lalolalic (EUNE)
: Things are looking grim for Shen
Shen post rework is a thematical failure and riot already agreed within the following weeks that his kit did not properly represent what he was pre-rework Now thats not to say that his kit doesnt work, it does. But the identity of Shen as a champion was further complicated by the introduction of a spirit blade in an already unique and odd combination of tank ninja support. I hope that riot will still reconsider changing some of his kit so that he can be better balanced for competitive play (which is the main reason for his many nerfs) aswell as normal play. The fact that they admitted to wanting to do this a while back actually frustrates me that it's gone under the radar for so long... but alas im holding my tongue and being patient. I used to be a Shen OTP but nowadays im rather reluctant to play him if only for nostalgia. I actually name changed from 'Shen' to 'Day' a while after the rework because I just couldn't back what direction the champion took... but I am hopeful for change in the future
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Avxngxr (EUW)
: Ping/FPS fine but game is freezing
I made a post about this recently and even tho it reached top post there was no riot reply. GG to a fix tho cause this issue has been affecting soo many users since season 7
redmagier (EUW)
: I logged in just to upvote you man. You are saying exactly what i have been thinking since the patch with the new runes and all this BS started happening. Early to mid game is fine for me, but later in the game i have ridiculously low fps in teamfight, its pretty much impossible to play well. How this has not been adressed yet, in the most played game on earth is unbelievable. Seems like riot doesnt give a shit about how their game runs like shit even on high end pc's. they are more busy pumping out new skins and other crap.
Thanks man! really appreciate it. im glad this is getting some traction finally
: I'v been asking this Question for ages now... No answer..
: People were reporting weird fps drops throughtout the whole season 6 and I doubt they are even gonna try to catch up and fix anything. That you are getting issues since recently just shows that performce is slowly degrading.
Yea I can only say I feel for those people. Ive personally had it since 7.24 and its just becoming unplayable for me. I cant consider doing ranked and I just got cussed out really hard by my whole team in the last game I played since I couldnt do anything in team fights and fed because my screen woudl just seize up in team fights.. :(
WolfChases (EUNE)
: The bigest problem is when you have a fine PC and you still suffer from FRS drops. I have a medicore machine and it has a lot of free space as I have instaled only League of Legends and World of Warcraft. I play with ~50 ms and about 100-110 fps but my fps still randomly drops to less than 20 sometimes. I have no idea what could cause that issue. All my drivers and windows updates are on point, cooling as well and I am pretty sute its not about my PC because I am able to play Skurim and Assassins Creed 3 on max settings without a single issue.
Yea my setup is pretty decent too and thats what is so frustrating. I put a fair bit of time and money into having a good rig but when it struggles to run a game like League I feel as if im losing my mind!
: i hear you, i first experienced these lags when zoe came out. since then every time i enter a bush, i remove fog of war from a part of the map (either by minions walking there or by doing so myself) or in any teamfight, there is a chance my fps will drop to half the normal value and give me lag -_- I'm going to call it right now, i think it's either Zoe herself or the new runes and if i'm right, Riot better buy me a beer {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
sirDarts (EUW)
: I've read they are trying something else in the PBE. But yeah, I can only imagine how hard it has to be to figure this issue out, and fix it.
The problem I find is that even tho so many of us are experiencing these issues there is hardly any coverage about it. I feel like im crazy for thinking im the only one sometimes. But the thing is I know im really not. usually riot is so great at taking the helm with issues and making them such a priority while keeping the players updated. This has been ongoing since patch 7.21 and were now 8.1.... No but I understand it may be difficult to even figure out what the issue is but its like they don't want to talk about how big of a problem it actually is.
: i know wat u mean i used to suffer no lag or fps spikes and now thats all i get so thought maybe its my internet so i ncreased that x3 but still same problems i just give up on playing champs like gp, i know i will quit lol soon so it doesnt bother me so much if lose because of it
I already uninstalled and stopped playing but came back to give it another try but as im in my second game lost to these freezes I feel like why bother. There are plenty of other games I can play where I can actually enjoy the game instead of struggle to play it.
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Kian987 (EUW)
: Let's talk about Shen
Well said!! I have been playing Shen and getting used to his new kit but I really feel like allot of the things meant to benefit him were not thought through carefully enough. - He feels allot squishier - More item dependant - Feast or Famine - and very much unreliable compared to his previous self Allot of the points people raise in defence of the rework baffle me because they usually point to him having an awesome ultimate and game changing taunt... Basically the two abilities untouched from his former kit. I like his new Q and W and passive on paper, but in practicality as you stated very well; it just does not work. Using his kit effectively requires heavy itemisation and I have found myself just farming heavily trying to find some relevance for the mid / late game. I hope that with time item builds and rune/masteries will be clearly identified as to what benefits Shen the most. It is possible I just need allot more time to get to know his new kit. But for now I am not impressed and do not have the highest hopes unless riot address' these issues


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