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ZakanSparta (EUNE)
: Please update Pulsfire Ezreal...
You do know that Riot updated the skin during the release of Pulsefire Caitlyn, right? Sure, even after the incredible update, P E is still not up to par to the rest of the ultimate skins, but its reasonable. Pulse Fire Ezreal is the first ever Ultimate skin. It wont have the same toys and gadgets as the other ultimate skins. Also, you cannot compare a skin from 2012 (Pulse Fire Ezreal´s year of release) with a skin from 2017. That´s a 5 year gap! You also had refund tokens at the time before Riot took them away, so you could have perfectly refunded PE if you didnt like it.
: so, first they disappoint you then gg?
no, I sad its not original. But the change is big enough that it´s "new" and fresh. It´s a win, just not an "out of the park" result.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Yeah it looks cool, but how would you make a movie? If you just have "good" visuals and no story, you'll end up with something like Transformers. I mean seriously, what are those trailers? Nothing but stunning visuals, right? There is the backstory everyone knows, which gives them a little bit of depth, but nothing more. They are so easily forgotten, because literally nothing happens except BAM BAM POW KABOOOOM DEATH FIGHT BATTLE. I mean just look at the video you posted. What exactly happened? 1. Yasuo plays flute, shortly after goes into battle 2. Taliah rides the stones and blocks projectiles 3. Ekko fights and plays with time, Blitz hooks someone 4. Miss Fortune tries to swim away from some tentacles 5. Lucian battles some Zombies (or what they are) and Thresh watches What happened besides fighting? What happend story wise? What tried the trailer to communicate? There was no story, just visuals, nothing else. This trailer more than anything just shows what the animation team is capable of, but the story is completely irrelevant. You know that they are fighting, even if you would have not a single clue who those characters are. Do we want a Transformers LoL Edition? I havily doubt that. But this is not everything. There are so many champions in that game, each with it's own backstory and lore. How are you going to make a meaningfull movie, if there is so much content to consider? Riot could make a movie of just one character, or just one location. But that would throw out so much lore that this game has to offer. If Riot would do something like this they would piss off a big portion of the community. They could make multiple movies, each with it's own champions and settings, but that takes an aweful amount of work and time and I doubt that Riot, a videogame company, knows how to do that properly. You would need alot of people for a project like this and I don't think RIot has enough people for this job. I don't even think RIot has the right people to do such a job in the first place! And no, don't even ask for a movie starring every location and every champion. That's just a terrible idea. With so many characters and locations, you can't really make a plot out of it. And even if you could, it would be so difficult to follow, it would just confuse everyone. If you expect the movie to be 2 hours long, then you can give each champion around 50 seconds of screentime to feature everyone. How can you tell the story of a single champion in such a short amount of time? I guess you could, but if you've ever read any of Riots stories you know that the bar is high. You just can't tell a story in 50 seconds on Riots level of storytelling. No matter how I try think about this, I see only flaws. A LoL movie would not work. It just wouldn't. If for whatever reason Riot still tries to make one, they will shoot themselfes into the foot and it wont be good.
Riot, could, in a way try the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) formula, which if done right, could succeed quite well. My thought process, which I´ve given a lot of thought, though mostly for a TV series, was that Riot made a movie per region. Runeterra has a total of 14 regions, and each region has a lot of lore, so much so that Riot could make a movie of the lore without needing to use a single champion and instead create new characters, new characters that Riot can potentionally incorporate into the game later on. The idea I had in mind was that the Shadow Isle would be the "END GAME" region, just like Thanos is the END GAME for the Avengers Inifinity Wars movies. When Riot revampt the Shadow Isles, one of the key plot points was that at the myst would end up consuming everything, all of Runeterra. So, my idea was, make a movie based around The Shadow Isles trying to take over the whole world, and attacking all major regions, including maybe 5 champions per region (one or two being the protagonists and the rest being secondary). Each movie would have its own plot dealing with the lore of their region, but somehow all plots are connected by the shadow Isles trying to take control, much like how all Freljord champion lores all end up with "Lissandra will freeze everything, I must be the one to stop her" (this type of lore is seen in Anivia, Ashe, Udyr, Volibear, and many others). Then the final movie would consist of all regions teamming up against The Shadow Isles. Now, in my opinion, in order for this to work, in the hypothetical case that Riot makes a LCU (League Cinematic Universe), is that they annouce this idea before making a movie, aka tell the world "Guys, we are making a League Cinematic Universe, consisting of X amount of movies". If Riot annouces this from the start, critics and players will be more open minded towards the film, as the plot of the movie would end in a sort of cliff hanger. Not to mention that any detail that wasnt mentioned in the movie can be later incorporated in the sequels (just like how most infinity stones were featured in the MCU). Noticed how early Marvel Movies, like Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, were staying close to realism as possible, and with each new movie, Marvel would incorporate more and more sci-fi (the Infinity gems, Aliens in Guardians of the Galaxy, magic with Dr. Strange, etc). The MCU movies kept adding more and more stuff slowly to make sure viewers could keep up with what the Marvel Universe is really all about, and its being executed perfectly. What most video game movies lack is this process. They try to put everything to please the fan base and end up making an uncooked sloppy joe (its a type of "burger", google it). A League of Legends movie doesnt need to show all 130 champions, it´s goddam ridiculous and impossible to execute, the Marvel and DC Universes have over 300 characters and only 20 were featured in movies. While Riot may not have the crew to make a movie plot, they could hire one, and team them up with the World building team, since they are the ones in charge of what´s happening in Runeterra. Of course making a movie is completely different then making cinematic trailer, which I have to say has story, even if you dont have the eyes. The story in the cinematic trailer is to confront a difficult opponent or task. If you Analyze the trailer piece you can see a story being told by all champions. Let me explain it. - We start with Yasuo, he is calm and relaxed, but then is interrupted by an ambush. He turns around to face the mountain side (where the enemies are) and climbs the hill. We then transition to Taliyah who is at a fast pace trying to defend from Xerath´s attack, we see her block the attacks with a stunning wall, she is progressing in the comfrrontation. We then move to Ekko, who just used his ultimate Chrono break, telling us that what ever herdid failed, so he casts the ability and we see him retrace his footsteps succeding in previous failed attempts only to fail once more and fall during the climb. The we transition to Miss Fortune, we see her drown, meaning that she failed her comfrontation, but then wakes up and grabs her pistol, giving us the message that while she failed, the climb is still not over. Then the final piece, Lucian, we see him struggle as he ascends his way up the hill fighting of a wave of the undead only to face off against Thresh, who is at the top waiting for him for the final battle of the climb. Then queue the bacl screen followed by the text "CLIMB". The whole story, while very simple was to promote the start of the ranked season, to promote players to get ready to climb up in the ranks. Believe it or not, all trailers have a story, I´ll give it to you that some are just pure out awful, but that doesnt mean there isnt a story involved. Sometimes it´s just poorly narrated or shown.
You Suck Me (EUNE)
: Yeah a movie based off a game: Mortal KOmbat Super Mario brothers Tekken Warcraft Street Fighter Master Pieces of Cinema Btw these games had ...oh what its called......A STORY!
Tomb Raider (the first one) was a fun movie though. Also, most of the movies mentioned are from the 90s aka, pure sht when it comes to cinema. As for Warcraft, well, that´s Hollywood not respecting the lore, or if anything, not make an interesting story. Still, WarCraft as a step forward, still bad, but not pure sht.
GPet (EUW)
: (Action focused) shorts and (forcably plot-driven) movies are a bit different though... Also, why would 'we' (for whoever wants to include themselves) deserve anything nice? x3
Because we are loyal customers.
Fathands (EUW)
: Well they voiced their opinions about a movie. But I would like them to make a small web series or something to test things out. I don't see the risk in that.
I actually prefer an animated series to be honest, digital (Pixar style) or anime style. A lot more open to the public in my opinion.
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Sebtional (EUW)
: come to the german boards, my longest conversation there was 5 replies long... riot doesnt seem to care about anything but the na boards, i mean they just got a new look and the german board doesnt even get the seasonal backgrounds...
I can imagine the german boards being dead, the same thing happens in the spanish boards xD
DaahLeon (EUNE)
: Spoopy story :o
: Still enjoyed this thread, and honestly the most important thing is that you look after yourself and focus on things that are more important for you. Happy holidays and good luck with college, social life, and everything else <3
Glad you enjoyed this thread. I hope you´ll enjoy the snowdown thread even more for next year. happy holidays to you too :)
: It's ok Dede we still luv u <3 Great mini-story <3
Kocúr (EUNE)
: This thread is really impressive considering it will get forgotten within just few days from now
That´s why I find that the EU boards are dying. You can pst incredible content but it will dissappear in days.
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H3ph0 (EUW)
: if kled and gnar had a baby its quite ironic how much it looks like the emoji you posted (of gnar)
>its quite ironic how much it looks like the emoji you posted (of gnar) it actually kinda is ironic xD
With the snowdown patch. Snowdown, snow skins, snow map, the word snow in general should be an obvious clue. Sorry if I sound rude, but it´s not hard to "A" and "B" together.
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Altiverse (EUNE)
: 2017's harrowing is in Christmas, confirmed.
One could almost say... A Nightmare before Christmas? _Drops mic and leaves_
Wen294 (EUW)
: That draven ._. Now if you combine this with thresh's login theme it'd be perfect.
: I think the exact oppossite of what you said,the image is pretty cool,but the music..........mmm :/
the image is horrifying, like HOLY COW that Draven is crepy as hell xD
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PepijndM (EUW)
: You can. There's a list of things which go 'too far' according to Riot, and if you say such things you can instantly go into bans without chat restriction. I can't currently find the NA boards post in which they said this, and it may be outdated, but at least at some point between S4 and now, this was true. Although I hope calling someone gay is not on the list...
I know that´s a thing, but Riot has stated that they usually just permaban players who go too far (way too far). Maybe the 14 day ban was used as a "one time life insurrance" (long time player, instead of permabanning, they gave him a second chance). ___ In any case, it´s his fault for going to far. Riot has rules, if you dont follow then it´s at your own risk.
: > [{quoted}](name=DELDE115,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=2c4NREE7,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2017-11-28T07:07:25.527+0000) > > You can´t get banned for insulting once. In order to get that ban you need to have been chat restricted, or warned about misbehaviour. > > Meaning that this isn´t your only game were you have misbehaved. Another one acting smart with zero knowledge of how the system works haha.
well, I´ve read the terms of use as well as player behaviour. Im not trying to be a smart ass, Im just stating that there are steps before getting getting a 14 day ban. Unless X person behaves in such an unethical and inmoral manner that the system imidiately bans said person. ___ Im not being a smartass, that was not my intention. Im just saying that the system cannot give you a 14 day just because of one game. I have cursed multiple times and havent been banned once. If this person got a 14 day then he has done something against player behaviour. If this were a mistake, I´d tell you that Rioters and Emmisaries would come here and try to solve the problem. I see none of them here. One game =/= 14 day ban. This person has to have done or said something to trigger the ban.
: I recived a 14 Day ban for an insult out of context
You can´t get banned for insulting once. In order to get that ban you need to have been chat restricted, or warned about misbehaviour. Meaning that this isn´t your only game were you have misbehaved.
Solash (EUW)
: Realizing that for the first time in 4 years you won't have enough ingame currency for the new champ
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: [Worlds Spoiler]
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: If you assume that everyone on your team is really bad, there's a higher chance for the opposing team to have more bad people than your team - which means even in the worst case scenario, you should still have at least a 50% winrate over many games unless you yourself are contributing to your losses :P I disagree that the game is down to luck but even if it was you'd have loaded dice.
i agree to this, IF it were an ideal/imaginary server. However, thanks to the power of smurfing and/or DuoQ, there truly never is a 50% chance. Sure matchmaking makes sure that when people duoQ or smurf the game is as balanced as possible, and most of the times it is. BUT that´s not always the case. A great smurf or DuoQ can impact the game for all players (whether against or in favor). To a degree were its "luck based". ___ You are mentioning a perspective that barely never happens, because nothing is ever perfect. The game isnt based on luck, but sometimes there is a small factor of luck (you get a drunk teammate, you have a smurf who is simply trolling -i.e Rammus buying 7 boots - , a neighborhood suffers a black out). That´s not matchmaking´s fault or the clients, but it can happen, and that´s why League is somewhat luck based. However, since that´s stuff Riot cannot and doesnt control/take responsibility of, it´s therefore not Riot´s problem, which is why you can justify the game not being luck based. Which is truth, even if we dont like it. ___ Skill wise, there is not luck factor. When it comes to "what type of player you´re getting matched with" that´s where the luck resides.
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elin990 (EUW)
: 8 loss 2 wins, placed in silver V. How?
New accounts work differently. I dont remember the math of logistics of it exactly, but basically... When doing your placements, the game takes into consideration your normal (none ranked) MMR (match making rank) and matches you against players who are of the same skill level (more or less). Depending on how you do during your placements (win a lot or lose a lot), the game will match you with better players or worse. If you win a lot of games during placements, you will play against high Silvers or even Golds. If you play bad and lose a lot, you will be matched with high bronze and low silvers. New accounts get a "bonus" after placements. You will be placed in silver almost 90% of the time. Silver 3 is the "standard" as it´s considered the half way point of avarage "minimal skill" requiered, basic LoL knowledge. Riot does this to give new players a confidence boost. If you ca keep up, you will rank up, but if you know you are bad, you will without a doubt demote to lower levels (silver 4 then 5, then bronze 1, and so on). New players will start going down until they are placed into their actual skill level. Dont panic if this happens, its natural. Unless you are god and somehow reach gold without breaking a sweat.
: EU LCS in 2018 and beyond
damn, with CS gone, missfits got freaking lucky!
: Today is the 1000th day of the boards!
What is for you the most memorable thread? (13k views O_O) amd many many more
: I already said that is not her final name xD. If you got any suggestions on how to name that champion please let me know (and i will change it in the post).
i know, it was just too good not to do it.
: Today is the 1000th day of the boards!
>What is for you the most memorable thread? I have a lot of threads. Ill put them up later xD cause there are a lot!
GLurch (EUW)
: *looks at Humpel*
Sharedock (EUW)
: Honor lvl 3 forever
took me a month to reach level 4, and 2 months to reach level 5. and that´s with 1-2 honors per game, 9 games a week.
: Voidy - The Voidy Bender [Champion Concept]
Voidy (the void bender) Noxy (the noxus bender) Demacy (the demacia bender) Bilgey (the bilge water bender) Pilty (the piltover bender) Zauny (the zaun bender) Iony (the ionia bender) Shadowy (the shadow isles bender) Targony (the mount targon bender) Shurimy (the shurima bender) Freljy (the freljord bender) bandy (the bandle city bender)
Madow19 (EUNE)
: NEO PAX Sivir skin
There is no way to get NEO PAX SIVIR. You cannot buy it, there are NO CODES for it. All old skin codes have been deleted, so they will NOT WORK. Not to mention that the skin code is for PAX SIVIR, not NEO PAX SIVIR (Two different skins). ##**The only way to get the skin is through gems or hextech.**
Ìxeas (EUW)
: A terrible joke, that's all I can say.
I like to think of it as a satire. Even if it doesnt meet the requirements :p
GPet (EUW)
: It's not free if the only way to obtain it is buying it from Riot... And while I can't grasp a good example at the moment, I'm fairly certain price doesn't correlate to work put in for many many products. I personally see price as something that's formed by request. No matter how silly, if people buy it, it seems worth it. If it weren't worth it's price not many people would buy. (Is prostitution a bad example to bring? :c)
its worth buying because americans dont think when buying. That´s why most ccount have over 100 skins. Because they believe that they need the skin. Turst me. Riot is selling the emotes because Riot knows that NA players are sheep and will buy anything blindly. #Consumerism
GPet (EUW)
: Yeah, but if I'd joke by calling skins free for no apearent reason everyone would hates me. <.<
Skins are worth paying because legitimate work is put into them, emotes demand no work and are being sold almost for the price of a 520Rp skin. That is what I like to call "legally stealing". Why is it legally stealing? Because you are charging a free object for quadruple its price.
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Nanali (EUNE)
: Hello, I'm looking for this figure to buy it for my boydriend, but on a merch its retired... Is there anyone who wants to sell this figure? ^^
: what exactly? I am playing such things in rankeds ^^
I just woulddnt even think about it xD
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