: Can you please show me where in the law it is. Im not asking because im against it, i wanna know from where to quote ^^ Also a problem is that the accorhotelarena allows reselling.
From ticketmaster.fr policy: Unlawful resale or attempted resale is grounds for seizure and cancellation without compensation. Tickets obtained from unauthorized sources may be lost, stolen or counterfeit, and if so are void. This ticket cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed, and is valid only for the event and seat for which it is issued. This ticket is not redeemable for cash. It is unlawful to reproduce this ticket in any form. Only the first scan of the barcode on your ticket will be allowed entry. Make sure you keep the printed ticket in a safe place like you would cash, and protect it just like you would any other ticket! If more than one copy were to arrive, the barcode scanner will alert the attendant that the ticket has already been scanned. If there is a dispute, the purchaser's name is on each ticket, please do not remember your valid identity card as a purchaser. A ticket cannot be taken back, modified or resold, except in case a producer decides to repaid it after a cancellation If an event is cancelled, postponed, stopped or modified because of a change in the distribution, only the producer will be able to decide if tickets have to be repaid or not (Not sending costs). Ticketmaster is not responsible for it. The producer is the only one responsible for the event.
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: Can Riot please just come forward and confirm this
They force you to play more so they make money out of it thats all. Riot doeant give a f about the experience an average player has. They are only interested in making money and promoting the game with pro teams
: If I were facing that duo I would definitely pick Sona or Soraka (preferably combined with a long ranged adc like Caitlyn), Max Heal first, let them push and just wait it out. I can't think of a single standard bot lane duo who can out-push them so a level 2 or 3 all-in is out of the question. The good thing is that as long as they don't get early kills, Brand and Zyra fall off in the late-game so you can outscale them. I would also tell my jungler to ignore bot lane completely because unless my jungler is very far ahead, they will just die instantly to the burst combo. Alternatively you could pick a Caitlyn and a gank/roaming support like Pyke, Thresh or Bard. Wait until level 3 and then roam on the support to try to snowball mid. This is a lot riskier because it leaves your adc open to tower dives and makes it easier for Brand and Zyra to take early turret plates, but if you can pull it off you'll be able to make much more of an impact on the rest of the map.
So my botlane has to inevitably fall behind and give turret plating any case, resulting in a lost lane. The fact they have priority allows them to maintain constant vision control around botlane so if I roam, they will know and they will surely be prepared to counter gank or just waste my time making me lose exp and gold. I guess i just have not to die and hope they dont get fed in late, only survival option is sona\soraka with a long range adc.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Neither Zyra or Brand have sustain. You could try to out-poke them with a long range AP carry.
Only champ I can think of is Xerath, but doesnt have any sustain either, so if I get locked in cc im very very dead {{sticker:sg-janna}} Also picking a support with heal will push me super behind with support item gold as I cant get anywhere near their range to poke them as I would insta die
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