: Crit damage adds more damage when you crit. You don't have crit chance at the start, so you don't feel any difference. BTW, having full crit damage/chance is not good to have.
so to have more damage i need a crit chance build ? right ?
: The critical damage formula is 110 (base damage) + (Critical chance)*(critical damage). Infinity edge increases 200% criticals into 250% criticals. Gives 50% extra critical damage. The factor is 1.5 in this case. With runes, you can go as far as 33% critical damage if i am correct. This gives 1.33 factor. For example, if you run full crit damage runes, before you get any crit, you will get no benefit from them. After you get say, IE, PD and a Youmuu's, you will deal 110+(20+35+15)*(1.83)=238.1% critical damage. The critical damage runes are NOT worth it in my opinion. For the first 20 minutes of the game, you get severely weaker than with flat AD, armor pene or even critical chance runes. After you get your second critical chance item, they become as strong as critical chance runes, after third and more, they become stronger.
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