: Ranked disabled?
u do not want to Play ranked atm
: it is not : the item itself gives spell damage boost + a shield to all allies over, that is really quite big in last patch the iron solari was very strong, obv it still is now
Triple iron solari is unlikely to happen often, if u play more and more u will win if ur good at the game and they will patch now every week. Use it until it is weakend.
: TFT : no LP if winning
seems to be fixed now, Maybe. Atleast i got LP after getting 3rd.
: at this point they have no excuse not to their game is dying anyway 47k viewers on twitch at his moment and 338k in TFT
there game isnt dying, there are just not much new Players. However nobody wants toxic People and they are banned for a reason. Learn to behave properly if u want to Play a game, u can not go into the real life either with being a completely asshole (atleast not visably an asshole).
: item RNG is unbearable!
only noobs will lose longterm, u cant have itemluck every round.
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Djake (EUW)
: Glad that you are enjoying your permaban. So do the rest of us. bro thats legit my smurf and i said, you cant read or? do u need glasses mate? hello? LMAO
why are u posting this if it´s just a smurf :D
: xp issues
nevermind it is fixed now
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