: Aram nerfs maybe?
I think they should put a dampener on shields. Heals are 50% less effective on allies but shields are completely unaffected. Also, Riot put 10 magic resist on all melee champs in ARAM. This could easily be increased, 10 is not very much... and has no effect on Varus for example, like you mentioned. Maybe just a small damage reduction like "Melee champions take 10% less damage". This could help when you're getting bombarded by skillshots 24/7, be it physical or magical damage.
Boxolo (EUNE)
: Lee Sin Q ----> OP
It's hard to get popular champs like Lee Sin nerfed. Riot know what's popular, and they give those champs more skins and are much more benevolent when it comes to balancing. What I'm saying is that it's basically a waste of time to try and call out for nerfs. Riot won't budge. Still, I applaud you for trying and I hope you or someone else can influence Riot someday.
: Ascension is overused and become dull
I want Hexakill. I love it. So many people, so many kills. And the games are usually pretty short, which is a plus.
: About thornmail
I wish they could add a Ruby Crystal to it or something. It's a cheap item much like Rylai's.
: Honor players that did well in a game.
What's the point? There's nothing to gain. All you do is gratify some stranger's ego.
: When you finally got your main to master 7
Whoa, a repository of ancient memes... this is the find of the century!
: Yes thank you for mentioning it again.
How can he be higher skill cap now? That doesn't make any sense. Nothing about Fizz changed, therefore the skill cap is exactly the same as release.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DR NEEDLEDlCK,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rrpe6Mjq,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-08-01T21:39:56.497+0000) > > His ult does have a long cooldown though, I think you missed that. 160 seconds, dude. 140 at level 3. Compare its cooldown to Ezreal's ult coupled with his cooldown reducing Q. > > Also, "global" means "infinite range", this does not apply to Noc or Panth. his ult has a long cooldown but its practicaly 20% less since his basic items is trinity force,regarding nocturne,though he can only jump in a target relatively close to him his ult restricts the vision of everyone,regarding pantheon youre right,thats why i had him in""
It's cool, just wanted to point that out. Not bashing on you :P
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: My Thoughts on GP.
His ult does have a long cooldown though, I think you missed that. 160 seconds, dude. 140 at level 3. Compare its cooldown to Ezreal's ult coupled with his cooldown reducing Q. Also, "global" means "infinite range", this does not apply to Noc or Panth.
: What have you done to Malzahar? Come on.
I really miss the old Q. It dealt great damage, silenced for longer but in turn had longer cooldown. It was more impactful. That's the keyword here, I feel. The rework made everything less impactful. Lower damage, lower cooldowns, lower mana costs. A big spam fest of weak abilities. The old W was extremely good for zoning. Like you said, he has terrible zoning now. The old E was straight up better. They could've just changed the mana restore to be percentual instead of static and that could be the "rework". I am no big shot ranked guy, but I remember the old ratios on most abilities were a lot higher. There was nothing better than to ult some asshole assassin like Talon as soon as he becomes visible. This goes for Zed too, when he uses his ult.
Infernape (EUW)
: I just got an S rank from a comeback game. It felt so good.
I know that feel. Those close, even games are the best. Too bad they are somewhat rare.
: Was the reason we won the game but only got B+ :_(
When you get an S, you are most likely stomping the enemy team. And I dunno about you, but those kind of victories feel a little hollow.
: Well, thing is that Thornmail is only used by heavy armor stacking characters that still have problems against autoattackers. Autoattackers counter thornmail with lifesteal, MR and armor penetration. Which leaves the tank with no further option to counter their counter. Autoattacker wins. Always.
Yeah, they do. And I'm sick of it!
Perilum (EUW)
: If Thornmail gets that buff, it will cost 3000 Gold minimum. Thornmail has the great benefit, that it's a hard counter item with low costs against teams with two ADCs. It has his major purpose and is good as it is.
If you wanna pretend everything's fine, go ahead.
Avenger28 (EUNE)
: aatrox needs a buff
Any buff would be good. His Q is decent but if you engage with it, you cannot escape. W is strong. E is pretty terrible. Why does it have such a short range and still have this weird trajectory? It would make sense to have it deal more damage at its end point but this isn't the case. There is literally no point to this gimmick. I feel the ult is fine. > [{quoted}](name=RocketRo11,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZPi0uVyV,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-07-19T10:15:33.140+0000) > > Just give him 609 HP(_ +85HP per level_) that's it. No else rework needen. This is a good idea, Aatrox is very flimsy health-wise.
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