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: Riot Employee replies on boards.
As an addition to the above, I just want to add that from looking at the red tracker, apparently Eambo is the only Riot employee on the boards... How many employees does riot have? and there's one guys on the boards, that barely ever replies to anyone... Nonsense.
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Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DallyingVirus85,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=h5Qrpjkz,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-06-27T15:02:54.441+0000) > > Not to get snarky or anything because I can imagine the stress you guys are under trying to deal with this... > > ...But like, don't you guys make sure that your servers can handle the new game mode before you push the new game mode to live? > Also, didn't this happen in NA when TFT released, no one think to check things..?? > > > anyway, good luck sorting it out, hope we can get back to it soon {{item:2010}} This hasn't happened in any region before - EUW is one of our biggest regions, and tends to have some unique challenges. Everything was going pretty smoothly up to now, and this may actually be unrelated to TFT as it's impacting all game modes. Regardless we're digging into it - but had this shown in other regions it would most likely have delayed rollout.
Riot SapMagic literally tweeted it... That's the tweet, where he says expect 5 minutes + wait times, then 10 - 15 minutes +, and then the wonderful league of legends community started tweeting pictures of 83 minute wait times, on the NA server... As for it impacting all game modes, I just played 2 Summoners Rift drafts with no issues, its only TFT that's the issue for me' And as I see you have replied to some people about the the extended wait times being intended and meant to reduce the strain on the server, but that's my point, should someone not have made sure that the servers could actually handle the people wanting to play the new game mode before you pushed the game mode to live?? I mean, instead of "designing the queue delay system specifically for TFT" why not just make sure your servers can actually handle it in the first place? That way you would not have a metric crap tone of people wanting to play this new game, that's been hyped to the moon and back, all sitting in stupidly long queues getting highly pissed off because they can not play the game... Though I know nothing about game development so, I may very well be off the mark, but that just seems logical.
Eambo (EUW)
: Looking into this at the moment!
Not to get snarky or anything because I can imagine the stress you guys are under trying to deal with this... ...But like, don't you guys make sure that your servers can handle the new game mode before you push the new game mode to live? Also, didn't this happen in NA when TFT released, no one think to check things..?? anyway, good luck sorting it out, hope we can get back to it soon {{item:2010}}
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: [ITEM CONCEPT] An item that reduces base stats
In theory not a bad idea, but in actual practice, it would be seriously overpowered. While it may be intended for "freight train auto attack based juggernauts", any champion could buy this item. The adc on one team buys this item and reduces the enemy teams adc's base stats by 10%, that would be a problem... Also, if you have a champ that has low base stats to start with, like {{champion:350}} for example, such an item would allow you to nuke them' Problem is that it is a subjective concept, this specific group of champions vs that specific group of champions, and in such a case it would be good, but when applied to the whole champion pool, you would have issues...
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Nessïe (EUW)
: There was a bug that prevented people with those items in their inventory from buying full items (either you could buy the components, or just the full item with nothing else in your inventory) so yeah maybe be aware of hotfixes and announcements before whining on the forum.
Perhaps you did not read what I typed, but I'll quote the patch notes for your benefit: "List of Removed Items: Sightstone Ruby Sightstone _Frost Queen's Claim Talisman of Ascension Face of the Mountain_ " Please pay special attention to that in italics, the removed items I mentioned in my original post, and in future, be aware of what someone is actually talking about before deciding to accuse someone of whining.
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Heidinary (EUW)
Byeeeeeeeeeeeee! Its called a mute button bruv, there's a reason its present in every online competitive game, use it...
: Noone wants to play support?
I am a support main as well, i queue support in at least 98% of the time, i still get 1:30 wait timers, but here's the thing, when you're playing support you get very little recognition and all the blame. Everyone will honor the ADC for a penatkill but forget that the support was right there pumping out heals and cc for the ADC, tanking damage and otherwise making the penta possible, but heaven forbid that you have a bad game and the entire team take a crap on the support despite the fact that its impossible to do much as a support when your team or especially your ADC is doing nothing. The new honor system really screwed support players in my opinion, but that's for another post.
: If you get every 1st win of the day and play 3 games a day leveling goes fast. I played like 7 games with 2 1st wins and got lvl 31. Didn't win all of them.
Here's the problem though, as you get to higher levels you will need to win more and more to level up, I played 6 games for 31, and 7 for 32, I have already played 5 games at 32 and I am only +/- halfway to 33. Its not really noticeable at the lower levels because its maybe one or two games extra, but eventually you'll have to play 10 or 12 games extra for a level, and then 15-20, and you're loosing BE on all of those games because you do not earn per match.
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Zurkrem (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DallyingVirus85,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=RXpTPzLq,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-21T18:31:06.723+0000) > > League is also known to have one of the most toxic player-bases of any game, if someone actually knows what League is, chances are they also know that >League is extremely toxic, this reputation, however, is no excuse to allow the toxicity to run rampant. > >Edit: When I say toxic behavior, I mean the over the top harassment and insults, telling people to %%% or that you hope their family dies of cancer ect, ect… According to [](, I've played over 1k hours of League of Legends and I'm having a really hard time trying to remember a game in which that kind of stuff happened. >[{quoted}](name=DallyingVirus85,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=RXpTPzLq,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-21T18:31:06.723+0000) > >Just because there are reasons for the behavior and it can be explained logically does not mean that it is acceptable, or that it can’t be curbed to some extent by the developers. I am not trying to imply that Riot is doing nothing about the issues, I would like to believe that they are, however, whatever they are doing is not working: Play a few matches, whether its normal or ranked, you are guaranteed to experience some level of toxicity, or you could take 30 seconds and scroll through the Player Behavior sub board, of any region, and see post after post of people who have experienced that toxicity, whatever Riot is doing is not enough, it is not working. It seems to me like what they're doing is working just fine. I'm not saying that there's no room for improvement, which there definitely is, but I am saying that you experience is that of a (rather loud) minority of players. > [{quoted}](name=DallyingVirus85,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=RXpTPzLq,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-21T18:31:06.723+0000) > >The honor system has just been reworked, why not rework the reporting system, make it so that if a player is reported it reflects in their profile, and the more they are reported, the more negatively it affects them (maybe they earn less IP per match for example). People who get reported and punished already loose access to loot. Adding more disadvantages would be redundant and a bit heavy-handed. Displaying their punishment on their profile already happens with the honour crest (I think).
I understand that you may have never experienced it, That does not mean it does not happen, I literally just got out of a ranked match where our jungler banned our tops pick, they spent the entire game flaming each other, endless insults, the whole 9 yards. Your lack of experience of these things does not mean that they do not happen, and it does not mean that those who do experience it should have to deal with it. And yes, what they are doing might help to a degree, as you say, there is room for improvement, however, if it was adequate there would be no need for a player behavior sub-board, with hundreds of posts from people who are sick of the toxicity. Finally, do people actually get punished for toxicity? You have not experienced many games with these issues as you said, but I have, and I've reported those players so that the system can deal with them, and yet I've had 2 instances where I've had a pop-up message when I've logged on saying that people I've reported have been dealt with, only 2... and I know from a friend of mine that "being dealt with" means that you've received a pop-up telling you not to do it again. Thank you for your reply, I appreciate being able to have a constructive conversation with someone about this.
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: Ehm not sure but you have started playing LoL and you are already crying ^^.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DallyingVirus85,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=uje8tb1c,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-12-13T12:28:19.432+0000) > > Riot really needs to get their player base under control Unfortunately there's little they can do. Sure, they can give us tools that help deal with toxic behaviour, but ultimately it's us who must use them and "cleanse" the community. Plus, we are a very large community so there's no way they can manually punish players (which I'll adress further on). > * I do believe that there should be an in game method for reporting things such as intentional feeding, verbal abuse and cheating. That's a good argument. It has been suggested before. Something like CS:GO's Overwatch. I doubt it will happen anytime soon, but to be fair I never though we would have "Sand-Box" mode either, but it looks like it's coming, so maybe, one day, we may have a "Overwatch like" system for League too. > * does not satisfy my need for justice, the guy has ruined my game, I want to see him punished I can't agree with you on this one. We are not vigilants. Sure, having someone ruin your game is terrible, but we can't be vindictive. That sort of mindset is what makes other players go down the path of toxic behaviour. > * I know people have reported me, but I have never even had a warning. It needs to get stricter on the fields of justice. Believe it or not, I once received a warning after a game. In that particular game I was silent in chat and the "worst" thing I did was suicide to their tower when they were finishing the game at our nexus. The system didn't punish me, but warned me of my "toxic behaviour" (which it wasn't toxic since the game was over, but still). It does work, as sometimes can seem unfair, but if we stricter rules, a lot of people would not be playing right now. > * I don't know what happened to the tribunal, I have heard of it, but since I started playing it has not existed and from my research there's no indication of it coming back, or where it went or anything. I participated on the Tribunal. You, as another user, could review games that were flagged by other players. The reviewers would vote either "Punish" or "Grace" (something like that). If the majority voted "Punished" then that player would be punished. Let me tell you that I only helped Punish like 7 people through that system and I had 80% accuracy, so a lot of people being reported were not actually deserving of it. What may be toxic for you, may not be toxic for me. Also, after a game we are hot-headed so we can falsely report someone. The Tribunal will not come back, since it could be easily abused. In my time (4 years ago), the pool of players was smaller - 32 million or so, compared to 100 million now - and even then it was being abused by some.
Thank you man, this is by far one of the most helpful and constructive comments I've gotten so far. Its is quite good to see another persons view of things. I didn't mean that I want to be vindictive when wanting to see when someone gets punished, what I meant was that I want to see that something is being done, at this point I could not tell you with any real certainty or belief that reporting people leads to any appropriate action, for all I know the reports don't even leave my PC. Anyway, thank you for your reply, I appreciate your views
Haarmony (EUW)
: > * I do believe that there should be an in game method for reporting things such as intentional feeding, verbal abuse and cheating. We are currently forced to sit through a game where these unpleasant people are ruining our experience, we cant leave because there's the possibility we may get banned for it, and the longer we sit, the angrier you get the higher the possibility of loosing it and flaming the flamer gets, making us just as guilty and again, liable of being banned for it. In real life, if someone if giving me a hard time, I can walk away or get hold of authorities to sort it out then and there, it should be the same in League. Already existing > * The reporting system is not adequate, if someone flames me or intentionally feeds or goes afk, ticking a check box, typing a description and clicking submit does not satisfy my need for justice, the guy has ruined my game, I want to see him punished, and I'm not talking about that message that pops up in the client once in a blue moon, I want details so that I know that something is actually being done. Quite efficient, you just have to watch all those ppl crying on the board because they are banned > * I don't know what happened to the tribunal, I have heard of it, but since I started playing it has not existed and from my research there's no indication of it coming back, or where it went or anything. As far as I can tell, the tribunal was where these sorts of issues where resolved and dealt with. I do not know why you would get rid of it or whatever has happened to it, but it needs to come back. League of Legends needs a place where people can express their frustrations and have the sources for those frustrations dealt with accordingly. If Riot does not want to punish people, let the community do it themselves. Bot is better than tribunal, thx to a nice algorithm which detects some typical toxic words and if there is a lot of death in few minutes without doing anything You can try an other MOBA if you want but it's worse, believe me.
There is not an ingame method of reporting, we can only report post game from the client, what I mean is something built into the escape menu, there next to quit and surrender. An algorithm doesnt have the same feel for the game in my opinion, it cant make the same judgement as a human being can. the algorithm cant think and decide, it just does the math. As for other MOBA's, I know the majority are crap, but I heard that HotS is pretty decent. I like league, I want to play league, just ocasionally league tilts the crap out of me. Thanks for the reply
: Hi DallyingVirus85 (EUW), i will give you my opinion. All what you writed is correct. We (players) are already too used to the corrent status of the game to believe in\want those changes. This is what we have. This is how the game works. You can chose to play the game with it's goods and bads. Or you can chose not to play it.
I appreciate your reply, of course the game has goods and bads, all games do, but unlike alot of other games, League can change, Riot is always rolling out changes that what seems like the majority of people do not believe in or want, thats my opinion at least. Thanks for the feedback
: I your name and you're not the best player. I think you shouldn't be playing ranked games in the first place you still have 0 experience. I bet you reached level 30 and almost right away went to try ranked games. (Most common mistake in league) Of course you're losing more than you're winning. You are playing against people better than you. I checked you again and you have 233 hours on league. Pretty low. **Also:** Where there's competitive play involved there's always rage, tilt, cursing............ We're humans. There will be good games and there will be bad games, both on your team and on the opposite team, but if you're better than your current elo your win percentage will be higher. You can't control what others do but you can change what you do. Focus on improving your gameplay and care less about what others are doing. In resume **JUST STOP CRYING**{{item:2050}} {{item:3070}} Here's a cookie. {{item:2052}}
I hear what you are saying, I deffinately do not claim to be the best player, I am pretty rubbish. You would loos the bet though, I've been sitting at 30 for a couple of months already, I hit 30 when I still only had 8 champs in total so I couldn't play straight away. I agree with what you say about focusing on my own gameplay rather than other peoples, but it does not matter how good my gameplay is when our jungler is purposely feeding botlane to get revenge on our ADC. Anyway, thanks for the comments, they where (mostly) constructive, its good to hear the views of other people.
: So you've played 4 ranked games and now you are an expert on the situation in ranked games?
I don't believe I said that, what I did say is that what I have been told about ranked play by people who have experience playing ranked has proven true thus far, oh and it was 6 games actually, before I turned turned off and came here...
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: Alpha Client Clubs??
Thanks for the quick replies guys
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Smerk (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DallyingVirus85,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=v1MUQ01e,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-20T13:08:42.765+0000) > > I want to hear peoples thoughts on how the changes that are going to take place in the update will affect Jungling as a role. > > * Will the loss of smite buffs make {{summoner:11}} less useful as a jungling summoner spell, why not just take {{summoner:7}} instead and save the item slot? (especially with the addition of Honeyfruit in the jungle) > {{summoner:11}} will still be used, it's 1k damage at max level after all, and it has lower cd than {{summoner:7}} , so overall is a better option for jungler. > * Is the meta of having a jungler in a team going to fall away because of the lack of buffs? > The main point of having a jungler is to get more team gold/exp, not for buffs, so role will be just as actual as now. And red/blue buffs will still be there > * Will the removal of the smaller monsters from the red and blue camps make counter jungling obsolete or simply more tricky? You want to take big monster when you're counterjungling, you're losing more than you gain if you just take small ones. With this change you won't be able to postpone next buff spawns, but overall it won't be that be big of a deal > * Will the Blast Cone actually be useful or are they just going to get blown up as soon as they spawn to stop other people from using them? > I guess it will be useful > * How will Scryer's Bloom affect warding practices, since u essentially have a respawning oracle alteration in the jungle from start positioned where wards are most commonly used? > Those plants aren't reliable enough for ward clearing, so I don't think there is a point in warding in different places
Thanks for the reply, and the insight. Im still pretty green at League, considering i only started playing a few months ago, so i really appreciate a more experienced view. Thanks mate
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Xavage (EUNE)
: Got the Poro Icon about the 10 year anniversary but I haven't received the Riot Kayle skin yet
I've also got the icon, and I got the pop-up for a mystery gift when I logged onto the client which makes sense because I have Kayle and the riot Kayle skin, but despite getting the pop-up I have nothing new. This is the first mystery gift I've ever gotten so I'm not entirely sure how it works, does the actual content usually lag behind the content??


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