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: Have you even read the patch notes? First of all, her nerf is patheticly low. It won't make her unplayable, she will still be strong and playable AS A SUPPORT Sona Bottom(="adc") strat is still playable aswell, but it shouldn't have almost 60% winrate as it has right now. about Sona mid - I have a feeling that Riot is trying to force of champs with self heal to bot/support/jng, since they usually don't have that much of a counter play and just sit under turret and heal themselves.
Yes I read it. She now has like 33% less damage, and also less movespeed on top of that. With Sona, you cannot sit under turret and heal yourself, because your heal without items and levels is pathetically low, and your max health is also very low, so they can dive you and kill you.
Shamose (EUW)
: Why nerf the champion with a high pick and win rate?
> [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OVqKNMg4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-26T12:45:28.466+0000) > > Why nerf the champion with a high pick and win rate? What's the point? People enjoy playing her, so she naturally has high pick rate. How is it a bad thing? Oh let's make everyone play dumbass boring champions that are in meta for 5 seasons in a row, makes perfect sense.
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SuurTöll (EUNE)
OMG are you for real? What do you mean "No counterplay?" Take any champion with easy stun, like Leona, Annie, Malzahar, Vi, Udyr, Hecarim, Pantheon, Jax, tons of them. Land 1 stun, focus Yi, and he's potato. He's also weak early game, as a jungler, you can outfarm and outgank him, and as a laner, you can win your lane before he's out of his jungle. Even if you fail doing that, again, 1 hard cc and Yi is dead. He's one of the most useless champions ever.
Tralux (EUW)
: Music while playing ('YES!' or 'nah'?)
I always play ranked with my music on, usually a Black Metal, or a DSBM playlist. The game just seems too boring without music. I play the game to chill and relax after a hard day at work, it's kinda meditative, but at the same time, it's kinda boring without music, so I have music in the background. Yes I realize it's bad for my focus, but I dont really care, I dont tryhard anyway. Sometimes I drink wine or vodka while playing ranked, so I couldnt care less.
: A very simple suggestion.
Well I personally know two people from Bahrain who play ranked EUW and they're both Masters elo. Too bad they dont have a good competitive server next to them, so they have to play on EUW. And they get Masters despite having ping around 200 every game. Would you deny them the right to play competitively? I guess you would also ban people with physical disabilities if you could. That's just cruel and unsporsmanlike. You get the elo you have due to many factors. You can be useful to your team in many ways. Sure, with a high ping, it's hard to mechanically outplay your opponent on a high skillcap champion such as Irelia, but you could always beat your opponent with game knowledge and macro play and genius decision making. And if people with high ping manage to get high elo, I believe they deserve it.
: Open letter to the community and Riot
Well, try to consider some facts, like: Why do higher elo smurfs easily beat your elo? Like, easily. They also get trollers and afks on their team, but they manage to get around 75% winrate all the way to Diamond. There are also Challenjour level smurfers that beat even Diamond elo easily. This was proven many times by various twitch streamers and professional players, as well as elo boosters that do it for a living. Why is that? Probably because skill DOES matter, and if you played significantly better than the average player on your elo, you would climb fast. If you play just like the average player on your elo, games might actually seem like a coinflip, because it's 100% dependent on the team. But it's just the way it should be. If you want to actually carry, you should either focus on improving your skill, or maybe get a smurf account and enjoy beating players on lower elo. Nothing is wrong with how it works now.
Atlas (EUNE)
: Aaaaand I'm done.
OK man I actually took my time and watched your last game on Aatrox. I suggest that you watch it yourself. Here are some points to consider: 1. At 5 minutes into the game, you're the ONLY player in your team who did not place a single ward. Everyone placed a ward, Pyke even placed two. You did not place a single one. And you push it all the way into his turret. What a surprise, enemy Sejuani comes! 2. Urgot misplayed, so you killed him. Instead of shoving the wave and backing, you decide to solo dive Sejuani, you get killed, Urgot gets all the minions, gold and CS. He is NOT punished in any way for taking Ignite instead of TP, thanks to YOU and YOU alone. 3. Having several kills, having both level AND item advantage, you manage to lose a 1v1 fight versus Urgot, getting solo killed. Embarrassing, to say the least. You disconnect immediately, showing extremely bad attitude. 4. You reconnect just to straight up intentionally feed Urgot a couple of times, and then you go AFK. Urgot ends up carrying the enemy team. 5. Your teammates actually won their lanes (bot and mid), but 4v5 was too hard, so they lost. IMHO, this is 100% permanent ban material. And you're the one complaining about League? Competitiveness and stuff? Dude YOU are the problem here. Just embrace it. Your life is bad not because of league, but because of this crybaby attitude that is clearly present in everything you do. Grow up already.
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