: if these games you have provided have happened 5 games in a row, you have singlehandedly become one of the most unlucky players in the game. however, it is true that these problems exist, you are not wrong however again, it seems as though you are blaming this completely on riot, when in actuality, its not their fault at all. its the community's fault
Except he's not singlehandedly one of the most unlucky players, it's the very nature of their RnG match making coupled with (sorry for generalising now) a game that excels in nothing but collecting people who are socially inept and have very low IQ considering most even have problems understanding safe laning and warding. Listing in my order what makes this game garbage: 1. Riot for their inability to even remotely correct obvious flaws with the game 2. Riot's match making not utilising game statistics 3. The players in the game (Sorry for generalising again, but the number is staggering)
: An issue regarding smurfing
: So is that how you see things? Are you just gonna keep enabling people like that guy and let them get away with telling people to die? You're a pretty sick person if you ask me but alright.
Easy fix is to disable chat, and it's highly suggested when you have such a weak treshold.
Shamose (EUW)
: No, because people that work on the skin team have nothing to do with balance or fixes.
There is this thing called allocating ressources (which is what they do with all niche game modes), from a business perspective their decisions so far aren't even financially good. First off the publicity they get from ignoring the core of the game will cost them more over time, than continuing down the current path, secondly they are guaranteed to lose players on a higher scale than if they started fixing it. I for one (and I know I am not alone) haven't touched TFT because it's a niche appealing to a minority of the entire playerbase, but it's obviously taking up ressources that is far better used elsewhere. Due to the decisions Riot have taken for the past 3 - 4 years, I also won't touch any other product they may launch in the future, since a followup on this games core would just be a carbon copy. The exact same thing happened when Blizzard hired GS and started appealing to the lowest nominator and "bite sized content" destroying the essence of WoW (I hope Riot didn't hire GS as lead developer, so not blaming him, just referecing), I haven't touched anything from Blizzard since.
: Not every server has the same issues. Most people in Euw gold actually want to climb and are more likely to Disconnect than running it down. Although IWDs recent streams in EUW diamond have proved that it's a problem here. It's just not common in every rank.
What a bunch of horse.... It's literally the same at every tier of the game, Div 4s are straight up nightmares due to boosted players, Div3s are okayish cause people try, Div2 in Gold you now have the joy of unranked / low experienced players to deal with, Div1 you try to avoid the chat war from the god-complex and those who suffer from the teen age mentality.
: The Game has the same problems since i started playing it. Nothing changed from the core only the cosmetics.
I'd actually say Riot is making the same mistake Blizzard did with their WoW, they are trying to cater to every small niche and lowest nominator (TFT for reference), instead of focusing on the core of the game which is what made the game what it is (or was).
assembIer (EUNE)
: riot partner talks about riot games and what it looks like a diamond solo q
Am I misunderstanding him, or is he making no sense? Game quality and toxicity in chat has very little to do with each other, game quality has been and probably always will be trash due to a botched match making, game atmosphere has improved by finally implementing the option to remove the chat. The only section of Riot I would say is working, is the art department, the rest has more or less always displayed piss poor performance from a player perspective.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: What do you find as annoying thing done by other players?
Same here, Gold 2 atm and it quite honestly boils my blood watching 3 - 4 players having a vision score of 7 - 8 at min 20, and ending the game with a maximum of 15 at min 30+. It's a mechanic that accurrately reflects the dummies in the game!
EFC Godyr (EUW)
: When is clash coming to EUW
You mean the actual game isn't in a poor enough shape from TFT and you want to add insult to injury?
: What is happenning to the game ?
The game is flooded by people of questionable intellect (same goes for the people who are suppose to run the game) and seriously immature behavior, the only way you get to try and keep your sanity intact, is by muting chat entirely.., I say try, because you can't do anything about the match making, which will drive you insane at times.
Most likely that your Rank is ahead of your MMR (or the people you play with have higher MMR than their ranks). To put the above in plain English, the system doesn't match up against each other, so both are useless for individual players.
E420 (EUW)
: I question this: When I screenshot someone saying to "end your life" they still wander around for weeks. Idk what is wrong with them but if I get instantly banned for 14 days for 'k y s' it should not take long discussion/time to give a 14 days ban to the other person as well? I am flabbergasted at their decision making sometimes.
That's the point, one hand doesn't know what the hell the other is doing, and it doesn't get much clearer that the companies leadership is disfunctional on multiple levels.
: Not riot as a company. Just some workers that actually do their jobs.
This may come as a shock to you, but Riot support staff is Riot, it's not some independant group....
: More of one beeing as mean and don't doing his/her job and other doing his/her job.
Impressive, even when screenshots are there to provide the evidence, some people still try and stand up for Riot.
E420 (EUW)
: Unbanned (from latest 14 days ban thread)
So one support says it was the automated system applying the ban, the next support says it was applied manually as a mistake.. Nothing new here, one hand doesn't know what the other is doing, could be Riots motto.
Composure (EUNE)
: The issues with ranked system (both Soloq and flex) Also riot please read this!
That "ez win" is a result of having an enemy team who on paper matches your teams MMR, yet game statistic will tell you they suck a donkey's ass to high heaven. The problem lies in a seriously bad match making, as it does not take game statistics into account, if it atleast did that I could understand the current team-wide MMR matching.., but since it doesn't utilize game-relevant statistics, the team-wide MMR system flat out stinks.
: Can't argue with that, IMO just make it a simple ladder system with no placements, divisions are just decorated checkpoints. I genuinely think the current system is a mumble jumble of shenanigans, you know, to make it extremely frustrating to climb and really tilting to lose.
I don't mind the current division / tier setup, but I do mind the bs match making system, when games are decided by 1 person inting their ass off, especially when 1 loss hits your MMR harder than 1 win does.
: Pretty sure that's just your balance point, meaning it isn't actually bad, you just had one mmr, and the more you climb the less LP you'll get and the more you'll lose. SO basically if your mmr was high before, right now it's normal.
And some will say your overall WR doesn't mean anything in relation to your LP gain / loss, and it's only the last 20 games that matter.., and even when you have a high WR in the last 20 and still gain less than you lose, it's cause you climbed to high compared to your MMR. The system is shit no matter how you flip it, but then again.., shit match making with a shit ranking system from a company full of people with shit for brains, so I guess in their %%%%ed up online world, it evens out over a lifespan of 1000 years (to use their shit analogy).
Remmeh (EUW)
: How do people do it?
> [{quoted}](name=Remmeh,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=2dTEx1RX,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-06T09:42:10.333+0000) > > Hey guys, I'm currently on my first account ever but because of multiple reasons I would like to make another account but how do people get past the point were people are insanely toxic? What point is that, because I've not seen an end to it since lvl 18.. Leveling from 18 > 30 the toxic behavior was verbal or players leaving games after suiciding 2 - 4 times, now it's players downright inting their asses off with no consequence to it, despite multiple reports from both team members and on the very rare occasion, enemies. This so-called community has one thing in common which is sadly shared by Riot also, a truly pathetic mentality! Have someone on your team who's sole purpose is to destroye the game by running into enemies 24/7, guess what.., the enemy team thinks their gods and the person isn't trolling, instead they start spewing 9 year old phrases into chat. You report the person for the clear as crystal toxic game-play behavior.., and nothing, because Riot requires 50+ games of that type before they take action, after all, it was "only" 4 players who suffered a hit to their effort, time, LP and MMR. That's what makes this game drive away decent players, Riot and their protective behavior towards players who's sole purpose is ruining games!
: Afraid to play Ranked
Riot match making 101, the sooner you accept that, the sooner you can start playing ranked and get sick of the game.
: Start improving ranked and match making.
I would personally take 5min que-timers any day provided the match making used game-relevant statistics to ensure a more even game, than the current non-existing match making, which is literally just grouping 5 players based on their number of games won, lost and played.
Heifty (EUNE)
: It was W-L-L-W Don't know if I can see where and how much LP was lost, but max 1 game lost with 0 LP. Althought it has been a pretty downhill last few days, which must have caused my MMR plummet, but it shouldn't be this bad.
You don't get 4 games to win a promotion for 1 division, you only get 3.., maybe that's where it lies then, you won a game that got you into the promotion, then lost 2 and won another = W (promotional begins) L - L - W This way you fail the promotion after the 2 losses, and then win a game that grants you LP, which would make sense since you usually drop to 75 LP after failing the first promotional.
: ¿Is this question toxic?
So you've yet to discover this game holds the largest collection of immature minds on the planet.., case in point, the greenkeepers comment is a great reference to the cotten candy state of people. There is absolutely nothing toxic about your question, because it is A question, and a legit one that may improve the players awareness for the next game.
: Slower and longer paced games
Not just that, the game is reactive more than proactive while some champions are seriously overtuned, and some downright broken with no counterplay.
: Petition to introduce Perma Mutes
Players who display an extreme level of verbal toxicity who would get permanentely muted, would just resort to intentionally ruining games by trolling / intentional suiciding. In my opinion that is far more devastating than verbal abuse, because you have the power in your own hands to instantly deal with verbal abuse, against trolling or intentional suiciding you have nothing to deal with it and are instantly at a huge disadvantage in your game, which is likely to ruin your MMR and LP gains. The problem (as I see it) is twofold: 1. The primary reason being Riot themselves due to their soft stance on players violating rules, and simply not outright banning players who troll & intentionally suicide, even if it is their first game or 60th as we've seen proof of before. 2. Again Riot being stupidly slow at updating their systems, by this I mean mandatory physical autheticator on each and every account. Point 2 is particularly interesting as it would stop TONS of sold accounts, and it would add that extra layer of cost forcing some people to think more about their approach to the game!
Rioter Comments
: League Client download not possible atm?
It's Riot's official new policy, they've changed course and decided to focus entirely on the existing player base and sort out their client and game, before allowing new players to enter the game. They found it unreasonable to take money from new people without having a stable client and game.
Timarius (EUW)
: mmmh, i am in a bad luck streak
Just stop there then, cause gold is the new silver, meaning it's the same talentless shithole which was brought up in online magazines before season 9 started. There is far to many players at that range who play like they literally started in whatever game they happen to be playing at any given time.
: ***
Not right yesterday? You just described League of Legends match making, all it cares about is how much you won / lost / played, the more you win, the worse team mates you get, the more you lose, the worse enemies you get.., and that is the only metric in match making, it doesn't care if you have huge cs/min, if your average vision count is great, if your KDA or objective score is a monster.. Why would all those metrics described even matter, it's not like it's a team-based game where game-statistics are relevan.., oh wait..
Vialpando (EUNE)
: Dude I play this game since early season II. I'm in diamond now but ppl here play like silver/gold played few years ago. All good players shifted to dota or I don't know what.
I guess you can't assume anything less, with a match making designed for tetris.
: Tired of begging my Botlane to stop dieing
Fun fact, as silver just done placement I am playing with only gold, and they play like %%%%ing garbage.., no game goes without someone providing excellent target pratice and funneling gold to the enemy team. What silver was in season 8, gold is in season 9.., a total and utter gathering of muppets with zero sense of how to play the game.
: Funny to see you are facing the exact same problems im facing in my games, i dont think riot has any idea how to even start fixing all these in game problems with people. League has had its best time ,its only going downhill from this point tbh, seen it happen with so many games.
Now I get the "joy" of having them in ranked as well, because this company flat out refuses to own it's mistakes! It's like the company collects the worst possible socially inept vermin from the online world they live in, and actually take pride in it.
Wen294 (EUW)
: Nostalgia is one hell of a drug. I'm very convinced league is less toxic than it used to be. Which sure as hell isn't to say it isn't toxic now, but it used to be worse.
Ah yes, the go-to classic dismissal of other people's experienced, was nice chatting with you.
Wen294 (EUW)
: I mean it's only natural you get people like that when levelling a new account. It auto sorts you to other smurfs after a bit, meaning that you get stuck with; A: The people that got their previous account(s) banned AKA toxic by default. B: The people that want to smurf to rek noobs to stroke their own E-peen. C: The people that make a smurf to queue with friends and don't really care what happens to said smurf. Keep in mind that the E-peen strokers want to int to ensure they play against the worst players possible so as to stroke their E-peen even more. Admittedly this makes for an extremely shitty experience for new players but this was already the case when I started playing which was early season 2 and they have made improvements to it. (Inting and such used to be a lot more defined with disco nunu and the oh so classic "Mid or afk" At the start of every blind pick game ever. Things like that are a lot less common nowadays.) On the other hand rankeds is just filled with people that only need the slightest push to tilt off the face of the earth because someone dares threaten his LP gain. Thus he trolls/afks/flames/ints to ensure he loses said LP or something idk I never understood those people. So somewhat similar in end result, but rather different in cause.
Well I started in season 3, and I've never experienced it as bad as it is in todays game.
: What is wrong with matchmaking ?? I'm flabergasted to be honest!
No offense, but this games match making have always been like this, the chaos that comes with having a zero-stats match making is just much more obvious now due to the snowball state of the game. What does that mean, well it means the following (taking support as the example, but it literally applies to all roles). * Enemy support average stats over 20 games : KDA 2/6/15, vision score 64, gold income 12300, damage 16700, damage healed / shielded 8740 * Teams support average stats over 20 games : KDA 2/11/12, vision score 18, gold income 10600, damage 8970, damage healed / shielded 3410 _Obviously random numbers to make an example, but it still stands_ On the face of it, those 2 players may not have a great disparity between them over 20 games, but anyone who slightly understands the basic principles of the game, will instantly see the gab skill-wise is huge. Not just between the 2 players, but the impact from enemy support is much higher than your own support, which could easily snowball into a massive advantage for all other roles on the enemy side. As I stated, it's a totally random example, but it's one that I personally see playing out in 99% of all games from 1 or more roles, and that's what I mean by having a zero-stat match making. Match making (or MMR) is literally just a tool to group 5 random players who has a team-wide numerical value, unattached to anything game-related, other than games won, lost and played. That's also why you more often than not see the 45% WR player vs 58% WR player lane (with the chaos and negativity that follows), because the MMR system is adapted to try and balance it team-wide instead of role vs role and on multiple metrics.
: I know it's the 1000 post about it. But i don't know why Riot is letting everything go that bad. Maybe (most likely) money ? A banned player cannot buy skins
It could very well be, but it's going to cost them more now & in the long run in terms of new players lost, old players leaving and reputation, due to the way they ignore their current game.
Riryz (EUW)
: Legacy cursor
> [{quoted}](name=Riryz,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=rRMBeGqc,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-31T05:22:17.333+0000) > >I mean it makes absolutely no sense for Riot to **waste time** on removing a feature that does absolutely nothing instead of making sure the game works correctly. There are **bugs left and right, last EU patch was a tragedy as well**. Instead of **focussing** on making sure nothing gets through that can **break the client** they just feel like removing the legacy cursor? It makes no sense to me. Highlighted the words describing Riot's decision making! Under normal circumstances Riot campaigners would claim it's an entirely different segment of the company working on XYZ, but that isn't the case this time, yet now maybe people start understanding why there is no direction and everything seems haphazardly. It may just be 1 person (lets hope) who will be assigned to removing this feature, but it's a _working_ feature that has zero impact on anyone's ability to play (other than the players who prefer using the legacy cursor, which will be negatively impacted), it has zero negative impact on the game play or the client. Why is even a single person then going to be assigned to it?- because the power that be has shit for brains when it comes to decision making and leadership of a company (or even a single department within the company)..! That single person should be assigned to dealing with bugs (hello plants that aren't there), why should he be assigned to that?- customer satisfaction = improving company reputation = more players = more cash flow from the shop.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: ***
Not to kill someone's wet dream, but boards only exist so we have a place to vent frustration and discuss among ourselves. The only time you EVER see a Rioter enter a thread, is if it's some lame joke or servers / the shop have broken down.., the mere notion that any suggestions are passed on is laughable.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > The average skill of players does not increase as you climb --- > you do in fact need to reach mid-platinum before there is any noticable change in the skill Where you perceive change of skill doesn't actually matter. Other people say it's noticable between iron and gold, others iron and bronze. Your statement still stands as a contradiction. It either changes, or it doesn't. You can't have it both ways.
Yes, I am contradicting myself because you do your usual thing, instead of staying on point from the start of a debate, you start cherry picking out of context.., but allow me to try and make this child proof just for you (Stop me if this is to difficult to keep up with).... @Hansiman _Skill does increase the higher you go, but it's slow. The difference between Silver I -> Gold IV is roughly the same as the difference between Iron III -> Iron II._ No, flat out wrong for 2 very specific reasons! 1. The difference in "skill" and thereby understanding of the games fundamental principles is arguably the same for 90% of players existing in this category (Not accounting for smurfs from the top 5%). 2. The MMR system **still** has no connection to an individual players skill or understanding of the games principles (please stop using the word skill, it's downright a false claim to tie it to a players skill). It is **still** just a tool to group 5 random players, who will roughly have the same team-wide MMR number, which represents nothing outside of the players won, lost and number of games played. Now, instead of trying to actually refute the above, you keep going in the same track as if you are re-writing my comment in your own mind, just as you did with OP. @Demon Incarnated _The only difference between gold and lower ranks is that people in gold generaly play little more careful and know how to press their abilities from time to time. **But gamewise, any form of strategical thinking is still so far away**._ That last bolded part is entirely ignored in every single "point" you so desperately try to make, that bolded part is part of what I was talking about (which you also ignored). Your entire premise is built on the assumption that the higher people are at any given time, the more skilled and thereby the more understanding they have of the games principle concept(s), needless to say that's really naive for the aforementioned points.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > And that's your strawman argument, that 1 or 2 players may play safer in one game, while 3 others run around like they should be placed in Bronze, repeatedly suiciding with their chasing into unwarded areas ending a game with the classic 3/15/2, a vision score combined that barely breaks double digits, and combined less than 100 cs over the course of a 30min game.. I didn't make a strawman, because what you're claiming that I said here is **not** what I said. You're misquoting me in order to debate a point that I never made. Who's making the strawmen, again? --- > Yes, there is a rather steep difference between Iron and Challenger (or even Iron and Diamond 2 for that matter, it's like night & day) But how is that possible, if there's no difference in the skill of players as you move up the ladder? The whole argument makes now sense to me. If there's no difference in skill, then how can you also claim there's a difference in skill?
That is exactly what you said, just because you try and mask it doesn't change the statement, since you literally cherry picked 2 phrases in OP's post to make your entire case: @Hansiman _The average skill of players increases as you climb the ladder, evidence to show that players are sorted based on skill._ The average skill of players does not increase as you climb, you do in fact need to reach mid-platinum before there is any noticable change in the skill (and thereby understand of basic concepts) of players, there is literally no difference between players in the average game prior to that. You can't cherry pick what ever specific division you want, or swing for the fence with the Iron < Challenger argument, on any given average game between Iron > Plat 2, you will find players who purely based on their statistics are so misplaced it's downright stupid. Evidence to show that players are sorted based on skill?- what evidence are you refering to, because it isn't the MMR system which has nothing to do with the individual players skill or understanding of the game. If you want evidence, how about the fact that 90% of players exist below Platinum 2 - 3, for no other reason than skill and understanding being so wildly varied, that for most in order to climb to their true places, they rely on proper match making utilising game-relavant statistics, to ensure games are not lost by simple 1 or 2 people running amok from lvl 1 - 6. As for your final question, if you want to play dumb go ahead, but the debate ends here then.
Hansiman (EUW)
: There's no strawman. OP makes a claim that there's **no** difference in skill, then lists up difference in skill they notice as they increased the rank. One statement directly contradicts the other. If it were the case that the ranked you obtain never said anything about your personal skill, then you would never see any improvement on players regardless of what place you find yourself on the ladder, since everyone would just be average. There's a rather extreme difference in skill between players in Iron and in Challenger. There's a difference between players in Silver and Gold, but it won't be as much as the above example.
And that's your strawman argument, that 1 or 2 players may play safer in one game, while 3 others run around like they should be placed in Bronze, repeatedly suiciding with their chasing into unwarded areas ending a game with the classic 3/15/2, a vision score combined that barely breaks double digits, and combined less than 100 cs over the course of a 30min game.. Then in the next game, you could have 5 players who all play like they actually belong where they are, while they are stomping an enemy team that for all intent and purpose could be Riot bots with real nick names (No coinflip there, nothing to see).... I gotta admit, that logic may have been what lead Riot to develop this infamous match making tool, and at the same time have the balls to claim there is anything resembling ranked integrity:) Yes, there is a rather steep difference between Iron and Challenger (or even Iron and Diamond 2 for that matter, it's like night & day), when you swing for the fence.., you really swing, The Yankees should hire you for the 100% homerun:) I believe I already explained that with the '_people are wildly different in their skill level and understanding of the most basic principles of the game_' argument to the current matching tool.., but hey... My previous reply is just 1 single reason why the ranked ladder of this game isn't a representation of an individual players skill or understanding of the games most fundamental principles. Another is that account boosting through duo-que is still a thing, are you going to try and tell me that the Iron 4 player who payes a Challenger to boost his account to Diamond, is then Diamond because the zero in-game metric MMR tool says so? No, of course you aren't, because no one in their wildest dreams (except maybe Trump) would that stupid.
Hansiman (EUW)
: If that were true, then there would be absolutely no difference in the skill between players, regardless of where they were on the ranked ladder. The average skill of players increases as you climb the ladder, evidence to show that players are sorted based on skill.
No, that wouldn't be the case since players are entirely different in skill and understanding of the most basic principles of the game, yet that is not reflected in this games match making, which we both know to be true.., so your strawman argument is falling to the side before it even sounded mildly clever! Metrics like KDA, objective takedowns (or assists), warding, cs/min are not part of the match making tool, merely wins, losses, games played divided by some arbitrary number to add an even more arbitrary number to players called MMR, which is then used to combine 5 random players trying to have roughly the same _**team-wide**_ MMR. Aaaand that's all this games match making really is, a tool to facilitate grouping..., incidentally that's also why you have the nonstop coin flip games. League even had an infamous article written in an online magazine last year about the problems plaguing this game (particularly at Silver at that time), because there was far to many players in that single tier, with no explanation accouting for why that was, other than this games match making having no real or solid feature! Now the only thing that's changed since then, is adding 1 more tier.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > I had real hopes that the higher I climb, people would get more skilled, understand basics of strategy and gameplay. --- > The only difference between gold and lower ranks is that people in gold generaly play little more careful and know how to press their abilities from time to time. First you say there's no difference at all, then you list up differences you notice. If you were expecting that the move from silver to gold meant that suddenly there was a huge skill increase amongst players, then your expectations of rankings aren't correct. Skill does increase the higher you go, but it's slow. The difference between Silver I -> Gold IV is roughly the same as the difference between Iron III -> Iron II.
Maybe what he means to say, is that there is no difference due to the games match making not accounting for players individual skill, thus making is just another fiesta of meaningless coin flip games. That skill difference you talk about is pure mind fiction, I've had players during Iron far better than most Gold 4 players, but due to the nature of the match making they are unable to break the cycle eventually smashing their MMR. The same thing is happening in Silver, and the same thing is happening in Gold, and the same thing is happening in Plat.., if I am being kind, I will say it isn't 100% due to match making, but it is account for 90(ish)% of it.
: ¿Why there are people selling accounts for tiny prizes?
1. Because Riot does next to nothing to stop botting. 2. Because Riot does nothing to stop smurfing 3. Because Riot does nothing to stop account boosting Also why you should take it with a metric ton of salt, when Riot starts talking about the integrity of the competitive ladder blabla, most of what they say is just blowing smoke up players asses.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dancing chipmonk,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=X21eIXUF,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-26T14:03:58.312+0000) > > I didn't calculate it anywhere, because that's how it was before autofill was implemented.. Before autofill was implemented you couldn't even pick your role. You picked two and got the one that was less desired. So if you queued as mid/support, you played support every single time. That was the purpose of autofill - so that you could play your main role most of the time.
Gj on sloppy c/p to write what I already stated, next time just read what's there instead..
MusicaroN (EUW)
: I think it could work, with some tweaks and testing ofcourse ... Riot at least do something, so far you just added the option to disable the chat... option that any decent game had it implemented from launch, good job I guess.
Mind you that this option only came after years of asking for it on forum (I myself have been asking for it since season 3), if that is anything to go by in terms of decision making and work ethic, we would at best be looking at a new version of the tribunal, in season 19.
Lynxmetal (EUW)
: Game Over in ten minutes?
It's understandable to a certain degree, that people don't want to try and turn the game. The game is way to snowball (mostly due to overloaded stats on items), if your enemy team has the slightest competence, they will just continue controlling the game and advance their lead, eventually you won't even be able to farm your own jungle, and you just wait for them to clear drakes + baron and push.., that isn't fun, it isn't even worth the time. Again, it kinda depends on the comps, and it also depends how the enemy team playes it.., but as you said, the first 10min of a game can decide the game.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: just like you are doing attacking Riot, its pretty ironic, we are basically the same just on the opposite end well we are not the same, because i still enjoy the game as i play while you just raging
Who said I didn't enjoy the game at all?- I'm just noy naive or stupid, and will actually call out the wild hypocrisy that is Riot, because it may (and it may not) mean, that it's something they start thinking about, instead of running off in random directions. _That question above is rethorical, I am done with you._
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >Football revolves around team play and has very different orientation to the objective, nor is it a case of player vs player for the first 10 - 15min. there only 1 goal in both, getting a score, in league that score means you destroy the enemy nexus... in a 50 min game the first 49 min doesnt really matter, what matters is that you destroy the enemy nexus, its not important how, the only important thing is that its destroyed... i had 80 min games where the enemy had 40 more kills than us and we still won because they didnt bother to destroy nexus and i had games where we won before 25 mins because ppl went for objectives instead of useless chases in the enemy jungle >League of Hypocrisy may want to sell itself as a team based game, but it's main focal point is the individual aspect with individual rating except when it comes to games, in other words it's going in all random directions with no center! the center is the nexus, if you can destroy it you win, simple as that >Secondly, in football you also don't start barefoot and don't need to visit the sideline to buy boots etc in order to win, oh yea, because top teams started on the top and stayed there, they didnt start as poor kids who loves kicking a ball... >nor will it mean the game is almost impossible to turn around because you are trailing by 1 or 2 you can always turn the games around, the same way both in football and league, i watched only one football game in my whole life, the one where Hungary beat Manchester United, Hungary, the country which is so bad at football that we werent on any international football league for more than 50 years >neither do you randomly lose 1 - 3 players because they are curling monsters who cba (Your analogy sucks ass tbh). yea, we certainly did not see any football player just flop around on the ground after someone looked at them, Neymar was the guy who got memed for it? or the other crybabies? >Win rate does matter when roles are passed out since this game is all about 1v1 for the first 10min. the first 10 min does not matter if your team is better at teamfighting, teamfights doesnt matter if you are able to solo push a lane while your team distracts the enemy etc, there are tactics to win and there are countertactics for that >Try to stay on point with your own original argument when it's being countered by sound logic, I am not the least bit interested in debating with a blind Riot fanboy! if you want to debate then add something to it, dont just repeat the same thing, so far you both said nothing but that duos have a synergy which means they are better and that the mmr system is bad, nothing else that would make your point stronger, and the first time i replied Cräfty just looked up my rank and dismissed all of my points, thats how real arguments work, if you dont agree with someone just find something that you have and they lack (for example rank, but im not really sure cos he is writing from a smurf) and dismiss them there is no debate here, you just try to shove your nonsense down my throat
Just stop, I already said I wasn't interested in debating with a blind Riot campaigner.
Cräfty (EUW)
: Don't bother explaining yourself to these guys, mate! They seem like Riot supporters and they see no problem with the current system. They're fine with the way soloQ is right now, I guess... Some people are just too stubborn to realize that the system is not working and too stupid to understand what we're saying, even though it's so logical and common sense. So, just, don't bother mate! Don't waste your time like I did, answering to their nonsense! They, simply, are incapable of understanding us.
It does seem like it's a waste of energy, when they grasp at straws while you tear down their one argument and one analogy.., I imagine it must feel a bit like drowning trying to defend Riot:)
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