: Dunno man, but I got in gold just by not dying and farming better. I realized the role I needed to get out of silver was adc. Never give up on the hopes of getting to silver, gold, platinum and all there is! New hopes are here, the new season will come, prepare yourself for the next, since there is no need to focus on the past! Increase your knowledge, don't be greedy, be the best that you can be and never blame your team, since no results were made from focusing on bad mistakes! The real results were from the good mistakes! Now go there and embrace mistakes and losses, but never surrender, teamwork will help you achieve it in the long run!
Best way to get good is to just realise your role within the team. And i don't just mean Carry or Tank/Support I mean where your place in a team fight is and who is the highest priority target. I am a first season (beginning S7) player so my mechanics and knowledge are lacking and I still managed a reasonable silver 3 in jungle off just knowing where I am supposed to be in a team fight or just by knowing whose playing what and how many items they have. Never underestimate the importance of positioning and team play as it can swing losing games 360 degrees to a devastating lead and or win.


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