am bas at naming.
just say it marks them and on e say or marked enemies
MLGSzymon (EUNE)
: Hrag'vul, the void wanderer - new champion concept
u need another name for "plasma" its kai passive name
: My Memotion Contest Entry - Nami ^^
Im sorry to tell u this mah dud but this is an NA contest
KatScript (EUNE)
: Star Guardian skins for 2018?
I can't help that think that you, KATScript, would be biased when thinking of starguardian leaders...
MSF Ness (EUW)
: Anytime! And thank YOU for participating! I appreciate every single one a lot! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Will we be notified if we’re chosen, oh, great Catctusgrill?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I wish lower division (Bronze-Gold) players had at least some sense of macro and map awareness
For me its not that i don’t know what to do but that i forget to do it
ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: Isn't Kayn an AD Mage? Fighter / Mage?
He is what they call an ad caster. Other ad casters are Rene garen and yoric
: > [{quoted}](name=Crablobster10,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=WNNQ0wZg,comment-id=001f000000000001,timestamp=2018-07-12T17:12:53.700+0000) > > Me too > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} I Love your story its amazing i hope you win {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Thanks! I’ll read yours now. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} Edit: I read yours! It’s very good! Although, I noticed a few SPAG errors. Good Luck!
: > [{quoted}](name=Nightangael,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=WNNQ0wZg,comment-id=001f0000,timestamp=2018-07-12T09:16:04.423+0000) > > If I've learned anything from previous volunteer events, it'll probably be a while. They've got a lot of stuff to read through after all. Its my first time doing something like this and i didnt know.Im just so nervous. Also i see a lot of people doing a lot more than 1000 words and i feel cheated i couldve done a lot more than 1k words too :( {{sticker:sg-janna}}
jacktjong (EUW)
: Ok, so I'm not an english teacher so I don't know for sure if I'm correct, but for as far as I know there are some grammar mistakes in the startup of the Noxian story at least. > Full of enthusiasm, Draven swung his axes, threw a questioning glance at Darius. Isn't it supposed to be "Full of enthusiasm, Draven swung his axes, AND threw a questioning glance at Darius." > his brothers crazy eyes I'm sure this one needs to be "his brother's crazy eyes" And also, words like battleaxe and distance aren't supposed to have a capital letter. Battleaxe could have one if Darius named his battleaxe Battleaxe, but that doesn't seem likely in my eyes.
MSF Ness (EUW)
: [Fanfiction Contest] VS Event 2018: The God-King story is waiting to be written!
Hello everyone! The rules said to write lore for how Garen or Darius came to power. So now gather round and read the story of Garen’s rise to power *GOD KING GAREN* Complete silence, but there was unease. Struck with almost unbearable pain Garen, the demacian warrior, stood in the middle of the Noxian camp fighting the guilt welling up within his strong heart. It wasn’t the sun dazzling him. It was the golden, blood covered pin furnished with the Demacian eagle. Hesitating, with a cold-stone look Garen kneeled down slowly to the enormous and messy pool of blood. For him, it was indeed tough to face and particularly accept the fact, that Jarvan now watches in internal peace over Demacia. Calmly closing his hand convulsively around the grisly pin, while his soldiers were speechless grieving gathered around closely at the murder scene. Even he was fighting the oppressive guilt, the Demacian Warrior slowly reared up in his mighty armor, pinning his sword into the dry ground and spoke with a reticent but strong voice: “A Demacian will never stand alone.” Garen hefted the sword out of the ground, the pin still clutched in his other hand, a reminder of his irrevocable failure. “We will search the woods around here,” Garen spoke in the same, emotionless tone he had before, not truly believing they would find the prince,” We shall not let him stand alone, if he still lives.” His words were not a request, but a command. As Garen moved to his large, brown horse his armour felt much heavier than usual. He mounted. His men followed suit, all mounting their steeds, all wearing the same grief-ridden faces that bespoke what they all knew, their noble prince was dead, murdered by the Noxians, and this search was only happening because there wasn’t a body, just armour. Yet, on they went, carefully searching the forest for a dead prince. When the futile search was over, the tiny flicker of hope that had lingered in Garen was extinguished, his overwhelming guilt was now all he felt. As Garen and his troops rode towards to Demacia, he was mostly silent and sullen, only speaking to give necessary orders. The guilt now overwhelmed him, suppressing every other emotion. The impact as his horse’s hooves, the weight of his armour, the colour of the flowers growing at the side of the rode, anything that might distract him from the unbearable guilt. How could his heart be in so much pain, and he not be dead? Garen couldn’t bear to look at the citizens of Demacia as he rode through the town, no, that would make his hellish guilt even worse. Word had spread faster than they had rode, so, surely, everyone would hold him just as accountable as he held himself. It wasn’t hard to accomplish this, as the funeral was scheduled to happen as soon as Garen and his men were ready. He dreaded it. Garen stood in the family and close friends section of the funeral. It was all he could do to keep from buckling under the weight of the guilt, that at this point felt as if he was under a gigantic pile of rocks and was slowly being crushed. The hardest part of all was meeting the gaze of King Jarvan the third and confessing his guilt to him. Garen took up residence with his fellows in the barracks the next day, obsessing over the feeling of loss he felt for his prince, charge and, of course, friend, Jarvan IV. He decided that it couldn’t just be him that felt this, and that the families of the lost soldiers must feel the exact same way, minus the mountain of guilt of course, that burden was solely his. He gave every penny of his wages to the families of the dead, sparring nothing for himself. One day, after training, he was summoned by the king himself. His stomach was full of dread as he made his way to the king’s audience room. The king must have decided on a punishment for Garen letting his son and heir die. No matter what anyone else said Garen was sure that he was responsible. “Garen,” the king said, his voice as serious as the rising tide of dread in Garen’s stomach,” I’ve had reports of what you have been doing with your wages...” a pause, “ And I am impresses with your selflessness and the importance of Demacian values to you.” The tide of dread in Garen was beginning to recede. “However,” another pause,” I have also had reports that you still hold yourself responsible for my son’s death. You are not. There was nothing you could have done to save him. I _command_ you to stop holding yourself responsible. I know that will be hard for you so I have decided to give you a week off from your training.” Garen was immeasurably relieved. The mountain of guilt over the prince’s untimely departure was now just one rock, which could be eroded by the week off. He was extremely thankful to the kind king. “Thank you, sir, I think the week off you have so kindly gifted me will south my conscience a great deal.” Garen said, not faking the sincerity in his voice at all. “Good. Go off to your break then, soldier. Remember to be back and ready to train in seven days time.” Jarvan was a bit less serious as he spoke those words. “No, sir, I won’t.” “I’ll take that as a promise. Dismissed.” Garen went straight to the soldier’s mess for his evening meal of a small portion roast beef and assorted greens with water and bread. After that, he went to his bed in the barracks and slept. He loved his bed now. The coarseness of the linens was just right, the plumpness of the pillow felt softer than ever. His bed was perfect now. It hadn’t changed. The crushing guilt had stopped him from enjoying anything. The next morning he went on a ride, alone, into the forest to enjoy the sensations. He planned to stay there for three days, hunting his own food, and then return. It was a pleasant day, the canopy of the lush forest keeping out the heat of the midday sun. The air was fresh and crisp and smelled of the forest. Birds called to each other and the ground was rich in undergrowth. It was ideal, to Garen at least. Then he saw the blue light in the heart of the forest. Bearing a petricite sword, Garen went to investigate. What he found changed his life forever. The blue light was emanating from a large, etherial lion almost as tall as Garen himself. It spoke. “Garen,” it’s voice was loud and noble,” I offer you a chance to become unstoppable, to become a God-King. You would be able to reform Demacia, so that each and every citizen will do everything with Demacian values at heart. Crime would be obliterated, poverty too. All would be equal. None would die like Jarvan.” There it was. The nail in the coffin. Garen wanted to do that. It would be a utopia. “What do I have to do?” He asked. “Best me in combat.” The lion replied gravely. It was easy. His military training and the petricite of his blade made the threat of a magical lion next to nothing. Garen marched into Demacia, the lion at his side. As soon as they set a single foot inside the gates a blue wave rolled across the whole city, transforming everything it passed into what the perfect Demacian version was. Including people. Garen’s footsteps echoed through the streets as he strode ever closer to the throne. When he finally arrived Jarvan III was nowhere to be found and the throne was resized to fit Garen’s enlarged body. His plated armour, eminating blue light, was the same colour as the throne that he now sits on, his only competitor Darius and his red wolf. That’s it everybody! I hope there was enough and that it was good enough for you! Sorry if you find any mistakes. Good luck to the other contestants. *_Yours Sincerely_* _Crablobster10_ {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Cabraji56 (EUNE)
: Best Nocturne Jungle Build
non of the above its this {{item:1412}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3095}} {{item:3026}} with boots based on the situation
: i actualy have champion kit designed for a dual wielder. i can post it if you're interested. im just waiting to develop it's visual side and little of his lore.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
LilOppai (EUW)
: Inochi-kun
Dreugan (EUW)
: Short story for Anivia, and new champ concept...ish
Whilst the story itself is good, I feel like it could use more paragrahps.
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