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: If someone is not ready to dedicate his next ~40 minutes to winning a match, then a 5v5 team game is not for him at the moment, regardless of the queue. I skimmed through the reddit thread too, and the classic faulty arguments come up there, as always... "Ranked is where people play at their best to win"... except the large majority of people who do worse under big pressure, so their performance is a lot better in normal games than it would be in ranked. "Ranked shows your true skills". Nah, playing does. League literally requires dozens of skills of each player, and everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Just because someone's certain skills are highly valued right now, they might still not be good. For example there were several occasions where a certain champion was nerfed into oblivion (original nerfs of heimer, evelyn and zilean in season 1 for example). What happens of an OTP player if their main gets nerfed hard? Do they become weaker because Riot changed some numbers? No, just the "nominal" value of their skills will be lower. Ranking as a number reflects very little on its own. "Competitive players only play ranked". This is probably a difference in the concept of "competitiveness", but in my opinion a competitive player is one who strives to win and to improve, and the queues have nothing to do with it. And limiting one's experience to one queue might become a weakness in the long run. An extreme example was back in season 3 or 4 when the meta was so stale that ranked-only players actually forgot that Annie could possibly be played on mid. And at the end of the season when a bunch of us started to pick her to solo mid, we met with nearly no resistance because ranked players haven't faced an Annie in over a year and a half. All in all, ranked never seemed to be more than normal to me. It was basically just the same thing but with more stressed out people. So i never really bothered with it aside of the seasonal rewards. And since in normal games i play mostly against plats and diamonds, and in ranked i don't go past gold with my 10 placement matches, ranked games were usually a bit too casual for me. I guess it is the same experience that ranked players have in normals, just reverse. In the end, i don't really think that any queue is better than the others, maybe with the exception of blind pick being slightly worse than the rest, but again, that is just an opinion too.
Thank you so much. Really appreciate it. <3
: Why should they flame you? Don't see a reason.
Germans are %%%%%%s, unable to read the main reasoning, they are polemic and tend to rage much faster than any other country i know. (I'm german myself... just to add :'D )
: If I want to play ap ashe I will play ap ashe. You can't forbid people to play what they like.
Thats not the point. Pls read again
: +1 I am currently learing / training a new role and get my hands back on some champs. And I agree with you. I mostly played ranked with some exceptions, and now I am playing way more normals to not spoil ranked games for others. But really dude, what we can see in some of those normal games is just hilarious. And the argument "it's **just a normal**" should be a reportable offense. Yes, you don't get LP for this; still it is about winning. I totally understand people like you who don't play ranked and feel there are days when you can't play one decent game....
Ty man, nice (or maybe not nice) to hear you face similar troubles. The funny thing is, that i made the same post in german boards and everyone there is flaming me. Feelsgood to get some positive feedback here
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: I'm sorry but at this point what is the difference between normal and ranked for you ? If you have to "try hard" and "win" why not just do it in a ranked game ?
There is no difference except the rating in rankeds. Thats my point, i don't see any difference and therfore i don't behave differnet. Imagine u are thrown into a game, while not knowing whether it's ranked or not. How do u play?
: I laugh my ass off when I hear guys claiming that "ranked are srs business" (cause u can insert in your CV that u reached high elo in LoL, I guess) and in normal "u can troll etc". Totally with u on this. PS Try to focus on winning and eventually u will reach a normal MMR high enough to see less idiots, trust me.
Thanks for the comment, will try to :)
: Is the trolling and toxicity is getting worse?
I totally agree and I really want that this behaviour get punished. I recently submitted this reddit thread, which is covering the same topic.
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