: I think it's more they fly under the radar. Riot rarely announce these things, they get a footnote in the patch notes and that's that. If you didn't play those champions and you don't pay as close attention to the pbe it is rather easy for them to slip unnoticed... or at least undervalued, like with the MF one, if you weren't paying close attention to things that are happening and you didn't see mf often (which you wouldn't have) it's not completely out of the question that you'd not realise it happened straight away or at all. Hell I forgot mf got a VU... and I watch out for these sorts of things like a hawk. I think that's what enjutsu was getting at... these VUs bring so little notice and publicity that it is entirely feasible to not realise it had happened until you bump into them in game, and sometimes even then... compare that to the impact of a VGU where it gets an entire reveal page due to the new abilities and people treat it like a new champion and it gets its own section of the patch notes... these sorts of VUs just don't elicit the same calibre of response which makes them forgettable at best and unnoticeable at worse (seriously besides myself I legit don't think I saw any miss fortunes for a patch or two after that VU... you can't blame people for not noticing when they don't have anything to notice yet).
>Riot rarely announce these things, they get a footnote in the patch notes and that's that. Just a footnote on the patch notes? What about all of these very distinct, promo pages? One thing is saying that these Visual Updates go unnoticed and pass under the radar, but dude, you have to be pretty ignorant about what happens around LoL to be completely unaware of these small VUs. They get their own Promo pages and everything. Just a footnote of the patch notes? This is a pretty low for you Swampert. We both know LoL from top to bottom and but because of that, we have, I believe the most interesting discussions, but you saying this? Very unexpected. These small VU´s show up on the front page and stay there for weeks (even months), plus it shows up on Sur@20, League´s instagram/facebook, Skinspotlights. You have to be very unaware to not notice. And you buddy, are the League EU boards member with most awareness (apart from me and the volunteers, etc). http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/champion-update/champion-update-kassadin http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/champion-update/champion-update-tristana http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/champion-update/champion-update-alistar http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/champion-update/champion-update-maokai http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/champion-update/champion-update-singed http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/champion-relaunch/karthus-deathsinger http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/champion-update-new-breed-plague-rat http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/lab-report-reinventing-revered-inventor http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/champion-relaunch/visual-update-nasus-curator-sands http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/champion-relaunch/sivir-battle-mistress-relaunch-available-now http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/champion-update/miss-fortune-struts-pbe ___ >These sorts of VUs just don't elicit the same calibre of response. Well that´s just pretty damn obvious. Of course a small VU wont have the same response a VGU has, but its there, and social media spreads it like wildfire. Maybe not as much, but come on. I spread the news, you spread the news, Moobeat does all the work spreading the news on his website, and then its social media, hell, even the offcial Crocs Twitter account gave a shout out to Surgeon [Shen](https://twitter.com/crocs/status/688098924817584128?lang=es). > "Shout out to Surgeon Shen from @LeagueOfLegends for his excellent choice of footwear. 👌" Sure the small VU´s dont have the same impact when it comes to playability, simply because nothing changed gameplay wise, but its somewhat ignorant to say the least that the VU´s go unoticed. If people dont hear from League, they hear it from Moobeat, if they didnt hear it from him, they saw it in skinspotlights, and in last case scenario, if they didnt notice at all, I have a thread about it. ___ > you can't blame people for not noticing when they don't have anything to notice yet. True, I cant blame people, but saying that the VU´s go unnoticed is not true at all. And I just proved it to you. There are many platforms in which you can notice these small VU´s, and 90% of them are in shown in League of Legends official sites (the website, Facebook, instagram, youtube, boards), then add moobeat and every single LoL youtuber with a PBE account which is basically all of the popular ones (redmercy, Anklespanking, Foxdroplol, Nightblue, and many many more. Again, these things dont go unnoticed, people just dont bother to pay attention.
: > And the most perfect example is Twitch. Twitch recieved a Visual Update in 2014 with NOT a single GU, not a single one. Twitch became the most played adc for the entire Summer split 2014, Worlds 2014, and Spring split 2015. But the twitch VU came with a ton of QoL changes which just made him nicer to play... combined with him getting thrusted back into the spotlight and he got popular... a VU alone wouldn't have really done that, it was the small changes that made the difference. It wasn't so much the visual update that did this... it was the attention... people got a reason to try twitch out again, it's not the only way to accomplish this. > Sometimes a simple VU can impact the game. Look at Gangplank. Sure GP was a VGU, but its was the smallest VGU Riot has ever made (with one change to W). From a joke champion to the most broken late game in the game, dominating the summer split and with a 100% ban at worlds 2015, and again, it was only cause by a Visual update. He was that strong because of the ability that got changed... not to mention saying it was one ability is an understatement, passive, E and R all got decently large updates, and the rest of his abilities got changed as well... all of that contributed so it definitely wasn't the VU that did this. But... {{champion:34}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:143}} are all meta champions Orr champions who have been in the meta recently who could do with a VU but not a VGU... your argument doesn't work for these because no one cares that they don't look that good, they just care that they are strong or fun... their gameplay matters more than their looks. Had twitch received a GU instead of a VU which made him op, all it would take is a pro to pick him up and he would have repeated the entire process anyway, because they end up in the lime light and they are strong so people play them... that wasn't because of a VU example, morde... also 100% pick or ban in 2015 worlds and a near 100% win rate there... exact same as gangplank... his visuals are terrible but he received a GU which put him into the limelight the exact same as a VU would. --- The thing is... your looking at this the wrong way (or should I say a different way to riot). The goal of the rework team is not to make champions popular... popularity has never been a real factor in reworks and riot even confirmed this... So trying to give VUs to champions just to get them noticed isn't something riot are gonna use resources on... instead they focus on champions who are honestly a danger to themselves and the game... champions who can't just get a VU because they would just fall into the same traps as before or are too dangerous to be noticed. Riot can't leave things like this in favour of putting other champions who are fine but under the radar into the spot light... twitch never caused any issues before his VU, poppy was so dangerous riot where ready and willing to kill her if she got popular... which one should the resources go to. I fully understand and agree (for the most part) about what your saying... but so long as champions who need VGUs and GUs exist in the game VUs out right shouldn't happen, because the priority should be on the issues not the unseen.
>But the twitch VU came with a ton of QoL changes which just made him nicer to play... quality of life changes isnt a gameplay update thgouh, just buffs and nerfs. Which still stands that the VU is what made Twitch popular, not the "re-balancing" because that´s considered an adjustment, not a gameplay update. (cant respond to the rest now, ill continue later.)
: This year? Do you have a source on that? [Here](http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/05/dev-state-of-skins/) it states that the skin will be released within 12 months. So that may well be April 2018, which is way too late in my opinion.
Well, that blog post was created on April, which was 2 months ago. If you count 12 months, starting from April 2017, most of the 12 months will be part of the year 2017 (8 months), while 4 months will be for 2018. That being said, I think its fair to speculate that those skins might pop-up this year. Either for Harrowing or Snowdown (2017), Lunar Revel (2018), or just solo skins (who knows when). Its my blind statement, but its confirmed, that a Yorick skin is coming, and my believe is that its going to be for this year. His update was last year, and he is the oldest champ to not recieve a skingle skin, not to mention that he has a meme about not getting skins at all. Because of this, I think Yorick will be the first to get the new skin first. Im just looking at all the Variables.
: Yorick's anniversary, no new skin
Riot has confirmed that Yorick will recieve a new skin THIS YEAR. **Im not talking about the Reddit leak that showed up btw. That Arcade Yorick is just a rumor.** But just to let players know, RIOT is making skins for YORICK, CASSIOPEIA, SWAIN (and I believe Mordekaiser, dont remember right now). THIS YEAR, 2017.
: > , I felt as if Riot themselves didnt want the demand for VGU´s to happen Of course they feel that way... getting told something you poored your heart and soul into is old and requires completely redoing isn't exactly something to look forward to... when riot made their champions originally I very much doubt they ever planned to do reworks. And as for the issue at hand... you are right, certain champions need just a visual update (although certain champions in your list like akali are getting a VGU) but remember that those VUs take resources to do as well... resources which they are going to be in direct competition for with VGUs and GUs... and priorities wise visual updates are the bottom of the barrel, I'd wager to say every one wants healthy and functioning kits over good looking ones... So that's why for now VUs are out of the question... because if riot visually updates a champion who has a kit which isn't an issue that's going to delay a VGU or GU for a champion who's kit is hurting themselves or the game... until the demand for VGUs and GUs gets reduced riot just cant really think about VUs.
What you are pointing out is completely true, GU´s and VGU´s are more important than just a simple VU. However, VU can impact the game dramatically. And the most perfect example is Twitch. Twitch recieved a Visual Update in 2014 with NOT a single GU, not a single one. Twitch became the most played adc for the entire Summer split 2014, Worlds 2014, and Spring split 2015. Not gameplay update, JUST a simple and innocent visual update. ___ There are a lot of champions that are very strong, but because the look ugly as hell they never get played (Twitch). And when Twitch recieved his VU, a lot of players got to see how incredibly broken this champion was. Most played champion and also most banned, all caused by a single Visual Update. And why did his happen? I´ll show it to you. "Oh god, this champ (Twitch) looks ugly to look at, I dont want to play it" (Visual update kicks in) "WOW, the ugly rat looks awesome now, Im going to play it just to see him closely. HOLY SHT the rat is BROKEN!" This happens for a reason. When a champion starts getting very outdated, people ignore said champion. This ignored champion doesnt appeare in the patch notes for YEARS, meaning that the champions stats and scalings are untouched. Then, Riot decides to give this champion a Visual update, just so people stop ignoring the champion. And because said champ was ignored all those months and never got nerfed nor buffed, while most of the adcs have suffered multiple changes thoughout the different metas, the Visually updated champion sticks out significantly. This is why champions like Olaf also resurfaced and became meta again. Because the game has suffered so many changes and nerfs, that the Olaf-ed Olaf wasnt a thing anymore. Olaf became a force to be reckoned with. All because items changed, champions changed and metas changed. ___ Sometimes a simple VU can impact the game. Look at Gangplank. Sure GP was a VGU, but its was the smallest VGU Riot has ever made (with one change to W). From a joke champion to the most broken late game in the game, dominating the summer split and with a 100% ban at worlds 2015, and again, it was only cause by a Visual update. People didnt even consider Gangplank Viable until Soaz started playing him when he was with Origen. And the Casters didnt even take GP as a viable pick serious at the time. Sometimes, you just need something shiny to catch people´s attention. And many people underestimate that possibility. ___ Look at Nunu, one of the most effective junglers right now. If you gave him just a visual update, I guarantee you a lot of people would be playing him just because "wow, he looks cool", later to find out in game that he is decent or even "broken" (depending on the ELO of course). ___ Anyway, Im just giving some examples. But yes, Gameplay is more important that looking good, but just making a champion look good can and has changed the game (again, emphasis on Twitch, and a tiny little bit of Gangplank)
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: One of the points Riot made was that people noticed VUs mostly when it came with a GU and i think alot of them came with a GU, but honestly i didnt notice alistar VU and Kassadin(did he get it?, as far as i remember he only got a texture update) and i doubt i noticed MF VU
Ill show you Kassadin and Miss Fortune. Here is OLD Classic Kassadin, with only a visual graphics update. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2pCD1aKTZw Here is Visually Updated classic Kassadin (new models). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrShhV8_qM0 As you can see, HUGE difference. ___ Here is a picture of both OLD and NEW Miss Fortune (couldnt find a video of old classic miss fortune). http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-wmH0na-O-Os/VasK7VqoQRI/AAAAAAAAFCI/hKkE_VSx8PQ/s640/mfcompare.jpg Here is a comparison to old Candy cane and new Candy cane, so you can see that she actually recieved a Visual Update. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqQk3zY6U5o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azb91OfUlls Again, a noticeable difference. _____ As for Alistar, my god, how did you not notice?! This is OLD Golden Alistar (a recolor at the time, or "chroma" if you will). Golden Ali was identical to Classic but blue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSehFeCnY3s Here is NEW Golden Alistar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKL609g6d6s And here is NEW classic Alistar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utf6x70S6Fw&t=1s Again, pretty notice if you ask me. ___ Ali never got a GU update with the model, the kit came two years later. Kassadin got the kit rework BEFORE the model. Miss Fortune did not get a single kit rework (except the new passive, which was changed a year after her visual update) Karthus, Twitch and Heimer never came with a GU when their VU´s released. Heimer got his GU 3 weeks ago, and the visual update was in 2014. Sivir, only had one change on her kit when she recieve her VU. ___ People dont notice the VUs because they simple dont play the champion or they just arent meta. Its not solely because their kit sucks (maybe Heimer, but come on, he is a champion only played by beginners, you cant expect him to be played in Silver+).
Zurkrem (EUW)
: Even if you do notice it, there are seemingly a lot of players who don't.
Maybe, but I dont know how "blind" people have to be to not notice it. Maybe Riot meant that players didnt notice it when it comes to playability, but the VUs were noticeable.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: there was recently this too http://www.surrenderat20.net/2017/06/red-post-collection-update-on-skt-skins.html if i had to give a tl dr: players don't notice VUs as much as GU, there's also the issue that VU require big recources, so there's the issue that it costs alot to do them but the payoff is minimal
Dont notice? Dont notice? Master Yi, Sivir, Garen, Twitch, Tristana, Kassadin, Alistar, Maokai and Miss Fortune were pretty much noticed by the entire community. That´s a lot for small VUs last time I checked.
Zurkrem (EUW)
: Have you read this? http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/03/ask-riot-ranked-aram/
I have, but Riot is focusing on the subject the wrong way. They look at champions that need a VGU, isntead of champions that just need a VU. Volibear for example, needs a VGU, both visuals and gameplay. But Shyvana or Malzahar for example, only need visuals, because they already have reworked kits. See where Im trying to say?
Rioter Comments
: Well, contests are generally about skill, otherwise it would more be like a lottery. We've done contests for many skills already, for example our last one was about drawing and writing, and now it's the time for people who like to be creative and build/program stuff. The line in which we wrote that you don't have to be a technical genius still holds. For example, look at how pet rock was created, it's a rock you find somewhere and with a little bit of creativity, you transform into pet rock. So yes, you can partricipate without being a technical genious. Of course you do need **some** skill, but not as much as you imply.
I would have still put "requires minor building skills (arts and craft style) and programing" at the beginning of the contest. But, Im not incharge, so I cant say anymore. Anyway, have fun with the contest.
: Demacia Rising has trumpets, although it's not very interesting. You could also just practice Camille on trumpet. It looks doable. But if you would like to play along with the original music you would have to transpose the sheet music. Then you would play in an easier key.
It would be kinda akward. String instruments can´t be easily "replaced" with brass.
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxopViU98Xo
that´s a saxophone bud xD
: A Volunteer's contest - The Useless Contest
I was going to participate, but the moment it said "You can do this by either physically building or programming it". I just decided to not even take part. Not everyone can build nor programs, so basically, its not a contest everyone can participate in.. :/ >"you DO NOT have to be a technical genius to take part in this contest". Kinda "false" advertisement with that statement.
: reminds me of braveheart . the moment they ride out to the battlefield
Never seen the movie but i´ve been told is a 110% must watch
: Can't stop the music hype. Sheet music released. This new login screen. #IT'S AMAZING
Im sad that Riot didnt put any music sheets that involved the Trumpet. I was honestly very hyped for one. Sadly, no trumpet, just french horn and trumbon Q_Q
Smerk (EUW)
: Riot are quite serious when it comes to music, actually. I mean, look at this if you didn't see it already http://promo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/music-of-league/
I know they are serious, I just, didnt expect this type of music from them. Its always "into battle", mega hype, or orchestra, etc. This Login in particular is different, different in a perfect and magical way. And a different I just didnt expect from them. This login just caught me by surprise when it comes to Riot´s music style.
: That music really is sweet :) Thanks for always keeping us up-to-date with the latest PBE news, Delde! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
shamshamm (EUW)
: > It felt like a profesional soundtrack It is
I meant oscar winning or big movie budget, something I just didnt expect from the LoL Music department. xD
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Zombster (EUW)
: ARAM Butchers Bridge
The only reason Butcher´s Bridge isnt going to return is because Riot created that map with the old client and other important CC+ stuff I dont understand. Because of that, they practicaly need to redo the map again for the new client, which apparently "takes a lot of work" because its more important to have various teams of 10-ish people creating skins and new gamemodes that later get forgotten due to the Ascension, Poro King and Nexus Siege spam. ___ This could be done in a few months (4-5, who knows) if Riot invested all of the programers into revamping Butchers Bridge. But Riot needs NEW STUFF! because old stuff is really boring (accoording to their surveys which are honestly not precise at all). Riot doesnt pay attention and do whatever they want. it only took them until 2017 to actually listen to the winners of Worlds to make the skins for the champions of their choosing. Riot makes rules only to not follow them months later "The winners choose what champions they want the skin on", okay guys, they said SKT Ahri so lets do SKT Zed. NOW, 4 years later, they actually are doing what was suppose to be done. ___ dont expect Butcher´s Bridge any time soon, actually, not expect that map returning ever. The map is "old" which means Riot wont even bother trying. So in the mean time, enjoy Ascension for many months to come! -.-
Tempname (EUNE)
: Ranged Assasin Concept - 3 Shields , new mechanic -
The title alone is already a bad idea. Why on earth would you want a range assassin? so they can burst you in 0.3 miliseconds from a distance?
: > Everyone should be able to benefit from this. Everyone can...they just have to travel different distances. I live in Germany and Berlin is still too far away to attend the LCS frequently. It's not really about the country, its about distances. The real world is simply big and I don't see what Riot can change about that.
Yeah, but there is a difference between locals and people that, oh I dont know, need to take a plane. ___ Riot could do much with the online streaming side of things. Raffles, prizes, or funny in-game stuff (use an esports icon from yor region to chear for your team, if your team wins you will enter a prize pool). Easy methods that can benefit everyone and Riot doesnt even have to go the extra mile with the "attend live games so you can visit our stage like a museum and take pictures with the pros like zoo animals. __ Look how simple that sounds. Watch a stream, or use an icon, and get a chance to win real prizes that are in the merch store or arent in the merch store (like those foam toys that Rioters throw between breaks).
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Shiwah (EUW)
: > Currently, not many players in EUW play ranked (hence why it is a permanent gamemode like in Brasil and NA, and not other regions) I'm interjecting for this point only. I think you're mixing up ranked and draft pick -- few regions got to keep draft pick as a permanent queue due to high population -- the others got it out (or on a rotating schedule, like EUNE) because the population wasn't high enough to sustain healthy queues. Ranked population has increased since S5 or S6, but it's a given that a lot of players still prefer blind and draft pick modes.
When I talk about normals, I speak about draft, cause no one in hell plays blind Q unless they are desperate. And the only regions that have normals are NA, EUW and Brasil (3 regions), meanwhile the rest, EUNE, Korea, Japan, LAN, LAS, Turkey, Russia, China, all of South East Asia, and Oceania, only have ranked. (And EUNE only has normal draft "once in a bluemoon").
GPet (EUW)
: > 1) People fear ranked. 2) Its just not worth my time. 3) Its very stressful and not my idea of entertainment. Dear players, if any of this is accurate to you... just don't play ranked. --------- You list quite a few reasons why people don't enjoy ranked or don't feel like the investment is worth it. With those I agree. But what I do want to counter with: What's wrong with those people just not playing ranked then? It's not like Riot gains anything from more players playing ranked instead of normals. Nor does the normal games population, nor the ranked games population gain anything from it. -------- And if there would be additional rewards for higher ranking, wouldn't it just further increase problems 1) and 3)? People would still be afraid of or dislike ranked, but maybe feel more inclined that they 'have to' play ranked because all those rewards directly correspond to your skill. 2) is something that would partly be fixed by this idea. But I'd like to retun to my above point: Why should those people who currently got no reason to play ranked be motivated to start playing it? :s ------------- --------- ---------- On a different note, you meantioned the 'tryhard' philosophy League is leaning towards, and there defenitly is something like that. But wouldn't that mean that, if anything, we should promote casual play more? :o Depending on how missions are set up this could actually help that, but from what I saw so far those too are rather focused on winning. :/
>It's not like Riot gains anything from more players playing ranked instead of normals. Nor does the normal games population, nor the ranked games population gain anything from it. Technically there is a benifit is Riot manages to keep players in one single gamemode. And its about money and maintanence. There are a lot of people playing League of Legends and that itself requieres having lots of servers for people to play. While having lots of servers are great, its keeping them in check that can make things complicated, servers cost money, and if Riot can make most of the servers just for ranked play, the maintanence of the servers reduce significantly. (They can close all the none ranked servers, and just leave the ranked servers, OR, close the normal servers and turn them into ranked, having more servers for one gamemode which would make it easier for Riot to control). ___ > And if there would be additional rewards for higher ranking, wouldn't it just further increase problems 1) and 3)? People would still be afraid of or dislike ranked, but maybe feel more inclined that they 'have to' play ranked because all those rewards directly correspond to your skill. Not necesarily because lower elos would also have decent rewards aswell, not just a silly icon. Getting an "object" (ward skin, champ skin, or even chroma) that can be used in-game is a pretty nice reward in itself. Like in the past, silver players were able to unlock ward skins in regular SoloQ, and while ward skins are as "epic" as a champion skin, its still something that people can use in game, and it honestly feels like a real reward, rather than just having a useless border. >2) is something that would partly be fixed by this idea. But I'd like to retun to my above point: Why should those people who currently got no reason to play ranked be motivated to start playing it? :s While you are 100% right here, you have to think, why would Riot even take normals from other regions? There has to be a point as to while Riot wants to force people to play ranked, and they arent telling us. Because Riot made this drastic move back in November, I think that they can at least make the transition less painful for those players that really just dont like ranked. Which is why Im giving the idea of making rewards more rewarding for all ELOS. Lets face it, for lower elos, its not fun playing ranked, everything is "hell" until you manage to make it to silver. While for some players its easy to get out of bronze, there are players who struggle, and the rewards they get for getting out of bronze (even if it isnt a huge milestone) is not even worth calling it a reward "Hey! congrats of not being super lame at league, now that you manage to get to silver, we will reward you with NOTHING! Cause borders are honestly significant nowadays!". So if Riot decides to make lower elo rewards more rewarding and in the process, revamp higher elo rewards to make higher elos actually feel legitimately rewarded, newer players can at least not feel stress about needing to reach gold. Isntead of trying to get gold in a single season, they can potentionally get to gold step by step, which is what ranked is all about, getting better at your own pace. And if %%%%%%%%%%tes ranked as "If you are not gold, you fcking suck", then for newer players, its just not even a gamemode they would want to enter. Its obvious that Riot wants to make League of Legends a ranked game only, just like CS:GO and DOTA2. But they are doing it in a way that seems harsh "We took normals away from you, the only thing left is ranked, good luck suckers!", that´s not a good way of promoting competitive play. I believe that, if Riot wants to make LoL a ranked game exclusive, they should revamp the Ranked rewards so that all elos feel rewarded, kick the rewards up a notch. The higher you are, the cooler the rewards, but make the lower elos have a better starting reward, not just an icon. Hell, give us a special Hextech chest with 70% of the most rarest skin in LoL, something that will make players play ranked. Because that´s Riots goal, close all none ranked servers and only have ranked. ___ >On a different note, you meantioned the 'tryhard' philosophy League is leaning towards, and there defenitly is something like that. But wouldn't that mean that, if anything, we should promote casual play more? :o I too feel like Riot should promote some casual play (having normals), but if Riot had to guts to close all normal queues from all regions (with the exception of EUW, NA and Brasil), its clear to say that Riot doesnt want casual League of Legends. They want every game to feel like Worlds finals, SKT vs [Place another Korean team here], action packed, filled with epic skill-shots and amazing visual gameplay (Rakan anyone?) (Why would Riot make a support that when you play it, feels like you are doing so many cool things when in reality you are just pressing two abilities? Its simple, riot is making flashy champions so that players can feel epic playing "boring roles" in ranked). Riot is doing everything based around competitive and ranked play, and the sooner they admit this, the less hate they will recieve from the community later on. Trust me, the day Riot takes away normals from EUW and NA, I can assure you that Riot will loose over 50% of their fanbase. Casual players will be forced to play a competitive mode that they might not even like, and to top it off, they get a constant reminder that casual play is "punishable" with a bronze icon that signifies "hey, you suck!". (That last part was my own interpretation, but lets be real, one day Riot will delete normals from the game, and people will leave, the sooner Riot upgrades the ranked system so that it´s less punishable for newer players, the better transition Riot and the forced ranked players will have.
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: Anyone ever enjoys playing in normals anymore?
The great thing about normals is that you can either play "casual" or competitive as hell, with the awesome bonus of not feeling stressed out over the feeling that you have to win. Also, the greatest thing about normals is that you dont lose anything. You can lose 99999999999999 and nothing will happen, you will just play games and have fun. You can also win 9999999999999999999999 games and nothing happens either, you just play with higher elos. Normals takes out so much stress that it makes League enjoyable. you dont depend on players and players dont depend on you. You´ll never find people fighting over roles because of "OMG I got stuck with support, fck my life, i will troll until you give me midlane". You occasionally find jerks here and there, but honestly, in the end it doesnt matter, if you have a troll in a normal game you dont lose LP and you dont go down the ranks. You can still be competitive and take no risks at all. ___ (another topic) People would play ranked a lot more only if Riot made an upgrade to the Ranked rewards system. Icons and banners arent even fun anymore. Icons are just Riot not even trying, and borders arent even visible to the enemy team (the whole purpose of borders in the first place). The only thing that matters is the stupid Victorious skin. Sure its meant for people that reach gold and that´s it, but the fact that Riot doesnt reward for even trying is shameful. "hey bud, you suck, have an icon as a remember token" oh boy what a reward!
: But other champs make use of it and aren't utterly broken :/
true, but Draven is Draaaaaaaaven xD
Eratos (EUW)
: DRAVEN broken as hell
Honestly, its just because of Death Dance.
: Delde pls answer me
lol, what do you need exactly?
alistial (EUW)
: not true in the chinese server doe like zombie ryze is a limited skin in china due to a event where there was a hack that broken the game and tencent awarded it to players who didnt use the hack, its total bs as zombie ryze is cheap skin
The chinese server/region, much like the Korean server/region are almost 100% independent from the rest of the rest. These countries have their own rules and dont especially follow the same rules NA, EU, LAS/LAN, Brasil, OCE, Japan, Russia, Turkey, and all of South East asia have. Some servers, have certain skins that arent limited nor legacy but are obtained by doing certain things. For example, if you follow League of Legends on Twitter, you get DreadKnight Garen in all regions, however, in LAN (Latin America North) they get Commando Garen. This is one example. Zombie Ryze is a Legacy skin that is available for purchase during halloween in every region (NA, EU, LAN, LAS, Brasil, Turkey, OCE, Japan, Russia, Korea, and all of South East Asia). China, like I said, is a whole different world, and very secretive. Noticed how the chinese LoL website isnt even in the official League of Legends website we and everyone around the world is using? ___ Besides, Im just stating general facts for regions that follow the same general League of Legends rules. Meaning every region except those that are independent (China, and in most cases Korea, thought not always). ___ If you want to be picky about things, NA, EUW, EUNE, LAN, LAS, Brasil, Turkey, Russia, Japan, "Korea", OCE, follow the same rules, same holidays, same everything, with small variations when it comes to skins by following Riot in social media pages. Also, since I made this thread in EU, Im stating what always happens in EU (which is the same that happens in 90% of all regions), and its always been the same. Bringing up China was just a tad irrelevant since this isn´t the Chinese server and they are independent from the rest.
Smerk (EUW)
: You got few names wrong in the post. It is Mid Season Invitational (there should be no c letter) and Lunar Wraith Caitlyn (missed first letter)
IvanBrony (EUNE)
: so it will be back on halloween?
Yes. Every single halloween skin (all of them) and every single lunar revel and Snowdown skin come back every year.
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: What is the new gamemode about ?
i hoestly dont know, If been away for over a month. If you want details, just head over to moobeats website.
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Zanador (EUNE)
: Riot set themselves up for trouble with a couple of champion's design. They wanted to try out mechanics, introduce unique kits and unusual styles, scaling, etc. Things the community has been asking for ever since the launch of League, and things a designer lives for to find and create. Unfortunately, even with good intentions bad results can happen. But this is not a slippery slope situation where at one point every single champion gets reworked because they have been permabanned. It is always the champions that either have a mechanic that is inherently troublesome or those that have a kit which severely limits the options and chances of the opponent. Yasuo is troublesome because his kit has lots of unique things at once, and his power level is directly tied to a game mechanic and the balance of 30 champions and 20 items. Lee Sin endured nerfes without problem because his kit would still be useful even if every single one of his numbers were lowered. The original Evelyn was bad because in order to beat her, the opposing team had to stay under their tower until lvl15+. If they did, they won, if they didn't they lost. That's not much of a choice and skill. Poppy had to be completely reworked because her kit was literally about putting everything into a single hit. So yeah, i can see the possibility of the situation you described, but at this point i see it as "League getting better, one permabanned champion at a time".
I cant think of a better coment to respond to, because you just hit every single shot of your point perfectly. +1
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Yeah yasuo is broken in pro play,that's why he has a 0.00% playrate.Also,check this out, http://www.leagueofgraphs.com/rankings/rank-distribution what I said about bronze and silver is a fact,not trying to offend anyone
Yasuo has no playrate in pro play because the pros actually know how to counter him. And I know that bronze and silvers are bad, but graphs and percentages doesnt tell everything.
: Personally, the only thing in Yasuo that annoys me, is the windwall. I mean, it's like Braum's wall, expect better. With what logic should assassin have better shield than support, especially when that support's main purpose is to block lots of dmg? Oh yeah and other thing that irks me is how these Yasuo/Zed/Riven mains think that they only lose their lane when enemy picks "noob champ", that "doesn't even take skill".
That´s the thing, there is, what I believe, a bit of an unhealthy kit, too much bonuses with not many counters, or counters that are just a tad difficult to execute.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: The reason he is hated that much is because 65%of league players are bronze and silver
Bring a better argument to the table, then we might actually get a conversation started. Not to offend, but just talking about ELO alone is not enough. You are plat or Diamond (dont know really, im just judging by your Plat emblem), surely, you can find a more reasonable and logical explanation isntead of calling everyone bronze and silvers. Let me remind you that even in pro play, Yasuo is a pain in the ass, even if he can actually b countered in that elo.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: The yasuo being joked at by riot doesn't mean he is ''THE MOST OP CHAMPION IN THE GAME NERF PLS NO COUNTERPLAY'' ,It means that riot are aware of the hate for the samurai that exists throughout the league community,just to make it clear
Hate is cause by a reason. One that shouldnt never be ignored.
: I will always bann Bard, Kappapride
: It's a losing battle unfortunately... Yasuo becomes perma banned... riot rework him to be healthy... yasuo is no longer perma banned... the next most hated champion (is that Lee or cait these days, can't remember) becomes perma banned in his stead... cycle continues. There will always be a champion who the community will hate more than others, not much anyone can do about it because if it's not yasuo it could be anyone else... That is why the ban system is blind, the possibility of double bans lowers the risk of a champion becoming perma banned, but it can and will happen and it's happened with only 6 bans.... increasing the bans won't really affect this much. So yeah fix yasuo... make his crit amp scale or something idk... but that won't solve the issue because the issue with balance is that it's a hydra, cut off one head and two more grow back.
Techanically, we havent had a "Jax/Kassadin" issue since those two got changed completely. There hasnt been a single champion that has been consistently banned in every single game, not matter how much the meta changes, for over 3 years. Not even Yasuo himself has had this issue. True, that this "permaban effect" will be like a hydra effect (cut one head, two more shall rise), however, that pattern turns to go more towards the FOTM champions, champions that later get small nerfs. In the case of Kassidin and Jax back in the day, was that Riot never trully did anything to nerf them. Riot would leave Kassadins R broken and nerf every other ability, and jax would still be the unkillable 1v5 champion with only two items. These two champions were so broken that they would win you the game if a dummy didnt ban them. In the case of Yasuo however, its more of a mechanical frustration. His overly exagerated mobility, paired up with this damage and potential tankiness when he wants it, can lead to catastrophic results, results which Riot doesnt take into consideration whatsoever. To this day, almost all champions have a clear weakness that can be abused, Yasuo even has one, however, it is so difficult to execute said punishment that it turns out to be a pseudo weakness, a weakness that is there, but trully "isnt". And I believe that that is an issue Riot needs to fix.
HDinis09 (EUW)
: Just change champions yasuo is already one of the most banned champions, wouldnt make a difference!
Changing champions really wont fix much, because there are players who feel very attached to certain champions. I, for example, am very attached to Bard. I like his hugable complex and mysteriousness, basically me, though I later turn into a Rakan/Braum type of guy. You cant just change.
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: Jax Visual Update
Riot wants to visually update a lot of champions in LoL, however, with their new philosophy of "We can ONLY do visual updates to champions who look UGLY and whose kits are dull", which is understandable, but its also pretty much bullsht. Jax unfortunately will not get a VGU simply because his kit is still good to this day. It works, whether its in the jungle or top. In my opinion Riot should have a third and fourth team in charge only on medium size Visual updates (Alistar, Miss Fortune, Heimer, Karthus, Twitch). Just a small update until Riot can think of a Kit to put on the champion. Also, a champion that has proven that huge VGUs dont mean anything, is Twitch. He had a medium size VU (no gameplay changes to his kit) and he is one of the most popular and most difficult ADC in the whole game. And its a kit that hasnt change for over 5 years. ____ [Edit] BUT, these medium VUs will never happen again, so yeah, we will wont see a Jax VU until another 2000+ years :/
: If somebody dodges when I get my first role, I should keep it for the next champion select.
just a quick fact, when someone dodges a game during champ select, if you imidiately accept a game and get back to champ select, you end up being matched with the same exact players you were with, or the players from the opposing team you were matched with to play against. So, technically speaking, you dont lose much. The problem is that the new player could have picked the same role as you and as a result, you either get it or not, however, if you end up having an role that isnt super popular, then you should be guarenteed to get the role back. But then there is the problem of players not being as accepting as others (not being kind, etc) and might not let you have your role back.
jhjfkgkg (EUW)
: " Your shop" Discount % random?
Oluap0 (EUW)
: I get that :p What I meant is what you were planning to purchase.
Hextech Galio, its in my shop for 156Rp, I cant leave it there without getting it xD
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