: As far as I know, yes, they mentioned that in one of their recent "Ask Riot", if I remember correctly.
Yea, that is what I thought but on another thread, people are disagreeing with me :/
: This is already planned by Riot.
: So you got a jungler doing nice ganks for you, and your support doing nice engages/plays, and you are against honoring 2 people?
Yes, simply because it defeats the purpose. Honouring is supposed to be something that you can be proud of when you get it. If everyone suddenly starts honoring each other without much thought (a bit like how it happens in OverWatch now) it will make the system even worse.
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: Why did the loading screen border nerfed?
Guys! Riot is aware of this don't worry! [https://status.leagueoflegends.com/?en_GB#euw](https://status.leagueoflegends.com/?en_GB#euw)
: Why did the loading screen border nerfed?
Hopefully, a Rioter can respond to this. I am really curious! Has anyone started a ticket?
Torkl (EUW)
: Too much damage!?
It is true that champions do a lot more damage now than they used to, but it does bring many advantages. Games can feel far more reliant on proper decision making and especially minimalizing mistakes made. Each mistake on a micro level could lead to eventual early death in lane or a catastrophic team fight loss. For the record, I started playing in Season 5 so I do not have that much knowledge of the older seasons, but I would assume people who were very fed were nearly impossible to shut down since even if they made a mistake, due to the low damage output of everyone there was a low chance anyone could actually get the pick. Nowadays, there are always those moments when the super fed Diana accidentally jumps in and just gets blown up, or the ADC gets picked off with just one stun opening up to a baron, rather than the game just being a slow and grindy monotone to a loss.
: You should be able to honor more than 1 ally and should be able to honor 1 enemy if you'd like, let's make it like in the old times.
I am okay with limiting a player to honoring one ally and one enemy, but not multiple. That would defeat the purpose and emphasis of the honoring system and lead to players just honoring players quickly since the client then gives you more keys (like it currently does).
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: If I can honor 1 ally, I should also have the option to honor 1 opponent :)
This has already been confirmed to return to League sometime next season. The only reason it was removed was that of a technical reason related to the new client.
blissbomb (EUW)
: Prestige skins
My thoughts from other thread. >>> [https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/ATLpOrbO-new-prestige-aatrox-was-a-mistake?comment=0006](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/ATLpOrbO-new-prestige-aatrox-was-a-mistake?comment=0006)
: > some things are better left unknown Best thing to do! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Bit off-topic :D, but where did you get that profile picture from? Could you check for me in the client when you have time? Many thanks in advance :)
: new prestige Aatrox was a mistake
I am not defending this skin but the only reason for its existence which somewhat justifies it is the fact that there isn't a very high priced skin on the market yet. This could be a nice option for people who always wanted a very expensive skin to _show off_. On the downside, however, Aatrox mains who are possibly collecting all the Aatrox skins are left with a problem and a dissatisfaction as almost all are probably unwilling to pay that amount of money in one go.
: Just gonna copy and paste this from a previous post: I've spent enough money on this game to buy a brand new car (£3000+). Am I regretting it? Not really. This game has brought me joy. I'm spending less nowadays, but still spending some. Regardless of what happens with the "incident", I don't really care (I wasn't an exploiter). Why should I? There's a lot more concerning things I should worry about rather than a bug that lasted 14 minutes to which people got stuff that I already own.
The way I try to see this is that there are now a few more people who spent 'loads' in the game (even though they didn't).
: >I've spent enough money on this game to buy a brand new car (£3000+). A brand new car you say? Add another zero and you might actually get a brand new car with that sum. A car for 3k is never going to be brand new.
It was more meant as a comparison. Basically, he is stating that he has spent a very large sum of money which could have been meaningful and useful to real life but that he does not regret doing so.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: RIOT not reverting the 1 BE Capsules bug is a slap in the face to everyone else who pays for content
I don't understand why they can't put a team together to slowly dismantle this. It could be because it is very hard to track the BE and OE prices of everything that has been unlocked by these players, but surely it could still be cleared up in a few months at the expense of a small amount of developers being taken off main development teams?
: Nice to see LEC supporting FNC once again, fkn joke riot games, Caps is the new mid laner for G2 , Perkz adc and Mikyx his support, you welcome... im giving more information than this shitty post, btw REVERT CRIT ITEMS CAN'T STAND ANOTHER DAY THAT IF U PICK 5 TANKS INTO A FKN GAME U WIN BECAUSE ADC'S CAN'T STOP THEM!
This is so crease, I am wondering if it is straight up badly done satire at this point. Read Plasmonkey's post or the article more carefully to understand why they put the rosters the way they have :)
Hansiman (EUW)
: > I hope Riot considers applying a harsh MMR reset for next season They don't need to make it more harsh than regular. A normal reset will aid the problem, since it removes the current ranking of the player, and they'll regain their new ranking that is equivalent of the MMR they have after placements. The problem should fix itself. During preseason, the ranking system was changed, causing a lot of players to have inflated ranks based on their MMR, which is the cause of this. Preseason is always a time where major changes are brought to the game, to iron out problems before the actual season starts.
> [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6kJ0JMdd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-14T15:51:32.322+0000) > During preseason, the ranking system was changed, causing a lot of players to have inflated ranks based on their MMR, which is the cause of this. This is the weird part about all of this. My rank is definitely not inflated and the opposite happened no? Most of these games are feeling like a breeze and nowhere near the level, I had before the ranked changes. Somehow my MMR went down and it still confuses me :D
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dainank,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6kJ0JMdd,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-14T15:49:40.416+0000) > > I was gone for a break and wanted to get master tier before the end of the season Season 8 is over fam. *** > [{quoted}](name=Dainank,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6kJ0JMdd,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-14T15:49:40.416+0000) > > I hope Riot considers applying a harsh MMR reset for next season It isn't necessary. MMR adjusts relatively quick after a soft reset.
> MMR adjusts relatively quick after a soft reset. That is great then! I am not worried all too much then! > Season 8 is over fam. Yea, but I meant more as a personal achievement. People still play their mains and take it nearly just as seriously, at least at this elo.
Hansiman (EUW)
: You might call me the grand master of puns.
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Zenist3r (EUW)
: I want to join you bro but that link has expired can you send me your Name and Tag in Discord?
Damn its been a LONG time. I am now already in a team and all sorry :(
: Stats Breakdown: 2018 Worlds Finals
Exact number of games this year as last year O: ???
: SPAM{{item:1056}} THIS{{item:1056}} RING{{item:1056}} TO{{item:1056}} TAKE{{item:1056}} DOWN{{item:1056}} NING{{item:1056}}
: Worlds 2018 final recap: Invictus Gaming vs Fnatic Game by game
While the EU regions did perform this year far better than previous years, there was also a lot of luck involved. I still think both KR and CH are quite a large way ahead of EU. The gap has closed somewhat though, so it is plausible that we have a worlds like this again!
FleaLess (EUNE)
: >feels like it is full of 16 year-olds since you get all these toxic people where do ppl get the stupid idea that toxicity is tied to age? there are countless research on it and all of them denies this, you can be a toxic ahole even if you are 40+
Of course, but generally speaking, most of the 16 yr/olds I have met are extremely delusional and believe that their opinion is always right. Of course there are many people which are an exception to this at that age, but generally speaking, I think a forum with only 18+ players would definitely be a lot less toxic than if any age is allowed in. Don't get me wrong, in-game, any age category can be awfully toxic; but here on forums, generally speaking, most people above the age of 18 can have respectful arguments and engage in interesting conversations.
: I know plenty of players that are in their 30's, 40's, 50's and even 60's! I think that Riot have said that the average age is 22 though.
: Sheesh, I'm already in the highest category? Gawd I feel old now. On the other hand I'm a cynical bastard with a complete "inability to listen to criticism and accept that I may be wrong sometimes", so I guess I'm young at heart at least?
:D I am sure you are much better than actual people like that!
: I am just glad to be in a category that goes as low as 21 :)
Oh my! I was so wrong D: I thought most people would be between 18-20 for League! How wrong I was :(
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: 500 ping
: ERL 2018 Summer Additions
Keep in mind, for most of these tournaments you have to be at least master tier to stand a chance, though the odd D1 team does make it through sometimes haha :)
Rismosch (EUW)
: The reign of ADCs finally comes to an end
Well... No? They are clearly still in the majority haha: [https://imgur.com/a/qF9Z9ro](https://imgur.com/a/qF9Z9ro) I actually despise how everyone is freaking out about the ADC changes when in reality they are still the 'better option'. If you are new to the game and look at the W/R and P/R of all the ADCs on OP.GG it will look like the ranged marksmen are in the majority, thus you can safely say it is probably better to main and play those rather than choose the cheese picks. Something else to note is that a lot of idiots first time cheese picks or with barely any practice only to int their asses off n ranked games. Its pretty ridiculous and makes me wonder how wise some of the league players are. either way, stop freaking out and keep playing ADCs. Riot will soon fix this anyway and the ones who continued playing ADCs will have wasted less time and had more practice on future reliable meta picks.
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Dainank (EUW)
: Looking for Clash Team Mates - D3+ [EUW]
Update! Looking for reserves!
Dainank (EUW)
: Looking for Clash Team Mates - D3+ [EUW]
Update! Just looking for MID rn!
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: The Middle Mages: Fnatic Caps
Can't wait to see Caps play against Faker.
: Not my taste of music at all, but I was able to listen to it for a while, so that must be good I guess :)
> [{quoted}](name=Player3Th0mas,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=TUnf4lyi,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-05T17:47:36.700+0000) > > Not my taste of music at all, but I was able to listen to it for a while, so that must be good I guess :) Really haha! That is great!
Dainank (EUW)
: If you could do this for me, it would make my day!
Thanks for the upvotes! It REALLY helps :)
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Piggy0703 (EUNE)
: I got permabanned and i'm actually living a happier life
Hmmm. I would say it is not dead until it starts to decline in player base (which it clearly isn't). There isn't any competition either (Fortnite does not cater to the same joys as league [e.g. doesn't have a proper ranking system] - plus fortnite will probs go out of fashion soon anyway). As to why you think it is a waste of time? That is probably because you couldn't control yourself and always got frustrated. Most of us do have a good time and it doesn't affect our lives in any significant way. Im glad your happy either way!
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Dainank (EUW)
: European Masters Open Qualifiers - Team Grove [D1+ Looking for Players]
Update: We are now sponsored. New link: https://discord.gg/nPDyN9Z
Dainank (EUW)
: European Masters Open Qualifiers - Team Grove [D1+ Looking for Players]
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