EUW got blown up by all the ranked rewards we are getting, its normal, we are the second best region in the world twice in a row. We are just that badass. #;)
Morrhen (EUW)
: My bet is that he's a Marksman/Mage hybrid.
: Oh so that means Riot will only make 1 skin for him in 3 years time, COOL X2 :D
PzyXo (EUW)
: This is honestly the only champion I found exciting since Pyke <3
Zanador (EUNE)
: I have a question to anyone more knowledgeable in the matter: Aphelios was named after the point of orbit where the planet is farthest away from the sun. So my question is: should the P and H be pronounced separately in his name (AP-Helion) or does it naturally merge into an "F" like "PH" sometimes does?
I believe his name is Aphelios (all together with the /f/ sound). https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/aphelion Your question is answered here.
SenseiSai (EUW)
: Alright! Another targon faction champ, can't wait for him to dominate solo q for the next few months of season 10
It will be preseason though, so rank wont be affected.
: what are VGUs
Visual Gameplay Updates. aka, old champions getting a new visual and gameplay makeover.
: Yaaay, another human. What else could have it been, silly me.
of course the furry is going to be against the human champions xD
Intocabille (EUNE)
: So should we place our bets? Let's see... I expect he will have... high mobility, true damage on every 3rd strike, shields, CC and some form of invulnerability or such.
in the short lore story it mentions he trains like an assassin. So it could be an assassin adc, who knows.
: lmao, more champions pls, rly! xD
well, its a preseason champion, so better now then later xD Also dont forget about VGUs coming soon
: COOL! An adc that doesn't need a support cause it's included? :D
idk, I think it will be like a kindred (lamb and wolf) thing.
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: Favourite skins of 2019
My top 5 1) True Damage Ekko, for the same reason as you mentioned (the whol music stuff). Im a guy who appreciates the model of a skin over the visual effects, and sound effects. HOWEVER, I appreciate the extras (recall, vfx, sfx, etc) when it makes sense adding those features, and with Ekko, my mind is just blown away. 2) Paper craft Nunu. For once we get something completely new. New concept, new skinline, I personally found it very awesome, and I liked the art style of the model (again all the extras like recalls, etc are fine but i simply care about the visual model of the skin). 3) Highnoon Darius. The model looks really cool, extras fit well. I would have picked Ashe too, BUUUT I dont like her angel form and how she stays in that form for an "eternity" 4) Firecracker Sejuani. This is a biased choice. I was born in 1995 aka the year of the pig, and its the first time we hit the year of the pig in League, so Im happy xD 5) Perseus Pantheon. First of all, ANY Pantheon skin could be in my "top 5", but I went with Perseus because its the perfect homage to greek mythology. Im a huge fan of simply skins, aka "chromas" like the ungrateful dipshts comment on youtube, because a skin after all is a costume. YES it would be nice and cool to have extras, BUT if I can get a nice looking skin for less that 10€ I am all for it. Honorable mentions go to Conqueror Alistar, PROJECT Warwick and Corgi Corki.
Wex0r (EUW)
: Season is Over.
Swain's bird is called beatrice. I think that's important to note.
Rhoswyn (EUW)
: Will there be another event where we can earn prestige points before the end of the year?
Ralshi (EUW)
: Tips to play with a laptop?
I have a regular laptop (aka not for gaming). My specs for IN GAME are: Character quality (HIGH), Environment quality (LOW), Effects quality (LOW), and Shadows (OFF), with character inking. my frame rate cap is set at 240 FPS, which im guessing is the max limit, because I average 100-134 fps in game, lowest ive seen it is 65-45fps on a bad day. On a terrible day, I get below 30 but that's like playing with no internet almost xD. mind you this is my laptop https://icecat.biz/en-in/p/hp/1na99ea/notebooks-0190781753773-15-ay166ns-36318442.html **Bullet Points HP 15-ay166ns Red Notebook 39.6 cm (15.6") 1366 x 768 pixels 7th gen Intel® Core™ i7 8 GB DDR4-SDRAM 1000 GB HDD Windows 10 Home:** - Windows 10 Home 64 - 7th gen Intel® Core™ i7 i7-7500U (4M Cache, 2.70 GHz) - 39.6 cm (15.6") HD SVA (1366 x 768), AMD Radeon R7 M440 (2GB GDDR3) - 8GB (2133 MHz) DDR4-SDRAM (1 x 8 GB) & 1000GB HDD - Up to 10 hours of Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery life (**this is BS btw, its 10 in sleep mode, 2 hours if being used**) - 2.04 kg & 24.3 mm thin, HDMI (its also got a radeon graphics card for "hardcore gaming" but its the most basic of the the basics, but again, for league its more than enough). ____ It does the job for League of Legends (as a "bonus" the battery can be taken out since its not built inside the laptop, so I simply plug in the charger and use it like a PC so I dont kill my battery when playing league of legends). ___ My tip? if your laptop is better than mine, you should in theory have no issues but if you do, keep the visual setting like I have on league. Characters on high, the rest low and shadows off. If I turn on shadows, I wont reach 100 fps.
SayDaddy (EUW)
: Boards active people check
guess im late. Boards in english euw is kinda dead anyway, most of us are on the discord server.
Virosus (EUW)
: Prestige True Damage Qiyana
Riot told us months in advanced buddy. Just because you didnt search the news tab, doesn't mean we were not told. https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news Yes, there is LoL news in the League of Legends website.
: I believe this targets Whales (because of the "Premier Edition" classification) primarily, but most Riot merch is overpriced as they think that physical goods are a premium. Also, you can get this done for 10€, but a hoodie of good quality usually costs a bit more, plus account for printing and then apply the "Riot premium" branding. I reckon the pricing is fair if you take a look at today's fashion clothing market.
but geting it at 10, I can go to a a place that can place imnages on t-shirts for 10 bucks. Also, Riot's physical merch is actually of good quality, got a few t-shirts, the limited proyect hoodie from 2015 and the Odyssey jacket, the quality is up there, its overpriced Apple's style because of the Riot Games brand. But the stuff aint bad, not to mention that most of the clothes dont look cheesy or childish, but something you can actually find in a store. I just find this hoodie in particular to be too much, like the BS SUPREME limited edition collaborations that are thousands of dollars...
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: Chat restrict and season rewards
Lets agree to disagree. Players know the rules, Riot has been explicit about them in various platforms: - Terms of Service (which lets be honest, no one reads) - reddit (who the hell is not on reddit) - Youtube (Even boomers watch youtube) - League of Legends website under the news tab - Boards - 3rd party news sites like Surrender@20 - and your average local heroes the Emissaries So people who get penalized and dont receive their ranked rewards have no excuse.
Vissul (EUNE)
: Support Skins are not popular. Why ?
Yup, I know what you mean buddy. I just wished Riot made 40+ supprt skins for 2020. That should balance the crap out of the cosmetic game xD
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: Thoughts on the removal of Twisted Treeline @Riot
My thoughts? TT servers are "expensive" for Rito and they want to make more money because they are a small indie video game company with only 20 employees who need 4k kgs of food every day.
JustTits (EUNE)
: How about we switch directions from "more damage" to "less damage"
Riot wants more damage to increase the chances of snowballs which in return decreases game length. Remember Rito wants 10 minute SR games, because 30 is too much time and bla bla bla.
: This thing made my day!
: Same here but im actually missing 50 tokens, submitted a ticked ofc and the answer is as expected that its not showing on any records, only the missions that i actually got the tokens for are the ones they can see, funny how 5 missions "disappeared" from their records not allowing many players to buy that one more orb or whatever they were planning on using it for, next time, taking a screenshot before doing any mission...
this weekend there will be the last worlds missions Worlds doesnt end until the 10th
: What will the TFT ranked rewards be? (Season 1)
Can I play devil's advocate here for a little bit? In Riot's defense, TFT came out this year, and they had no idea that this mode would become a massive popular world wide hit, so the fact they didnt come up with better ranked rewards this year isn't surprising to say the least. Just look at the game itself, what is there (in the board/arena) that Riot can do to make people show off their rank? In League we have the victorious skins as well as icons. Sure Riot can make a Victorious little legend, but does Riot make a new unique little legend? Do they make the penguin get the victorious skin?! Which little legend gets the victorious skin? Its not like in SR which the most impactful champion in rank gets the skin. So how can Riot make a victorious reward for gold players and higher that can feel truly rewarding for all the players that grinded?! So far the emotes are a nice start, its honestly a lot better than an icon that no one will use, and the emote shows your ranked based on the armor its wearing. Are the penguin emotes the perfect rewards for TFT, absolutely not, will they be the only rewards for the future season?! I most certaintly doubt it. The game is new, there isn't much Riot can do at the moment since their priority atm seems to get TFT at a stable state as once again, it's the newest game. Personally, the only thing I can think of is making a victorious skin for a little legend, but which little legend... well that's the "problem". The game is still fresh, you making it to Master is a feat in itself, sure its not SR Master rank, but damn. You are going to be the very few who will get a Master Penguin emote, thats pretty rare (if you are into rare digital worthless collectables :v). You aren't inferior to normal League players for loving TFT. The game is new, Riot doesn't know which direction to take, I bet my ass that next year the rewards will be 110% better.
: Looked like a lot of fun ^^ Always cool to read your thoughts, I enjoyed your previous reviews too. ---- I decided to stay at home this year, I watched around half of the While I did think about going to Paris for the Finals for a while, I decided against it. And the french commentary was indeed the main reason for that. I've been to regional and international League events though, so I know the atmosphere is great, even if you don't understand it, but since I would go to Paris *only* for that event, it's still meh. Would prefer if they cast the event in English, and I'm curious to know if the French or Spanish people would mind that.
Honestly, we (spain) dont mind the enlgish cast, last year in the summer finals, it proved to be super affective having ibai and quickshot share the moment, also Sjokz is super awesome and loved by the spanish crowd. True not a lot of us can understand english or the casters. However, one thing that honestly bugged me a lot is that while the LPL and LCK brought over their casters to Madrid and cast in their streams live, worlds did not bring over the LEC/LCS casters with special guests Raz and Spaw (they where in Berlin q-q). It would have been cool to see them in the venue. And also, seeing how they did not come to Madrid because of an english cast, its save to say that they might not even attend the finals at all and instead stay in the Berlin LEC studio. ___ Also, because im bilingual, I would rather die than hear the spanish casters, but when LEC/Worlds (and hopefully MSI) come to Madrid, Im going to go no matter what, because I know its luck that we get picked and we may not get lucky again. However, I still hope that the LEC casters attend all venues, even when English is the official language. ___ Thanks that you enjoyed my thread Sheepy, you barely show up anymore q-q
: I am a magical boy, so what do you want to wish?
1) cure cancer 2) end world hunger 3) make planetary travel possible so that we can escape earth when needed.
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SygSmurf (EUNE)
: Ranked is so god damn stupid
I dont know about you, but I somehow managed to get gold for the first time in my life. Climbing is possible, and guess what, I did it as a support, which means zero damage xD It took me 6 years to get gold, it's all about improving on an individual level. If you are losing most of your games its because you are making a lot of mistakes. The players that make the least mistakes win games. If you cannot climb its because you are doing something wrong, could be as silly as not warding, or something as stupid as going 1v5 in the enemy jungler trying to make a miracle plays without an ultimate and without teammates to back you up. Look at your games (Watch them in a replay) and see what you are doing that could have been done better). ____ And again, I'll use myself as an example. I have been: Silver 5 (2014), Silver 3 (2016), Silver 3 (2017) and Silver 3 (2018). And all those years I started at Bronze 3-2 after placements. And now I made it to Gold 4 and I started in Bronze 2. I fear ranked, I am scared shtless in that role, and I managed to climb. It was stressful and challenging, but 110% possible. Each player takes their time to climb, some are lucky at get there quick, and some take multiple years to reach Gold (my case). If you havent managed to climb then you are doing something wrong. Not your team.
Shamose (EUW)
: I'm used to toxic people, but this person just crossed the line.
Now this is an Avengers level threat. https://i.redd.it/a7bbpql3w2f31.jpg
: Happy Birthday everyone!
Happy Unbirthday buddy!
: anyone knows when legends of runeterra goes live for everyone?
The beta for everyone is early 2020. Early could mean anything between January and March. We have no news, and Riot has not confirmed a release date. We have absolutely no clue.
: It's kind of a bug, we'll review all those questions manually. Only way to stop this from displaying incorrectly is to disable the evaluation view alltogether, meaning participants cannot see whether they were wrong or not on any of the questions. I did that for now, might revert later though ^^
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
BTW, answers that need to be typed are seen as wrong answers in the quizz. I dont know if its a bug, but its happening to everyone.
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
DutchPro (EUW)
: Except that playing broken champs is also more often boring than playing actually fun urf champs
its boring if you play them non stop. The best way to play URF is by keeping it fresh. ARURF does not guarantee you different picks all the time. In classic URF I pick what I want when I want, and NO repeats by the roll of the dice (aka getting Sion 20 times in ARURF even with rerolls)
: > [{quoted}](name=DELDE115,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Bdhek1Te,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-10-29T20:02:56.783+0000) > > I remember how 2 hours after URFs release, while EU was sleeping Riot in NA banned 24 champions in total. IT was hell, yes, but URF was also supposed to be a 1 day deal. > > I personally just play as many champions as I can, never the same champ twice, and without the role of the dice. I pick what I want when I want. Riot could have dealt this issue in so many ways, and All Random is not the way. > > I remember proposing the introduction of a cooldown, were you couldnt play the same champion for an X amount of games, preventing people from spamming the same crap over and over and over again. > > At the time, I got laughed at for being an idiot but looks like people are now crying because everything is available... My problem with URF is that I really want to try the dumb stuff, things that you may or may not end up being good. But every time I do, the entire enemy team picks 'meta' champions for URF and I'm just stuck staring at a grey screen for 20-30 minutes. To be honest, I don't know why I thought I'd get more enjoyment out of URF as I was from normal SR. It's literally everything I hate about SR but on crack...
I can see that. But then again, I personally dont care what other play. I just play my way, and if it works great, and if it doesn't then welp, it did'nt.
: I'm sorry Del, but the whole point of OG URF was to mess around and have fun. Remember when they completely removed Ryze and Kassadin off the bat because they were deemed too broken to be fun to play against? When they banned 7 other champions later for the same reason? It was supposed to be for a good old prat about, then people created a damned meta for it. There are URF tier lists for Christ's sake!
I remember how 2 hours after URFs release, while EU was sleeping Riot in NA banned 24 champions in total. IT was hell, yes, but URF was also supposed to be a 1 day deal. I personally just play as many champions as I can, never the same champ twice, and without the role of the dice. I pick what I want when I want. Riot could have dealt this issue in so many ways, and All Random is not the way. I remember proposing the introduction of a cooldown, were you couldnt play the same champion for an X amount of games, preventing people from spamming the same crap over and over and over again. At the time, I got laughed at for being an idiot but looks like people are now crying because everything is available...
m0zz4r3ll4 (EUNE)
: people honestly think that all champs are equally strong in URF?
not all champs are strong, but that doesnt stop people from trying to have some fun. The moment you create a meta for OG URF is the moment you kill the fun of the game mode.
: Omgomgomg finally someone who agrees with me. Ngl Akali looks like she belongs in fortnite and Yasuo.....well we don't talk about him. This might be a little biased cause i absolutely love Bard to death but True Damage Bard would be a reallyyyyy cool skin and I would without a doubt buy it, shame he got replaced by Yasuo (which mind you, already got a skin this year, and so did akali)
yeah, when Bard was rumored to get a DJ skin, and all the True Damage stuff got leaked, I was really hoping for bard... At least Senna is getting noe which finally Supports get to join the fun when it comes to cool skins.
Sephior (EUNE)
: GG Riot for URF insead of ARURF
Bro, idk about you, but in URF im playing different champions! :O its almost like it was intended that way. If you cant handle the power that is URF, then dont play it.
Rioter Comments
: I see what you mean. But I think in the end its just a thing of preference. In ARURF you always had rerolls to make sure you wont get the same champion over and over again.
a reroll still is random. and I can get a repeat in a reroll. Aka not a perfect system.
EctaNeko (EUW)
: Urf would be better if riot acctualy balanced it :/ because so much champions are instant win and 10 bans are not enough
the whole point of urf is to play broken champions.
: Unpopular Opinion: I like ARURF more than URF
I like regular urf because I am in control of what I pick. I dont pick the same champion, NO. I hate picking the same champion. Each game is a new champion, I never do repeats, even if I lose. So then you are like "but wouldnt arurf be the same for you then?" yes on paper, but no in reality. I like to pick what I want when I want. I will eventually play all champions, but I want to chose when I want X champion over Y. I dont like some random stupid machine pick something that I dont want to play, not to mention that in ARURF I get a sht ton of repeats every single time. In regular URF I can guanrantee myself A NEW CHAMPION in every game. That is why URF is superior than ARURF. I know why ARURF was implemented, and it does fix a few things, but at the same time, it doesnt fix anything. In ARURF a machine picks me Tahm kench 10 times on the same day, when in URF I can play 20 different champions whenever I want. so far its been Bard, Varus, Sona, Gragas, Shaco, Teemo and Hecarim. All different, never the same, and in those 7 games I could have a forced repeat champion already, and that kills the joy for me. ____ Do people abuse URF and pick broken champions?!?! Well, thats the damn freaking point of URF, and that wahy there is a nice banning system that can allow you to ban zed or fizz whenever you want. URF got boring when people started developing metas, true, but I at least was the smart one in not picking the same champion in URF twice. made it more fun.
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