: First of all I want to encourage you to be constructive. Your question is pretty interesting, but you kind of destroy it by exaggerating. Other companies don't create whole games in a few months and Riot does way more than just create 3 abilities in the time it takes other companies to create games/game elements. You also shouldn't overestimate how much money Riot actually makes. They might have the biggest game in the world, but they are not really focused on earning money. This is even getting so far that other publishers blame Riot for not trying hard enough to actually earn money. Their annual income of roughly 1,5 billion dollars is pretty low if you consider the size and immense costs of the game and all the other stuff Riot does beyond the game itself (investing in esport, researching, Riot Direct etc.). At the end of the day they don't really make that much money. Anyway, back to the actual topic: The main reason why Riot is pretty slow with lots of things is because they struggle with management. Riot is still a pretty young company and they were forced to grow incredibly fast...way too fast for management to keep up. This is something that often happens to young, succesful companies. In addition they have a unique challenge: There has never been a game as big as LoL. There simply isn't a single person on this planet who actually has experience with the challenges LoL is facing due to it's size. Whenever Riot runs into a problem that is related to the size of their community it's litererally the first time this ever happened because there simply has never been a game that was even close to being that big. Don't get me wrong, I am the first person to dislike Riot for being so slow. As a volunteer I sometimes work with Riot and trust me, I fucking hate that they takes ages for everything. But there are reasons for that and these reasons are definitely not laziness or unwillingness.
I am being constructive, I'm just not being polite about it.
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: lol "normals are about trying your hardest, not having fun"... oooooohkay then. my bad i thought videogames were about having fun. if its just about seeing who is the tryhardest metasheep i may as well just stay at work. while people are beholden to each other to not do anything to ruin the game, at the same time its not ranked m8. if i wanna try alternate tactics to win instead of just picking brainless meta that cannot lose lane then ball up for teamfights, thats my decision and im allowed to do that. also WTF is with people not knowing what "tryharding" means. i see threads all the time that say "omg stop saying tryharding im playing to win theres no such thing". Tryharding isn't just "playing to win". its trying WAY too hard to the win, to the point where the game is no longer an entertaining challenge, its just one group of people being forced to interact with another group of really unpleasent tryhards that dont see that games are for enjoyment, and you dont gain anything from winning a normal if you dont have fun doing it. splitpushing when your enemy DCs because rito servers OP and they cant defend with less people is tryharding. trying to mock people in chat to tilt them is tryharding. people who only play meta champs, not because they enjoy them, but because they will do ANYTHING for a slight advantage, even if it takes the fun out of the game. the kind of team that (in normals) will use 3rd party websites to research the lowest ranked enemy, to camp them and try to tilt them. this is against the spirit of the game. if you enjoy a meta champ, play that sure. if you use teamwork to gank bad players, great job! by all means use the tools the game gives you to do your best and have fun. but underhanded tactics that sacrifice the fun of the game in the hope of cheesing a win you otherwise wouldnt be able to earn is disgraceful. it cheapens the experience of everyone involved.
"normals are about trying your hardest, not having fun" OP didn't say that? Pulled out your ass?
Mupi (EUNE)
: Ranked games matchmaking unbalanced
I always get that, high mmr because I'm a fucking boss lol (or was) Kinda playing shitty after I came back after a few months break.
Biah (EUW)
: Agreed. This champ is so stupid. You (riot) are ruinning the game. What the hell is happening? What do you want? Make all champs be gods?! I really hope someone from riot reads this . WORK ON THE CHAMPS THAT NEED TO BE WORKED ON!! Mordekeiser is a joke on bot lane, he just does whatever he wants to do. I was, already, unnhappy with the game (no tribunal made the community become shit, champions getting reworked and becoming stupid) and now... even more. This is just stupid.. for real. {{champion:82}} -- this little shithead should get some serious nerf.
Yeah, nerf the guy that was like dead for 4 years before hand and lets all go back to meta where everyone plays same champs.
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: Mordekaiser's W targeting mechanic
Nice if his W just healed him a chunk of health and give him movespeed for a few secs, its garbage atm imo.
: Is Fizz unfair
: Vlad healing for 3k hp?
Well if you can lose full hp in 0.5-2 seconds in this game so =/
Koracks (EUNE)
: Strongest 6300 Champion?
: A juggernaut is beefy (check on both accounts due to shields and heals), kitable (both are easy to kite), and do damage at close range (both do a lot of CQC damage, morde is actually more reliable in that regard). So both are juggernauts, they are different takes on juggernauts but juggernauts none the less. > has a movement speed ability Hate to break it to you but... darius doesn't have a movement speed ability, the one on his passive was removed with his update... and in fact morde does have a movement speed ability as moving towards his W target increases his movement speed. So your kinda wrong there. > a heal And morde has a shield... exact same thing but heals are easier to counter. > a CC A short ranged pull is hardly worthy of cc, and it's not so much juggernauts not having cc, it's juggernauts being kitable which cc tends to prevent but this doesn't do much to help with that. And I've already told you in a different thread that morde's shield gives him more tankyness than darius will ever have, and is much more reliable.
lol k... Guess thats why Darius is lasting for days in team fights and morde gets insta killed lol. Get outta here, it needs to happen, that simple, can't be fucked writing an essay. Morde's max dmg Q can fill like 25% of his shield which is like 250 shield with a full hp build and it's slow, clunky, needs an auto attack, ect ect, same with E. Darius's Q can heal him like a 1000 HP at low hp, its aoe, super dmging, ranged, just leave me will you and stop trying to shut down my idea's, if this got 10,000 upvotes riot probably still wouldn't do it because of their stubborn attitude, so gonna just leave? Don't need this negativity.
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: It isn't good to make him a Jugg, because once you make him a jugg (by jugg I mean tank) he'll get to OP. Taking your freaking soul then controlling it around AND ATTACKING EVERYONE/EVERYTHING! It's like Darius fusing with Tryndamere but worse.
HE *IS* A JUGGERNAUT LOL. Thats his bloody champion archetype! he was in the main juggernaut patch AGES AGO, I'm just saying they've not done it right lol! God the ignorance I have to contend with to get done what needs to be done.
: Thing is... both sion and shen are in the same position and they are doing fine... And it is to do with his shield but not the way your thinking about it... his shield scales with % max health not % bonus health... this means that the base is taken into account. Stronger base means stronger shield which isn't the goal here (a trade off for building damage vs tankyness is a weaker shield... this kinda would negate that as the shield would be inherently stronger). Not to mention it's far from making him on par with the other's, it's essentially and infinite heal so long as he is hitting things, if you bust through the shield he is weaker but in terms of effective health he rivals a mundo with his ult on as he gets 'healed' constantly. Yeah morde needs help but honestly... it'd take more than base health changes to give him the shove he needs. > if you wanna make his speed and AD and health regen and everything less than basically everyones then fine AD??? He has the highest base AD at 18 in the game.
Shens not a juggernaut, he's a tank, hes got movement abilities and hefty cc, aswell a worldwide teleport, no health costs, reliable ranges skills, about literally 25 higher base speed than morde. Morde is a Juggernaut, he should be far more tanky than shen because hes no engaging tank/taunt abilities, but hes no where near shens tankiness and pitifully far below Sions Tankiness.
: Yse please. He's so obscenely reliant on getting hyper fed to do anything. Increasing his base values would be great.
And even then people can just walk away from you.
: Please dont break my Mordekaiser q.q I just got him back to normal can we not make him op again >.< i actually enjoy playing him and get results with him even if he "sucks" https://gyazo.com/3829bf0263f56dda80210f6f117c6943 If you feel his hp is too low just use scaling hp yellows like i do and then get an armguard first item for the missing armor. trust me Its the most optimal rune page setup for him imo
Yeah then I can get him to 1800, still less than some ADC, and Mages, you aren't getting the point. my scaling hp yellows should make him a better juggernaut, not help him to be a juggernaut.....
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D4ltaOne (EUW)
: everything changes. and if you cant get over it, the problem is at you.
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ViciouSnake (EUNE)
: Lies. He has damage and has very good sustain. Also you honestly belive they would give him that incredible sustain, cc while making him have dmg of average ap caster like syndra or lux? Get real mate. Every champ has strenghts and weaknesses, you pick champion with sustain and self heal, which is very uncommon but you deal less damage. Its damned obvious.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
*sigh* Abandon hope all ye who enter. Talking to me like an idiot when I've played him for years and you probably haven't heard of him until a few days ago. His Q is the bulk of his damage not only is its radius too small, but it now has a travel time like it didn't before, and before his Raven was attached to where he shot it and showed no circle, so if someone dueld you they'd constantly remain in it's radius. Now even if you hit someone with ur W and immediately cast it, due to its travel time you will only hit someone for one TIck of the Q, even if they just run out of it, no dash or anything necessary. This has been stated by Challenger/Master players in their streams of him, literally saying "His new ult healing is great but his new Q damage is the worst league skill I've ever cast, ok for farming but otherwise worthless, I want old swain back" It needs fixed, heavily.
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: > How about taking away the passive armor, That would most likely require you giving her a completely new passive as the majority of it is the extra armour in Dragon form.
Then just let her passive be null and completely buff the dragon form, giving it an excuse to be really powerful because it takes up two abilities.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Well, she already gains heaps of defensive stats, her abilities get considerably stronger (especially vs multiple targets) and she gets one very long range dash with a small knockback. I play Shyvana top quite a lot (old school I know) and don't think her dragon form needs a buff - bear in mind it has a ridiculously short cooldown because you can stack fury quite fast.
10 mr/armor "HEAPS of defensive stats" Her garbage abilities become aoe and her W, her only real good ability doesn't change at all, no ones going to run into her trail as shes mostly chasing others anyhow. E epic aoe tickle damage! Shes meant be a DRAGON, in nigh all mythology, games, books these are the the ultimate big boss/enemy/source of wisdom type, all powerful beings of extreme physical and magical power. She turns into a dragon and gets 10 armour/mr and her Q becomes aoe which is the only kinda good thing, thats it.
kilnda (EUNE)
: Build him {{item:3153}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3026}}, win.
Yeah, only need 3 of the most expensive items in the game first before you build any tankiness whatsoever on one of the, if not THEE most squishy champ....genius. He needs fixes, its that simple.
: I've watched a stonewall008 video about him and he says that when he was released splitpushing was the most effective tactic and he was kinda made for this. Just splitpush like e monster and 1v1 anyone who comes. But since this tactic is not as effective he falls off.
Plenty of people can 1v1 him, infact tbh its almost everybody, play him top for about 100 games, every champ you fight will feel stronger than you and burst you to 50% before you can even land an auto attack.
: > Passive - Either a large range 1.5 second fear 0.1 seconds before he revives or a 1.5 second invulnerability/cc immunity after his revive to let him either make a bit of a run away or fight back just a little. > This passive is simply too easy to be useless, he also NEEDS THIS please implement it as soon as possible Anivia and zac have the same passive type and they both can be killed during their resurrection time, while aatrox remains untargetable. It would make no sense for aatrox to get any kind of buff here.
The difference is they are also actually good champions on their own, a strong type of stat, and high ranged abilities.
: Aatrox Bug?
Sry, this was a mistake by me btw, it does heal triple, but the tooltip is wrong, as it says it heals 200% more but also uses the word "double" instead of triple.
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Personater (EUNE)
: How viable is Aatrox as of now?
Worthless, never ever get him until they fix him, don't give riot your money or they'll never fix him.
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: Aatrox has a winrate above 50% on all elos/leagues. He might have situations where he has a hard time, but generally this champ is definetely not useless. Especially his Q always provides very valuable low-CD hard-CC to your team, no matter how bad your laning phase is. Aatrox is not amongst the strongest champs right now, but he definetely isn't useless. > and the skins, he need some new skins.. His mecha skin wasn't released too long ago.
his play rate is like 1.8% Sounds like luck to me.
: Bronze struggles
Teemo is amazing, hes just for scum.
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Voidner (EUNE)
: Aatrox buff suggestion :3
personally when he ressed id just want 1 sec of dmg/cc immunity, don't wanna push away victims.
: And then we wait for the pros to pick him up in this patch and still rekk everyones day. And the hordes shall be silent again. Like always.
Except the won't and dont, and infact there was a recent game were the pros went kass and that individual got rekt.
: yeah they gutted him. all he would have needed was a rework. he shouldnt just win against any mage because he is kass and at the same times he shouldnt lose against everything else just cause he is kass. the magic dmg shield on q was a bad idea, q should be a skillshot, he should have more dmg and less tankyness, and his main source of burst should be his w and q, his ult cost should not stack exponentially and he should be rewarded for actually hitting ppl with his ult, staying in combat and commiting to fights . instead of just mindlessly nerfing him to the ground they should have taken the effort to look into his kit and transform him from a bad anti mage copy into a unique riftwalking assassin that can hold his own against others while actually providing real counterplay.
No the magic damage shield on his Q was a *GOOD* idea, its everything else that was fucking retarded.
: but he's fixed now he no longer blows up people in lane at lvl 2 now
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: In soviet Russia, Wards like you!
In Bandle City news tonight a Fugitive ward is fleeing arrest after raping a young yordle boy named Teemo. In other news wards have been assisting in the arrest of known outlaw jinx by humping her legs as she flee's the scene of her crimes.
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