Lsayu (EUNE)
: >i got reported for "verbal abuse" for spamming /l on hyena WW (admit it, you must do it with that skin) I probably wouldn't bother to report you for that, but it's totally punishable and well deserved ESPECIALLY for hyena warwick (and lets not forget you were not punished yet).
Then why we have them.... and by spamming i didn't mean all game long just while they were "dancing" and throwing poke then healing back in one Q(AP ww) was just to good to not do it. and ffs it was a freakin aram, if a laugh annoys some ppl that much that they need to report that person just to make themself feel better then they are in real need of help (im not trying to be mean here).
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: But the warning you get is not the same as a punishment, and if you didn't do anything to break the rules you can ignore it. The warning is purely automatic, and comes if you receive a spike in your average reports. Most players that get the warnings are stepping over the line, and the message serves as a reminder to cool a bit down. But there's always false positives in play with this warning. The warning is not linked up to actual punishments. It doesn't even indicate your account is flagged for a review. When actual punishments come into play, reports are validated, and your ingame behaviour is assessed to determine if you are breaking the rules or not. TLDR: If you're not breaking the rules, ignore the warning.
I know the warning those absolutely nothing but having a good game and seeing that small window at the end is a bit of a turn of and all that just because you played a particular champion and someone felt offended
: Never got chat banned. Today i played with olaf, i didn't say a single word nor i was bming in game, well in the post game chat this happened: Enemy top: Report olaf for negative attitude Me: Wut? Me: I didn't say a single word for the whole game Enemy top: you killed me while i was lagging, that's negative attitude I don't know if he was lagging or not (he was moving normally) but surely it's not against the summoner's code what i've done. Funny thing is that even my friends got the report message just for tipying "lol" after what that guy said. Now i know that i didn't nothing wrong but still that message makes me feel like i'm in a risky position for a chat restriction (thing that i don't want to since my account never got banned or restricted in 3 years) just because of enemy butthurt. I think that this needs to be fixed, why a player that did nothing have to be threated like this?
This Ppl just send reports for whatever they don't like. You play riven and beat me? there you go have a report! You play Ekko and beat me... another report. Its just frustrating that knowing you did nothing wrong yet you are still being warned because of butthurt ppl
Skropas (EUW)
: Same here i really do not flame or the only reason i write is '' play safe'' then they start to flame me brutaly..... After this games i always get reported for no reason at all
Playing since start of S3, in 2 seasons i never saw that warning but now twice in 5-6 games...
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: He is fine as he is.
43% winrate and 2.6% pickrate is not fine 2nd or 3rd lowest winrate....
Tiasmoon (EUW)
: Lol, massive damage.
All this ppl that say kassadin has massive damage might play a different game than me. Unless he is extremely fed he is not dealing massive damage.
Arsames (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cry Mè a RlVEN,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tE3GT2HK,comment-id=0003000100000000,timestamp=2015-05-30T17:44:22.032+0000) > > Kassadin has one of the weakest mobility in the game, no mana, no mobility. > > See what i did there? same thing apply, that is not an excuse each of them has his own conditions for their mobility, yasuo-creeps kassadin - a lot of mana after 3rd blink goldjoker, what a surprise. You can't compare resource with creeps. A kassadin without mana is a fr00b who doesn't know what to build. I can't build something that makes me spawn enemy creeps so I can dash on them. Catch a Yasuo in river/jungle, or even in lane without nearby minions/monsters and he has garbage mobility. Kassadins mobility is also superior and easier to use than that of Yasuo.
whats with my profile? you referee that he is my 4th most played champ? or that i had a game today And yes he has mobility but is not as godly as everyone makes it to be, if you want to compare it: - yasuo gets it lvl1 or 2, is completely free, ofc it needs to have a condition to be used and don't throw me the "as long as there are minions" you know minions spawn every 30s - kass is his ultimate, mana cost doubles with every usage I wanna see you ulting 4-5 times in a row lvl 6-9 with kassadin while yasuo has no drawback in using it.
: Give him a single buff and pros will abuse his kit once again. One buff for three nerfs? Worth? I think he's in a decent spot right now. One of the few midlaners that can deal massive damage, can be mobile and is tanky.
im not sure where you see massive damage, he is not even close to other mages.
Arsames (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cry Mè a RlVEN,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tE3GT2HK,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2015-05-30T17:38:42.725+0000) > > Yasuo has more mobility and is free, zed mobility is more forgiving than kass. > His "spammable" blink doubles its cost (50-100-200-400-800), thats hardly spammable unless he built just mana items in which case his dmg is less than a caster minion. Yasuo has one of the weakest mobility in the game, no creeps, no mobility.
Kassadin has one of the weakest mobility in the game, no mana, no mobility. See what i did there? same thing apply, that is not an excuse each of them has his own conditions for their mobility, yasuo-creeps kassadin - a lot of mana after 3rd blink
Vindron (EUW)
: Team Builder is ruined
After the patch i tried to q for team builder, i tried jungle with waiting time "very short" at the 16+/- min mark i canceled it and went to blind pick. Didnt play blind pick since TB was launched and i forgot how horrible it is. I want my TB q for jungle back to normal. Also it can be because of Ekko and everyone q'ing in TB as ekko
: Can't balance a champ with a spammable blink.
Yasuo has more mobility and is free, zed mobility is more forgiving than kass. His "spammable" blink doubles its cost (50-100-200-400-800), thats hardly spammable unless he built just mana items in which case his dmg is less than a caster minion.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: This is coming from a Kassadin main, I'd rather they leave him as he is, just so that the idiots who can't deal with his mobility stay silent and don't make Rito nerf him again, I wouldn't mind buffs of course, but if staying underpowered can guarantee he gets no further nerfs or 90% ban rates, I would like to play my underpowered Kassadin in peace please. Edit: Maybe they can make the Q shield for all types of damage?
I think making his shield all types of damage would be a bit broken alongside his passive. Currently he is weak against AD champs(zed, yasuo, talon) if you change his shield as you suggested he would have easy time vs them.
: No, there is no counter to a 2 second flash; he is still overpowered.
Thats not a reason to lack damage. If that is the real issue then rework it and give it charges like ahri/akali and done
Arsames (EUW)
: Kassadin needs MASSIVE BUFFS, not small ones.
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xametista (EUW)
: #ritoserverthesedays
rito servers or no but ranked is just frustration atm. If you're winning you hope the game will stay, if you're loosing... oh well
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hermiionee (EUNE)
: yeah happened i confirm i got kicked out from game
My game completely vanished
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: ikr, my new main is {{champion:161}} support, and end up with the highest KDA and carry 9/10 of those games :p
Vel'koz doesnt need that much gold to be relevant. To keep lux relevant during the entire game she needs a lo of gold
katt5 (EUNE)
: The two main supports that I play are actually Lux and Leona. I do not own Nami or Braum. It wasn't a selfish pick, I picked the champion that I am most comfortable with. I didn't have another champion to better fit the situation, or at least one that I feel confident enough to use ranked. "It is not always what you are best at but what your team needs?" What every team NEEDS is competent players, and I took the champion that I am most competent and most confident with. I play lots of Leona, I know how to play against Leona, the same with Graves- in fact, the lane would have been fine if Twisted Fate hadn't insisted on getting insanely close to graves to try to auto him every time that he had the magic cards spinning around his waist >_> The only way you can look at the game results and judge whether a player was being "selfish" in their pick or not is if every player has every champion and can play them all at about the same level.
" in fact, the lane would have been fine if Twisted Fate hadn't insisted on getting insanely close to graves to try to auto him every time that he had the magic cards spinning around his waist" Thats why you need supports that can save a situation for those moments when your adc does stupid stuff, we are not in challenger where the ADC knows to kite, side step skill shots, when to trade and when not to. You might be confident in lux and wanna carry the game but is not working against someone with half brain. Support lux is so easy to exploit and abuse, if im jungle and the enemy picks a supp like lux/nida/teemo i will just camp them for easy gold and dragons. The proof of what i say is in your match history... out of your last 10 games as support lux you won just 2 Don't tell me is always your team
Khâmul (EUW)
: If people could stop..
League needs more ppl like you
katt5 (EUNE)
: You are contradicting yourself. If you are supposed to "give your best" in ranked, wouldn't you be "giving your best" by picking the champion that you are most effective with ranked? I could take other supports besides Lux, but I am best with Lux- my average KDA with her is 9.1/3.9/12.6 (according to Lolking, so that does factor in the few matches where I take Lux mid). I can only think of one occasion where I had a negative KDA as Lux support, I never take CS from my ADC, always keep wards up and get Sightstone at first or second back, etc. In any case, back to the point, I would rather have a support who knows their champ than somebody who locked Leona because they read that she is "op". That's why I didn't complain about Twisted Fate ADC or Akali Jungle, because both are pretty far-fetched but it CAN work (although to be honest both TF and Akali fed.) That game was ranked, by the way. I just find it funny that two players who took Akali Jungle and Twisted Fate ADC in a ranked match had the nerve to flame me for taking Lux Support.
So based on your last game that was a fairly bad pick. Now let me tell you why. Even if akali jungle and TF ADC are very questionable picks for a ranked game you as a player with the goal of winning the game should think at what your team needs. You took lux support into a leona+graves lane. Even if by any chance you win the lane (which you should not) your team will be at a disadvantage. You lack the CC/engage of a normal support and also lack the dmg of a solo lane lux. Im not sure which pick you were but if you were last pick and took lux after seeing leona+graves and your team comp, then is part of your fault for the loss. Is not always what you are best at but what your team needs. If, for example, you are very good at hecarim and you are stuck with ADC that doesnt mean you will play ADC hecarim. You had darius top with yasuo mid and ofc the TF adc with jungle akali, you should have pick a supp with a good engage and maybe with a displacement for yasuo, someone like nami or braum. Now they should have not rage at you for your pick but even tho their picks were bad you completely disregarded the needs of your team and went for a selfish pick
: I don't mind if you nerf cinderhulk, but don't make this game League of Assassins
Who has fun playing against a team with 3 HP/resistances stacking champs or even worse - Sion top - Cho mid - Voli jungle - Leona supp - *insert random ADC* At the moment most of the games are decided by which team has the most/better tanks. For now, normal games are the way to go, at least there you can play w/e you want without one of your team mates being "gg no tanks" while we have naut jungle. Not saying that tanks should be kept weak just don't put them way way over the top. Did you guys ever played against a shyvanna with smite+TP(red smite) and full tank, thats not the dmg of a fkin tank.
: pick udyr , l2p udyr , buy udyr runes , watch alot of trick2g , LEARN THE D-GATES , go soloQ , tell them you prefer jungle ( you mostly will get it , if not , go top with udyr too ) , farm for your self , take everything and every farm in every lane , push towers ( people in this game dont realy understand that you win games if you destroy their base da) , push the other tower , push the other tower , gg xD ( i do that everytime i play with udyr , f**ing op and fun at same time to f***iing destroy their laster turrent without minions or any1 helping you ( riot said you cant destroy it alone , they didnt know there was something called udyr xD ) {{champion:77}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:77}} edit1 : once i was in a game , lb asked for blue and i said no , she said " you want me to go afk ? i said yes i dont care realy , and she did go afk , we won the game (because of me xD ) and we all did reported her , so yeah
And this is what is wrong with our community, then you wonder why your team blames you and why trick gets the hate... is coz of wannabe like you. By doing what you say is basically forcing your team to play a 4v5, sure sometimes it works and works more often in low elo but what you gonna do when you hit high gold and you alone lose the game for your team
Aingaz (EUW)
: looking for a top laner that ...
Riven - but despite what everyone thinks you actually need to know what you're doing with her (thats for silver 1 and above) and needs a specific rune setup to make the best out of her kit Fiora - thing with fiora is that you either feed or get fed, no middle ground GP - he has many build paths, check w/e you like Kayle - she wrecks melee top laners but is tricky to play her since shes shoving hard so you need good ward coverage and map awarness
: I think that gameplay diversity should be preserved though. It's cool that some champions are good at poking and others just smelt you when u go near them. You shouldn't be able to get to close range to Ryze for example and not be punished somehow. Skillshots make things a bit more casual because all depends from your aim. Next step? Annie Q becomes skillshot? I totally hope this is not gonna happen.
How turning a point and click into a skill shot makes the game more casual? I think is the opposite
: Why are you changing all "target spells" based champions?
You miss the point of what riot is doing When you have a point and click ability like ryze Q, irelia E there is nothing that you can do about it, if you are in range you gonna eat the dmg from ryze Q or the stun/slow from irelia. There is no positioning involved there and you cant avoid getting in range of those skills unless you afk under tower. What riot is doing is adding counterplay and buffing accordingly. If you think point and click abilities are healthy i think you never played a melee against pre-rework ryze. Imo a healthy point and click ability is Nocturne E which gives a fair amount of counterplay and reaction time
: well, i am kinda running out of ideas right now... :(
I know =/ Im also quite desperate and fairly pissed since nothing seems to work, i tried everything that i could think of and what i could find over the internet. EDIT: When all this started to happen i was also playing AION and Archeage, much "heavier" games than league, yet league was the only one behaving like this. Im starting tho think that is not my PC, but league client having a conflict with something i just cant figure out what it is T_T
: can you check your disk on bad sectors as that can cause a lot of problems too
Did it already with multiple programs and found nothing, also the HD is fairly new (less than 6mo)
: ok it isn't your virus scanner as i use the same... does it happen when you do a certain action or just randomly says you have corrupted files?
i play a game or 2, get a bug splat and after that whenever i restart my client it gives me corrupted files. If i continue playing the bug splat gets worse and worse.
: What virus scanner are you using?
i was using avast and malwarebytes but after a complete HD format and fresh windows all i have on my PC is Advanced system care Ultimate 8. I like some of the features :3
: Using custom content like custom champion skins or hud skins
none whatsoever Also the only program that runs in background while i play league is skype and malware/anti-virus
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: > [{quoted}](name=SquareClock,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qEGA5hbN,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2015-04-28T09:08:36.975+0000) > > The problem is that everyone shifted to assassins and close range mages. Cho ruins them, if you just play the old meta and play long range mages like @Crispstorm said he won't be that much of a problem. That is of course if you don't let him snowball. Cho has always had this potential but it's just strong in the current meta. BTW just upgrade your boots with first or second back and you should be fine to dodge those stupid knock ups if you stay on the edge of his range. > People are also complaining about him because it's fairly new to see him on mid. Champions like {{champion:131}} can snowball and oneburst even more easily than cho, but lack the CC. > Another thing: you can just build a ROA and Zhonya's yourself and you should be super-fine against him. He deals true dmg with his ult, so when you build a ROA that health will counter the dmg on his ult. > > Stuff enough to deal with him! Okay not if you play yasuo or zed or whatever assassin, but that should only be able to happen in normal games because you simply don't pick that against him in ranked. diana has a good cc with her E. actually according to her kit she should not have any cc. she just has too much damage. shh most people don't know this.
Diana got me to gold 1 this season and yes, she is strong and can solo carry a game. That was until gold 1 when ppl started to hit me with cho on mid. Got completely rekt a couple games so i went back to normals to find me some champs that can deal with cho and as someone said earlier vlad seems to do the job. About the other suggestions, long range wave clear, wouldn't that favor cho in mid/late game? Ziggs/xerath sure they can poke but cho can sustain thru that and clear wave just as easy plus the CC and disruption that he brings during mid/late team fights is superior to the poke of xerath/ziggs. Im starting to like kayle into him the only downside is that if you get hit by Q he can W and flash R and you dead. As i said in the original post im not saying he is op but i think the speed he can get full stacks due to the ult buff puts him a bit under the strong side.
: Yup she's balanced. He lost against a riven with darius.. his skills matters not the champ.. So yeah it's probably his problem when he start with hydra instead of getting some armor against her.. i still don't know how he lost against her since also both of them took Teleport.
If he lost to riven as darius the problem is not the champion is between the chair and the screen. "If it beats me the champion must be op" - 90% of the boards users
: Would be nice if I could know what the enemy mid is gonna pick. What am I, a wizard? Yes sure I'll pick Diana because I know 100% that the enemy will pick LeBlanc
If she's so broken then why not pick her before the enemy team and collect that freelo?
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Neamhon (EUW)
: How to make Yasuo 20% less obnoxious
Sir you deserve a medal actually fk it you just won the award "idea of the year" @Riot if you're at it can you make him yelle less >.>
: Idea how to make LeBroken into LeBlanc :)
She might be a bit to strong but instead of crying why don't you try to play things that beat her miserably and make her completely useless. Try: - Diana, rush a negatron into abyssal and make her cry. Is she dashing in your face? Shield and Q her then follow with 2xR - Cho, oh did you Q me... np there you go ill hit you with an AOE silence and Q in your face. (imo cho is more broken than LB since his ult buff on minions/jungle mobs) - Zed, this doesn't need any details - Xerath does fairly well against her since he can just throw his stun if LB trys to W onto him and she lost the trade. Mainly anyone that can shove the wave hard can beat LB and avoid feeding her, her only wave clear is her mobility and damage so if you shove her early she has 2 options: put dmg on you with Q W and miss farm or use W/R to farm. Why is so hard for ppl to find ways to abuse weakness of a champion, all you guys want is to be able to one shot any champion with YOUR FAVORITE champion. Don't get me wrong i have my deep champion hate on yasuo and fiora and believe me i would love to see them doing 0 dmg but if they beat me doesn't mean they are broken is either i miss played my lane or i did a stupid pick. We are not LCS players, we don't farm for 20 mins and wait for jungler to make a good gank and snowball us. We play what we want regardless of enemy team comp, our team comp or individual pick. Now bring the down votes since is more easy to hate and ask for nerfs than actually think how to play a matchup
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Muttsmutt (EUW)
: anybody remember anivia?
You do not wish to face an anivia that knows what hes doing.
DireXcon (EUNE)
: {{champion:92}} / {{champion:85}} / {{champion:131}}
His silence completely fks up riven and she is squishy, QW from cho mixed with a few autos and R and she is dead or almost. Diana is not that bad but she has no kill potential, she will lose extended trades.
: Bronze I > Silver V
I have a different experience Silver 3 => gold 1 was a walk in the park. Gold 1 on the other hand is horrible, as soon as i get into gold 1 my games are a stomp fest from the enemy team
: riven still not on schedule to nerf?
Riven mobility = her dmg If she used her QQQ to get close to you, why don't you turn and fight her? she has nothing to do dmg with Also her 3xQ+E cover same distance as an evolved Kha E Also riven Q has always the same cooldown, it doesn't scale with lvl. She used her 3xQ to farm or get close to you... go and trade with her, short trades win you the lane since her HP regen is close to nothing and most of the riven players don't rush life steal.
Ice5 (EUNE)
: What happens when he counter picks after you? Also how much is too much because nowdays game's last at least 40 mins...its bound to happen...if obviously the Nasus is a decent player...
There is not much you can do if he picks nasus after you took a sion top (assuming). And for the ppl that say play x/y champion and destroy him, is not always working like that. Lets take a look at the champions that beat nasus early: - Riven: imo, she is the best to go against nasus. You can zone him and if he try to CS just kill him, plain and simple, if you lose early game as riven to nasus you are bad and there is no excuse. But there is a point where nasus would outscale riven just by stacking health and armor. From my experience when you play riven against nasus you should always go brut into LW so you keep your kill potential on him. - Teemo: he can deny nasus some farm early game but in mid/late game you will have a useless teemo vs the enemy team nasus. And he will farm his Q eventually even if that means farming under tower or freezing the lane at his second tower. - Pantheon: once nasus gets a chain vest he can just sustain thru panth Q poke and pantheon falls from a cliff late game, is not even remotely comparable with nasus late game. - Ryze: thats the lane of 2 bullshit champs, not sure how will this go since im not a fan of ryze (played him 2-3 times, he is very boring tbh) - Darius: darius can punish nasus quite hard, the only downside is that by doing so he will push the lane very hard, considering he has no escape will be food for any decent jungler. No matter who you play he will farm and stack resistances and outscale most of his counters. There is no going even with nasus, if you go even in lane with nasus you already lost. You need to simply crush him at the point he rage quits. _The best counter to nasus is his player-base since they are all so focused on farming that they will never group with their team._
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