: D2 + Top or Jgl for Major Ladder (German)
eefje depoortere playing major ladder yyyyyyyyy probably :D
Protinus (EUW)
: are we playing in the same meta? of Passive supports with ardent? or Am I wrong?
that answer determines you dont know how to play support ;)
Protinus (EUW)
: Support LF TEAM Im highly skilled high KDA Support Platinum2
I think as adc you most likely dont want a kda player as your support :p can be that you are just very good but you would have higher winrate than 50% then
Chilli Jam (EUNE)
: Which way is it??????
Another normal question in the forum gets downvoted for no reason. Can somebody pls explain me why everybody in the forum is that toxic and yet thinks he/she has honor lvl >9000? To the question: I think its not possible to make all champs meta so I am fine with the meta changing every now and then. But there should be more than 5 champs for every position that are viable
ILiRixx9 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Treycos,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=4evYykI6,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-24T17:57:24.002+0000) > > Can you figure out yourself why ? I know it was something like this earlier, "Unskilled" it was called I believe, I wasn't playing that early, but I've seen photos of it. If that's not why, brighten me up please.
dont mind this guy. idk why people in the forum are so toxic. they act like they all have honor lvl >9000 and downvote everything. as you can see he doesnt even write full sentences and is not able to give u a single argument. your idea probably wont find any usage. its not reportable that you play bad and it also shouldnt be. additionally the restrictions wouldnt keep people from playing. it makes them go on their smurf and ruin other peoples games cause they rage about riot. also you dont want the "poor performance" players banned that are friendly. more likely you want the flamers banned and already have report options for that. but that is just my own opinion. you can have your own and thats no problem. dont mind these lesser human beings writing shit about this and downvoting. I dont get the forum at all. It is a normal topic to discuss about and people have another opinion and downvote I dont get it.
AnWaRkh (EUW)
: Is ranked worth it?
There are many things that you should look at to answer this question. In my opinion if you never played ranked normals become rankeds. I mean you want to win and you dont have a difference in gamemodes. You dont rate anything higher than anything else so your only goal is to win and thats like ranked. Not like I want to say that if you play rankeds you dont value normal games anymore but you are definitely not that disappointed with losing than you were in rankeds. So what are rankeds there for? When you first start rankeds you play it cause of your ambition and the will to improve. You want to get better and playing rankeds is the way to get better. You play with people that are as good as you or a bit better/worse but eventually with a good amount of games you reach your current skilllevel and from that point on you only improve with playing ranked. You may have heard of ranked anxiety and maybe its also the point that stops you from playing ranked but thats not needed. If you dont play rankeds you dont improve as much as you could when playing them and you got nothing to lose. If you think your friends laugh at you when you first get silver meh get over it and reach challenger :D After a while your ranked anxiety will go away and you play rankeds with no fear like normals. So after all Ranked gives you improvement and you have goals in rankeds you wanna reach. Normals are more fun and less toxic. You have to decide now ;) Speaking for myself I played many ranked games and now kinda reached my max skilllevel and switched to normals back but I will also start playing rankeds again eventually. best regards Curion :)
: Is it physically possible to get consistent winrate as support?
I assume you think its not consistent cause you cant carry as a support? At the moment botlane is really important with the ardent meta and supports can carry really good. The ones that say supports cant carry just cant play ;)
uk Orca (EUW)
: I can’t find my champion pool
heyho. first to your champpool: I think you picked kinda the most difficult mid champs there are :p in my opinion all these champs need experience and mechanics but if you want to play them you should still do it. after all the game is for fun and tbh in silver 4 you play the game for fun. I dont wanna blame your elo and say I am so much better but people in silver 4 dont know what their champion is able to do at his full potential and if you already minimize your champpool to the named champs you should be fine after learning them for a while.
: You think i need improve ? I play for 5 years (maybe more then5) what to improve ? I am not bad.
ok this really makes me rage actually. what to improve? are you kidding me? I am diamond 2 myself and I can still improve everything I am doing. you are just a casual silver 2 scrub. you play for 5 years and arent even good and you say "what to improve" wtf is wrong with you? how can you be so ignorant to the fact you make so many mistakes and in 5 years cant even get higher than silver 2. play vs better players and you see what to improve. you lose 50% of your games. its all your teammates right? guess so. stay in silver then
: Help
that sounds like you search for a booster. rather search for somebody that tells you what you do wrong and improve yourself.
: Right now playing on eu is extremely frustrating, doesn't matter what game-mode, also I really hate this account and I feel it's really unlucky, so after getting gold in both queues I went to play on other regions. One of those regions is Turkey, playing there went kinda smoothly for me. People there don't really afk or open mid on purpose, they fight until the last, at least in high-gold and low-plat. Yeah, they also flame in chat no doubts, however I don't understand their language, so it's fine for me, I know only a few words to communicate somehow with them and it tends to work along with pings. I don't need to mute everyone there, so I can read the chat if someone actually asks me to switch lanes or some other stuff (yes, usually they write objective's names on English so it's easy to understand which strat to use). I played some games in here recently and it gave me a negative impact. I don't mute everyone from the first mins, since I always hope to meet people with normal talks, but most of the times I see only negative attitude and it gives frustration. I agree, you can pick some premades and have fun in games and mute enemies if needs to, but I always play solo, so I don't really experience it nowadays. That's how my experience looks like. I've been thinking to take a break again for a while, since it helps me a bit and usually I have some comebacks later, still not sure. Anyway, good luck in your games mate. Getting diamond is really a huge accomplishment.
ty for sharing. I also have an account in russia where I played for some time and have to aggree with you. I think on russia they flamed even more but since I cant understand it it was okay :D maybe one day I forget the english language and it will be the same in euw ;P
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: Even worse puns & jokes :v
can you pls stop overusing that smiley :v I dont even know what it should be and you literally use it after every sentence
Tiffan (EUW)
: Supports! When do you buy Sightstone?
hey Tiffan :) there are many things that can influence what you buy. So you say you are a janna main and I know there are many many janna mains that rush ardent censer and go for a really late sightstone. so what I think about when I go back is: - Do I want to roam? (as a playmaking support like Thresh, Alistar or Blitzcrank it is possible to roam very early with mobility boots) - Does my adc buy wards? (usually you can ward good enough with 2 yellow trinkets and maybe a pink) - Do I win lane? (when losing lane the chance that your wards get cleared out is higher and therefore you need more wards) - What is the enemy jungler and how is my jungler doing? (you can deepward so your jungler can invade or you need to deepward cause enemy jungler has a global like noc or panth or maybe you also need some more wards cause the enemy jungler can solo dragons early.) - Does my team have the possibility of a tp gank? (more wards for deepwards again) So... when I play a targons support I go 90% of the time sightstone first. When I dont have 800g then just ruby crystal but I rarely go for the support item before sightstone. If you roam much you can also go mobility boots. When I play a spellthiefs edge support I sometimes go for the support item on rank 2 first when I win lane and can proc it easy on the enemies but most likely also sightstone rush. On a coin support I get used to buy the support upgrade first cause its the support item that gives you the most gold and I think you profit really much of it. Idk if its better than buying sightstone but I just feel like doing it. After all you are a janna main and janna is different from many supports since she doesnt have to buy boots and you can play her completely without them if you want or just get them late. Then as already mentioned there is the ardent rush janna and the normal janna. I think sightstone early is really good and the support item wont give you that much efficiency as a sightstone does in that state of the game you could buy it but also I think its about own preference. I hope you can use a bit of the information I wrote greetings Curion :)
radetari (EUNE)
: the other guy was possibly premade with that kennen so they had a very nice conversation, but i would still report him for that u never know, and the first guy, he deserves to be banned, not perma but if the behavior continues then perma ban him still happy that here in eune people dont know english very well so they cant type stuff like this, so morbid, jesus
he wasn't premade with kennen :) he was talking to me and we actually tried to communicate cause positions were messed up. he even denied our communication since he spammed so hard.
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: Looking for diamond players to add since spectate tab is gone
any specific position? you can add Curion and my smurf Waddelidaddeli if you want


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