Riddarn (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DOOSH,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=u98EqUWb,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-02-22T00:01:54.422+0000) > > Just a shame i was born human then not a robot. The "I'm only human"-excuse doesn't really work here since it still takes a huge amount of toxicity to even reach a 14 day ban in the first place.
Cypherous (EUW)
: I never said you called out for others to report people, i said that you called out about reporting someone > vayne reported
sorry its what i read it as sorry.
Riddarn (EUNE)
: Yup. After the 14 day ban, as long as you're still in the "permabanned tier", a single bad comment in one game is all it takes.
Just a shame i was born human then not a robot.
: Does someone who robbed a bank not get arrested because of all the thousands of banks he didn't rob or because he helps old people across the street? I'm afraid being positive in a few games doesn't serve as compensation for misbehaving in other games. > one bad game.. It's not just one game, it's one game after several other games you already got warned/punished for. You were told that one more violation would result in a permaban and that's exactly what happened. But it's not all lost. You are still allowed to create a new account. Just make sure you don't make the same mistake again. As a general guideline: If you have nothing good/nice to say, say nothing at all. If you do this, this will be you last ban ever. It's in your hands. edit: Another guideline that works surprisingly well imo: What would Braum write in chat if he were a player?
When are we told one more violation results ina permaban? If i could find ther chat logs of how i got instantly put on a two wek abn id share them here, but i cant find the email. It's practically the same stuff. Im not making ia new account. ive put probably close to 1000 in to League and im way to upset to let this happen again.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Which is of no consequence, riot don't care about what you do when you're not breaking the rules, the minute you do break the rules you get punished, there were several instances of negativity in that chat log along with you calling out about reporting someone your 14 day punishment was your final warning to reform, having 1 lapse in judgement is enough to get you looked at for another punishment and regardless of the severity of the final act its enough to earn you a perma due to you not reforming previously
I didnt call out for anyone to report anybody. Do you not agree with the fact that this is incredibly harsh given some of the stuff that is said that causes a permaban? I'm not after your sympathy. But please dont speak down one me either. We are all only human and Riot seems to forget about this.
Riddarn (EUNE)
: It's not about whether the chat itself is worth a permaban or not. It's the fact that you still had a negative attitude even after your 14 day ban, which was your very last chance. The permaban is for all of your accumulated previous offenses without showing any signs of improvement despite all your previous punishments. The chatlog shown is just the one that happened to trigger the permaban.
What the chatlogs dont show you is since the two week ban i found some random guys who i skyped with and had a great time without any negativity. They're offline this weekend and i play a couple games - one bad game..
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: "She" Heard "His" students? Uhmmm? Are you a pansexual by any chance?
raishinari (EUNE)
: Yasuo's Late
Let's not forget yasuo's whole combo and kit is based around minions. A good yasuo knows when to e to engage without taking anything back AND minimum damage from the wave. An early camp, any real cc, or even a yasuo that just E's everything (not much experience) really damages him.
Rayz01 (EUW)
: I didn't want to believe this but
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: Evolution of a Dragon Champion
Dragonslayer Aurelion Sol.
: This is completely off-topic of LoL, but I need help
If you don't ask her out you might live to regret it. What's the worst that could happen? Say she said no.. life goes on! Onto the next one! I didn't ask my current girlfriend out, but 4 years later I got the balls (and beer) and thought "What have I got to lose" and another 4 years later we're somehow still goin'! Good luck man.
: I changed my summoner Icon and suddenly I win again. Whats your virtual talisman/ritual/luck-charm?
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: The problem is: since all mmr's got reset and now the system can't make a distinction between a bronze, a silver or a gold player. You should have waited at least a few weeks before playing rankeds...
You don't seem to be getting it. So I'll quote myself for you, highlighting the key area: Does the system actually see who was a plat etc. **LAST SEASON** and adjust Matchmaking accordingly for teams of bronzes or is it setting them up for defeat so everyone crying about their placement can rank up faster and stop filling the boards?
: Everyone got placed about 1 or 2 tiers below last season. Think like this: it could be worse. Challenger, Master and Diamond players are all brutally fighting in Platinum as we speak... The highest you could get this season was plat... Just Rito things... At least now people will have to earn the ranks, unlike last seasons...
I don't need an explanation on how the placements worked. I asked a completely different question. Can you get off of your self righteous horse and come back with an answer to my question? If not, why even bother answering other than to inflate your ego?
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candoodle (EUW)
: yeah im sure most people know that they will get back to where they were it's the **TIME** it takes to get to where you left off last season that seems unfair a slight drop is fine, but some of the accounts so far here on boards seem absolutely absurd dropping 7 divisions after going 9-1? I dont want to have to grind through 7+ divisions before i see if i *actually* made any improvement especially if i win 6 or more of my provisionals oh new season champions league, better have messi start in 2nd division and work his way up for a few months (not that im comparing myself to messi, my brain is just to slow to think of a more apt comparison right now)
I know exactly what you mean, and I do agree. I was using football in my own head as the comparison, but a League rather than a competition is probably a better fit. Every team starts at the same level, and over the course of a season must prove their worth to finish in the highest rank possible. Better teams start with better players, more revenue, bigger fan base etc. and as a result have a higher chance of climbing to the top of their League, very similar to Plat / Diamond players. I think this applies very similarly to League. We also need to remember with each patch some players play better AND worse, so it would be unfair to give someone a huge advantage when really the skill-gap might be very small. The only major issue here is the massive drop ie: Plat / Diamond, to Low Silver. Although i still agree with what I originally posted, I also believe that those higher ranking players shouldn't have had such an initial hit. Thing is people must remember that their MMR will see them climb faster than most and also the fact that hardly anyone in the grand scheme of Ranked is placed at the moment, so their getting placed based on that current pool of players.
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: How lucky are you with mystery skins/champions?
Very! In the same night I got Gentleman ChoGath and Battlecast Skarner (which I was going to buy anyway). I've had ice toboggan corki and quite a lot of legacy ones but every time there's a mystery sale my wallet gets a bashing.
: Support Champions.. Should it be improved?
"Least played role"? Sorry, but when do you start games 4 v 5?
: Illaoi Ult bug?
Maybe you don't realise that it's very short ranged and you're using it wrong? Bugs rarely replicate game after game for just one person...
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ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Wow poppy winrate is so low.
I just played my first game with poppy and went 10-1-4 so I'm gonna keep on testing :P Edit: I've read some of the comments and personally don't find her hard to play at all. The only issue i found is with her passive / chasing.
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui9egS_0PQ8
I literally laughed out loud at the Graves part. {{champion:17}}
Thrałł (EUW)
: Best Corki Skin ?
What about Ice Toboggan?{{item:3070}}
: What champs do you love the most?
Lee sin!! Early game damage tank and with so much mobility especially with this bad boy {{item:1408}} Most fun ever.
: A question from a learner Jungler
Thanks for the feedback all! I seem to agree with a lot of you, a few early kills and then try to gift my laners on Lee Sin. I also agree with the fact that even after the latest patch he still falls off after the 30 minute mark (which you can tell from my recent game histroy above^). I know a lot of people dislike Lee Sin especially at Lower Ranks, and even more don't know how to capitalise on an Insec, but right now I'm having so much fun playing him now that I understand the combos and mechanics I'm gonna stick with him (and that's what gaming's about right - fun :D)? I've noticed that I also perform better when I have done what some of you recommend which is just play my own game and not dwell too much on what anyone else is saying. Personally as a jungler, I dislike most of the late game champs because I feel pretty irrelevant for the majority of the match especially in the latest patch. My top 5 for pure fun in order are: Lee Sin, Zac, Reksai, Vi & Elise - all of which I have too many skins for >.< What's everyone elses? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Hey DOOSH! Ranked rewards are currently being distributed and should arrive between now and 17th November, do don't panic ;) [This FAQ](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/9J3EyJGN-the-end-of-the-2015-season-faq) can shine even more light on any possible question you might have :)
Thanks for the speedy reply broski!
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Akoh (EUNE)
: Kata hard?
Teambuilder = yes Draft = no Why? Because chances are if you're playing teambuilder you're playing for simpole fun or to try a new champ, and might not have any abilities to disrupt Kata's ridiculous ult / combo. In Draft, you know you're up against a kata player and can counter effectively. Then again, the vast majority of people are in Bronze / Silver and a 'decent' Katarina can usually clean up a team with a few items.
: Yes. Its smart to go under the notion of "Its not over until the nexus is destroyed." Personally though, I prefer the notion of "Its not over until one team is flaming eachother." -- Usually when one team is to busy arguing over who messed up, the game is over. Players who try-hard and play from behind and know that a game can spin back in their favor - After all, this is soloque, throws happen so often its ridiculous - These people will win more games. If you've ever had a game where you were ahead through most of the game - but then lost due to a few mistakes suddenly. It can happen from the other side.
What's crazy is how some of us weren't getting along. I even muted the Veigar, purely to enjoy the game even if we were to lose rather than argue. By the end of it (when we were winning) everyone seemed really happy with each other! But yeah, as you said, at 45mins whether your behind or ahead, anything can happen.
: Downvoted. I can just as easily link 10 games where we practically lost at 10 minutes and 2 selfish a-holes refused to surrender and forced 3 others to sit in a 50 minute match sitting in the fountain getting killed again and again.
What the report doesn't show you is how the Top, Jungler, and myself were trying to surrender literally every 3 minutes - bott lane were not having it. We made a ridiculous comeback if you look at the kills/deaths and at the end none of us felt like our time was wasted. (I even had to mute the veigar, but at the post match game it was all good). If this has happened to you so many times, maybe you're doing something wrong?
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Light Show (EUNE)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sb3JEcKvrg0
I didnt say that junglers can't have bad games or just not be very good - im raising the point that junglers more than any lane get a lot of hate even when something isn't their fault. Like i said, it will stop people from playing the role. Do you go scouiring for these posts to insta-link those vids without a constructive reply?
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: Skin Concept | Breakdance Lee Sin
Any ideas on abilities? Pretty sure he couldn't throw and jump to a flying boom box! EDIT: maybe a microphone on a cable...
Káki (EUW)
: chat restriction and ranked ban restriction
As far as I am aware I thought the restriction only lifted was chat bans. Can someone link where they saw that ranked restrictions were lifted? Intrigued.
Klaaku (EUNE)
: Banned despite the passage of 14 days
You would have received a 14 day ban from the exact minute you were banned. If you were banned at 11:30 you'll have to wait until 11:31 in 14 days time.
: HUGE ping spikes in EUW since 5.16
Exactly the same for me bro. Ridiculous ping spikes even if a blank webpage is open whereas before I could do practically anything else mid game on 2nd monitor, including stream 4K. I'm on fibre optic also on EUW and this has only happened very recently. Mine does seem to level out after an hour or so though.
duckfool (EUNE)
: Ravenborn Leblanc
It was in a bundle a short while back when i picked it up. Unfortunately your gonna have to wait or try your luck with Mystery Skins when they're next available.
: How do I Azir?
Learn to Shurima Shuffle (Youtube it) - awesome fight starter and if your soldiers are placed correctly if it lands they can do nothing but flash.
Tiger55MD (EUW)
: Mid Champiooon help
You want outplays? {{champion:157}} and stick with him.
Daveth96 (EUNE)
: Garen's laning was always weaker than any other lane bully' laning, cuz his spin didnt do any dmg until like lvl 5. Now he is even weaker with the nerfs to q, w, and the tck and base dmg and scaling nerfs on his spin. So if u lose vs Garen u are just bad. (I like playing Garen yes, but i never lost lane against him yet, not before nor after the update) Garen has fcking obvious counterplay, and he is no longer a lane bully as he was. His power was shifted to his late game. Downvote me pls.
I'd rather an attempt of a constructive reply rather than "if you lose your just bad". I said that melee only champions have practically no way to compete due to Garens updated kit. The counter play is more than obvious with ranged or movement abilities but that's not what i was talking about. It is a rinse and repeat cycle whether you are playing as a Garen of against which makes the game stale.
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