: The current state of League
Cool post, but I have a few things to say. >1) There's too much damage in the game. [...] Everyone dies in instants. I agree with this on so many levels, however, there is nothing we can do because this change was done for one particular reason only. Esports. People want to see SHlT explode in a huge stadium filled with 15k+ people live. Its like action movies nowadays. EXPLOSIONS!!!! BOOOM BANG! Less damage means slower games, and slower games means "this is taking too long, I´ll watch a VOD when the stream ends". And that would mean less money from viewership and a million dollar company does not like that. > When the plates are gone they fall too quickly. I also agree here. At this point, why do we even have turrets? Just change the model into a bag full of coins. >RNG. [...] Dragons are randomly generated. I believe the scuttle crab is random to some extent after a certain period of time(?). While I despise RNG mechanics in a game like League, in this case, the dragons being random isnt that bad. I remember back in the day (before the elemental dragons) when the dragon was either too broken or completely useless (and thus be completely ignored during an entire season in professional play and even during worlds). The rng dragons adds a nice niche. The scuttle isnt random, the timer is just long so if both scuttle die at different times, then it feels random. They spawn every 4 minutes i think. >Gimmicks. I agree and disagree here. Gimmicks is what makes a champions unique, and honestly, every single champion has had a gimmik that was then either removed or copy and pasted into a newer champion. Kayle used to be the only one that could cast untergetability and immunity to any champion at will. Then came along the AOE super mega version with Taric's VGU. Twisted Fate used to be the only one that could teleport anywhere, now Ryze has that mechanic, and just like Taric, its a buffed up version that is AOE. Tahm Kench can eat people and negate ultimates like Vi's, which is also unique but lets not forget, Nocturne was the first to have the point and click untargetable and unstoppable lock on missle CHOO CHOO MOTHER FCKER ability. Annie used to be the first champion to summon a beast, now Yorick and ivern (and past Mordekaiser) have that. Bard is a walking Zhonyas Hourglass (and that's coming from a Bard main since release) Bard can also create tunnels and have allies and enemies use them, but you know who had the tunnels first? Rek' sai. Braum has the wall, and then came Yasuo; and speaking of walls, Anivia was the first champion to have that ability, then came Azir and later Taliyah. Now... are some gimmicks bad? Hell yeah. Aurelion Sols stars make him unable to hide in brushes. But that in itself creates a playstyle that involves the idea of commiting to a roam and not being able to hide. Much like how Riot finally "destroyed" teleport and you cant canel it anymore (best thing ever), you have to either commit or not. And that's why I think Riot decided to not hide the stars while in a brush, it denies the ability to "fake" a roam and hide in a brush OR camp a brush mid roam. Neeko, Sylas, Ornn and Pyke have cool gimmicks and honestly, unpopular opinion, they are healthy. Way healthier than some other gimmicks. Like Ziggs being able to NUKE a fcking turret. Stealing ultimates adds a twisted to the game, you have to be wise on both ends, the sylas player, and the player against sylas. In champ select too. Pyke is honestly the best sht to ever happen in the support role. I too main support, and the fact that Riot made a support for people with blood lust is great. Im tired of people picking AP midlaners and calling them support because they have ONE Stun in their entire kit. Brand, Zyra and Vel' koz were launched as midlaners, but due to their masive failure, Riot decided to tag them as supports to counter out the fact that there are actually only 15-17 supports in the game. Because one thing I agree with your support role argument, your role is to support your team by stunning, slowing, or tanking. "ctrl + alt + delete" is not support. While I find the "death is the best cc" meme hilarious, I dont like failed midlaners in the support role. And Pyke is the saving grace because HE ACTUALLY HAS SUPPORT ABILITIES. Q is a knock-back-pull-stun-slow, E is an aoe stun, and W is an incredible tool to zone people away, and the fact that stealing kills with the ultimate not only gives you gold but your teammates too is great. It is a literall win win, dumb midlaners can play support and not troll and Kill stealing no longer exists. >The Meta. Ever since 2015 Riot has stopped giving a crap about balancing the game. Since 2015 it was all about "NEW NEW NEW NEW!!!". We had the 12 months of Preseason for 3 years straight. Preseason; spring split; Mid season (preseason 2.0); preseason (for the following year). Constant change with zero space to BREATHE take it all in and what matters in strategy games ADAPT!!! Riot knows that if they dont control the metas, the entire year will be stale and Esports will be boring to watch. Remember this is all about making money, and right now, League of Legends is the leading video game in the Esports industry. Just because Twitch.tv says LoL is dead, having 200 MILLION VIEWERS watch League of legends LIVE for the 2018 worlds finals says something completely different. And just to let everyone know here, it is a world breaking record for viewership for an international event that only EUROVISION can surpass. So clearly, Riot controls the meta, to keep the game exciting and fresh, but with the intentions to keep people watching the LCS, LEC, LCK, LPL, etc. >Runes and Masteries. Personally, I like this version simply because... A) I dont waste blue essence on something essential to play B) As a support player, I can do a lot of wierd things. I used to have demolisher for my support rune page BEFORE it became meta due to the addition of the armor plates. Now, everyone has that rune. Before people would call me troll, meanwhile, I helped my team take down turrets super fast (Again, all of this before the armor plates were introduced). > Items. Honestly, just delete Rage Blade from the game, its the reason why League cannot make a decent and well balanced late game hyper carry. It is either broken, or completely useless. Has anyone seen Kog' maw recently? Last time I saw him was in 2017. How about you? > Summoner spells. At this rate, I think we can all agree that even Riot is working on it. ____ Anyway, amazing post. Cant believe I started this reply about an hour ago. But its just rare to see a good post nowadays. +1 bud.
: Rank Shaming in 2k19
I recently got rank shamed in a game. Ally Vi was tilted and started to say how in every game her teammates kept making her lose the game. You know, the typical "I deserve Challenger, my teammates are the problem" excuse. Anyway, the Vi targetted me, you know Bard is an easy target to blame because "omg you picked bard its lost!". Anyhow, Vi kept saying how its lost, we suck, you suck, he sucks, she sucks, toplane is a noob. And I proceed with ME: "Vi, relax, bad games happen. Look at me, yesterday I was Bronze one and today I am Silver 2! Anything can happen!" Vi: **"So you´re a bronze then."** ME: No, Im climbing. ______ Me trying to chear Vi up, and instead she came up with negative logic. _if the bard was bronze 1 yesterday, and he is now silver 2, clearly, he's bronze._ {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} ___ Did I have a bad bard game with Vi yes. Not gonna lie, but Im still climbing so clearly Im doing something right xD
: Rito's LP system is plain bullshit
The system is fine. The higher you climb, the less LP you get with wins, and the higher you climb the more LP you lose when you lose a match. Thats it the intended way. Otherwise, people would make it to diamond without breaking a sweat. Imagine an Iron player gaining 30lp up to diamond and losing 10lp with every loss. That's some next level boosting.
: Horrible Micro stuttering and fps lag latest patch
I get the same type of frame drops with bard tunnels.
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: Can we get a visual rework for Mega Gnar on the Dino Gnar skin?
More champions deserve a visual update rather a freaking skin. Mega gnar on dino gnar skin looks fine. If you dont like it, either use the classic skin or buy a new skin. Riot wont give a damn, trust me. Its taken Riot over a decade to visually update the VFX of some champions that were made in 2009. What makes you think Riot will visually update a skin model from 2015? Sorry for being rude, but its the truth.
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: Seeing how many polish players are in lol (both amatour and pro) and having madrid not warsaw as location, it's not about serious esport scene. Politics? I can believe that. Joke is that in Poland it would be english hands down. And lastly, trust me, first esport i watched on arena was starcraft, it's cool you have events in local languages it's better if greater community can understand what is going on and that part of knowing what's happening is crucial in sport that is more than tossing a ball all over the place (again first matches i watched was starcraft) For me it's a finger to east europe and England + Ireland (should I mention Scandinavia and other smaller entities)
> Politics? I can believe that Why would Spanish politics give a flying fck about a video game sport? Please think about that for a second. Why would SPAIN, who has a pretty embarrising political system within the European Union care about Esports? Rather than politcal, it is cultural. Spain is passionate about any sport in which we have a big influence, we dont have to be great, but as long as there is a huge influence, we will cheer for it. And that brings in money. If you have noticed the last times a League event has ben either in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona) or France (Paris), both Riot and the crowd saw a huge boost. Crowds bring more energy and are much more interactive, which not only intertains the viewers at home, but the Rioters and casters in the venue doing their job. Look at worlds 2015, the group stages were much more fun and epic because of the crowds reaction #FrenchPower. Spain is just French noise on steroids (and if you are french, it might be vice-versa). _____________ I understand that its nice to have casters speak english, its easier for other visitors. But here is where the political bullsht does come in. Spain and France have historically done a lot, and their international influence is as big as China's. In the case of Spain, it is the 3 most spoken language in the world (if we only include native speakers), and English only being 4th. So there is a huge sense of PRIDE, and France knows that better than anyone, thats why they always sing in french and the news announcers are also speaking EXCLUSIVELY in French. IF the crowd is going to be mostly spanish or french, we will speak our native tongue, we also cast for south America which are 90% spanish speakers (10% being Brazil). And hey, if you are from England or Ireland, I only recommend you start learning a second language, because not everyone will want to speak english, a lot of people do that just to literally pss english speakers off. I have been to all events in Madrid and Barcelona, and when I said "you barely pay attention to the casters" I 100% mean it. Most of the time you are just looking at the screen and YOU YOURSELF can predict what the teams will do. If something as stupid as a language barrier is going to stop you from enjoying a once in a life time experience then thats your own decision. When I went to ALL-STARS Barcelona there were a lot of people from ASIA, USA, North Europe and Eastern Europe (I could hear the languages outside of the venue before and after the games). All I saw was a lot of smiling faces and laughter, and the people that spoke english where having a blast, and they did not understand sht. But they got to see their favorite players in STAGE and take photos with them as well as have a nice memory. As for the 2015 Summer Split, there was a lot of English in between games, and that was a HUGE improvement from 2015 where there was NO ENGLISH. If Spain and France got the better deals is because they offered a price that RIOT could not refuse, not to mention that so far, the best crowds have been in those two places. An interactive crowd can change the perspective of a video game, from looking like a chess game to a FIFA worlds final, and I fcking hate football (A fcking spaniard who hates football), yet seeing and hearing the crowd is what blows my mind. Englad in 2015 was nice for the audience, but the crowd was dead, same goes for when Riot went to Sweden, Belgium and other places. _________________ If you wanna be somewhat close minded and not attend because "fcking sht the host country is speaking in their native language!" then I suggest you never leave your country to travel, because not everything will be in english for you. So, either decide to attend and live an experience of a life time, or decide to sit and home sitting in your office/room or living room wishing you could watch an event like this LIVE. I understand that annoyance of not having something in a language you can understand, but that should not stop you. Also, just to let you know. When ANY League of Legends event was in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, and Brazil, the venue was not in english. Did that stop people from other countries from visiting and attending the event? NO, lots of people still went, and they still had a fcking blast. Spain and France arent the only places with native casters.
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: Better give NA some compensation :)
i love the summoner name xD
: Season 3 EUW nostalgia. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
lmao, vietnam flashbacks.
: Get your tickets for LEC Summer Finals in Athens!
now we just need the dates for Worlds!
: I need Ascension back in my life
Ill ask for ascension once the other left for dead game modes make 20 apperances first.
Timarius (EUW)
: Losing time farming token because server down
Riot will probably give us an extra two days. Not the first time they done this.
: Cant see what my friends playin after new patch
I bet rito is gonna say something like "we believe that the previous system was way to spy on people and could be considered violation of virtual privacy, bla bla bla SJW american bs"
: Is Qiyana a kardashian?
wE mUsT cReAtE ChAmPiOnS tHaT rEpReSenTs EvErY bOdY tYPe. I never thought Plastic surgery was a body type.
: the fact that there is more porn of yuumi than there is of qiyana speaks volumes about her...
Odoring (EUW)
: What language will the venue sound be in (in Madrid and Paris)?
Spain will be 100% in Spanish. And France in french. If you want an english cast, go to Berlin.
: Well to be honest, 3 locations for all the Europe is a huge letdown. Especially if you take into account that 2 locations are not going to be hosted in English. Meh. No Worlds for me then.
Riot did say that they in Europe, they will host in cities where Esports is taken serious. Seeing how big Spain is in Esports, its not a surprise. And France is internationally friendly for air travel. As for casting, trust me its the last thing you really listen to when in a live match. I am spanish and I never pay attention to the casters. And in last years Summer Finals, the EU casters were very active.
: People who smurf to hardstomp a game and write you suck at the end are the saddest people
: Is turret plate a healthy mechanic in the game?
The gold, I dont know what to say, but for the plating itself, I genuinly enjoy it. I hate, from the bottom of my heart the fact that turrets are weaker than a cold breeze in the summer. I want a massive turret to do fcking turret things. Like TANK damage and DEAL damage. One thing I never liked about League was the fact that before, turrets could fall in the 5 minute mark. I want turrets to survive, because that is their main function. Turrets are not meant to be gold machines, they are built to stall the game, that is the core purpose. Turrets are a mechanic to DEFEND the base, hence why you have to destroy them if you want to win, but if the turrets cant defend, then what on earth is their damn point?!
: Poro as a Little Legend - Teamfight Tactics
Dont worry, Riot will add more little legends every patch, so expect them to sell a poro little legend for 750RP and 750Rp skins for them. Riot knows a poro little legend will be picked a lot, why else do you think they are keeping it for later? Remember, you cannot think like a player in these situations, you have to think like a corporate share holder with 10 million in their bank account.
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, it kinda makes sense to stop doing login music. Saved login credentials will make login screen obsolete, so why bother making something that most people will never see or hear. Also they didn't say that they will stop making music. Only login music will go away. Literally from their news post: > This change also frees up the art and music teams to put more time into other exciting projects. So, we just have to wait and see(or hear for purely musical projects)
The music department at this point, besides login screen have made mostly pop/electronic music. Barely any instrumental since Varu's music video. Riot better bring the big guns because otherwise they are just simply cutting out staff, and that's a fact.
: I wouldn't be surprised if she gets one this year. Kai'sa mains better be greatful.
: and maybe the next day and the day after :D
best conversation i have ever witnessed
: Weather (aka fuc it's hot)
It could be a heat wave from Africa, here in Spain its normal to have 15-20 degree average then out of nowhere have hell with 27-30 degree weather until a cold wave comes from the Atlantic.
: I would appreciate it but they gave another skin to kai'sa so i can't. That broken %%%%% is taking up too much slots.
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: Best feeling in the world
Best feeling in the world! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: 10 year aniversary idea ?
I think it would be cool if Riot realesed every single game mode that is on the rotation. For one full week. Every day one different game mode, so if you miss one day, you miss it. No repeats, not extended for favorites. The idea is to make it be like a party mode, "Party rotation!" Or an icon that gives every player a party hat. Riot did it for Draven day, gave every champion Draven's head, so it's possible,
: I made Orianna play Field of Hopes and Dreams, from Deltarune
: WHY IS MY LASTNAME OFFENSIVE!?????????????????
Let me add more to support this. There is an American Twitch streamer and Youtuber, named **William Tucker Boner**. Last name is also european and its pronouce "Bohner" not "bone-r". His last name is also been "banned" in the video game industry. The issue is that, unfortunately what rules in the capitalist world is the english language. Any other language isn't important, hence why your name is thought to be pronounced with the letter t.
: Lol, this happened to me as well when I started playing League after a long break.. twice actually.. but let me tell you.. after a week or so, when you get the feel for it again.. you realize it is as cancerous as it was when you first stopped playing it.. nothing has changed.. one would say it only got worse..
Hansiman (EUW)
: https://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/emoticons/v1/300177585/3.0
Marissa (EUW)
: Welcome back {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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Wannes (EUW)
: 10 years LoL
Im expecting some greedy stuff tbh. - A celebration anniversary pass - 1650Rp - Probably 5 or 6 Surprise Party themed skins, with golden chromas for them as well as for Surprised party Fiddle. Bundled for 3200rp - A Prestige edition of one of the Surprised Party skins - Lots of emotes - A ward skin - And a few Hextech goodie bags or orbs. ____ Its business as usual, hopefully Riot does something more than just giving out RP content, a few game modes rotating everyday possibly. Your idea of having icons that show what year your account was created sounds cool, but we already have something similar with Ranked icons (which I know dont really represent the year you joined, but you get the idea). I havent spent a single euro in the past entire year, but for the 10th Anniversary, I might spend 10-20 euros, why not.
GitGudYasuo (EUNE)
: I used to play soraka top back in season 4
yeah but C9 popularized it, which ended up causing Riot to nerf Soraka to the ground and then rework her kit.
GitGudYasuo (EUNE)
: Ty LCS players
_C9 playing Soraka toplane war flashbacks.png_
Rioter Comments
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DELDE115,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=EVbHzgcx,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-06-12T08:25:06.176+0000) > > Playing devil's advocate here. > > Her Voicelines are annoying, I agree, but its her character. And honestly, we cant blame Riot for actually making a good character thematically. Let me explain. > > The whole idea is that Qiyana is a btch. Literally, she is an arrogant btch who thinks is better than any one on Runeterra and the actress delivers it perfectly. And we, the players, are meant to get annoyed and actually dislike her. So technically speaking, Riot did a good job. > > > Same with amazing actors/actresses. If the bad guy in the movie can make you feel powerless or pissed off and makes your rage and feel all sorts of "I have a particular set of skill... I will find you, and I will kill you" kind of emotions, then clearly, the actor/actress is 10/10. > > Now, does that eliminate the fact that Qiyana is actually really annoying, no. This attitude only works if the character has a bigger purpose and honestly, Qiyana doesn't have a bigger purpose. She is just the highschool drama btch who has control over the entire school kind of plot device. Let me make this clear, you can absolutely not make a direct comparison between an Online Game and a Movie. I'm okay with asshole characters in movies because i am not a part of that, however, when we talk about videogames, people might assimilate the traits and replicate the behaviour, as you're a part of the universe. And, in an environment that is against toxicity, playing a toxic character and being a part of the universe is not really okay. If Qiyana was some sort of character in GoT, i couldn't care less, i hear her once and get over it. The difference is that i'm going to hear this toxic shit can of worms till League of Legends will eventually die, EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE.
I understand. But she isnt the only champion who is this toxic. Dunkmaster Darius is an @sshole and very self-absorbed, granted the voicelines have some humor to it, like Prime Time Draven, but I completely understand your point. I also did not finish the interactions video. I stopped half way through because it was making me rage.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Qiyana's Interactions (mini rant)
Playing devil's advocate here. Her Voicelines are annoying, I agree, but its her character. And honestly, we cant blame Riot for actually making a good character thematically. Let me explain. The whole idea is that Qiyana is a btch. Literally, she is an arrogant btch who thinks is better than any one on Runeterra and the actress delivers it perfectly. And we, the players, are meant to get annoyed and actually dislike her. So technically speaking, Riot did a good job. Same with amazing actors/actresses. If the bad guy in the movie can make you feel powerless or pissed off and makes your rage and feel all sorts of "I have a particular set of skill... I will find you, and I will kill you" kind of emotions, then clearly, the actor/actress is 10/10. Now, does that eliminate the fact that Qiyana is actually really annoying, no. This attitude only works if the character has a bigger purpose and honestly, Qiyana doesn't have a bigger purpose. She is just the highschool drama btch who has control over the entire school kind of plot device.
Pakushy (EUW)
: I made a Bard Animation
As a Bard main seeing some Bard getting some love is nice. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Lets talk about the new Mordekaiser
>This ult breaks the balancing in my opinion because it doesnt have any counterplay, doomed by point and click. There are far more broken ultimates in the game. Sure, the deatrealm can trap a jungler and completely negate smite, but kalista can have a million spears and do more damage than a smite which also completely negates the possibility to smite steal. Vi can ult the jungle preventing them to smite while Vi can smite. Kindred can ult around the baron making it completely unsmitable so you can in a way bait the jungler smite and the using the ultimate. Bard can zhonyas the baron, or the jungler before smiting, or both! This new ultimate is just a new mechanic that can be easy to counter. Simply put, try to kill mordekaiser before teaming up for Baron, by catch him off guard, or whatever. If you and your team decide to do baron while Mordekaiser is alive and near his team ready to fight a 5v5 teamfight at the baron pit then you and your team are just stupid. You know morde has the potential of ulting your jungler away, so clearly you do not, under any circumstances want Morderkaiser near the Baron. If you think about it, its not that hard. You can also, ban Mordekaiser, I know crazy idea, what was I even thinking. But for real, Mordekaiser's new ultimate is not broken. Remember that when he ults someone he is also putting himself in time out which means that you cannot teamfight either. And if mordekaiser is the only strong member of the team and he decides to ult during an important teamfight, he indirectly cause his team to lose, because its a 4v4. You just have to be creative. If you let mordekaiser near the baron, then you are not playing smart. It is honestly that simply. And if you cannot trust your teammates, simply ban him. There is nothing wrong if you ban him. It is one less mechanic to worry about. You can also create a "new" strategy to counter Mordekaiser by having two smites in your team. The jungler and the support (or someone else). Or pick a champion that can separate Mordekaiser from the baron, like Blitzcrank. Blitz Qs Morde away from the jungler, allowing them to smite the baron while you stall Mordekaiser in the death realm running around. You can also bait out the Ultimate. Mordekaiser sends you to the death realm and you simply just juke and kite him. He is a slow juggernaut after all. ____ Anyway, I dont know about you but I just came up with a few ways to deny the possibility of not being able to smite Baron. - Ban Mordekaiser ("that does not count!1!") - Have two smites in the team (be creative, yolo!) - Bait out the ultimate (Waste the death realm and kite Morde. Shen has an aoe barrier that can negate auto attacks, and dashes) - Be smart and dont do Baron if Mordekaiser is alive (its a stupid idea, I know, sorry for saying something impossible) - Have a Blitzcrank and pull Mordekaiser away (Blitzcrank, Thresh, Nautilus, Pyke, whichever fishing technique is your favorite)
: They don't need to do it but they did so. In all honesty its things like when they make an old skin look better that makes people want to buy it regardless of the price tag. Its shows that their micro transactions aren't just the only thing keeping them a float but the quality of their work as well. And riot I know is the type of people to stand by this, so a few touch ups on the visual effects for a different skin only seek to benefit them. And the most important point behind my argument is that even 450rp skins have the visual updated effects of 1350rp, so what it means to me as the consumer is that Riot is upping the quality of their work overall. You can't not just go and give the past few reworks amazing looking skins even for the cheaper prices and then just decide hey lets just be lazy with this one and work on only one or two skins. Not only that but King of Clubs mordekaizer is his latest skin. While not overly special compared to the other skins that came in the same package it looks pretty bad with its visual effects in comparison way more so than the others heck even shaco is more appealing and he has very little to work with in that regard. I am not asking they turn his R into a chess board but by god at least give him some flair even frost fire annie which is an old as %%%% skin has different effects(really good looking effects that aged well suprisingly) and is basically worth the same price.
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: >Why are there so many supports that don't appreciate the value of {{item:3109}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3050}}? i can only speak about my experience: because the adcs who are worthy of those items are pretty rare, why would i get a vow if my adc does not do any dmg? why would i buy a locket when my adc just goes 1v3 thinking ill save him with the shield? and why would i buy zeke if my adc doesnt follow me when i get into fight with ult? im better off getting items for myself and stay in the battle more
locket is more for the whole team. Wasting it only on the adc is bad. Zekes is in lane adc dependent, but moving it from champion to champion is sometimes more effective Knightvow is , meat for non marksmen champions. I like putting it on toplaners or midlaners.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Should we be afraid of the Qiyana?
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} I smiled x)
: Yes but even so they put a lot of work into pretty bad skins and made them worth way more than their rp, like Shadow Evelynn as an example got like 100X better visuals than what it had before the rework, surely morde could get some of that treatment on king of Clubs or at least some of his skins, like seriously I don't want riot to take the lazy path on this.
Its not Riot being lazy though. Its because Riot doesn't need to do it. 750Rp skins by default dont get new vfx changes, if they do, then that was a voluntary decision by the person in charge of the vgu.
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