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shileka (EUW)
: toch well! superieur geslacht!
: OK before i start i don't REALLY care you want to go ineffective runes? OK but frankly stuff like this really shouldn't be happening so lets point out all the completely wrong stuff (not matter of play-style just stuff that is flat out wrong) OK page by page. classic adc doesn't have the attack speed crit keystone... and most adcs have 80% crit chance with 2 zeal items and ie... also u go ability and spell damage mastery? attack speed.. a d c as for the cunning page. 1 don't go cunnting it provides you no benefit expect merciless which is more damage to low targets... your meant to go resolve. why? because though are combat stats. health regeneration works good in lane. 2 less damage from champions is way better then dealing 2 more damage to minions. which 1 arnt a fret. and 2 jungle creeps which u shouldn't really be farming... also you want runic armor this increases your healing on the mastery for lifesteal the crit one your regeneration one and it combines with your lifesteal in your build. and final point should be perseverance in hard lane match ups or vs poke ones where ur likely to be low hp a lot. and insight every other time. attack speed adc... page... oh fuck me... already made a book on one page... ok 1 attack speed 2 why the fuck do you have increased damage vs enemies that are slowed/cc? your the adc your meant to kill everyone on the enemy team so bounty hunter. 3 MAGIC PEN!?! YOU WENT MAGIC PEN WTF? armor pen AtTaCk DAMAGE Carry 4 deathfire touch... just... kill me now.. ok let me try explain this out for you. adc ares weak early... but really strong late..this is because ad items work together very well. more as = abusing that ad more more ad = abusing that crit more crit = abusing that attack speed more ect so your auto... that means crits... crit mastery... and the cunning stuff... again just dont.. cait adc page. this is proerly the best page you have even though cait should just use a normal adc page... move that point from feast to double edged sword and even more so on cait because her huge range the downside of duobal edged sword should be even less of an issue. again scrape the cunning stuff throw it in resolve and there you go. 1 complete "normal" adc page. tanky support - cunning nothing wrong with those gj. resolve: if your going legendary guardian make sure your something like leona. if your something like taric alistar ect you need swiftness and swap ur keystone from strength of ages to bond of stone because well... your a "support" you "support" your adc and that's kind of a wet dream of a mastery for a tank support... ap support - so... every single support? every support is ap based because they are all spell orientated but their spells are normal for utility? does he mean a poke support? sona zyra morgana ect? ok... regardless of what its meant for im guessing stuff like sona.. ferocity 1 why the fuck double edged sword on here... so on adc... that is the damage dealer... you don't get the damage spell... but it makes you stupidly squishy and your a support so you don't have the gold for items like hourglass to stop the squishy.. and your adc shouldn't mind you taking 1 minion every 30 seconds for sustain... even more so if your like soraka so your hp becomes his anyway also u don't need magic pen because your damage falls off super fast because your a support and you don't buy pure ap... unless your "this" support and since you am not going that mastery it means by default you don't take a ferocity keystone. even more so one scaling on ap... because you shouldn't have loads of ap anyway even as an ap support over a utility support. in your cunning gj so far. now follow it with the cooldown one because your a support. even as a "damage" support its your base damage that does the damage not the ratio so get more of those base damages out. and the cool-down helps with things like shields as well ect ect. and as an ap support go wind-speakers if you got healing... if you don`t. thunder-lords even though its not optimal purely because you shouldn't go storm-raiders. classic ap. swap that feast for double edge sword... sword = damage. your damage dealer? get a sword! as for cunning the only real reason you would go that is if you had an execute like... so... ekko elise fizz and morgana... and i couldnt really recommend morgana or elise... go the stuff in resolve again... tanky jungler. ferocity. while i don't approve of this. this purely is a play-style thing so i wont fault this as long as we be realistic with the "tank" like.. mundo, sejanie, amumu not shyvana xin and jarvan. but yeah i cant fault you for this. cunning. the 2 damage really doesn't help with clears unless you have a super spam-able single target spell... like a single target karthus q... still then it pretty much doesn't help your doing like... 6 extra damage a camp.. where as wanderer helps alot with roaming. even more so in this fast paced meta atm. and runic buff is good. lastly the resolve. unyielding = good on a tank tough skin isn't actually that useful. because 2 damage of like 6000 is nothing. its like 0.033333% where as 2 damage of 2000 hp is worth alot more simply because you have less to mess with so it becomes like 1% of your health your saving. where as explorer can save you in games and helps you alot. you ever chase someone and they run threw the scuttle crab buff and that move-speed means they get away? explorer is basically a mini that. veterans scar. if your a flat health tank (i.e. no sustain amumu sejanie ect) this is good if our a healer one (mundo zac ect) runic armor be better. this one is not wrong but make sure you pic the right one. however. if your a tank your health re-gen should be high so i don't know why you don't get perseverance... 2nd to last. this is not wrong but depends champion. gapclosers = legendary guardian. kit-able (garen and shit) get swiftness and lastly. why would you go bond of stone? you bonding to red buff or something wtf? your a tank jungler not a tank support. so go grasp of undying. and since your a jungler your have more gold then a support to buy health items. this 1 increase your damage and 2 your healing. (oh and never go strength of the ages that just needs a flat out buff) ap jungler. swap life-steal and spell vamp for natural talent. even as ap champion in the jungle you must auto still so the ad benefits that and the ap scales with your spells. and can you name someone who actually uses spellvamp as core in items/masteries? vladimir?.... who else... i cant think of any other ap spellvamp based champion so why bother. "fighter jungler" oh... your a fighter... but you get none of the fighter shit... ok.... and by fight i guess you mean jax xin shyvana... i cba to explain this ill just go the points Ferocity 5 -0 1 - 0 5-0 1-0 5-0 0-1-0 resolve 0-5 1-0 5-0 (if they buy a sustain item like Bork which fighters should) jungle attack speed... oh... ohhhh..... ohhhhhhhhhhh.... heres your "fighter" page... . ferocity is perfect take the crap out of cunning. and throw it on resolve. if you are confused by anything say and ill explain in more detail the strengths weakness or masteries when one factors the other ect ect.
: Champion Select in a Nutshell
Logged in to upvote 😂😂
: Patch 5.22 Yasuo has been unleashed.
Hehe you guys should see tryndamere or AP jax/yi
DonPodriego (EUNE)
: Alt+Tab=World Destraction while playing
Hey, whenever you Alt+tab back to the game make sure you click the mouse button a couple of times before trying to center yourself.
: I don't think that's gonna help op. If you have any idea what happened to edy's promo thing then feel free to post that. But posting random things when the op is requesting assistance is not nice.
edy (EUNE)
: Unable to promo to challenger ( BUG )
: best feelings
Congrats man! I reached gold this week too :)
: I know the feel, I climbed from B5 to G3, Im so happy :3
Haha congrats bro :P
Eveninn (EUW)
: N1, Keep it up and next season Plat. ;) But now you make me jelly... with climbing exactly the amount of divisions I wanted to cilmb this season, but I'm 2 short as for now. :'( Guess I shouldn't complain as I get the Skin too.
Next season diamond is on my schedule hahah =3
: NICEEE how long did it take? im curently stuck in S3 and S2 im scared i wont be able to make it :O
Hey dude, I think it took my about 2 weeks of tryharding from S3 to G5, been playing mainly elise which I seem to be pretty good at and carried most of my games :) Most important thing is to stay positive at ALL TIMES. trust me it works.
: Good for you man!
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Season is coming to a close in 15 days, did you reach your set goals? :)
My goal was gold and I reached it like ten minutes ago! Super happy :)
: [SILVER] #TRYHARD for GOLD! Looking for DUOQ partner!
Good luck man, I reached gold like ten minutes ago!
: Git gud. Although honestly, from glancing at your, it seems like you could very easily do it. Keep spamming champs who you find success on such as Elise, and stay away from champs such as Ali who you don't seem to be doing so hot on.
Thanks, I finished my last promo game like 5 minutes ago and finally reached gold <3
Katfyr (EUW)
: Good luck, in S3 I was "stuck" in silver and highest I got to was promo to G5 and I lost it like, I'm not kidding - about 9 times in a row, then I dropped to S2 and S3 and after a while got to S1 again... I was not "stuck" - I simply belonged in silver. Then I started playing more of early snowballers, gank-heavy junglers, did some major tryharding, made some "trollish", out-of-meta high damage builds - like Atma's Triforce tanky crit fighter - then Atma's was still there and... the next time I got to GV promos, after the 3rd time I won them and got to Gold, basically, those were very close games and I was the most fed player, that is the nature of RIOT's system - it forces you to carry crap players to get promoted.
I made it man :) just finished promo's with win - win - lose - win :D
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Katfyr (EUW)
: You get to Gold by last-hitting, warding, PLAYING ONLY THOSE CHAMPIONS YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH - this is the most important thing, forget all guides, other advices and so on, if you play champions which are only said to be "OP" but if you think they are not your style, clunky or awkward, you will suck - you WILL suck! Because the most important thing is to stomp your enemy - early game runes / masteries, and a fitting champion is what you need, the rest is your skill, your mechanical ability, which can be improved only by practice, if you don't have that yet, nothing will help, you just have to get better. The last point is - get towers down. Don't recall after pushing, seriously...... get these bastard towers down, raze the enemy jungle empty, last-hitting, lane-freezing farming is ONLY early game, it got NO place when your Ults get up and ganks and fights get rollling - stomp the enemy and take their towers. Also NEVER do Dragon if you have no vision of it and around it and you don't know where enemies are. That's about it. If you do all of these things, if you get mechanical skill, the rest is only playing enough games, give it time. Also you WILL have trolls, AFKs, ragers and all of that.. you will have them. There is no way around. Enemy will have them too. So the key to rise in rating is playing larger number of games where the only common element is YOU, and if you deserve to rise, you will - just like every high elo player gets their smurfs up consistently - "luck" is a factor of only one game, skill is a factor of many games in a longer run.
Sorry for the late reply, I'm at 92 LP right now so I hope your tips will help me towards gold! Best regards
: Quote from a diamond smurf trying to help silvers
Thanks, I'm in silver I myself trying to reach gold before season ends and I really do hope more people read this.
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: i want a PBE account
I signed up for PBE 2.5 years ago, still no PBE account for me. Good luck tho
Eveninn (EUW)
: (っ^◡^)っ \*hugs\*
I just managed to get to the dark side of the boards.
lucasw89 (EUNE)
: Game locked at 158/159 ms
I have huge lagg issues on euw too, got demoted <<
Salmighty (EUW)
: Ok, should I delete this post, as it apparently offends you?
What I'm saying is a good trundle player is already annoying as hell, giving him a buff would make zero sense. EDIT: He also has a movement speed bonus from his W, which is good enough for chasing.
Salmighty (EUW)
: Trundle QoL change: Make his Q speed him up a little (Like Volibear Q)
: is it just me or do i get a riven in the enemy team every other game
OHiei (EUW)
: Looking for an Elise guide
Hey, add me ingame, I'd gladly help you with anything elise-ish. Furthermore look up a featured guide on lolking. The in depth ones are very detailled and will help you a lot. Also just play games with her because you learn the most by just doing it. Cheers
honm (EUNE)
: You're really unskilled also.
Source? I am really not impressed by your match history either.
: > You keep placing me with a bunch of idiots PLUS When everything stinks like poo, it's time to take a look under your own shoe.
I gave you some concrete examples. I don't tend to build MR against an AD comp so what exactly is your point?
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Durfain (EUW)
: Petition to keep Riven permenantly disabled
Wise Alien (EUNE)
: How hard it is to go up the ladder?
Hey pal, I used to have the same problem, but since a few weeks i really started to main a role (jungle) and pick champs that can snowball games anytime. I usually play Elise nowadays and my past 20 ranked games are 15 wins and 5 losses, which got me from s4 to s2 in just a week and I'm currently at 94lp. What I'm trying to say is; find a role that suits you and stick to that role. This way you can hopefully ( like me ) escape silver with ease. Ps. Sorry for the bad english.
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: checking your match history would require way to many clicks to satisfy my intrest in this useless topic.
You my friend, are the useless topic.
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: I couldn't use Katarina's Q in Game
Just stop playing that cursed champion already, problem solved.
: Where did I recommend Merc threads? I recommend IONIAS. Its a riven we are talking about. Please read posts before you reply to them, ty.
crisp can you rate my matches too?
: Is there a game like LoL but with ACTION?
: Lack of communication from Riot to EU
Bard is love, Bard is life {{champion:432}}
MagicSlay (EUNE)
: It is rediculous because I emailed them and Penumbra actually told me to post it here, which I find really outrageous. I emailed him back that this will not resolve the issue and he has not answered.
outrageous, truly, truly outrageous {{champion:44}} DERP
Dwki (EUW)
: Drophacker - Skorp v2
: It won't skip divisions if your true elo is only 2 divisions higher. I'd say you need to be a whole tier higher to be able to skip 1 division (i.e. your actual MMR has to be on platinum level if you want to skip through divisions in gold).
Yeah but remember I'm in silver huh, guys:P thanks for replying btw, made things a little clearer
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: 25 rp needed for omega squad teemo.
just send it to support and they'll ask you to make a drawing or something for the 25 RP gl lol
Zlothify (EUW)
: Who is your favorite champion?
Top:{{champion:133}} Adc:{{champion:81}} Mid:{{champion:115}} Support:{{champion:412}} Jungle:{{champion:106}} OPOPOP
: You are now married to your main
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: URF is over
I just played a normal again after 2 weeks of facerolling in urf.. went 0/20/2 with lucian, GG Seriously thinking about quitting lol now.
: Best, fun and favourite champions...
1. Best with {{champion:81}} 2. Having the most fun playing {{champion:81}} 3. Favourite personality {{champion:115}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:119}}
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