: A New Approach For EU LCS Roadshows
Im 100% okay with this. However, I´d like to add something. I´d like more variety in city locations when it comes to EU hosting worlds. Paris gets all of the international events that are NOT EU LCS specific. Group stage during worlds 2015 and All Stars 2014, as well as MSI 2018. I would like it that, whenver EU hosts an international event this big, Paris doesnt get all of the attention. There are more internatioanlly known countries outside of France in EU. Understandable if Paris is the favorite option, but not everyone can afford to go to these events UNLESS they live near them. ___ ___ (FEEDBACK) Now being serious, I am all up for this, BUT!!! Please DONT repeat cities unless 3 years gone by. Madrid is the perfect example. So far, it´s been the only repeat (I believe) when it comes to a major EU city. And not only is it coming back, but its hosting the Summer finals, while last time it was the Spring. Having this type of cycle would be nice.---> If you decide to repeat a city, let some years pass by and switch it between spring and summer.
Khªºs (EUW)
: Why is URF not a permanent gamemode?
Basically what shurk4n said. Upon feedback and fake info, Riot detected that players stopped playing League when URF was not around. I dont know why, sounds like magic to me, who wouldnt come to the conclusion that people ONLY want to play fun games that are not super tryhard ESPORTS style? URF is popular and brings in crowds of players. After Urf is done, people leave because "man, the fun ended, guess I´ll take a break for a week or so, or whenever another fun mode shows up. Riot is enforcing professional esports levels of plays in the most casual players, making the game extemely stressful, to the point where it´s not fun. "you either play like a korean no lifer or dont play at all" is what I gathered as feedback from Riot.
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: League is dying...?
I would have put more games in the graph. The inclusion of Minecraft is just wierd to begin with, but understandable since Minecraft is also "dead". Other games close to what LoL is, like OW, HoTS, DOTA2, CS:GO, PUBG, Fortnite(i know you already inclded Fortnite), even BFV and CoD would make the graph more valuable. You cannot compare the life span of a game based on two completely different games, genres matter in online games. The game feels dead because people like to hop on the hype new trends. That´s why Fortnite is popular, not because it has a BR game mode but because its a BR game mode that is different from others, and that also has seasons (even though their season system is kinda odd), BUT its just like League of legends. Every 80-ish days, the game changes completely, new metas form. While in League, we have an entire year of meta (technically 2 metas per year because of the mid season). The people that are left are the dedicated fans, while all of the "fans" have hopped to the newer shiny product. Now, not all of the "fans" are fake fans, some veterans are just tired. Spending a lot of time in a game that does *not* promote long term mastery because the game changes basically every month, and some changes are just really annoying. The reason LoL is "dying" is because the changes are extremely too frequent and too drastic. And while change is good, if you dont let the community breathe, then things tend to get overwhelming, to the point were players can´t take it anymore. "Change is good"-{{champion:121}} but a break once in a while is nice.
KatScript (EUNE)
: Μaybe they wont release this year. But why not when many people are so hyped for this event and riot will be so rich XD.
I not against the idea, I just think Riot should take a small break from it. If you keep doing the same thing every year at the same time (mid summer), people will no longer be surprised and end up expecting it, some people even end up demanding it in a rude manner, something like this: (example text) "OMG RITO!!! For the past 3 years around Mid July you ALWAYS made SG skins and events, and now you didnt do it!!! You suck, I hate you, I payed over 50k Euros, I am a VIP and demand my money back!!!" (again, the example was exagerated, but they do appear from time to time) If we take a break from the skinline, Riot then has an entire year (or more) to not only making amazing skins but extensively improve previous events. Last year for Star Guardian Riot did that wave survival game mode which was fun BUT needed lots of work. The more time we give them to work on improvements the better the next event will be. And I am saying this for Star Guardian and other events (like PROJECT). ___ Sure Riot will make lots of money out of it, but at least they aren´t shoving crap to our faces to buy mindlessly.
Super24Lily (EUNE)
: I want more Pool Party skins... I thought we'll get more of em last year but all we got was chroma skins for the old ones. For new skin lines... Tbh, I'm not really creative like RIOT. If RIOT wants to make new skin lines I bet they'll come up with one in less than a month
If case you dont know. Skins take over 3 months to make. Just to give you an idea, a 750Rp skin takes 3 months minimun to create. 975 and 1350Rp skins take more months. Legendaries half a year and Ultimate skins are unknown, but probably over a year.
Febos (EUW)
: Official Akali Splash Art
Splash looks insane. Really like the style, although she looks like an edge queen (female edge lord).
KatScript (EUNE)
: Star Guardian skins for 2018?
I love your enthusiasm, but honestly... There are too many Star Guardian skins. This isn´t an anime game xD I think Riot should take a break from this skin line and PROJECT while I mention it. Its oversaturated, we need a break from these.
: I saw this so, so, late. I'm sorry <3
IvanBrony (EUNE)
: Im disappointed in people like how can you choose that ugly garen skin over that badass darius one what the hell but there were no problems in the first vs event where yas won
if you pick the event versus the look of a skin, then your decision is just silly. You pick who you like, not because "the skin looks cool, thank mom!"
Bromano (EUW)
: They changed the date from 28 to 29
: Tickets for EU Summer Finals in Madrid
why is the freaking barcelona all-stars only showing up?!?!!
: Tickets for EU Summer Finals in Madrid
I cant find the event!!!!! #RITO PLS
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: Tickets for EU Summer Finals in Madrid
where is the event?! _Panic!!!!!_
: What are the best tickets in the statium Floor tickets or row tickets ? 😬
Best section is floor, but you cannot select rows, only sections. So, it would be. Ground floor--Section A-- automatic designated row and seats that I cannot select--purchase. also, while purchasing, you MUST hurry, when you buy tickets you dont have a "reserved" spot while purchasing, meaning that while you are buying your seats, they can be taken away by another buyer who was faster.
DEGU Mcload (EUNE)
: RIOT decides where they bring the Final, so I don't know what countries decides, it's simply marketing and making money. Other countries also has casters, there are german, hungarian, polish, etc casters.
Yes other countries have native casters, but Im talking about Riot hosting an event. When Riot visits any country that IS NOT Spain or France, their LCS casts are in English. When Riot comes to Spain or France, the casters are native speakers, not the english casters. If Riot goes to Poland or Hungary, the casters will be in English live.
: Is it going to be in Spanish?
Spain and France always cast in their native language. Interviews and matches. The venue does have a lot of echo so not even us can understand the casters speaking. If anything, the casters is what least matters. I´ve been to both spring finals in madrid and All-Stars Barcelona, trust me, the last thing you do is actually hear the casters. Just like in Snoopy cartoons. The teachers in Charlie´s class talk like this "bla bla bla, bla bla bla".
: Riot Should make champ dual wielding swords or blades
{{champion:55}} {{champion:238}} Dual wielding daggers ("mini swords") Dual wielding blades
: How to "Karma"farm on boards?
If you want free upvotes, you can just copy and paste everything from Surrender@20 That´s how I got to 13.9k upvotes.
: League did a "Karius"
Apparently, annoucing that the **second Clash** is a **beta test** means hyping and that everything should work perfectly. Interesting.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: What's your favourite skin?
Hard decision to be completely honest. But if I had to choose ONE, its Headless Hecarim. Cool model, perfect theme, and cheap (compared to todays standards of pricing).
: Google Knows How The Playerbase feels
DEGU Mcload (EUNE)
: I've been in Paris for the Finals last year (and previously in Hamburg and Krakow and the WC semis in Brussels 2015) and it is definitely NOT WORTH it if you does not understand the language. That final was definitely for the French crowd and they didn't bothered a single %%%% to anyone not speaking French. I suppose the same for spanish commentary. It is for the local crowd. Meanwhile the previous events in English, was a huge for everyone and every language (as it was in English that everyone can understand - anyway the game is in English, not?:)
It´s not that in some events they care for the crowd or not. Sometimes, the country demands the language, and Riot has nothing else to do but shut up and adapt. France and Spain are the only countries in EU that have native casters.
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Leovwin (EUW)
: Thanks for the replies. I considered going there for the finals but as I don't speak Spanish that wouldn't be worth it for me...
its actually pretty worth to be honest. The venue has so much echo that you cant even hear the casters, I dont even pay attention to them at all. Trust me its worth going. Dont let casters decide your choice
Shiwah (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Torpedosheep,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eGoexPms,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-06-03T11:47:17.419+0000) > > I wish we could keep Butcher&#x27;s Bridge forever though... No please, it hurts my eyes ;^;
Maybe a rotation between both Aram maps? Monthly rotation? Could work.
: despacito
Eeeeso es racist, me siento baaastante ofendido, ya que soy un españolito, get rekt by the banerinooooo! Frooooooom Rito.
Leovwin (EUW)
: So if you go to Madrid to watch the finals, you'll only hear Spanish? When I watched the finals in Rotterdam, the casters were there as well and you could hear the official cast commentary.
depending on the country, commentary will change. France was in French Sweden was in English Germany is always in English Spain is in Spanish China is in madarin Taiwan in Taiwanese etc. ____ Im telling you from my experiences in 2015 Spring Finals in Madrid and All-Stars Barcelona which I have been to both. LIVE arena casters are spanish, just like in France the casters are french.
Possible (EUW)
: Will the ingame commentary be in spanish or in english?
Live will be in spanish. But the stream will be in english. Trust me when I say that even we spaniards want the OG english casters to cast live. But dont worry, you barely pay attention to them when the game plays. Palacio Vistalegre has a lot of echo and the crowd is loud as hell.
: The 2018 EU LCS Summer Finals heads to Madrid!
Hype train has started baby TODOS ABORDO!!!!!!
: Account banned for 3rd party applications, but i never used some.
Since you are a serious player, you should have known that Riot never tells banned players how they got banned. You should know they do this because it prevents people from creating backdoors.
Maxilox (EUW)
: Riot actually banned me for writing "wow" in chat
One game cant get you banned. It´s a multi-layer process.
xPurplex (EUW)
: Honor System
The system is pretty decent. I dont think a progress bar would do much simple because it´s a "long" process for the avarage Joe (friendly, but not too much like Spongebob). A progress bar would in theory make players lose patience. The little notifications when you get key fragments are honestly pretty great. Big confidence booster that makes players not only feel nice but also make players want to get more keys. ___ Also, to change the topic a little bit, but somewhat referring to the progress bar. Leveling up in honor takes about a month. To add more precision, it takes roughly about a month to get one orb if you´re an avarage player and gets honors daily. 1 month = 1 orb 4 months = an entire level (honor lvl 3 to honor lvl 4) Again, rough estimate.
: It is 17th of may and patch came yesterday I cant buy my skin Is it still not out{{champion:98}}
its not available yet, wait until next week.
: Twisted Treeline
Riot wont bother. They primary focus is Summoners Rift.
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: https://i.imgur.com/ZOO3BY8.jpg The ultimate Nocturne cosplay. Bet you thought this was just the splashscreen. https://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/emoticons/v1/101448/2.0
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Błuebird (EUW)
: is spoiling a movie a reportable offense?
Im upvoting this, I want to know what Riot thinks about this.
: Become a League of Legends Volunteer! - (Applications open)
Third time´s a charm. Good luck dudes.
: Anyone got anything yet? Or is everyone still waiting?
Rioter Comments
: Yeah because with Perkz kinda underperforming and Rekkles and Caps playing out of their minds you couldn't just put in *insert random EU LCS toplaner here* and still win this series, also there has never been a substitution in the final ever before in the western hemisphere, even in playoffs I think Omargod subbed in for Dardoch by CLG is the only time that ever happened. It wasn't playful, he sounded quite serious when he said that. That's what bothers me. Many people joke a little and have a laugh but that didn't seem to be the case here. I don't really follow EU LCS that closely so this was the first time I heard Bwipo speak but he made not a good first impression on me.
he just wants to state that "hey, just because I am a substitute, doesn´t mean Im crap". He is showing off in the interview, I can somewhat agree, but dont worry about it. Bragging goes two ways talking and walking (although in this case walking would be the equivalent of playing League professionally).
: I really disliked Bwipo's interview attitude though, comes in for the injured sOAZ, gets the Dyrus treatment for the first two games in the series and then says yeah I'm the best top in EU clearly better than Wunder. Yeah sure mate. I mean he played really good for a substitute and his Sion knockups were awesome in teamfights but he has clearly some flaws in his play still. I'd compare him to CG Solo in NA, not a bad player for sure but does Solo come out and say I'm better than Huni? I hate this overconfident trash talking with nothing to back it up. Look at Caps, he's one of the best mid laners in Europe for a while now, he can do that. With Bwipo it just feels so awkward, a rookie who played average at best trash talking like he clapped Wunder like Caps did with Perkz, please, he did not. Loved Rekkles after the match. He is all everyone talks about, like Caps and Broxah get asked in the stage interview after they just won the title how it felt to get carried by Rekkles basically, what's that question, srsly? And Rekkles doesn't do the whole yeah I'm the best player in Europe by far blabla, he waits for his team to lift the trophy together with him, then doesn't lift it alone as the first one but lets Broxah do it, in the Lounge interview with Sjokz he praises his team for setting him up all the time, he didn't do that much himself etc. He could've said yeah with Zven gone to NA there's just no real ADC in the league besides him or whatever. No, he stays humble. Like a Korean player would. That's true greatness. I hope should Bwipo get to play at MSI (if sOAZ doesn't recover in time that is) he'll get smashed by Khan, Impact, Ssumday or whoever plays toplane in China like Flame horizon and three solo kills or something. Come down to earth, kid.
Let the kid have some fun. He is the only sub to actually go 3-0 in a finals in the western hemisphere. It´s also playful banter. We will see how good Bwipo is in MSI and Riftrivals.
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: 🌼 Volunteer Springtime Event - Winners & Conclusion 🌼
Free icon?! #LEGENDARY!!!!!!!! ######For real, thanks :D
: Oh yeah they only released, Renektoy, Moo Cow Alistar and a few other funny skins right?
: The missions actually made me chuckle. And the skins are funny too. I personally like funny skins more than some with big flashy effects. I love the icon and the changed raptors too! And seriously what did Riot do for 2017 April fool's? I can't remember...
Last year there wasn´t an event, which is wierd considering previous years did. Only god knows what was going on at Riot.
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