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: Thanks, it's a very major decision, and as a result I should be leaving the Volus very soon, something I've been a part of for the last 4 years, 3 months and 2 days, so it's not a decision I took lightly. If you have the same Account Name on multiple servers with your smurfs, you're essentially fighting against yourself for the name you want on your main account It sounds to me like you weren't aware, so maybe that'll make it more bearable for you. A lot of people asked me recently about my decision, so I created a copy paste template I could show them, so if you head over [here](, maybe there's some information about how it's implemented that could help you in some way.
nay don't worry about it, i've been messaging them about this topic since november now, and now since 5 days, again on an on going ticket about it, they tell me that there are indeed other people with the same username as me, and i told them "probably other accounts of mine THAT I FORGOT THE EMAILS AND PASSWORDS SINCE IT WAS YEARS AGO AND I DON'T SEE THE FUTURE TO KNOW I'D NEED TO REMEMBER IT" pretty much forgotten accounts, so i asked them, how do i get them back? and they tell me -> give me your email for them to reset password ?????????????????????????? like i'm honestly losing faith in humanity at this point, i just said i can't remember, and they send me links that force me to put email of the account what?, is this normal to you? and then, they asked me several questions, which i'd give them to you, but it would fill a lot of space here, plus privacy things that i rather not type here in public, but in resume i wrote that "since both me and you aren't sure if the account belongs to me or someone else, i just want to clarify it, sure i'm willing to change if someone else already got it, but if it's indeed one of the other accounts i have and i can't remember it, i'd be furious, so please help me check if it's an account of mine or not" gave them, the lvl it is, gave them the type of games i played, with which champs, told them if i got or gave gifs, as well as some info about summoner's names, and they said IT'S NOT ENOUGH TO VERIFY. god, you have no idea how furious i am, how can they tell there's people with the same username as me, BUT NOT COMPARE TO SEE IF THE OTHER ONE FITS ALL THE INFO I GAVE or not, it's beyond me, and sorry for the huge message, just one of those things that really bothers me
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: Greetings leonhiro, I absolutely agree that the way they've implemented this is absolute rubbish, while I understand the idea and reason for opting to do this as part of a larger plan related to their systems, the way it's been implemented is so poorly that I myself do not intend to change my summoner name, and as a result this is most likely one of my lasts posts on the Boards.
finally, someone who actually sounds human and wonders the same, just commentating to say you have +500 respect from me, i also refuse to change username, friends call me to play, and i can't because i'm forced to go on some sort of race against innactive people for the username, how sad is that, i don't get it
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: Riot account name change
god, how well i understand you, sadly for you, i'm pretty sure they are not forced to change username, it's literally a NONSENSE IDEA, about: the first person even most active playing needs to change while whoever is afk even for years gets to keep it XD yes, it is that way, because i doubt they would just make people not be able to type YOUR CURRENT USERNAME or his/hers, and just "block it forever for anyone" i can't log in onto the account i have either, because i didn't change username yet, AND I REFUSE TO DO SO, what's so hard about them letting me keep the username? so they're pretty much losing a player, because i'm forced to "fight against innactive people" alright then riot, good job, i actually don't care about any reasons why it is made, or any "security reasons" all i care about, is that this is the most careless logic ever, and Cao Cao would be ashamed of it hope this post of your gets attention, because this is frustrating, here's an upvote
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: I really like the idea, but I don't get how some things would work. I'll say an example: So I'm a Sona main since Season 3. Her splash art changed in early Season 3, and I never played her with the old splash. However, I played her a lot before her rework in Season 4 or 5, can't remember when it was exactly. And my issues are: - I mained her even before her rework, but the splash art was the same, so getting an icon with the old splash would be weird (I'd take it though). - I don't know how the border would intervene with other borders, for example with Odyssey Sona's border. - How does Riot even track back who you played, when Mastery Points didn't exist back then, and not even has access to the ranked data pre Season 5, let alone normal games? Don't get me wrong, I love the idea, it's just that I don't know how it could be made to work properly.
Hey, and those were just some quick examples really, it doesn't have to be their old splash, it could be some... unique think about them, that riot would come up with, this is just a bunch of ideas, i would get more detailed into it, if it actually became a big thing, but i don't see a point in doing so, when it's barely a thing, just "a dream of mine" i guess, but everyone can dream so About the border, true, so instead of a border, just some small icon on the side, kinda like they did with the emote "veteran" but would be displayed on your loading screen/profile some sort of "veteran player" whenever they played that X champ on loading screen, personally i would love that kind of showing off, and sort of "Respect towards people who got their champion changed". It doesn't have to be ALL those years maining, i do main akali since season 2 where i started playing, and she was the first champ i ever bought (excluding ashe that was given from the tutorial) to main something, they could simply check the amount of games they played before they got reworked, it's kinda easy actually, considering the amount of websites these last seasons where you have all your stats/games/ how many times you click X ability etc at the end of each year, they wouldn't need to track everyone, just make a sort of announcement for people to send them a ticket or "apply into that" to receive those rewards, then they would only have to check those that applied to that and see if they fit the needs but after all, i'm a nobody, so clearly riot knows more about these than i do, this is just an idea i'd love to happen
: Well this is a cool idea, Riot can definitely do something like this (for a set amount of money of course) L(EA)GUE OF LEGENDS!
True, personally, I wouldn't mind paying just for the sake of showing off and being like "I mained this champ even before he was cool" lol, the price would be arguable tho, but aye, if that's what it would take for them to do it, i would be all on the idea
: This does sound like a cool idea, and I don't know why Riot hasn't done this already. I would have loved to have something to remember old Morde for, or Irelia etc.
I feel you on that, I like the new reworks, but there will always be that feel of emptiness because our champion is not the same, so at least they could reward us in some way, I don't wanna be weird about it, but you can damn bet I'd even pay just to have that happening, something that only "old players of that champion" could buy, they wouldn't be forced to, they would still earn profit from it, and it would make old players feel important/ showing off, so everyone wins imo
: So basically give free stuff to minorities? Do you even know what is marketing?
"free stuff to minorities"? hell for all i care it could be ONLY 100 PLAYERS in this world. that "minority" it's what kept this game alive, have you noticed how many "otp players" of those champs quit league?, or even how toxic this community became, with those being a reason of it? or even the amount of people crying about reverts, because of how unfair things are? yes, give FREE stuff to those, just so everyone is happy in the end, that's exactly what i'm talking about, because sooner or later will happen with many other champs, and now? it's just A TINY bit, yet already a huge problem, give it some more years, 1 or 2, and you'll see how big of a problem it is, so why not just fix the problem now while it's a tiny snowball rather than an avalanche? and sorry but if they don't see that, then they're not worth being called a big company.
: Aight that's kewl, really like the idea, it doesn't impact riot at all and rewards players who want that reward
I think it's a good idea to "balance" communities, because all i see nowadays, are new players fighting old players and vice verse, about every recently reworked champion, it's starting to feel like 2 communities, and i'll speak for akali's one, there's the ones that prefer old, and the ones that prefer the new, and it's always a huge beef about it still, and i can see that happening on many others, since already saw it on aatrox, irelia and pantheon so far, so i'm assuming it happens on others too the idea is to at least make those "Old players" feel rewarded aye and not feeling too bad about them changing it, league has gotten way more toxic than it used to be, and it's painfully noticable
: Not to be that guy but is there a TL;DR of this one ?
hey, actually glad you were that person, i'll change the start of it to be direct to the point, and then letting them read more detailed about it, thanks for the suggestion
: Also: Zac got reworked, I really loved the new ult. And now they revert it. Old ult doesnt fit with new kit and its really a mess of a goo...
Aye, i loved old zac, i played him sometimes (nothing to called a zac player, but you know, sometimes in aram and stuff) and i kinda hated the new one, but then i got used and loved both in the end, but you're right, his new ulti feels a bit off with the new kite haha, especially when i was already soooo used and enjoying the fact of that good feeling when grabbing lots of people in ulti
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: Rewarding Ex-Reworked Champ's players - A must read for these especially
I didn't include this in the post because it's not necessary, but i seriously feel like riot gave me a huge btch slap lol, these reworks, are annoying, and imagine removing A SKIN from the game, i still hate the fact they removed one of me favorite skins (and the first skin i ever got) Crimson akali, and transformed into infernal akali, which i hate and it's easily her worst skin, I'M SO. AGAINST THAT. fully removing a skin literally taking our money and slapping us in the face, with no reward whatsoever
: i miss that mordekaiser ult. with {{item:3151}} and {{item:3116}} you could kill a 100% hp guy with ult then get their soul!
do you like the new one? i find him pretty cool, i don't play him tho, neither old one, but aye i believe people will always miss the old ones, reason why i don't even ask for reverts anymore, instead for rewards to the players, as a gesture that they do care at least, and not just, a btch slap in the face pretty much
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