: how much money
Because I am personally financing the league and its the first season not going to be a lot. Aiming for 24 euro per player in the winning team. The growth of the number of winnings depends on sponsors. But will have updates while the league is ongoing. Hope that answers your question, please do not hesitate to ask anything else.
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i am interested i am busy building my roster my 3 mains is azir ziggs and kassadin atm i sent a friend request
NuebrOne (EUW)
: Seeking last for flex queue ( gold/silver )
you still looking for one player?
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fightpwn (EUW)
: Want to create a brand new mix team for competitive play!
I am from South Africa and still living here just want to know if you guys play online because I want a team to play with. I am still new and learning fast.


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