: ^^this Pay no attention to the division that the other's are in, it is only MMR that counts in matchmaking. They may be in higher divisions but their mmr's will be similar to yours. Possibly because their mmr has tanked due to a poor run of form or they were boosted to that division in the first place. I think that the system works quite well.
yeah, i gotta say,if feels like im playing vs boosted ppl in all my games,and occasionally they are in mine,theres a troll/feeder/ragequitter in every single game lol.im climbing silver right now at +31 per game,i wish i could skip gold entirely :|
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: i dont get the idea behind these posts... if you have to work for your runes thats the problem, if you get them for free then you QQ about having millions of unspent ip, its fine as it is
I'm not saying they should be free(well i kinda am but wtver),just toned down in price,i reached 30 and i got 2 runes pages with the basic ad and ap setups and bought the 16 cheapest champs so i could play ranked.But as a support main i now have to buy another rune page 6300 , health seals 7400 and armor marks 2000,that's around 15000 ip just so i can play my role with a proper setup. I'm not gonna bother with perfect math but at around 100 ip a game(assuming 50% win rate) i'm still looking at 150 games,averaging about 2-3 games a day that is still around 2 months for a single complete runepage. I see that as a problem.
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