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yup not in my collection either, probaply just going to take some time i guess
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: People who were bronze/silver for a long time, what changed and how did you climb?
Used to always hover around Silver or Bronze for the last seasons. Mostly played Midlane-Mages and I often i would gain a small advantage in Lane, some farm up or kill the enemy laner once or twice, but I was never able to truly snowball and carry games. What frustrated me most was that especially when i was doing well I would often felt my impact being neutralised or at least significantly lessend by the enemy brusier, assassin or tank just hardcore diving me in teamfights. Of course this also had to do with my poisitioning to a degree. This season I decided to just go the complete opposite route. Basically started spamming Poppy Top, using her to just shut down a lot of the diving, dashing, snowbally dudes you tend to see a lot in Solo-Q. I had played her a bit before but investing more time into just one champion worked out great for me. Through getting better at one specific champion i started catching on to a lot of the more basic mechanics of the game, paying more attention to trade windows, Positioning, Wave management (allthough Im still not really great at that), etc. What I also found is that a lot of people playing Damage-Dealers, even if they loose lane can still do pretty decent in fights, as long as you peel a bit and keep the pressure off them. The last really major change though was my Attitude to the game itself. I started out just wanting to reach gold for once (best I had before was stuck in Silver 1 so not an unreasonable goal). After that i just kept thinking: You know you already reached your goal might aswell see if you can get to the next division. I eventually reached Platinum. Even in my Plat 5 Promos, wich i started being 2 games down, I was surprised at how relatively calm I was. Before this season every ranked game i was tense as hell and often ended up greeding or doing other dumb shit because i felt like I had to offset the weaker team members. So in summary: Got good at one specific champion, by proxy got better at Toplane, learned to chill out a lot more and started setting small goals for myself.
: item RNG is unbearable!
Honestly one of the Problems is also how some Items are just on a whole different Powerlevel then others. Attackspeed for example feels way to good. The Problem is that because more Attackspeed = more Mana and all the Champions that dont use Mana still benefit a lot from Attackspeed (Kassadin, Vayne), means that a single Recurve Bow on its own is much more valuable then almost any other item. And now imagine a game where all you get are Chainvests and Negatron Cloaks. Sure youre likely to pick up at least one usefull thing on the carusell but even that is not guaranteed, since even when youre going first you still have to compete with another Person and might have to sacrifice picking up an important Champion, just to get even in terms of Items.
: I just think she needs a little... More you know instead of relying that much on one ability and resets.
I mean she does need her E or Ult to enable her resets, and altough the W is kinda a somewhat niche ability , I think using her W effectively will really come to seperate good from bad Irelias. Really underrated Spell in my Opinion. The E could have really used an AD-Scaling in my Opinion, since landing it can be kinda hard, maybe something like a 30 or 40%. But ultimately you will have to come to terms with the fact that they are gonna change Akali. And maybe it will be exactly how you wanted it, probaply not. Maybe you will like the new Akali even more, maybe you will hate her and move on. Who knows ? All you can do is wait and see, enjoy it while it lasts. Things always change, thats just the way this game works.
: I agree with that, POC abilities are pretty BS, and I could see her Q or E turning into a skillshot instead. As for Irelia, I really think it's okay that she's not the best bruiser, but I don't think it's okay with the state she's in right now, she's far too weak for fighting any bruiser right now, the only one that she can really duel is a bad Camille cause you disarm her if she tried to go attack on titan. And for the Irelia vs Marksmen, I get you, the marksmen are going to struggle against her, but add ANY support to the mix, and Irelia will be practically walled out. UNLESS the Marksman is below 70% HP in which case there's probably not much to protect there.
You have to consider that in Teamfights, Irelia will likely not dive the backline alone. If you have a Zac or Sejuani or something with you things look different. If you are the only one going after their backline you are pretty much boned, I agree. And she could maybe use some adjustments with her numbers, but as I already said I think we should give it some time, before we get a Swain situation. Edit: Agree on Akali tho, giving her 1 or 2 skillshots would propably already solve many of her issues. Maybe get rid of the Ult Assist reset, aswell.
: I agree that the old Irelia was pretty hard to balance, but that's not the whole point about it. I just feel like she has lost her dueling power against tanks. And that she doesn't really feel rewarding to play, she feels very oversimplified compared to majority of the newer champions. As for Akali, she's really not that hard to shut down, her powerspike indeed is quite rough, but calling it unfun isn't where I'd go. Sure it can be problematic if you're not used to playing against hard spiking champions. But there's a HUGE amount of champions with rough powerspikes. Kog'maw with rageblade, felt pretty BS in lane Zed Duskblade, literally no way to survive as a immobile midlaner without hard rushing Hourglass Ornn before nerf, W max Syndra ludens, rush
The fact that Irelia lost her duelling Power verus Tanks is absolutely true. And I think its a good choice. I have been able to 1vs1 her on something like a Poppy pretty consistenly, once I got some Armor. But I feel she really wants to go for the backline anyways, and from what I have seen shes pretty effective at doing that, even if behind. I mean the anti-shield passive should really give it away that this new Irelia wants do dive for high-priority targets. Her ult further reinforces that. Because any duellist or tank doesnt really have a reason to run out of her cage anyways, they can just fight here there and not give a damn. But if you hit this on an ADC, hes screwed. Irelia is going to get him because of the mark she has another Q afterwards, and if he tries to run he will take Damage and be disarmed. Id say its a bit to early to comment on her success, some champions take a while before players get the hang of them. The issue I was getting at with Akali isnt necessarily that she has a hard spike, wich is totally fine, but that she has the potential to do too much at the same time. Compare her to Zed for example. He can one-shot someone and get out. And if the player is good, he can do that very well. But there is a ton of counterplay to it, Zhonyas or even just flashing away from his shadows, can make it a lot harder for him to 100-0 you. Also once he he blew someone up hes not gonna be able to do that amount of damage this fight again. Compare that to Akali, who actually gets resets on her Ult by Killing someone, or even just assisting. Her ults on a 2 second cd, her Q on a 4 seconds and the E on E seconds at max rank. Without any Cooldownreduction. I think they will change one or more of her spells to skillshots, adding more CD but increase the Damage, making them more rewarding when hit, but also adding a lair of counterplay, punishing Akalis that miss. Overall I dont think its as bad as with old Irelia. Dont think you need to worry that much, just stay open for some new things, and be ready to maybe loose the the free reset point and click gapcloser. Edit: Id say the point and click nature of her kit is really the reason they are going to change her. With other assassins you know you could have dodged something, but with Akali you just feel sort of helpless.
: Irelia Discussion - Akali Rework - The Fear of The Irelia Syndrome
A Bruiser that can deal a lot of Damage, dive in whenever she wants, deals true damage, and as you put it "doesnt have to worry about being CCed" sounds problematic. I mean im no Challenger, but I think there is a reason "better nerf Irelia" became the meme that it did. She has all the potential to be extremely overpowered built within her kit. And her kit is built around having it all, meaning riot either removes something and portentially makes her useless, or lowers the numbers. The reason you didnt see old Irelia that much is probaply due to Riot being extremly carefull about her, due to her potential to have a toxic playstyle. In my Opinion Akali shares some of these potential Issues. Granted she does have a weak 1-5, but once she gets some Items she becomes very unfun to play against. This is due to the fact, that she has a lot of things in her kit. She has a pretty strong heal, exspecially with Gunblade because of that good duelling, has invisibillity, can delete squishys, has 3 point and click gapclosers. She also has no skillshots. This is the basis for a kit that can potentially be very toxic, since you cant dodge anything, she can cover a ton of distance with ulting a minion, burst you down and still have her shroud as a defensive ability. I think much like with Irelia something has to go. She will either become a pure assassin, or a fighter that has a bit of burst. As I see it when she is ahead, she can just do everything, and when shes not she becomes sort of a Jack of all trades master of none. But anyway just my thougts on the subject.
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: I played against one as Irelia and darius does shit on her
Well I found that in sustained fights in the early-mid game she cant really compete with the Damage and AD he gets from his passive, aswell as the healing on his Q. In combination with her missing a reliable Escape and the fact that you have a pull, you can extend the fights if she goes in for a short trade. If you position yourself at your Melee Creeps, if you pull her she cant Q to a minion to get away. If your ahead and not scared of Minion-Aggro you can even position yourself between her Melees and Casters and try to zone her out of Exp. If she uses her W you can freely stack your bleed with autottacks. Her Ultimate doesnt do much in terms of duelling, because you should be able to simply stay within the arena and duell her there. The free dash she gets isnt too bad compared with being disarmed, and if you get 5 stacks onto her and she is low enough she might try to block your Ult with your W if she didnt use it before. Because she is locked in place you can just wait out the duration and finish her afterwards. Well thats how it worked for me anyways, maybe my enemy just played bad.
: new irelia is really fun to play against!
Try Darius with conqueror. Shits on her in Lane. Or Poppy and totally negate her Q and once she ults ,ult her , walk out of the arena no problem. Srsly shes strong but managable.


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