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Hansiman (EUNE)
: It's a legacy skin that tends to only be available during the Winter Revel event (around christmas). I believe it's worth 520rp.
Ah, aight. Thanks for the fast reply :)
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DXball (EUW)
: What makes you mad?
Thanks all of you! This have helped me in so many games to understand why people have gotten tilted and helped me stop them :D
: Ppl saying ez in general are annoying and pathetic beyond words. But ppl saying GG EZ git rekt after u stomped them early game until ur jungler went afk for the rest of the game at 20 min... THOSE PPL are the very spawn of hell itself. And by the elo gods i hope someday they are cast back into the fiery chasm from whence they came to rot there for all eternity. Also, have a nice evening everyone :)
Thank you for your time and answer! You have a nice evening too! :D
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: "Advanced Bots" a? Riot you...
Wait... This was a joke? AHH COME ON!
: more advance then normal bot ithink , i think they have the same ai as dooms day bot just not the item
Yea they are i mean they are still good at the start but they will get better and better for everygame thats played
This happened to me too lol i was like, Wait Wait Wait... Are these guys names (*Champions name* Bot) or is this really happening? lol a link to a picture of it, [Here it is](
: advanced bot
In the start they might not be that advanced but they learn based on how others play


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