Wadafaaak (EUW)
: So many trolls are ruining ranked games.
play now while the real true patriots are watching g2 getting demolished.
: who are the permabans of urf?
garen obviously lol :D
D Seraph (EUW)
: Kayn still underwhelming
Is so broken yet untouched and unbanned in any pro play, or worlds.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Remove autofill already !
Yeah it's a nightmare for many players, especially the og's . I tend to dodge when i see 2 autofills ...
: Riot should remove this ban system its ridicilouss
Calm down buddy , just mute them all and report after game, u are just making it worse for your self and i see u try hard to win, just focus a bit more on game and less on bashing them cause they wont get better .
: lol critical error ?
They dont wanna admit that they messed up something for windows 10 users, so now they closed the client for maintance .

D Seraph

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