: you are being really negative towards your teammates. also saying things like "you dont even try" "pls surr at 20" "i thought you trolled because you die so much" that is flame/negative attitude. telling someone that they go the "wrong" build is also not the nicest way. you could say that in a more mature manner instead of "you are building tank fizz wrong"(sorry for not quoting the exact thing but that would make me tab down and making me redo this comment so i just went with what was said in my own words, so sorry for the qouteation marks)
. I was asking or are u trying ? And saying ff at 20 when the game is 1-25 is pretty obvious its gonna happen. He was saying that he isnt even trying. And i didnt say that he is building wrong he asked an opinion and i answered.
: they will be punished soon enough if they keep on flaming and having a negative behaviour. Riot got rid off one negative player atleast. a step in the right direction atleast!
So u think i deserved this ban ?!??! Can u pls tell me EXACTLY how and why is that ? My teammaets were calling me idiots, dumbasses etc and u can clearly see that i didnt flame at them at all
Dafrion (EUW)
: Teammates hard flamed all game. And im being punished. PLS LOOK THIS RIOT
Also ive just about a week ago started to unlock free chestst again and now im being permanently banned INSTANTLY when teammates flame at me or wtf ?!?!?!
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