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: Like one man can be responsible for the whole balance of the game. Seems about right.
He is the head of the balance team tho (someone correct me if i am wrong.) he can have a pretty huge impact on balance.
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: no actualy i prefer wall of texts as long as you aren't repeating yourself which you didn't... i think, uhm first of all thank you! soooo her ganks are simliar to shyvanas with the difference that you actualy have a cc but don't quite have the damage? somehow i feel like people treat sejuani as if she was a squishy despite her beeing a tank, does she lack scalings or something? i really wanna know why people dislike her so much
its because of riot repeatedly nerfing her damage in start of season 5. around end of season 4, riot buffed her w damage from %10 to %12 because they "wanted her to be a damage threat instead of being there to soak up damage after engage" . tho after cinderhulk came her damage was insane and riot nerfed seju's ult first , then her w damage to %6 , then nerfed cinderhulk A LOT of times. this left her as a cc machine rather than a "damage threat" sadly . this is why so much people dislike her i guess.
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: How to Sejuani?
For build : {{item:1409}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3143}} is an example full build. jungle item is always cinderhulk , trackers knife is what you want to buy %90 of your games. But if you are having trouble cathcing up to people while ganking (which is not likely) {{item:3706}} is better. For boots swiftness has always been good on her because it synergises really well with her passive , but depending on the enemy team merc treads or ninja tabi is also good . And the follow up build is usual tank items. But even tho righteous glory is in a bad spot right now, it makes your engage sooo much better so you may want to consider buying it most games. (i find myself buying it even when we are losing, because it makes catching ppl and re-engaging after a disengage so good.) For other tank items Seju actually benefits from cdr a lot - %40 cdr makes her e cd 4 secs which is almost perma slow- so you will find frozen heart really helpful. All these items depend on the game a lot and your playstyle so i recommend trying them all out and pick the one that you liked most. Keystones: Strength of the ages most of the time . Grasp of the undying is really good on her too but since you will be farming jungle a lot of time strength of the ages is better. Bond of the stone also works, but you wont be making good use of it so not recommended. On how to actually play her : I am sure you can find a lot of better Seju players , but from my experience engaging the fight then peeling for your carries seems to be best. You can dive the backline too, but since the nerfs you cant deal much damage and this wont work unless you are really ahead ( it may not even work even when you are ahead). In the early game , you will change your playstyle a lot depending on the game . Seju's ganks can be really good if the enemy overextends or your laner also has a lot of cc, but her ganks can fail miserably if your laner doesnt have much to offer to the gank . So try to flank enemy laner from behind to make her ganks work. Also in some games you will not be able to gank the lanes, so in these games try to counter-gank and start fights with your ult around objectives (dragon , herald , towers , etc.) Sorry for the wall of text :( , but if you have any further questions leave a comment and i will try to reply. Also as i said , a lot of it actually comes down to experience and personal preference. So i recommend playing her a lot and finding your own build , masteries , etc.
: It's the movement speed you want to remove but movement speed on runic echoes is what makes the AP junglers stronger, faster ganks, getting to location it helps a lot and ect.
yeah but the thing is, it pushes some ap junglers to the top while not helping those who cant use movespeed. elise-gragas-eve use this movespeed so good that this item needs to be balanced around those. imo removing movespeed helps balancing both champions and the item , also its healtier for the game.
: Buffs make viable him not broken.You learn this diversity.Some buffs don't make op or broken him.Make only viable.
stop this pls. azir is very viable right now and any buffs would make him top dog of the mid lane. play another 900 games and this time try to learn him pls.
: I vote for "rework it". I play some twitch, and His passive is kinda "weak", it is strong if you get the 5 aa on the enemy, but outside of that it doesnt really change the fight in your favour. In my opinion, if they increase the passive damage it would be "too OP" just like a Teemo E but true damage. I think a re-work would do the thing for your little buddy. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Twicth's passive isn't there to change the fight. its main use is help twitch with trades in the early game, since twitch isn't really good at laning phase (at least until 6). his current passive does its job pretty good imo so it doesnt need a rework or a buff.
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: It seems Riot just keep nerfing and buffing themselves into a corner, and sometimes they get too far pushed into that corner they explode into a gory mess of reworks that seem unfair to play against. I also love your post and hope someone from Riot reads its. Probably not but its nice to imagine :D
thats a pretty good summary of my post :) i also hope they read it but even if they do i dont think they wont care about it much. still a man can dream, right? :D
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: --------**DISCLAIMER**--------- _THIS IS MOSTLY COMPARATIVE RANTING, AND IS VERY LONG, I AM SORRY_ I started with the MOBA genre in DotA 2, it was frustrating to not be able to do anything against a Lion at lvl 6 as a squishy support or carry, being 1 shot and all by his 600 dmg ult. But then, after a long while of me love-hating the game i realized that all things can be countered in one way or another through itemization or a good pick for a safe farmer that stays far away from the creep line, and that renewed my interest in the game for a while. Then I played LoL after a friend beckoned me to play it. It was new and fun, I knew nothing of the mechanics or tactics that come with the characters and the map, like where to place wards, or that abilities scale off of stats (AP and AD) and I was yearning for something like this, a new experience to have a fresh piece of fun. I instantly however realized that things are very different. The way they balance and treat champs are weird and seemed counter intuitive to me. I joined when bard just came out and RIOT was figuring out how to make people happy with tanks, nerfing and cleaning up what they left behind from this "tank meta" they created. The thing is, counter play feels like second to none to me, coming from DotA, you might call me biased but I like the counter play more in DotA. In LoL Every "Countering" feels like "kill or be killed" where you are just an adc against horrible line up of Annie, Rengar, Tristana and whatever else is your nightmare fuel. I am frustrated that good mechanics are also going to waste, being removed or nerfed into the ground to the point where it doesn't feel like anything significant anymore. Take for instance Invisibility. These days it is either unfair or under powered. I feel this is because there is no counterplay to it. Making the invis bad (twitch's feels very under powered to me) or good (Evelynn is a strange case of horrid or good) is easier to define when there is something to be done about it. In DotA, if you get an invis Hero like Riki whom has a permanent invis until attacking (like Evelynn but does not get revealed when too close), for laning buy Sentry Wards (**Sentry Wards** reveal invisible units in a certain area, like pinks, but they are invisible to the enemy, like yellows and also have a time limit.) Or when roaming, ganking or team fighting, buy Dust of Appearance (**Dust of Appearace** reveals enemy invisible units caught in the dusts aoe for 12 seconds). This renders Riki useless (not to mention Gem of Truesight, quite self explanatory in name). However if he has a good support or has his own wards to destroy their wards, he will be safe again. This level of counterplay is slowly being implemented, with the new red trinket, following you in an aoe, or oracle potion that has been in the game forever, but not in summoners rift but this is just one mechanic out of many that have been hopped and skipped around forever now. In conclusion, I am glad that I found a new game that made itself unique, but sad that there are things that can be so easily improved, but are just not considered. I know this has been very, very long but if you made it this far I would like to congratulate you, here's a cookie {{item:2010}} and I'd like to say I am sorry once more for a wall of text which is mostly nonsense that I spout out, but i am glad it is not about me silently hating assassins, or wanting a bard buff, also I always take ghost on Darius.
like i said in my post, i also believe DotA 2 is blanaced in itself. but about counterplay thing, lets keep going with invisible heroes. they used to feel only powerful if the enemy team was inexperienced enough to not buy a true sight item. (back then oracle was available at summoners rift, pinks was just like yellow wards :stealth and had a timer.) then riot decided to reduce the counterplay to it by removing oracle, made pinks visible, then removed true sight gained by upgraded red trinket. this applies to most of the champs. imo riot just keeps eliminating the crucial counterplay to some champions kits and making the game revolve around champion picks and not around mechanics. there has been a lot of games where i felt like i did nothing and played very poorly but still won the game because the champion i picked was too strong at the moment or too powerful in that sceneraio. the point of this comment: by making champions good moments too strong riot made the game less balanced because it doesnt matter ( most of the time) how good or bad the player is they will still win the game because of the champions strenghts. players used to need to be experienced and good enough with the champions to find those "good moments" and they needed to execute it well in order to get most out of the champion. this is what i meant with their old style of balancing. and yeah kill or be killed is in the game for 2 years now (started with the assassin meta). the team which loses a member first loses the teamfight. there is no outplaying the enemy, especially in this preseason, so you are right about that. and this wasnt a problem (at least for me) at seasons 2-3 and beginnig of the season 4. i just feel like they buffed champions too much to the point where being good with a champ doesnt matter if said champion isnt good at the moment.
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: well that is helpfull thanks bro :) but still i lost 5 games and didnt get demoted, was i lucky or smthing?
i dont know tbh. but if you just got to gold there is actually a duration that you simply cant get demoted ( i think it was 24 hours or sth.)
: Rito?
i am not a riot empolyee but i can help 1- yes you can. if you lose 3 games in a row(i am not sure of the number) you can get demoted just like the season. 2- your mmr will still be changed and mmr matters A LOT when deciding your next seasons rank 3- i am not sure but maybe its because its preseason and people dont know whats really broken and whats not. people just want to be the guy that broke the meta
: thats kinda lousy and i don't think riot is going to make it that simple
did you see rammus' lore tho? they WILL make it that simple
: Fiora is not a juggernaut, darius is slow as heck as long as you can remove his {{item:3742}} and garen... You can outrun him as long as you keep your distance like you should.
the thing is they should be slow and get kited really hard. but they start with higher movement speed than any ranged champion and some melee champions (darius and morde starts with 340, skarner and garen starts with 345). so keeping a distance while trying to kite a tanky-as-hell champion is a pretty hard thing to do.


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