5th champ select, kicked out again. Riot games everyone... better get compensation for wasting our time{{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: Clash bagged. We got free lose. Game not started.
It just goes to show how riot doesnt actually care about their players, only their high competitive players... If they cared they'd put more money into actual servers that dont die when clash is on... nothing works anymore
: Clash bagged. We got free lose. Game not started.
: RIOT WHY DID WE GET AN AUTO LOSS? We didnt get any match accept, match didnt go through 3 times
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Dzonlejn (EUNE)
: Region change
Riot said late January or early February, but hasn't given out an update yet. Give us a date riot.
: After 8 Years why do we still dont have a MMR system that not punishes you for loosing 4v5 games
And this 4v5 less MMR loss system can be abused. Someone in Ur party DC's and boom there, rest of the party lost less MMR.
: It's time to create a PBE server in Europe!
No matter what PBE is for, there is still the fact that it's very hard for players from any other region to contribute to the testing. Sure the devs are in NA, server should be in NA, that was fine for a while. If you add PBE servers to EU and KR you will get an obsene ammount of players testing your game, after all isn't discovering and fixing bugs easier if there's more people to spot them and report them? "Report: League of Legends is No. 1 in PC game revenue so far in 2017 -August 2017" I also don't think that money is an issue for them, thing is, they would probably have to employ more workers to work out the multilingual regions and such, not everyone speaks english after all, but thats about it. Tho I don't think this is up to Riot, maybe Tencent (who owns Riot) is not allowing it or something. In any case I think it would be alot more beneficial for more players to test, especially on such a big esports title.
: Client buggy and laggy af just as of now (not only me)
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: Havent recieved any of the essence orb missions?
majikku2 (EUW)
: Where are my missions? No missions yet!
So i wasn't the only one with this problem, I'm lvl 28 right now and still haven't gotten the missions. Rito {{item:3070}}
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