Potchikir (EUW)
: but then we need arclight rakan good work btw :D
yes we do _any volunteers?_
xtimigui (EUW)
: I bet all skins Xayah gets will also be to Rakan so you forget Rakan in the splash art. :P Between nice concept. :)
haha yeah my friend also told me that when i showed the piece
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: you could've had her try to readjust her hoodie to make it a better pose than "i don't know what i need this hand for" xd
truuuuuuue I'll get em next time {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: btw do you happen to draw chibis? i think i might need some in the near future so i'm looking for decent artists atm also plz send me your facebook page's name cause i didnt find anything under the naem zeke yggdrasil
https://www.facebook.com/zeke.yggrassil/ note there is no d. Also don't draw chibis. Might be better if you find someone else for it rather than me
: That's quite good. I'm really pissed at "fanart" when the person just does a printer's job and copy pastes a character(s) in the same position as some other art and just tries to copy/imitate calling it fanart. Yours on the other hand, besides having a different pose its also quite decent. Tho, if you want a tip. Her left hand (right on the pic) is quite "odd" as its just up there in the air. You could've put it her to have it on the hood or do a salute or have it down or grab an arrow flying at her, etc
yeah, i had planned for her to hold feathers on her left, but then totally forgot about it until later. If i had to place feathers in her left hand I would have to change the light, at which that point i just got really tired. Attempted to make it look like she is blocking out light in order to spy on her next victim, but she is wearing a hood, so.....
Drakun LCS (EUNE)
: You are very talentled:)
ahhh thanks! Although I would say I still have quite a ways to learn. I think frequent practice and knowing what to practice helps boost more!
: here's an upvote from me would you care to share your public artwork? do you have a pinterest account or sth?
thanks! I do have my dA which is in the link above, and a facebook. Not sure how find-able my facebook page is though
: Stuff like this makes me jealous, and reminds me im useless at everything FeelsBadMan
well, as long as you keep drawing and keep looking up, you will climb! just like league! that aside, if you look at my artwork from just a year ago... *shudders*
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: Greetings CritIce. As a Lux main, I've been perma-hyped for this skin for about a month now. The dark form is probably one of the most interesting ones, because a dark version of Lux is something many people have thought (and dreamed) about for a long time :P Which is why I really love your artwork! There's not much to say, other than I'm going to sticky your thread on top of [Creations & Concepts](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en)! I hope to promote and showcase awesome artworks like this one by doing this. --- Thank you for creating this, I hope to see more from you in the future! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
thanks! the dark form really struck out to me as well, since I love anti-hero themes. Have to say I'm a bit rubbed by how you're only limited to two transformations per game, but I suppose any more than that and it gets a bit hectic gameplay clarity wise. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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