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Ryzzhan (EUW)
: VS event rewards ??
You got 200 VS tokens as rewards for doing all the quests. They aren't a bonus added at the end, it's the total amount you get from doing all of the quests.
: What would be a good secondary mid laner?
I enjoy playing {{champion:101}} As long as you're good at hitting your skillshots you're good
: Where is a better way of getting trolls reported and banned...
If someone needs to be reported, you shouldn't feel the need to tell everyone else to report them. Just report them and continue with your play because if they continue with that behaviour, they will receive a punishment eventually
: Oh, that's weird :| Do you have some sort of software installed that came with your mouse ? Most gaming mice with additional buttons have such a program, maybe that's where the setting are messed up :/ Otherwise, try resetting your ingame settings to default.
I actually never thought of looking in the software for the mouse. And it's actually the solution i've been looking for, thank you so much dude
: Greetings. You can simply reassign your mouse buttons in the options. If you're using the **new client**: Go to options -> Hotkeys -> Player Movement -> swap MB1 with MB2 :) --- I would also recommend to quick cast your abilities. This way, you don't have to click to fire the ability, you just have to release the key you're pressing. _If you want to cancel the attack, just right click_ It's just like unlocking your camera, it takes some geting used to, but it will improve your gameplay after a while.
This is what i mean, it says "MB2" is used for movement, but in game it's making me left click to move, and in the hotkeys it doesn't let me change MB2 to MB1 so i can't even test that.
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: get a better internet you monkey, i am playing on 6 ping and its amazing. if you are poor well too bad
I average 22ms on US WoW servers living in the UKK. I don't think it's my internet buddy
Holy Wars (EUNE)
: Ip Boost
It's just a flat double IP weekend
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: Try them in normals first..please dont be that guy lol
? I never mentioned anything about ranked. I just said silver 4 so i'm playing with people of a similar skill level
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: Botlane is in the worst spot ever
You're acting like this doesn't happen mid or top. You have games where one of the top laner's picks up an early first blood and begin to snowball like that racking up more kill in lane. So don't act like this only applies to bot lane.
Gladiatór (EUNE)
: Adc main looking forum support
According to your you finished season 6 at gold 1. Now don't lie just to make yourself look better
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Mister ADC (EUNE)
: When will God Fist Lee Sin be released?
It's being released in 7.8 with the new champs and a master yi skin i believe
: [EUW] [Silver] - Professional Slayers (Squad) - for Bronze 1 and silver- gold players
: Alistar looking for kogmow
Yo, i'm an ADC main (with some kogmaw experience) but i'm only a bronze pleb. Add me if interested still. IGN: Deadtoads
PIagiaTT (EUW)
: [smurf] main mid looking for another smurf to grind the ladder with
not a smurf but you can carry me up the ladder {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: They happen The only thing you can do is 1. Play more games to even it out 2. be CONSITENT, whenever you have a shit game, if you would've played better it could've been a win, it might change W-L ratio from 49~51% etc. 3. Roam as much as you possibly can whenever a lane needs help AKA HARD CARRY 4. Never. Ever. Tilt. Or. Flame. Someone who is doing poorly, then gets barrated by a team mate, hes not going to be playing better, quite the opposite.
To the 4th point, i already know about that. As much as i do want to start shouting at my team mates, i don't ever do it (or report call (most of the time)) i just get so tilted at afterwards so hard
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Råi (EUW)
: Need 1 for Flex NOW!
Rank? Role needed? be a bit more specific bro
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Biabri (EUW)
: This is not how tanks work Rito.
I don't see what {{champion:223}} has to do with this
: I had a problem
Unless your blood well was full when you died, you don't respawn. That's how he works now. And he's not broken, i think he's in a fine place right now as i am a trash player but still doing well with him in ranked.
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ZexXxoN (EUNE)
: The Shaco Effect
You forgot Kha'zix
: Current state of Rylais
I still think it's a pretty good fit for Karthus. Perma slow on his e helping him land more Q's
Doomley (EUW)
: No, it's not broken. Win streaks don't mean anything even though many people seem to have that misconception. You also have a negative win rate which means that in normal conditions, you should lose more LP than you gain because of low mmr. Also checked your history and you never were at 95 LP.
I don't know how you can check my history, but i was definitely at 95LP before i lost 2 games in a row.
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: LF Lee main club
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Vixoun (EUNE)
: 1st game autofill
When you get autofillled, your next few games are guaranteed to be one of your chosen roles, so i honestly couldn't care less if i got autofilled first game
: LF a team to join.
you have to be more specific, what times you're able to play, what rank you are etc
: In the new client, you can do that outside of the game. In the menu, you can go to hotkeys and search for player movement, then check the MB/MB2 assignments. I'm not sure how it works with the legacy client, maybe only ingame in the settings.
I've tried doing this, but it doesn't let you assign right click as an option in the hotkeys
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