: But on the other hand if you dodge irelia's e you can also 100-0 her, it's not like she has an ability that grants her 50% damage reduction that can completely negate any mage's burst Oh wait
>any mage's burst Except it blocks only ad dmg... Learn the game before b.itch.ing, thank you.
: Except that he can't unless he was giga fed. I'd say Morde is the most balanced release in a while.
You must be tripping? 55% on realese is giga broken. He has 56% winrate vs Tahm so idk.
Fhaca (EUW)
: Why is it forbidden to hope for death to other players?
1. Why? It won't help you, it won't help your team. It will only fuel more toxicity 2. Why? Can't you just like not? I mean, I did it, I'm not proud of it, I know what frustration can do, but there is no reason to allow it. 3. Why? Why do you need to write it to someone? Don't come up with "White knight, p.us.sy mentality" and similar things, if you have to insult others in videogame, it's questionabe who is p.us.sy. 4. Deserves it? Like for real now? If you mean it, seek help my friend.
: PERMABANNED FOR PRIVATE CHAT - Update and conclusion
I tried to bring it up on [NA boards](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/E9ZV03q8-is-this-possiblebanned-for-private-chat) if you are ok with that, it might get more attention there.
C1E3 (EUW)
: Op champions
Sylas is getting his W and E nerfed in next patch. Merging accs isn't possible, same for sending champs by giving up your other accs. Sorry.
: Rioters dont care about EUW *solution
Or you can go to Reddit like every normal player.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Lady. Lady. Lady. Lady. https://i.redd.it/av2mg52ei1t21.gif --- Now, a lot of sperging there, but let's make one thing clear first: Skins are irrelevant, because each splash art _(at least for Irelia)_ was done by a different person. Quite frankly I'm puzzled you can't see obvious differences between base Irelia and Aviator Irelia. Now for the main dish: Did you ACTUALLY look at Irelia's splash? I'll make it easier for you, here's a much higher resolution of her splash art. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/f/fe/Irelia_OriginalSkin_HD.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20180319163046 Now take a correction for the perspective (she is looking from above, which is why you can see nostrils and why her face appears shorter). Can you see it? Now look at the cinematic. Oh my god, it's the same face! _"I have no idea why I wrote this rant!"_, you probably. --- As for the woman. Proportions of her face are completely different. Her face is shorter and wider, the nose bigger, brows of different shape, eyes further apart, eye corners not as pronounced and lips of noticeably different shape. They are _**similar**_, but it's not the case of Striker Lucian, where knowingly or not similarities to a real person were down to their choice of very specific accessories.
> Now take a correction for the perspective (she is looking from above, which is why you can see nostrils and why her face appears shorter). What are you bullshitting about? Do you have any experiences with photographing and/or art? If yes, you would know that you need almost perfect work with light to change someones face so significantly. You would need to adjust point of view to almost -90°, look at any bad vlog to change someones face so much. Good exemples, Lunar Eclipse Leona, Mafia Miss Fortune, Waterloo Miss Fortune, look at lighting, their faces won't be really that much different, but it can make some little differences. Nose and lips look almost ok, but eyes and head shape are really weird. Proportions in splash and in that video are just different, so unless she sticked her head in bee hive, they aren't same.
Scoliidae (EUW)
: After all the nerfs, she doesn't need another one.
Sadly she does, not bcs she is op in our elos, but bcs proplayers and top elo players are still literally 1v9 challanger and proplay games. Riot will probably have to nerf her again in order to shutdown these guys with 80% winrate in challanger. I'm not sure sure if hard champs like Akali are good for game. But I know one thing, unless Riot do some significant changes to her kit, she will feel like cannon minion costplaying some weebish ninja anime girl, unless you are mechanicle god.
: sick and tired of zed
I'll try to help you. So. Punishing him while his W is down(20secs, so you have like 15 secs window) doesn't necessarily mean beating his ass, zoning him from farm, is enough, just sit around his casters and any time he comes to last hit with AA/Q/E, just Q or barrel him with Gp or just combo him with Akali. Keep an eye on his energy. Eventhough regen is fast, lower elo Zeds tend to spam their abilities, that's ideal time to kill him without taking any dmg at all. Lvl 6 with Gp is problematic, you just have to respect him and back to base>greed for wave. Scale up and good luck. Phage might help you with sidestepping. With Akali you can match him, just let him all in and you have few possibilities. 1. If you are really low or you want to get away, use W, E in shroud, R away, he will most likely W to you, use your E to get back to the shroud, he will come back with his R, and you can use second R and you are out. 2. If he ults, it's easier for you to sidestep in your W. Once his mark proced, beat his ass as you please. His lvl 1 ult has 20 secs longer CD(without cd reduction) than Akalis. Use it as an advantage. If you are scared, Seeker's Armguards can make some difference, but if you want to rush Gunblade, it should be ok. If you are really really scared you can go for aftershock and proc it with your R anytime he all ins you, it's trolling, but it can save you, I have done it few time before and it isn't bad, but you can activate it only once every 100/85/70 secs :/ Track him carefully, ping if you can't see him, you can even follow or make your own roams, keep bot side river pinked, since he can get double there easier and just spam ping them/write it in chat that he is comming. If he gets kills, eventhough you pinged, farm as much as you can, take plates and don't expend his snowball. If you are playing anything with hard CC, Zed will always come out from his ult behind you, just cc him(if it's snare he can still cast, so care) Hope it helped.
: Being "reformed" doesn't just mean not flaming people
> Reforming isn't about not saying bad stuff in the chat, it's about treating your fellow players with respect, the same respect you wish to get from them. If you consider your teammates to be low-life trash, that is not respect and that is not being reformed. You just described opposite of soloQ, sorry, but if you're going to think that your team is at least full of "ok" or even good players and not animals without fingers, you will lose more. Why would I respect you if you never admit your mistake, vision is insult for you, jng=trash eventhough he won you lane, "yOu NeVeR gAnKeD mE" while you got solo killed 6 times etc. You have to deserve my respect and same for me, I'm not expecting anyone to listen to me when I'm single handedly losing game. Admiting mistakes is one thing I appreciate. But automaticly respecting? Nah. Being neutral and admitting your existence? Yes. > If you consider your teammates to be low-life trash I would say this is in top 10 rules for soloQ, don't count on your team, ever. Controling your anger is first step to reforming IMO.
: How do you verse a Yasuo Mid.
If you want to be ok with kill potential when ganked {{champion:127}} {{champion:90}} If you want to destroy his A-hole {{champion:58}} {{champion:56}}
: why did riot release a weaker version of the past crit items , especially infinity edge
Not like adcs were Gods for us peasants(other roles) before. All we did was watching how our adc is melting enemies down, while we were just tank sitting in front of him, fun... Whole comps build around them. Whole strategies. ER is weak? What are you? Wtf. 20% cd, 25% crit, 60 ad and 1, 5% missing mana on AA? Good bey peaceful days. Prepare for more Lucian and Xayah. Geez.
: I sugested to change my and i main thresh , miss fortune and vayne can u give me any name for them
My favorite ones: Definitely Blitzcrank RIP Lucians Wife SS Lucians Wife ImSoThresh MrStealYoGirl Green Lantern ClickTheLanternPls Hooker Captain Hook RideMyLanternHo 2 Chainz
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: I am going on a 0 sugar diet wish me luck
First few days/week are the worst, prepare for being one angry moth.erfuc.ker, but it is worth tho. I lost around 15 kilos with it and my muscles are visable now xD. Don't forget to get enough exercise, but you have some trainer I guess. Also you can get diarrhea(after week I had one bad day), which wasn't funny. Good luck
: trolling
Or you can try to be decent person? But whatever if you want to lose your time on accs that will sooner or later get banned, go ahead. Did you realized that you won't get instant feedback everytime someone is banned? If you are encouringing Riot to creat system that won't allow bad players to play, what will you do then? Ranked will be locked for you :*
Shrek3D (EUNE)
: Improving League of Legends
From mouth of Viegar abuser... The champ is known to hate everything bigger than him, so no wonder what's going on here.
: Top lane least played? I'd say it goes more like 1) mid 2) jungle 3) top 4) ADC 5) supp
Possible, but when I'm feeling bored, I just press fill and I will end up top so often :D
loucci11 (EUW)
: I keep on getting top when I put mid on my first role ! annoying !
Top lane is least played role, so that's why. Setting up any other will result in higher chances of getting mid, but I'm talking only from my experiences, so idk.
: Will I have mmr problems if I start playing ranked now and not later?
You will probably start in silver. But I think they setup your mmr on your lowest rank you got after your first placement, so if you are going up, you will lose more lp, at least it is happening to me, I'm losing 20-22 lp and getting only 15-17, but I doubt they will change it, so hop in and enjoy ranked.


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