Orjatson (EUW)
: Need Plat+ Players for a team!
Hi i would be interested look forward to hearing from you.
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zLucid (EUW)
: LF Mid Gold-Plat
Hey is this role still avaliable
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: Thank yoouuu :D can i add you in league so we can talk there in private? xd
: Holland :3
Ask any questions you need answered about British education and i ll try to answer the best i can.
: Totally random question, I need someone that is Briïsh/British lol XD
Which country are you comparing education to?
JL Virtue (EUW)
: LF ADC/Jungle/Support
Hey you still looking for jungler? Was plat 2 last season gold this season not played much ranked though will change over this week. Looking forward to your reply
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: I'm currently in gold due to serverswap but climbing fast, I've been playing and coaching in a platinum 1 team and got experience with tournaments aswell. Would you mind trying me out since my best skill is teamwork which doesn't really exist in solo queue. I'm a top laner. Main champions: {{champion:150}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:85}} Alternative picks: {{champion:245}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:133}} Pocket pick: {{champion:266}} So I'm very good on my main picks and my pocket pick while the alternative picks are just decent but easy to learn up. Your application sheet: Name: Eric Rickardsson Rank: Gold 4 Role: Top Top 3 champion in your role and their winrate: {{champion:150}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:98}} all on 60-65% Avalibility: Always except on tuesday and Thursday evenings. Reason for applying: I'm a teamplayer and I've played with a team that had me 2 diamonds and a bronze and still won versus full diamond teams. I love proving that synergy wins games. Why you are better than the rest: I'm a greatshotcaller, warder and playmaker, got a great understanding of the game and listen to my teammates at all times. I can't really tilt either. Weaknesses: I know you didn't ask but however I thought it might be good that you know what they are and that you can see that I know that I can improve. I need to improve my farm mostly, that's my biggest weakness by far, although I know how to last hit I gotta get better at trading, roaming and farming at the same time without falling of on farm. Thank you for your attention and even if you're not concidering me please answer so I'll know. :3 My best reguards: EG Machete {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hi man I am really looking forward to giving you a tryout :) My only problem is that i am stuck for time right now becasue i am moving back to my uni soon but add me in game and i ll see if we can play together soon :)
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: Meee i will!
Hit me up on Lol-coaching :) link is at the top of the post.
: keep at it. I tried coaching but what i normally found is you will teach someone. its all good and dandy they climing they go on one lose spree and its like "OH everything he taught me was a lie better go back to my old shit" and its just like {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} however people that are willing to learn and fun to play with. because for us mere mortals getting past plat is quite hard xD
Thanks man :) GL in your future games
Allosen (EUW)
: No offence, but; Dont you have to be in High-Elo to coach people?
Not really but it helps. However i enjoy it and if i ve been getting good feedback then i will keep on going. For example on the site i use one of the best coaches is only plat 2. But some people feel more comfortable with high elo players which is why people think high elo players are the only useful coaches. :)
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EXR Frost (EUW)
: Team Hericide Recruiting (UK) (Scrim) (Tournaments)
Name:That Hurt Role:Jung Rank:Plat V Age:19 Champion Pool: Noc,Sej,Diana,Jax,malp,Mao,Jax,Rek,Ekko Availability:Every evening from 4th september and most days. Working Mic: Check! Why we should choose you: I work hard and i take any sort of critisim on board and try my best to improve on it. :)
: Name: Danker McDankingson Country: Zimbabwe Elo: Bronze 3 (stuck in elo hell my teams always hold me back... im actually like plat atleast) Role: top Top 5 champs in role (Win rate): i only play urgot and i have 27% winrate but it should be 100 cuz im real dank with him Reason for applying: cba with soloq it doesnt show my true dankness the better question is what would you do for such a high value asset #urgotmainsknowbest
Fuck off zakk xD
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Elysa (EUW)
: what role?
: Looking for competitive players.
Its the deicated ones which are difficult to find
Elysa (EUW)
age-19 country-UK can speak fluent/good english- Fluent ELO-Gold 1 can use discord-Yes can stick to a time schedule-Yes want to climb and improve- Wanna get as high as possible.
: I may have only played LoL for two months, but its not a hard game, just need to be aware and proactive. [ADC main, looking for regular premades.](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en/gyasgEEO-adc-mastry-7-kalista-ashe-vayne-main-lf-gold-support-or-team)
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cúsoon (EUW)
: [UK] English team Extremity are currently looking for players! (LF, Top, Jung, Mid, Supp)
Summoner Name: That hurt Days/Hours you CAN NOT play: Monday/tuesday before 2pm and friday before 7pm Rank: G1 Role you're applying for: Jungle Champion pool:{{champion:56}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:154}} Why you'd like to join: I want to join a dedicated team that won't split after a week or two and want to be involved in tournys :).
: The queue timers are real
I am on a 70min queue atm :L
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Raichta (EUW)
: Silver Phoenix: Serious Ranked Team!
IGN:Eternum Nocturne Main role: Jungler Main Champions: Nocturne, Sej, Malp (Kindred is becoming comfort pick) Secondary role:Mid Elo:G2 Age:18
: Looking For Tank Top Laner (Gold/Plat)
Hi i am Eternum Nocturne (Lucas). I am 18 and from England. I play league a lot in my spare time and available most evenings. I work as a lifeguard so times i can play may vary week to week but still majority of evenings and days will be free. Comfort champ pool: Ekko,Ryze,Maokai,Malphite,Sion,lulu,Tryndamere
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MrFaker (EUW)
: Bronze/Silver Players [REQ] [TEAM]
Name: Lucas InGameName: SandStorm Ekk0 Country:England Age: 18 Main lane: Top Main Champs: Ekko,maokai,ryze,malphite my go to champs. Experience: Was analyst for high plat low dia team end of last year. Elo: Silver 2 Questions? -Would this team be entering competitions?
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oranium (EUW)
: I want to join i main top but i Can go any Lane Ign:oranium Age:12 Country:Denmark Rank:last year silver 3 now not any yet Role:supp Top 5 comfort champs: braum trehs blitz karma narmi Streams:Nightblue3 To join: i want to be more serious about my gaming and be a part of a serious team. Climbing:i dont know
Sorry i ve asked for 16+. Also might want to play ranked before joining a team
: IGN: NfsGamerLt Age : 20 Country: Lithuania Rank: Gold V (Plat IV last season ) Role: Top, Jungle Top 5 Champs : Rengar, Rek'Sai, Vi, Renekton, Lee Sin Any Steams You watch: Sometime Dekar173, BoxBox Why would you want to join: Got bored of soloq What is holding back from climbing?: Univerity (mostly).
ωιll (EUW)
: ***
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gludeklis81 (EUNE)
: I have been playing since September or October 2015. About the matchup thing I know my mains so well I can play them versus pretty much anything and still do somewhat good even if against counters. Anyways, in bronze/silver I dont see counterpicking at all, people just play their mains and hope they will win, thats all. But if needed I can buy teams most used champions so I can swap with them.
I unfortunately don't think this is the team for you
gludeklis81 (EUNE)
: IGN: gludeklis81 Age: 16 Country: Latvia Rank: Silver V Role: Mid/ADC ( prefer mid) Top 5 champs: 1.Katarina 2.Twitch 3.LeBlanc 4.Vayne 5.Tristana Streams: imaqtpie, SivHD To join: Want to climb ranks and also have fun while playing with other people Why am i not climbing: Got lvl 30 just a bit ago and have only played 30 games in ranked now. Also I dont have much free time but I will have that time in about 1 or 2 weeks. And I dont have 60 champs, but I dont think it should be a big problem, because the ones I have I know really well. P.S. I am from EUW but for some reason this page thinks my EUW acc is lvl 3 so I am posting from my EUNE acc
Hey first the 60 champs is so we can swap champs to confuse and enemy and get better match ups and how long have you been playing?
Volonk (EUW)
: IGN: Based Zed {{champion:238}} Age: 16 Country: England Rank: Silver V (Gold V last season) Role: Mid Top 5 comfort champs: Zed, Annie, Fizz Any steams you watch: Gross Gore (fellow Englishman), Nightblue3, Redmercy Why do you want to join?: Enjoy playing in a team and would like to progress What is holding to back from climbing?: Last account got banned, haven't played much on this one so haven't climbed yet, had no problem getting to gold last season so don't think it'll be different ^^.
Hey why was your last account banned?
: IGN: Avi Asteri Age: 18 Country: Ireland Rank: Plastic division shit Role: Jungle/ Mid/ Top/ ADC/ Supp (In order of how amazing I am) Top 5 comfort champs: {{champion:38}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:245}} (Big champ pool) Any steams you watch: Just PornHub Why do you want to join? Because I will get closer to my long term goal of fucking Lucas What is holding to back from climbing? Don't play ranked much
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