: Why I Quit (subjective opinion)
Btw thank you so much for all the positive feedback. It really makes me feel less whiny and more like i really did make a somewhat comprehensible point there. {{item:3151}}
QuZeed YT (EUW)
: Well, I'm a gold player and I understand what you mean. People think that when you're Gold player, you know nothing about the game. A Gold player is that guy who know everything about the game and he's trying to apply them. Anyway, what I understand most is that Diana is more OP than she used to be and you hate that, right? Well, true. When your main is OP, you get bored of him, I mained Jhin, Riot made items to make him OP. I left him for Kayn who's still balanced till today. You do your job as an assassin or a bruiser and that's it, not like Akali doing assassin's job + a bruiser, adc and a tank's job.
Ye, too many people confuse Rank with knowledge over the game. I was quite surprised when i found out the YouTuber "Exil" started playing League **after** i did. now he's a Diamond Riven Main, while i am still Gold. But when it comes to the actual experience of the past changes, i am way ahead of him and that's a fact. The only difference is, that he could afford/was willing to dedicate more time towards playing league (ranked).
sMartý (EUW)
: This was a good read, I feel you man.. the game just seems to be heading in a very rigid direction of RNG and skin selling. I still play but really only because I have invested so much cash into this game it would feel a waste otherwise haha
trust me, i have spent a lot on it as well and that is surely one of the main reasons why i endured everything for such a long time (ofc not every single game, day, year, … was bad), but we will all quit at some point in our lives. Be it because of lack of time, enjoyment or any other reason. And even if we don't quit by will, some day League too will be shut down because it can't compete with the new market forever.
: Start Another account up, there's nothing else to do... I tried. League of Legends rules in all departments, even complaining about it is good. No shame in coming back from this one. Just come back and play drunk or something. A tune from the 90's "Best Part of Breaking Up"
Starting up a new account is not really going to fix any of the issues i have with the game itself {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Your rank has nothing to do with it , you've raised solid points . And I absolutely agree , champion reworks have been absolute dumpsterfires mostly , only WW comes to mind where they actually succeeded in creating an improvement. Champions like Taric , galio... even the mini aurelion sol rework have been absolute trash however and you'll rarely see these in SR. I quit league myself too , though for different reasons. Overall balance of the game is atrocious and focused on damage , with strategic elements being shafted out of existence season by season . Overall game is in a poor state , starting from the client all the way up to laughable vision options , even as a support.
you are right especially the recent ASol rework was more than questionable in my opinion. Well, i hope that they still find their champ enjoyable enough to keep playing.
Gojkov (EUW)
: I admire your guts to quit the game. I feel like I speak for the majority of players when I say I'd quit too if I haven't invested so much time and effort into it. Everyone stops playing League [of Legends] here and there yet we always come back, no matter if it's after a few days, weeks, months, years even. Must be addiction but even more so the time we spent playing it, learning about it: watching insane amount of videos and reading numerous articles about new patches and their impact on the game... The curse of wanting to climb the rank ladder...
At first i honestly thought that i would surely come back to the game. However, prior to starting this thread, i was - out of interest - checking when i had played most recent game of League. Turns out that i have not played league since Dec 16th which is almost a month of not playing and without missing the game itself whatsoever. Again, the only aspect i do miss is playing Diana specifically. ^^
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I think you're taking it too personally with Riot. It is what it is and we can't individually change that. In the end it comes down to how much you love playing this game vs how much you don't, and if the scale tips the other way then you just stop playing, just like starting a movie series that ends up trashy so you quit early. Happens a lot. I used to be a Kat/Akali main and now I dont play either, so I'm in 100% agreement that reworks can kill the mood for a lot of players like with your Diana, but I also think that's a known risk Riot takes for their balancing agendas for the future. (the risk being that with every rework they lose a bunch of players) Are you gonna play any other games? Have a good day too!
i already play other games and so it makes quitting all that more easier. i took quite an interest in Dead by Daylight and other, more story-heavy games like Graveyard Keeper, God of War and Ori and the Blind Forest. Now with league "out of the way" i really started to enjoy those games so much more, since there is usually no one telling you how bad you are when you die to a mistake or not paying attention… well, no one other than yourself :P I guess i really do take it too personal, but after nearly 6 years of playing and even enduring the S6(?) Tank Meta, my scales have be hammered out of balance with this unfortunately.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: About your Diana, I felt the exact same thing after the Malzahar rework and then I had to relive the same nightmare once again with Evelynn after turning to her post-Malz-rework. This is most likely also the reason why I'm barely playing the game at all today, when I think about it.
I've played Malzahar myself before the rework and i 100% agree with you. Haven't played more than 2 SR games with him since that. And i wasn't feeling the Akali rework at the start as well - even if i ended up liking it in the end.
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I thought Snow Battle ARURF will be next.


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