: [Click here to submit a ticket.](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) Just in case, I leave it here.
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: Making clash team Plat 2+
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: Meet the Misfits: Europe’s Upstart Underdogs
everyone forgot about OG??.... {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Hello, Which country are you from?
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akatοsh (EUW)
: [Plat+] Black Rose eSports are looking for a sub ADC and a Support now
Don't post here stuff if u wont even add ppl '-' sad
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Zookeepr (EUW)
: Former DIA2 | Coach Offering FREE sessions | Any Lane
Thanks for the help, it really help me out ^^, gonna try to improve even more from now on ♥
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: Exile Gaming Recruiting [Serious&Casual] [LF Coaches]
Register 1. IGN - AnimeWorld 2.Current rank - Plat 3 3.When do you have time - everytime after 18:00 week-ends everyday 4.Op.gg link - https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=AnimeWorld 5.Main role - Mid 6.Champion pool - zed, ahri, orianna, lissandra, ziggs 7. Age - 18 8. Casual/Serious - serious
: Recruiting Gold Elo Players For A Serious Team
Champion Pool:zed,ahri,lissandra,orianna,ziggs,janna,thresh What do you want from the team:communication, skill, motivation, team work, fun, joking, and serious jobs ;) How old are you:18
venharious (EUNE)
: (league client alpha)champion select black screen
Hey everyone, We are currently aware of issues resulting in some players experiencing a black screen or delay in getting to champion select with the new client. This is believed to mainly affect players with a high number of friends. One potential workaround is to collapse all your friends folders - some players have been able to work around the issue this way. We are continuing to investigate this issue for a longer term fix.
venharious (EUNE)
: (league client alpha)champion select black screen
it have happen to me 2 times yesterday, i lost 9 lp xD, but i reloged the client and it worked again.
m3di (EUW)
: Team looking for a plat+ midlaner
i sended u a request :p
: Team Night - More than a team! [Age 16+] [Rank Unranked to Challanger] [Community] [Ranked Team]
ingameName - AnimeWorld ELO/rank - S6 (Plat 4) and S7 (Plat 4) Roles (MID main) Champion Pool (zed, ahri, lissandra, orianna, ziggs) Why a ranked Team (this game is about team play, and its more fun and more promessing when nobody gives up and you play like you are in LCS ^^) What team do you think u like the most and why? (i always liked FNC and SKT, they can easily comback and they got rly good controll) Where do you know us from? (LoL forum )
Clan HoA (EUW)
: HoA - Alright! Calm down! Just calmly click this, don't go nuts


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