BleupizZ (EUW)
: By the nines !! the 2018 Snowdown event sucks just like Youtube Rewind
Welcome to... "this is a business" Also you had a major friendly event not that long ago with odyssey... they gave shtloads of stuff.
Clynch (EUW)
: Who am I?
if it were browser based it would work properly and wouldnt crash this often... i mean... with the average cash they would make they would have good servers for their player base...
: Too much Nexus Blitz Tokens?
how about forget about their existence until they just vanish with time?
Shamose (EUW)
: > enemy team surrenders after 9 minutes. It's only 15 minutes game so what would they lose? 6 minutes.
or more since the game can go up to 20 minutes... nexus only spawn to brawl after 18...
: All my (non preset) rune pages are gone, and I can't make more than 2?
i only use one (even tho i have some 6 unlocked), but even that single one was gone :(
Urgamod (EUNE)
: Interaction between Dark Harvest and URF fight should not be a thing.
should they also remove veigar passive who can get 150+ free AP? c'mon now...
: Infernal akali is pretty neat in my opinion
thats the only skin i use for her and i love it... one of the most hyped skins i got on hextech chest ^^
: Urf yes yeh i know its not coming back but....
bUt RaNkEd Is OuR mAiN gAmE... PeoPLe CAnt JusT LeAvE LikE THat WiThOuT BuYiNg SkiNS...
: Every game same thing: I just complete the build, fun JUST started, and the game ends cus its min 18
or slightly increase gold gains overall... i feel the only way to reach full build without the game ending is getting most of a teemo/veigar loot... but if you do, you will probably end the match soon anyway since you clearly are stronger than the enemy team already....
: Yorick ghouls can end while players are stuck in deathmatch
Drupu (EUNE)
: Me sori canu repeet dat but in englando?
ill try to translate... and use punctuation... "can you add a new spell? or maybe you could change how they look? And how about making champions cheaper?"
: Banned for flaming in champ select ?
why would you even do that in the first place? <.< i mean... just why... even if its with premades, unless you know them all personally so you can punch them in the face if they do some a$$pull like that... at this point i wouldnt even feel sorry for you for doing something like this...
: Embarrassing
at this point im suspecting they are doing it on purpose to make us watch all stars... otherwise how will they get that ad revenue from all the publicity inbetween games...
: Are we getting compensated for not being able to play 2 evenings in a row? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
you were compensated by having some time off from this game...
: Game won't start (again)
TFW you cant play league, but at the same time you receive a email promoting their merchandise... well... how about NO...
T00Late (EUNE)
: It is, but dont forget you can be the homo-erectus sometimes too, your not always homo-sapiens.
and sometimes you evolve or "devolve" ingame too...
Rioter Comments
"this new LB sucks, give us old LB" they said... now she only needs her silence back on Q (and R) so she goes to her old ways.... and DFG pls xDD
Joza100 (EUNE)
: Mistakenly automatically banned
Well the system is a bot... he can "learn" but catching trigger words makes him automatically give a punishment... he does not know context or understand jokes... therefore why you got the punishment... that being said, if you knew you were banned for using that, why would you even type it out? You could have avoided all this trouble if only you didnt type it... you could have said something like: "man u know i got banned for saying those 3 letters right?" it would be exactly the same meaning, but you wouldnt trigger the punishment for saying the keyword. NOTE: im not saying it was deserved or judging... just giving a advice for the future. Im also curious about the support answer to this.
Yuka (EUW)
: {{item:2009}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2010}}
{{item:3090}} TAKE {{item:3090}} THESE {{item:3090}} HATS {{item:3090}} TO {{item:3090}} EMPOWER {{item:3090}} CAPS {{item:3090}} (its not as good as my main one, but lets help FNC)
: Like the Pros V
i did it with alistar and got it on 1st try... dunno mate.
: ascension and dominion.
ascension was never permanent tho... dominion is long gone (may it rest in pixels)
: Thoughts on permabanned logs?
while you were not exactly positive, if this is permaban worthy... i feel we have fell down a LOT... OFC there might be other stuff we dont know behind this, but ONLY for this single game... dunno.
Mas17 (EUW)
: All six players of the team (5 + sub) can each choose a champion to get a skin, with the only requirement being that they must have played the champion at least once in Worlds, if I remember correctly. ######Besides the fact that they have to win, first, too :V
FNC Swain (Bwipo) FNC Lee (Broxah) FNC Irelia (Caps) FNC Sivir (Rekkles) FNC Braum (Hyllissang) - here im not sure... if he plays pyke once i would rather see a pyke skin :P FNC Sion (sOAZ) These are my prediction for Fnatic skins IF they manage to win (and i hope they do) finals...
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Ping spamming
So let me ask something... i play support main (when i actually play SR), and i keep on spamming missing pings on my lane, every time the enemy support/ADC is/are missing, because if i used it once only im pretty sure ill get the usual "nice SS" because people are just that *insert random toxic word here*... how would the automated system differentiate my missing pings, that are totally legit, from the people spamming the very same pings in a toxic manner?
Lari (EUNE)
: Gragas knew about Pyke back in 2012!
: If you spam in the chat stuff like "I give", "I'll go afk", "ff15" and such that's not a positive attitude, if you spam the surrender button it's the same too but that will not be enougth for a ban. EDIT: I forgot to answer one of your question, spamming surrender count as giving up wich is in the report function.
i agree with the first part, but i cant agree with the 2nd one. Keep trying to surrender by using the game feature, without spam the chat with negative comments, its not negative behavior.
: How large are the odds?
This type of thread keeps appearing every now and then (sometimes daily)... and the answer is still the same. The experiment was a complete failure as expected, and therefore it wont be repeated. So im sorry to say, but your account will remain blocked. IF you actually reformed yourself, then feel free to create a brand new account to join the rift.
: > ingame and got mad and responded toxic to a racist comment. If you broke LOL rules you 'll get punished, wanting to surrender count as being toxic, for the punishment only Riot can say.
how is wanting to use a game feature being toxic? o.o Unless he was spamming it on the chat (and i dont mean to keep trying to /ff), i dont see why would this be toxic behaviour...
: So from 1% to 25%-30% bout VikRor? I will take that progress. Actually this is my 1st season in league and I never played old Irelia. I played against her few times, but I didn't know how she worked and at that time I didn't know that something called on hit existed XD I believe nerfing that damage reduction and making it like 30/35/40/45/50% at levels 1-5 w and somehow nerfing the mobility is the minimum needed changes to make her not oppressive.
the 1% was more of a hyperbole, the 25-30% would be a more accurate percentage. her Q was the same, the W used to be a skill that would make her autos heal her more and had something else i cant remember, her E was a point and click stun and her R used to be a ult that after used you had 3-4 charges (once again cant remember how many exactly) that would heal you per hit (they were line skill shots, so wave clear with them and you would get A LOT of HP back) - this was what old irelia was like... So yeah her W is completely new, E went from single target point and click to skill shot AoE and her R is completely new too. While her sustain is still decent, i feel like its lower than before, on the other hand her mobility is way higher due to Q resets when hitting E or R. So they traded sustain for mobility (and overall damage) and added damage reduction on top of that. So lowering the damage reduction feels like it would be a better option, but its rito... its almost to be expected to feel disappointed (except on the skins part... their skins are always amazing).
: ⚡ Spam ⚡ This ⚡ Static ⚡ To ⚡ Help ⚡ Fnatic ⚡
{{item:2012}} TAKE {{item:2012}} THIS {{item:2012}} COOKIE{{item:2012}} TO {{item:2012}} TAKE {{item:2012}} DOWN {{item:2012}} ROOKIE {{item:2012}}
: Well, I will ur point for sure. But for me, Vikror (Viktor, indeed xD) is a mage. #rd and 4th paragraphs r related to mages in general and he is one of the, so... I cannot help but be disguised from what they call an "Irelia nerf" in the patch notes. Like, at least don't make Q apply on hit effects or W not have 50% damage reduction at level 1 or do anything, man -_- If we can agree the post is 50% about VikRor, I will take the deal XD Have a nice day BTW
she always had Q applying oh hit effects, even before her rework. IF they had to nerf anything would be indeed her damage reduction ability, the 5 movement speed was indeed funny. Anyway i wouldnt say 50% is about viktor, but i will stick with 25-30%...
: Wil I Recieve a ranked border?
the border is part of the end of the season rewards... so... no you wont. also next season stuff like borders will change. You will change borders according with your CURRENT rank, and not last year rank. There will be something to show what rank you got last year, but i dont think riot has shed any light about that yet.
: Most of the post is about why Viktor (and maybe many other mages) is pushed out of mid lane and why people started to experiment with him somewhere else. My clickbait is challenger level I know xD
1st paragraph is not about viktor at all... 2nd paragraph has some information on why viktor moved from mid lane to top, but even there i can see things not viktor related. (also Vikror might be a new champion eksdee) 3rd paragraph is not about viktor, but a disguised "buhuhu irelia nerfs were a joke rito" 4th paragraph... i have no clue what does that have anything to do with viktor top... he has been picked by pro players on top lane... So in 4 paragraphs, there is 1 with limited information about viktor top, and the rest is mostly complains about other champions.
: You can't picture Yorick in a Sailor Moon outfit? But joking aside, Dark Star would definitely fit. Some sort of "warp rift" head similar to the others in that set; could be copied onto the ghouls too!
yeah... yorick can join the Star Guardian Urgot memes... xD
: The Problem with Yorick
star guardian yorick? i think he would fit on dark star better...
: People Asking What Is Viktor Doing Top Lane
i love the click bait... it starts with what is viktor doing top lane, and 99% of the post is talking about several stuff that isnt viktor related...
: Took a brake from league, and I realized this
thats why i only play league when i feel like it, and once i start to feel annoyed i just go play something else... there are days i dont even touch league at all... so just keep league as a game you will play when you feel like it... dont go hardcore grind for hours against your feelings, it will only make you explode, rage on chat and therefore... banhammer... basicaly... make league ONE of your games... not your only game...
RayFer (EUW)
: Orange Essence REALLY sucks
Ohh man imagine If orange essence was used to unlock paid content for free... it is indeed low, but you actually have the chance of getting free stuff over time.
: URF please riot but not the winter one
i want urf back if its the normal version... the all random one its nowhere near as much fun, since 90% of the time im stuck with a champ i dont like or that i dont play and end up being stomped by other players who got lucky with the "OP" picks...
OBS Okami (EUNE)
: ''Ranged'' can't even hit through minions, I don't want his skin period. Edit : and who tf plays graves adc anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
he said marksman, not ranged... one can be ranged and not be a marksman... a marksman does damage by auto attacking, a ranged can be a mage, a assassin or even a tank... graves is a MARKSMAN, which fits in the orb category. If you dont like it, then dont buy it... simple as that.
Izzibot (EUW)
: Prestige Kai'sa
i have around 200ish on my account and 700ish to get if i pick the ticket... and i dont think ill bother with it XD as much as i find the skin appealing, i dont play nowhere near as much as i would need to, to get the skin... and im not gonna waste a hundred euros to get tokens from the shop to get it...
Mas17 (EUW)
: I never agree with surrendering. If the enemy team wins quickly, good for them, but if you don't surrender and the enemy team fails to close the game you get to a point where it comes down to 1 or 2 teamfights which means a decent chance to still win. Besides the ever present potential of someone getting disconnected or leaving for whatever reason, making a mistake big enough to turn the game, etc. If the game is truly 100% lost, then the game will be over in no more than 3 minutes anyways. If it's still going, that wasn't 100% lost. And the best games to win are comebacks. ######I'd also like to know why "Giving Up" is the top 2 reason to report someone for Negative Attitude but surrendering is fine. 4 to 1 (That one being me since I 100% vote no surrender) surrender votes are _the_ thing that makes me mad the most in the game. ##The only valid surrender is a surrender to get the Nexus to explode twice. ##Change my mind.
i dont need to change your mind... thats your opinion, and thats fine... but i keep my stance where i dont want to lose more time (even if its only 3 minutes) on a game thats lost. Im not counting every single little thing that MIGHT happen in a game that MIGHT make it winnable. I'd rather forget that tilting game and move on to the next.
: Too many surrenders
isnt surrendering admitting you are better and therefore there is no point in continuing the game, since you will eventually win? for the losing team its a waste of time to continue playing a losing game...
Mada (EUW)
: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!! Add Kata and Akali! Uh! And Riven of course!
we have 10 candidates already so... they can have 2 teams like star guardians xDD
Howaard (EUW)
: Thank you, what about skins,ect - do you know if they will still be in my account or will everything have been whiped clean, I checked my last login and it was 2014
Howaard (EUW)
: Username removed after 3 year inactivity
after 2 years of inactivity (not sure on the time) your name becomes available for people who want to take it. so probably someone took your name and you were given a random one.. now im not sure if you can change it once for free or if you have to pay for it.
Mada (EUW)
: WHAT?! How does my claimed wanting to bone a fictional character translate to anything regarding the actual game? I think I finally found out what being flabberghasted truly means ^^
Im still waiting the Hentai Skinline featuring: Irelia, Ahri, Miss Fortune, Eve, Syndra, Janna and xayah xD
: C9´s banner was in the beginning. Fnatic was at the end. No IG in the video though.
the ones at the end are the challengers to this year. So even if they appear at the end, they were fallen players from previous worlds. you can count them as banners.
: Have now tried with Cássio, it works correctly against her, so I believe it’s just Graves W which is the problem
i see. Well then, lets hope they notice this and fix it. Thanks for trying it.
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