Cusax (EUW)
: Making Ranked Team!!!
IGN: DODOUM Age: 16 Country: UK Rank last season: Gold 3 Role:Jungle/ adc Available times:mainly weekends but can do some weekdays Experience(other ranked teams/soloQ):a few 5v5 teams which did placements and gold silver-gold and a 3v3 team silver 1 Champion pool/playstyle:Jungle: mostly anything to fit the team comp, adc: Vayne, cait, trist and sivir Why do you want to join:cause i want a team to do stuff with which wont get disbanded right after placements Biggest weakness and strength: Weakness: i sometimes go way too ham Strength: i know my champion limits so i know if i can get a kill by going ham but as i said i go too ham sometimes but also i like to communicate
: Making ranked team 16+
ill play support for you, gold 3
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ThePattie (EUW)
: LF sup and jungler
well i'll play either role since i enjoy those ;) not near your mmr since im gold 3 but i'll happily listen to criticism to improve in teams to get near your mmr i hope ;D Well i add you and you can test me if you want
nickfive (EUW)
: Team of 4 looking for high silver jungler
i will play but im gold 3 so i dunno if thats a problem
: Looking for a jungler
well if you find no one else, ill jungle but im only gold ;(
: Making a 5v5 ranked team
Hey man saw your post, I play jungle and im gold 4
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: Searching for Players from any League for a Ranked Team! Write!
Hi i play jungle IGN: DODOUM However i was wondering if we could use ts3 instead?
The BriBo (EUW)
: Serious Team looking for Jungler! Read about it!
he puts plat + in the requirements you know ;D
: GOLD3+ Climb to PLAT
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s0ulmat3 (EUW)
: lf top lane euw
next time put your rank, timezone, what champs you play, languages etc you might get a better response because this is very unspecific
zidic (EUW)
: Recruiting ALL GOLD team for weekly bronze-gold tournaments 1600RP prizes
Gold 5 Jungler GMT +0 Lee Sin, J4, Udyr IGN: DODOUM
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: Looking for Gold players
Grunkle (EUW)
: Team Hunted - Recruiting!
Gold 5 Jungler Lee sin is my main man ;){{champion:64}} But i can play tanky like mumu etc Add me ;D
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: Searching Jungler / Mid Laner for Ranked Team
ill join, i main jungle and gold 5 ;)
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fartstorm (EUNE)
: Cyanide on analyst desk
S0ulSw0rd (EUW)
: Ranked decay in 3v3 Team
if you go on the ranked FAQ, it should have the answer for decay and it varies whether its solo or team, just check there and the answer will be yours ;)
Rich (EUW)
: I'm feeling generous. Free skin?
I congrats you, for being one of the only nice people in league, have fun splashing cash at the community and shower us with 2 free skins you bring{{item:3093}}


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